A wife and her mother train a young husband well

Sex stories, A wife and her mother train a young husband well. When Margie’s mother moves into the neighborhood, the two woman devise a plan to turn her young groom into the perfect pussy sucking husband. (Fdom, huml, Cuck,) 

*** The Marital Bed ***

Billy lay back in the king size bed, his stiff cock buried up his pretty little wife’s warm velvet pussy. His hands rested on her full lush hips, the pleasing curves pulsing under his fingers. She gyrated her milking pussy on his cock, much to his delight. He was so in love with his wife of 6 months. Gods but she had a sweet velvet pussy, and such a spunky round ass.

He couldn’t believe his good luck when Marge had said yes to his marriage proposal. Sure, she was only 22, with him 34, but that was no matter, they were in love. Her chestnut brown hair was cut in bangs across her forehead. The fine straight hair framed her adorable face, then flowed down across her breasts. Her tits bounced gently as she rocked back and forth. His hands moved up to squeeze the two ripe melons that swung in his face.

She bit her lip as he sucked on her stiff nipples. She had a soft, pretty face, with a little nose and beautiful blue eyes. She humped her pleasure box on his straining cock, and panted as she rode. More rotating, more grinding. He felt the first stirrings of cum begin to churn in his balls.


For Margie, the first few months of marriage had been an adjustment, though she had done a good job of hiding it from her young groom. She loved him. She was trying to love him. But still, there was still something that torn at her. “Damn that Kevin Hardin,” she thought to herself, “he ruined me!”

She closed her eyes and imagined the beautiful cock of her ex-boyfriend. Her pussy tingled at the thought. “What a log of a cock,” she mused to herself. He would never amount to much, she knew that, but oh what a glorious specimen of man-cock had hung between the big man’s legs.

She would never forget the way that large man had stretched and filled her aching pussy. She remembered watching, mouth agape, as the big jock sawed his 10 inch monster cock in and out of her tight little hole. His strong hands held her little legs pinned back to her ears while he rammed his dick in and out, over and over again. Finally, when the brute’s entire length of giant dick had disappeared up her stretched pussy, he had let out a loud lusty groan and emptied his heavy balls, filling her to the brim with his thick, sticky semen load. It was in that same moment she had exploded in the most mind blowing orgasm of her young life. A wave of pleasure flowed through her unlike any she had ever known, before or since. Marge sighed at the memory. She couldn’t help it. She missed that big huge cock.

“AHHH YES, OOOOH,” Billy stiffed and felt the spasms shake through his body. His dick suddenly pulsed and spurted inside the bouncing young girl. Marge smiled down at her cumming, grunting husband, squirming beneath her.

“Billy wasn’t so bad,” she thought to herself, He was a good provider. He had a good job as well as some old family money that had helped buy their new house. He didn’t even complain when her mother decided to purchase a house just down the street. True, his 6 and ½ inch dick could never touch the places inside her that Kevin Hardin’s giant cock could, but, as she had discovered, he did have some other talents.

“Umm, did that feel good, baby?” she smiled and brought her face close to his, his spent cock still trapped inside her, though losing its girth rapidly.

“Oh god yes, baby, uum, so good,” Billy’s lips met hers and they kissed, passionately at first then slower, more sensuous.

“Uuumm good, Billy,” she paused and gently brushed her hair back, ” but my pussy’s gonna need some of that special attention from you, do you mind?” Margie’s pussy was hot and on the brink, mostly from the memory of that giant dick. She didn’t wait for his reply.

The spunky girl suddenly lifted off his dick and swung her body around. One of her sexy legs crossed over his face. Billy watched his wife’s adorable round ass descending on his face. He barely had a chance to see the puddle of white between the pretty pink lips. She leaned back and sat up straight. Billy’s face was covered with his beautiful young wife’s ass and his mouth was pressed tight against her hot sticky wet pussy. He felt her soft thighs grip the sides of his head. His nose seemed to be a perfect fit between the cheeks of her butt. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to his face. He began sucking away and snaking his tongue up into her hairy pussy while his pretty little wife groaned her approval.

“Yes baby, good, oh suck me. Do it baby, suck my..suck…oh yes, there that’s good.” Marge began to grind her pussy up and down, then around and around as she gyrated on his face.

She closed her eyes and remembered herself, on her knees, sucking the tip of Kevin’s beautiful fat cock. Her little lips stretched tight over the bulging head. She had looked straight into his eyes as she sucked his dick. Kevin just smiled down at her the entire time. She had felt like such a slut.

For Billy, his young wife had been the first woman ever to sit on his face. All of his previous girlfriends had been to shy and inhibited to do such a thing. And Billy had come to love the wanton act. He loved the view. The beautiful roundness of her butt cheeks, the gentle curve of her back, her long brown hair that fell down. It was such a surrender to her womanhood, her femininity, his face trapped under her adorable ass. The musky smell was an aphrodisiac. Even the thought of lapping up his own come,excited the man. Anything for his beautiful young bride.

Margie giggled when she saw his dick slowly rising up again. “You like this, I see,” she purred, “even if my pussy is a little bit of a mess,” more giggles. She could only hear groans from her dear husband.

She finally leaned forward. Billy felt the warm wet mouth engulf the head of his dick.

“Ummm,” he croaked. Her sucking lips worked up and down the shaft slowly while her loving husband mouthed her hairy little beaver with even more fervor. She began stroking his balls with her little hands.

The young couple stayed locked in the hot 69 for as long as needed. Soon Margie heard her husband groan and felt the dick pulse between her lips. He wailed like a dying man, and her mouth filled with his salty, sticky seed.

Just as she had done with with Kevin Hardin that night, she swallowed the load down, but it wasn’t the same. For one thing–it wasn’t near as much. And she didn’t feel like the dirty little whore—the way she felt when Kevin had grunted and creamed his big cum load between her cock sucking lips.

“OH,” the thought made her wet. Marge sat back up on her husbands face. Her hands were on her hips and she rotated her little butt round and round.


She gyrated her wet pussy wildly on her husband’s sucking mouth, and imagined Kevin’s huge dick pounding in and out of her tight little hole.

“—OOOOH! YES! YES! AHHHH!!” She finally enjoyed the nice deep come she had needed so badly.

*** Doris ***

Billy entered the kitchen to find the two women seated at the kitchen table, sipping their pecan coffee. The strong aroma of the coffee filled the Saturday morning. He got the sense he had interrupted something. “Well, it’s just the way things have to be sometimes, dear,” Mrs. Gaithway broke off.

Doris Gaithway had certainly passed on many of her good looks to her daughter. Her dirty blonde hair was thicker and more wavy than Marge’s but you could see the resemblance in their faces. Both women had small upturned noses and beautifully feminine full lips; classic beauties. Doris was a few inches taller, however, in fact she was taller than Billy.

The older woman still flaunted a very sexy mature body, with the few extra pounds that time will bring, but she carried them well on her tall frame. She liked to dress a little trashy, and talk a little trashy too, a throwback to her country roots, Billy always thought. Her black tights stretched over her big ass and long full legs. She looked younger than her years and Billy had seen her full figure turn the heads of men her daughter’s age.

“I was just telling Mother about what we talked about last night, Billy,” Margie said in a matter-of-fact tone. One of the things that always bothered Billy was the way his wife seemed to have no secrets from her mother. But this was shocking. He couldn’t believe she would actually talk about “that,” even with their close relationship.

“What? What are you talking about, Marge,” Billy said, trying to cover, pretending to be checking the refrigerator.

“You know, honey, how you always like it when I sit on your face after you’ve fucked me.” Billy looked up to see both women looking directly at him. Doris had a little grin on her face. There was an awkward silence before Doris spoke up.

“Now Billy, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, lots of men enjoy such things. My first husband Ernie developed a real knack for it!” she added.

Billy looked up, his mouth open, he felt his face become flustered.

“Mom’s got some good advice for us, baby, since she’s had so much experience with this kind of thing. ” Marge said. “I always say, you have to listen to the voice of experience.” Marge and her mom smiled at each other.

Again Doris broke the awkward pause. “It’s a little something I’ve written up, for the two of you, Billy. A few rules I had with my first husband. I’d like you to read it carefully. I know my Ernie grew to just LOVE our. . . . arrangement,” she smiled at the thought. “Billy I think you’ll find for men like you, it can be the most rewarding way to build a marriage.”

“Men like me? What? What do you mean?”

Marge set the envelope with Billy’s name on it, on the counter. “You can read it while we’re gone, dear.” His wife said. “We’re going shopping for a few hours.” She turned her attention back to her mother. “Thank you so much for doing that for us, Mom, that’s sweet of you.”

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“Oh it’s no problem, dear. And if you’d like, maybe Billy and I could spend a little quality time together, so I can see how he’s progressing. I’d be glad to help out in any way I can.”

“Oh would you?” Marge seemed to love the idea, “That would be great.” Billy heard the two women excitedly discussing the matter as they headed out the door and out to the car. He listened to the car pull out of the driveway, then fade off down the street.

He looked at the envelope on the counter. He torn open the envelope and unfolded the paper. “What the hell,” he mumbled to himself. His jaw hit the ground and his heart began to beat faster. He read the line typed across the top of the page.


*** Quick Trip to the Supermarket ***

Marge had already had a busy day. She had worked late at her school, then had to attend a parent teacher meeting, then had to stop at the grocery store on her way home. “What a pain in the ass,” she thought to herself as she made her way through the busy market.

In the back of her mind was “the arrangement” her mother had suggested. She wasn’t sure about her mother’s proposal, but it did sound interesting. The funny thing had been the way Billy had reacted. He was angry at first, but as they had discussed the idea, his dick had grown hard as a rock. They’d have to talk about it some more. Right now, she just wanted to get out of this damn store.

She was determined to only get a few things, but that that was easier said than done at the WDJ supermarket. Her basket filled with items, in spite of herself. The store was a mess, packed with people shopping after work. She just had to make one more trip across the store, for the milk she had forgotten, then she could go home. As she reached in for the gallon of milk, she heard the man’s deep voice behind her.

“Hey Beautiful, fancy seeing you here!”

“Who the hell was this?” she thought to herself. “Great, now I get to fend off some come on from some loser in the store,” she thought as she turned around warily.

The man stood with a huge grin on his face. Her mouth fell open and her eyes lit up when she saw the tall handsome black man standing in front of her.

“Kevin? Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s you. What are you doing here?” She gave him a friendly embrace. He wrapped his big black arms around the petite white woman.

“I just moved back to town, Margie, I..I got a job with Paste & Western, I’m in Mechanical Controls now,”

“Oh my god I can’t believe it.” There was a pause as both people struggled for words at the chance encounter. Finally Marge spoke up.

“Well, that’s, that’s great, Kevin.”

“What about you, how have you been?” He quickly asked.

“Oh, you know, I’m still teaching and I, I got married last year. To uh, Billy Atwood do you remember him, he’s an enginneer, he’s,”

“He’s a lucky man,” he finished her sentence for her. There was another pause, just a little too long for comfort.

“Do you ever still go to the Sundowner, Marge?”

She laughed nervously, “oh, not near as often as I used to, I’m afraid.” Another pause. She felt his eyes on her body— like two groping hands.

She noted the nice suit the man was wearing. This wasn’t the dumb jock from high school. This man was all grown up –sophisticated, confident, charming. . . .even more handsome.

“Well, I guess I’ll be seeing you, you can’t miss someone too long in this little town,” she added as they both laughed to break the tension.

“I hope so. Really it’s, it’s just great to see you again, Margie, you just look… amazing, but then again, you always did. You haven’t changed a bit since high school” She looked down at the ground, her face flush. When she mustered the courage to look up at his face, their eyes locked for an instant. She would swear they were both reliving the same lurid memory.

The memory of his thick black pole, relentlessly pounding her tight little pink pussy.

“Well, I need to be going,” she laughed, “it’s getting late,” they hugged as they said their goodbyes. The embrace lingered for just one extra second, her firm tits pressed into the man’s muscular chest before she broke away. “Bye, Kevin, good seeing you again.”

She turned the grocery cart and hurried away down the aisle. She felt his eyes on her butt as she walked away. At the end of the aisle she made a quick glace back behind her, but the man had vanished in the crowd.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe that just happened!” she thought. She kept a sharp lookout around every turn, as she made her way to the checkout. She didn’t want to run into him again, and face another awkward conversation. Finally she was through the busy checkout line and safely on her way to her car. She breathed a sigh of relief.

She was out in the parking lot, putting the groceries into her car when she heard the deep voice again.

“Say, uh, Margie,” he had suddenly appeared next to her car. She jumped.

“Kevin! You scared me!” Marge said. They both laughed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said.

“I was just wondering, the Top Cat’s just around the corner, and we haven’t seen each other in ages, do you have time for one quick drink? You know, just to catch up and all?” the man smiled down at her.

Now that it was just the two of them, the tension from inside the busy store had melted away. She looked up at his handsome face. He had the same warm smile she remembered.

“Well,” Marge glanced at her watch. She was already running late. Billy would be wondering where the hell she was. She really couldn’t. She looked at the man—the lover —from her past.

“Well, maybe just one.”

—An Afternoon With Doris—

Mrs. Gaithway sat back, sprawled across the couch in her living room, the plush pillow behind her. One big leg rested over another pillow on the couch, the other straddled the padded arm rest of a high back chair, to the side. A pair of flimsy beige panties hung from one ankle. Her big thighs were well spread. The smell of wet cunt filled the air.

Once again, Billy found himself on his hands and knees, stark naked, except for his little black bow tie. His ass was in the air and his face was buried in her hairy pussy . Her large pink lips folded back, and were still red and angry from the suck off she had just received. She lay back, still breathing heavily, basking in the afterglow of the long, slow cunt licking.

“Umm, that was nice, dear.” The 55 year old woman leaned back and sighed. “Your pussy sucking training is really coming along.” The woman giggled. “I think all the extra practice has been good for you.” She bit her lip and got a sly smile on her face, “I’ll tell you what,” she pulled her knees up to her big tits, “since you did such a good job on my pussy, I’m going to let you do the same thing to my asshole, Billy darling.” Billy’s mother in law said it as if she were doing him some sort of favor.

Billy felt his dick throbbing. He knew whether or not he would be permitted to jerk off depended on his performance. His mother in law wore some sheer black stockings. He looked at his mother in law’s wide spread thighs. The sheer black fabric of the stockings stretched tightly over her large legs. At the top, the stockings doubled back and made a 4 inch seam, darker than the rest. They came about half way up her creamy white thighs.

Her pudgy stomach gave way to her hairy sopping wet pussy. Her triangle was a forest of thick golden brown hairs. Her pussy seemed to be laughing at him, her big pink lips were shaped in a curious smile. And below, the puckered, little brown hole that awaited his tongue. Without further delay, he was back between her legs, lapping away at his mother in law’s hairy shithole. He licked up and down the butt crack of the older woman’s ass, then began frantically french kissing the little brown pucker hole.

“Ohh Billy, yes that’s it, ooh right there, suck it good for me Billy, VERY good, dear, Now… all the way in, that’s it. Yes, good . . . oooh, let me feel that tongue, Billy—nice and deep! Make love to it, dearie! ” Billy buried his tongue deep up Doris’ asshole while his mouth sucked the puckered hole for all he was worth.

He had become quite fond of sucking the assholes of his wife and her mother, though he didn’t fully understand why. His nose was engulfed in the sloppy wet cunt he had just sucked off and with each breath he smelled her strong musky scent. In and out of the tight little hole he worked his aching tongue while his mother in law delighted in his efforts.

“Ummm, that feels good, Billy. You know, I think Marge is right. You’re almost as good at sucking ass as you are at eating pussy!” The older woman chucked to herself. “We’ll make you the perfect husband for my Margie!”

After about fifteen minutes of sucking and tonguing the older woman’s butt hole, Billy felt his mother in law’s hands on the back of his head. She guided his face back to her heated cunt. Once again he was licking and sucking her sopping wet pink gash, the loud slurping sounds of his obedient mouth filled the room. Smack, smack, slurp, slurp.

Doris let out a contented sigh as she felt her son in law’s mouth begin its work on her throbbing clit. She purred as he moved his pussy sucking mouth all over her hairy hole, lapping at her clitoris and plunging deep into the hot wet vagina with his darting tongue and sucking lips.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just crawl inside my pussy, Billy!” She chucked at the thought, “that’d be a good place for you.” Smack, smack , slurp, slurp. . .

She picked up a fashion magazine from the end table next to the couch and began lazily flipping through the pages— and left poor Billy to continue his pussy eating. Billy was learning exactly what it meant to be a Pussy Sucker Trainee. Up and down, in and out, again and again, for a good forty-five minutes she enjoyed the young man’s mouth between her legs. Finally, Doris let out a loud moan and held her son in law’s face tight to her hairy twat.

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“Ohh, yes , ahhhhhhh, oh yes. . . oh, suck.. . suck it, Billy! Good boy,” she panted. She grabbed two handfuls of hair. “Suck that pussy for me. OH YES, AHHHH.” She roughly ground her cunt against the young man’s face and for the second time that afternoon, creamed right in his mouth. “OH, FUCK YES! AHHHHH!!” Doris was a heavy comer and Billy found his mouth full of cunt juice while he sucked and swallowed it all down.

When Doris finally relaxed the grip on his hair and let him come up for air, his face was bright red and soaking wet. As usual, his penis stood straight out, swollen and frustrated. His hair was a mess. She couldn’t help but giggle at her poor pussy whipped son in law.

—Complete Devotion—

“Come over here, Billy,” Mrs. Gaithway said after she had relaxed from the cunt sucking. She was sitting on a stool at the kitchen counter sipping the cocktail he had just served her. Billy came over, his rigid dick poked out bounced obscenely as he walked.

“Now, BillEE,” she kind of sung his name when she said it, ” tell me dear, how long has it been since your last supervised masturbation?” She asked, looking at his erection.

“Um, yes Mrs Gaithway, it’s been three weeks since my. . . uh, last mas, masturbation, ma’am”

“Oh my,” Doris said with mock sympathy, “that’s a long time for a young man, isn’t it Billy,” she reached down and causally touched his penis.

“Yes, ma’am,” Billy looked down sheepishly,” He stiffened as she worked her fingers over the swollen mushroom head of his 6 and ½ inch dick.

“And you’ve been a Pussy sucker trainee for what now, 2 months?”

“Umm, three months now, Mrs. Gaithway.”

Billy had to force the words out.”May I? Please ma’am— May I , please, please masturbate.” Supervised masturbation was the only relief he was allowed during his training period.

His mother in law laughed, “Hmmm, I don’t know Billy,” she teased, “do you think you’ve been man enough?” she teased. The words burned his wounded pride and his face flushed red.

Mrs. Gaithway moved along. “As you know, I’m expected to report to Marge how your pussy sucker training is coming along, and I must say, I believe there is still room for improvement.” Billy’s mouth fell open in disbelief. He had just sucked her off— twice, and frenched her asshole until his tongue ached, what else could he do, he thought to himself.

“We need to see complete devotion from you, Billy. My Margie’s a special lady, you see the way other men look at her. She could have any man she wants, and that’s a powerful aphrodisiac for a woman. You’re a lucky man, Billy Atwood, but.” It seemed there was always a “but” in Billy’s new world, “a good pussy sucking husband always puts his wife’s pleasure first and foremost. She needs to know that you’d suck her pussy gladly and gratefully,” she paused for a moment, and sipped her cocktail, “no matter what the circumstances might be.”

Billy looked at Doris, his mouth open, “circumstances? What circumstances, Mrs Gaithway?”

Mrs. Gaithway just smiled. She rubbed a finger over the swollen balls of her son in law and looked deeply into his eyes. “Billy, would you like to hump my leg while you beat off for me?” There was always some humiliating aspect to his masturbation sessions.

“Well, I, I would, like to, I mean I guess, I could. . .” Mrs. Gaithway cut him off.

“C’mon Billy, get right down here—-on the floor— and straddle my leg while you do your little business.”

There was no pride left in the brainwashed young man. Mrs. Gaithway sat on the stool with her big leg extended. Billy was on his knees, on the floor with one arm wrapped around the her large stockinged thigh. He looked up desperately at the older woman. She handed him a stick of butter from the table.

“Here, butter up for me, Billy. Butter up your nice little hand pussy!” She looked down at him with a smirk of amusement. “It’s time to empty these balls!” She popped her foot up and bounced his vulnerable balls, causing him to jump. She worked her stockinged foot over the man’s hanging testicles, in a not so gentle way. “Now, start wanking!”

“AHH,” Billy grunted as his left hand began to jack up and down his rock hard penis. Doris looked down at the amusing sight. Billy’s hand dutifully wanked up and down the panting dick.

“You know, Billy, there’s something else I’ve been meaning to discuss with you.” The young man looked up again. “One thing I learned with my first husband, was how much better he performed his husbandly duties when he wore his. . . well, it’s,” she gave a giggle, “it’s kinda funny, in a way. — Billy, there’s no way to sugar coat this–he wore a big butt plug up his ass—just for me!”

Billy dick was throbbing. Up and down his hand went. Up and down. “A, a, WHAT?”

“A butt plug, Billy, and from the very first day, I simply couldn’t believe the improvement in his attitude.” Mrs. Gaithway had the most delightful smile on her face as she looked down at the masturbating young man. Billy’s eyes were wide, and his mouth was open. She continued to rub his nut sack while he jerked his dick like a mad man, and clutched at her leg.

“And I think that it would be good for you, too, Billy. The bigger, the better. Don’t worry, I’ve already discussed it with Marge.” Doris chuckled. “She even suggested you should have your cute little butt plugged while you clean my house.”

The brain washed young man on his knees could only nod in agreement as he felt the long waited pleasure in his throbbing dick, after a three week abstinence. Mrs. Gaithway worked his poor red balls back and forth between her toes.

“Yes ma’am, Mrs. Gaithway. If. . .you.. say . . so.” Billy was a blubbering fool at this point. His dick was fixing to burst. “There, there Billy, CALM DOWN. STOP BILLY. Stop and let your little dickie cool down awhile.” She giggled. Her foot massaged his aching sack.

Billy felt his blue balls aching as his dick twitched, just short of cumming. Mrs. Gaithway reached down and straightened the little black bow tie around Billy’s neck.

“We don’t want you cumming too soon, do we Billy?”

Billy had to let his panting dick cool down while Doris told him all about her first husband’s butt plugs.

“. . . and we’ll work you up in size too, Billy.” Billy listened to how his asshole would be systematically stretched wider and wider.

“Now, begin jerking again, Billy darling, but SLOW this time. . . . . there, that’s nice.” Billy began pumping his hand once again. “That’s it. . . SLOW– up, down, up, down, that’s a good little masturbator,” she giggled at the panting young man. “Don’t forget Billy, you’ll be cleaning up every drop you shoot.” She intently watched his hand rubbing the swollen dick, at a maddeningly slow pace.

“Ooooooh!” Billy’s face was scrunched up with distaste. “Wh, why do I always have to. . . do that, Mrs. Gaithway? I don’t like it!”

“Because I said so, Billy. Because it teaches you respect for what women have had to go through for ages. You know the new rules. You shoot it, you eat it! That’s part of your training.” The older woman chuckled and rubbed his balls some more.

Billy had a good wank going. “It, It feels so good, ma’am I’m gonna. . .”

“I know, Billy. . .I know. You see, Marge and I told you they’d be times you’d enjoy being a Pussy Sucker Trainee.” Billy felt the pleasure of an impending cum just begin to tingle in his balls. Doris kept her toes kneading his swollen testicles. “I told you you’d get used to the new arrangement. And you’ll get used to a nice big butt plug up your ass, too. You just wait and see!”

“But, Do, Doris—what did you me, mean about, about, other cir, cir, circumstances?” Billy barely got the words out between all the huffing and puffing. He felt the jism in his swollen sack heating to a boiling point.

His mother in law looked down at her wanking son in law, and tried to keep a straight expression on her face. “Well Billy, I think one of the best ways you could show your complete devotion to my Margie would be to offer to suck her pussy when it’s, well, let’s just say, after she’s had her fun,” she giggled. She saw the quizzical look in the young man’s eyes. She looked down at Billy with a little smirk, her eyebrows raised.

“After she’s just been fucked by another man, Billy.”

Billy was shocked. “A, a, another MAN, Mrs. Gaithway?” he panted.

“I mean right after some big handsome stud has just fucked Marge, Billy. And made her cum again and again–all over his big sweet dick—all night long.” She bit her lower lip seductively and looked down at her poor, wanking, molly clad son in law.

“A, a, Stud? Mrs. Gaithway?” Billy watched the devilish smile grow even wider on the woman’s face.

“Yes, Billy. A lover of Marge’s choosing. A nice man who could stop by from time to time and give her what she really needs.” Doris looked at the throbbing dick in her son in law’s hand. “A real man, Billy, with a much longer, much thicker penis than your little meat,” she snickered. His body was trembling now and she sensed his orgasm was near. A wicked thrill shot through the woman. She smiled at the little wanker, then added, with a smirk, “and left a nice big gooey load of his cum, deep in her pussy —just for you to suck out.”

The woman’s foot continued to roughly fondle his sensitive balls.

“But, but, but.. . OHHHH.”

The perverse and humiliating thought rang in his ears. He couldn’t hold back any longer. The first spurt wasn’t as large as the next three, but one by one, spurt after spurt of thick pent up semen poured from Billy’s dick onto the woman’s leg and made a sticky white mess on the sheer black fabric.

“AHHHHHHH,” the young man shouted like a banshee. Pleasure coursed through the throbbing knob head. Another thick ropey glob of cum splashed on the woman’s panty hose. Billy half jerked and half humped his dick on the woman’s big leg.

“There you go, Billy! Show me what a BIG load you can shoot. LOOK what a MESS you’re making!” The dick twitched again and sent another volley of load onto the nylons. Mrs. Gaithway laughed at the spectacle. She intently watched, as women always do, with a certain fascination as the man’s dickhead exploded and sent gush after gush of spermy ejaculate flying from the little hole. “There, there, see, it was worth the three week wait, wasn’t it,” she giggled.

He was panting like he had just run the New York City Marathon as his hand milked the frothy seed load from his aching balls. It felt like the most cum he’d ever shot in his life. The thick globules splattered on the black nylon stockings and the first white streaks began to run down her leg.

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“OH YES, Billy, good boy, empty those blue balls for me,” she said with a mocking, amused tone as she stroked his hair, ” just look at all that cum you get to clean up!”

—The Amazing Iphone—

“Yes, dear, yes, we did. . . that’s right, he’s—he’s all taken care of dear. Yep, good for the next few weeks, uh huh, that’s right! No, he’s still here. What? He’s right here where he belongs, down cleaning up his little mess, ” she laughed. “Uh- huh. I’m watching him as we speak! What’s that? I should take a picture with my iphone? OK, Hang on.”

Billy could hear loud laughter from the receiver. He heard the sound of loud voices, —men’s voices, like his wife was in a bar or nightclub. Doris held up her iphone, with a grin on her face.

“Got it!! Yes,, yes—I’m fixing to send it to you, dear. What?, oh OK—I’ll tell him, hang on.”

She put down the iphone, “Billy, Margie says she wants my nylons spic an span clean!” She went back to her iphone, “Oh, don’t you worry Margie, I’ll see to it he does,” she said with a cheery tone.

Ms. Gaithway continued her conversation. She watched him lick up each and every globule he had sprayed on her black panty hose. The sticky fishy taste of the large load coated the insides of Billy’s poor mouth. He hated this part of his training.

“Yes, dear we had a most productive session, I think you’ll be well satisfied. Uh-huh, uh-huh, yep. . .uh-huh. That’s right, all of it. Oh, don’t worry, WE DID! I think it’s for the best, dear. Your pleasure should come first, absolutely.” She looked down at the submissive man lapping up and down her leg, “from what I’ve seen this afternoon, I’m sure everything will work out just fine. Uh- huh, uh-huh. . . oh, I’ll let him fill you in on all the details when he gets home , dear. Yes. . .yes, yes. OK, sweetie, love you, talk to you soon. Bye bye.”

She put down the iphone and pushed Billy away with her foot. “Now, BillEE,” she sang his name again, “when you get home, I want to you to tell Marge all about what we discussed today, every single detail. Do you understand?”

“But, but,” Billy was really sweating now, “Mrs. Gaithway, I, I. . .I can’t do that—I can’t suggest to Marge that she. . . she, take another. . .m, m, man! I can’t!” Billy was flustered and panicked, “I’d, I’d be too, too embarrassed. And I could NEVER suck her pussy after they had left their. . . .”

Doris looked down at the boy with a stern expression on her face. With one hand she firmly grabbed his chin and lifted his face, squeezing his cheeks together before slapping him sharply across his face with her other hand. SMACK! And then again, quickly, with the other hand. SMACK!

“OOW!!” Billy howled in protest, the angry palm prints shown on his red face and his eyes welled with tears. “DORIS!!!” he cried.

“You’ll do it Billy, because that’s what good pussy sucking husbands do!” She paused. Billy felt his red face stinging. “Marge needs to hear it from you, not me—to know you’re sincere. You’ll be surprised what you can learn to get used to. What’s a little embarrassment for you, compared to your wife’s pleasure? Now, you will go home and ask Margie if she can think of any big manly studs she might enlist, in order to help you with your training.” She paused, and looked her son in law in the eyes, “do you understand?”

Billy could only look at the floor, red faced, the taste of his own cum load lingering in his mouth. Again Doris grabbed his cheeks and lifted his face to hers.

“DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” Doris repeated, more forcefully.

“Yes, ma’am, ” Billy said, defeated.

“Good, now, get dressed and get the fuck out of here. I can only take so much of your whimpering.”

He watched her big round bottom sway as she got up and walked towards the refrigerator. She opened the door and bent over to peer inside. He only wished he could press his face between those big round cheeks and bury his tongue once more up her glorious brown asshole.

—Billy and Marge Have A Talk—

“Well Billy, I guess I could have sex with other men, if, you know, you think that’s what you really need,” Marge said with coy tone. Billy sat beside her, in their bed. She began unbuttoning his pajama bottoms.

“That’s, that’s what Do, Doris said, I, I,” Billy stammered, embarrassed.

“Well, Mother knows about these things,” Marge said. She pulled down his bottoms, and softly ran her hand up and down her husband’s stiffening dick. “So, as part of your training, you,” she tried to resist a smirk, “would put your face right in there after the other man has— finished all his business?” Billy’s erection was throbbing now. “You’d do that for me, dear?” Marge dribbled the oil on her husband’s erect penis.

Billy couldn’t find the words. Margie played with her husband’s stiff cock. She gently ran her delicate fingers lightly over his swollen dickhead, around and around, then down the straining shaft, and lightly over both his balls.

“OK, Billy, you can start jerking off for me now.” His pretty wife smiled.

Once again, after another 3 week abstinence, Billy’s hand was whacking his meat, while a woman looked on.

“But Billy, what if the man had a really big penis, that wouldn’t bother you?

“Well I, I don’t know,” he was shocked at the question, “It, It might.”

“Cause I don’t want you getting all jealous…when, I mean, if, his dick is a lot bigger than yours.” She paused and looked deep into her husband’s eyes, ” I want you to be sure, dear. It’s a big step for a man to watch his wife become another man’s girlfriend.”

She gave his aching balls a squeeze, causing him to slightly stiffen.

“Yes, Margie.” Billy could only look down sheepishly. His hand jerking up and down.

“And of course, they’ll be times I want him to stay over and he’ll spend the night in our bed. You’ll sleep in the guest room, sweetie.”

Marge dutifully watched her husband’s pumping hand and panting dick.

“It might be hard for you, dear, listening to us go at it all night long.” she giggled, and gave another little tug on his swollen balls.

“OH, Marge. I, I, don’t know if. if. ..” Billy was panting

“Is that what you want, sweetheart?” she asked.

“I, I,..”

“Look at me, dear,” Marge said as she waited for his answer,” Hmmm? What do you say? Would you be okay with that kind of thing, baby?” She grabbed Billy’s plastic green cum cup off the bedside table.

Billy looked at his beautiful wife. He was more turned on than he had ever been in his life. “Yes, Margie, if, if it would make you happy.”

“And what about you, dear, would it make you happy too? To share me with other men?” Marge held the green cum cup in position, just in front of his panting dickhead.

“I, I, guess, dear,” Billy mumbled.

“Are you sure, honey, because I won’t tolerate an unfaithful husband. I expect you to be completely faithful to me, dear, even if I’m carrying on an affair, openly and often. You’re not to even THINK about putting your dick in a nice wet pussy, is that understood?”

“But, but,” Billy was exacerbated, “What about my needs, Margie! I still need make love to you, you’re my wife!”

“Ummmm,” she looked at him with a pained expression, “I didn’t want to have to tell you so soon, honey, but mother and I have decided it would be better if my boyfriends took over full time in the bedroom. You can still jerk off for your relief, but mother says that should be on special occasions only.”

“WHAT!” Billy could only grunt now, he watched his wife holding his cum cup.

“I know it’s a big step, dear.”

“Oh, and also, Billy,” Marge said, “I think I’d like a lover with a really big BLACK COCK!” She looked at her wanking husband with a mischievous grin on her face. She bit her lip.

Billy was panting loudly and starting to groan.

“That would make me VERY happy, darling.” she giggled lightly.

“But, but Marge, I, I.” She grabbed his balls and kneaded them in her fingers.

“Don’t worry Billy, you still be allowed to put your tongue in my pussy, just not your penis,” she giggled as his breathing became heavy, “that will be for the other men only.” Margie’s eyebrows were raised, an impish grin on her face.

“Just think how that will make the my lover feel, after he’s had a big, satisfying cum deep in my pussy. Watching my hubby, with his frustrated little hard on, suck out every drop of his spent jism, I bet he’s gonna enjoy that part.” She bit her lip and gave her husband a little smirk. “I know I will!”

His orgasm came on sudden. He gave a loud shout and his dick exploded, the white froth erupted like a cannon.

“Aim well, Billy! Get it all in your cum cup.” She said with a smile.

“Ooooh,” the young man groaned, and his dick pumped volley after volley of thick dick cream—straight into the little green cum cup.

Margie giggled as she watched the spurting dick. “Well, it sure looks like little dickie likes the idea!” she beamed. “Just LOOK at all that creamy CUM!”

“OOOOOHHHHH,” Billy groaned, and finished up his big cum. He was panting like a mad man.

“I’ll make a few calls and see if I can set something up for this weekend.”

“THIS WEEKEND!” Billy exclaimed, “so soon?” He was still panting heavily—and everything seem to be spinning out of control.

“From the looks of things, I’d say you’re more than ready to get started.” She looked into the green plastic cup, then handed it to him with a smirk, “here you are, honey.”

Billy had a bad feeling in his stomach, as he looked at the large quantity of thick jizz in the green cum cup. Marge was already on her iphone.

“I think I already know someone who might be interested, dear,” she said, as she smiled sweetly at her husband. She held the iphone to her ear.

She looked at the shocked expression on her husband’s red face. She covered the phone, “Eat up, dear! Mother says it’s best for you to eat it all while it’s still warm!” Margie said with a smile, then returned to her phone call.

“Hi, uh, Kevin. Hi! It’s, uh. . .Marge. . .”

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