Wife has sex with lover while husband sleeps

Derek, Angie, and Goran laid together in a naked heap of sweaty sexual satisfaction. Angie lay on her side in the middle of her two drained men with her left hand on Derek’s chest, his right hand on top of hers, and his left arm pressed between her breasts, across her flat stomach, ending with his hand on her inner thigh. Goran was on his side facing Angie, his left hand on her hip and his head sharing her pillow. Angie was passed out between them. Not from the alcohol, but from the multiple orgasms over the last two and a half hours of non-stop teasing, foreplay, and sex in almost every way imaginable way. Content to stay in their collapsed positions, someone managed to pull the top bed sheet over all three. The steady sound of the hotel air conditioning and the slow heavy breathing led the three of them all to sleep.

Pressed between a sleeping Derek and Goran, Angie’s dream began reliving the final moments of the evening. Her pussy clenched at the memory of Goran and Derek, the feeling of their cocks pulsating inside her, the volume of their cum filling her up deep inside. Her hand reached down to her still slick pussy, finger sliding across then into her. She didn’t know why she loved cum inside her so much, her fingers slick with cum, gathering the wetness around her and pushing it back in. She shuddered. Her dream was so real her body felt like it moved.

Goran was drifting in and out of sleep. Sleeping in a hotel bed with Angie and Derek was hot, fun, and exciting. However, it was not a recipe for a heavy night’s sleep. Not that he wasn’t tired, he was. A night out of sexy dancing followed by hours of rockstar sex wore him out. Ten hours of solid sleep would be great. But, he was restless, probably a mix of the sexual high and the awkwardness of sleeping next to a naked married couple. Lying next to Angie’s naked body probably had an effect as well. He was lightly pressed against her, his thigh pressed against her sexy ass, his face inches from the back of Angie’s head taking in her scent. Fading in and out of sleep and short dreams, he wasn’t always aware of what was real and what was a dream.

Derek had no restless issues. He loved threesomes with Angie. He knows how much she likes to get fucked hard. Deep repeated hard pounding. Derek really enjoyed fucking Angie that hard. As a bonus, a two hour session with her was like running a half marathon. Goran was the perfect relay fucker. Derek and Goran had an unspoken routine when Angie was ready for the hard fucking. They would each pound as hard as the could for a minute or two, then switch. It was like running a 10k, sprinting two minutes, resting two minutes, and repeat. Angie loved it. Minute after minute of rolling orgasms. By the end of the night, Derek was wiped out, sexually satiated, and high on endorphins. Derek’s sleep was deep.

Goran felt Angie’s shudder. His hand on her bare hip, he knew her sexual shudder when he felt it. Angie’s breathing was heavy, she seemed to be asleep, but maybe she was reliving the night in her dream. The thought of what happened that night, the feel of Angie’s naked body, and his imagining her dream that made her shudder, caused a twitch of his own. The more he thought about it the firmer he became. Not wanting to wake Angie, but wanting to get closer, Goran gently inched his body toward her. He pressed his chest against Angie’s back, his nose against the back of her neck still damp with sweat from their earlier session. He eased his hips toward her bare ass and pressed the tops of his thighs against the back of Angie’s legs. His cock was slowly gaining thickness as he moved closer to the feel of her sleeping body. His pelvis pressed against Angie’s ass cheeks. The tip of his dick slid between her upper thighs, which were still slick with Derek and Goran’s cum.


The finale of their earlier sex session ended like a porn scene finale. Angie was riding Derek cowgirl, straddling his hips with her knees. Derek’s cock was deep in Angie’s pussy hitting the tip of her cervix with each thrust. Goran, kneeling wide behind Angie, was deep in her ass. Goran’s arms wrapped around Angie holding her firm and pushing her down hard onto the two cocks filling her two holes. Angie was delirious from her sexual high and the feeling of being completely filled with those two cocks she loved having inside her.

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“Fuck me harder,” Angie gasped as she started her most intense orgasm of the night.

Derek and Goran thrusted in unison, pounding hard against the rise and fall of Angie’s body. The lift and pounding down accentuated by Goran’s firm grip of her forced the full weight of her body on both rock hard cocks. The mixture of pain and extreme pleasure from being fucked so hard in her pussy and ass at the same time was bringing her to orgasm, her body to starting to shake.

“Cum with me,” Angie begged.

“You want me to cum in your ass?” Asked Goran.

“Yes,” breathed Angie hoarsely.

“Beg me for it,” Goran demanded.

“Please fill my ass with your cum. Fuck me hard until my ass is full. Please cum in my ass. CUM IN MY ASS!” she yelled.

Goran thrusted several more times as deep and as hard as he could.

“Fuck!” he yelled as he exploded inside Angie’s ass.

Goran pressed Angie down on him even harder as his cock pulsed with each gush of cum. Six, seven, eight times, Goran just kept cumming. As his pulsating started to subside, Goran started some shorter strokes, slightly pulling his cock out just so he could push it in again. Each time he pulled back a little, he could see cum on his cock and the ring of Angie’s ass. Earlier in the night, Angie had whispered to Goran that she wanted him to fill her ass with his cum. Goran had done as requested.

Angie’s begging for Goran to fill her ass and Goran pounding Angie’s hips down onto Derek pushed Derek over the edge too. Derek thrust up as deep as he could in Angie’s pussy and grunted as he began to cum. Angie’s pussy was clamping down on him with each thrust. The depth of her pussy was tight from the cock filling up her ass. Each pulse of his cock was magnified by her even tighter pussy. Like Goran, Derek seemed to keep cumming and cumming. As Derek continued to thrust, cum was leaking out of Angie and down Derek’s balls. He realized the volume of cum dripping from Angie was only possible because both her pussy and ass were full of cum from two different men. Exhausted, Angie collapsed forward on top of Derek. Goran pulled out, marveled at the scene in front of him, and lay down on the bed facing the worn-out couple. After a minute or two, Angie rolled off Derek onto her side, her hand on Derek’s chest, and her naked backside toward Goran. Goran moved a little closer and rested his hand on her hip. Unable and unwilling to move anymore, Angie drifted off to sleep with her men on either side of her.

In her post coital sexually satisfied bliss, Angie dreamed that Goran spooned her from behind. His stiff cock slid against her ass then pussy, both still dripping with cum. The thought made her shudder and she felt her body press back into a warm body. A hand on her side began moving, gently caressing her exposed skin. The body pressed back. The cock started to slide again. From her wet asshole, to her pussy, to her clit and back again. Another shudder. Her breathing quickened as did the stroking of the cock between her thighs. The strokes continued. Very slow and intermittent at first, then increasing in frequency. They were gentle teasing strokes, causing the arousal to build. She felt movement by the body behind her, getting closer, and a mouth at the back of her ear. She could feel the breathing behind her.

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Angie thought she heard Goran’s words, “I want you again,” whispered in her ear.

Dreamlike, and quiet, Angie moaned and tilted her hips. Goran couldn’t tell if Angie was dreaming or responding to his words. Her hips had moved just enough that the tip of his cock was now pressed against the opening of her pussy. Goran paused. He didn’t want to enter her unless he knew she was awake and expecting it. He knew he was a guest and there were boundaries, but this one hadn’t been discussed. Derek was clearly asleep, and awake or not, Angie was aroused.

“I want to be inside you,” he whispered.

Angie heard Goran’s words again. Her body pressed down against the pressure on her pussy. Goran’s cock slid in with ease, her pussy still lubricated with cum. Her breathing hitched. The cock inside her began a slow and continuous rhythm: long deep stroke in, long deep stroke out. The movement was deliberate, designed to get the longest sensation from each thrust. Slowly in, slowly out. Slowly in, slowly out. This was a change from the normal hard pounding that she loved. The gentle erotic thrusts matched the surreal nature of her dream. The feeling of the body behind her was hot and strong. She knew her husband was in the dream somewhere, she could sense him, but then she became lost in the moment, just her and Goran.

Angie was being unusually quiet in her actions. Of all the times Goran had been with Angie and Derek, she was vocal, loud, and pounding. Angie loved sex. She loved getting fucked hard, but this time was different. There was no vocal feedback, no heavy shaking of the bed, no loud moaning, just the gentle movement of her body and heavy breathing.

Derek continued to sleep. Goran briefly thought Angie was being quiet as to not wake her husband. But the silkiness of Angie’s pussy drew Goran’s thoughts completely back to her. He made his strokes longer, slowly, as deep as he could go, waiting for a moment, then slowly withdrawing. The tip of his cock barely left her pussy on each outward stroke, stopping only at the opening. Then another long stroke back into her pussy to start the cycle again. Each deep thrust resulted in the quietest of moans from Angie. Each stroke out caused a hitch in her breathing as the tip of his cock would barely leave her pussy, just before it plunged in deep again.

The pulling out of Goran’s cock during this gentle session made her want to feel him more. With each tease she wanted him deeper again. Angie pulled her hand off Derek’s chest and reached back to Goran’s hip. She adjusted her body with each thrust, pushing herself further onto Goran’s cock to feel him even deeper. Angie’s pussy was slick. The cum from earlier in the night added to the sensation of being taken, of fully submitting to the sexual desires of her men.

The slow, long fucking of Angie’s pussy had pulled out the rest of Derek’s cum, and left Goran’s cock very slick. The gentle movement also caused some of Goran’s cum from earlier in the night to drip from her ass.

Having sex with his cock and balls slick with cum, some of which wasn’t his own, was new to Goran. It was not something he had ever fantasized about, but with Angie it really turned him on. He wasn’t sure why. He knew that despite their swinging history, Derek had been the only one to fuck Angie without a condom and cum inside her. Until him. Maybe it was part knowing that it was such an exclusive thing for Angie. But he had determined that his real motivation was that he wanted to have Angie in every way possible. The fact that he was only the second guy to ever have sex with her bareback and cum inside her only added to his desire to take her whenever and however possible.

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Goran pushed deep into Angie again, her body adjusting and hand pulling him even deeper into her. He loved the feeling deep in her pussy, knowing of her complete surrender to him. He continued his slow gentle rhythm, slightly extending each thrust deeper to match Angie’s movements.

Angie felt Goran’s cock slide deeper than before, rubbing against her cervix, the crossing of pleasure and slight pain that she sought from him. She submitted completely to be used by him the way he wanted. The slowness of his sliding in and out of her allowed her to focus on all the feelings created. The tip of his cock spread open her tight pussy as he spread her open to his full girth of the base of engorged cock. His shaved balls hit her clit with each deep thrust.

Angie’s breathing quickened in her dreamlike state of euphoria from surrendering to her sexual senses. The long slow buildup reached a crescendo. Her body began to shake and her pussy gushed with her climax. Goran’s cock increased its rhythm and firmness of each thrust. Finally, the hand on her side moved to her hip and slightly moved her in a way that his cock reached even deeper. She felt the body behind her go rigid and heard a grunt as the cock inside her began to pulse, the cum reaching deep. She pressed her body back, pushing his cock as deep as it could go, the end of her orgasm milking every drop from Goran’s cock. She succeeded. Angie continued to lay there until she faded back to a deep sleep.

Goran laid there with his cock still inside Angie. His cock began to soften and slowly slid out. One last shudder from Angie pushed Goran completely out, along with his load of cum. His and her body fluids dripped down his cock to Angie’s thigh, and across her leg to the bed. No words were exchanged. Angie’s breathing slowed and became deeper. After the crazy finish of their sexual encounter earlier in the evening, Goran wasn’t sure how the night could get any better. Now he knew. Goran drifted off to sleep.

Angie was the first one to wake in the morning. Her body was so worn out she hadn’t moved throughout the night. As she shifted her position she felt a large amount of cum run out of her and down her leg into the large wet spot on the bed. She smiled as she remembered the great night before followed by her highly erotic dream. She looked at Goran who was still asleep, then turned to her husband who was awake and smiling at her.

“Why are you smiling like that?” Angie asked.

“Because you have that ‘happy well fucked look’ on your face. You must have REALLY liked last night,” Derek teased.

“Of course I did. It was fantastic…” Angie trailed off.

“But?” Derek asked quizzically.

“No buts,” she paused. “It’s just that I had a really hot dream last night that seemed so real.”

“And?” Derek prodded.

“Did we have sex again in the middle of the night last night?” Angie asked sheepishly.

“No!” Derek laughed. “I wish we did. But we were all so exhausted after our finale, the three of us passed out where we fell. I don’t think any of us moved all night,” Derek chuckled.

“Well, I will need to tell you later about my really fucking hot dream,” Angie seductively whispered to him as she got up to go to the bathroom.

“Well, I’m looking forward to it. I love your crazy erotic dreams,” answered Derek as he got up to make coffee.

“Me too,” said Angie. “Me too,” she mumbled to herself as her smile grew even bigger.

As Derek and Angie walked out of the bedroom, neither of them saw the smile on Goran’s face.

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