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“I can’t believe you were doing that! What in the fuck were you thinking?”

I was standing in the front yard screaming at my boyfriend, Rob. We were at a party with his basketball buddies, at the house of one of the guys. We had been out on the patio by the pool having drinks and talking; having a really nice time. Rob had excused himself to use the restroom, but when he hadn’t returned after 15 minutes I started to worry, so I went to check. That’s when I walked into the master bedroom and found Rob kissing Suzanne, one of the girls that was always hanging around the team. I stormed out to the front yard with Rob trailing behind exclaiming an alternating mix of weak apologies and lame excuses.

In the yard I stopped and turned around to let him have it, “I can’t believe you were doing that! What in the fuck were you thinking? And with that little slut Suzanne! She’s probably slept with every guy in that house!”

Rob was still making excuses. “I’m sorry, baby! She threw herself at me! I was trying to push her away when you walked in! Really!”

“Yeah, right!” I said, “I saw how hard you were resisting. Next time you should try pushing with your hands instead of your tongue!”


Rob then changed his story, “You’re right. It must have been the booze. It really went to my head.”

I laughed at that, “That wasn’t the head you were thinking with, Rob! If you want to be with Suzanne, just say so. Don’t sneak around behind my back! I’ve noticed you looking at her before!”

At this point Rob started to get defensive, “Don’t you think you’re overreacting? Anyway, you’re no saint yourself, Mara. I saw the way you have looked at Duane and Andre!”

Duane and Andre were two members of Rob’s team. In fact, it was Andre’s front yard where we were now yelling. Rob then tried to play nice and get me to leave with him, “Come on, Mara. I’m sorry! Let’s just leave. Let me take you home and make it up to you.”

I responded, “Don’t give me that crap! I’m not going anywhere with you right now. Possibly never! You can leave though. In fact, you had better leave because I don’t want to be anywhere around you right now!”

Rob tried again, “You can’t stay here. How will you get home?”

“Don’t worry about me!” I half turned to go back into the house, “I’ll be just fine. Maybe I’ll get Andre or Duane to take me home!” I started walking back to the house when I turned around for one last shot as Rob was opening his car door, “Who knows, maybe I’ll get them to do more than that for me!”

I turned my back on Rob and stormed back to the house. I heard Rob call back, “Yeah right, Mara! That’ll be the day. Do whatever you want!” I could swear I heard him mutter a final, “bitch” under his breath. As I neared the front door I could hear Rob squeal his tires as he sped away. That’s when I noticed Andre standing in the front doorway. I wasn’t sure how much he had heard.

“What happened, Mara? Where’s Rob going?

I was just walking past Andre when my emotions finally caught up with me and I started to cry while saying, “I caught that bastard kissing another woman upstairs.” I stopped and leaned in toward Andre as I continued to cry. He quickly responded by putting his arm around me and supported me over to the living room sofa.

“Here. Sit down,” he said. “Let me get you a drink.” He hurried to the kitchen to get me a glass of wine. Everyone else was still out by the pool and it was only the two of us in the house at the moment. I sat on the couch and my tears lessened. I looked up to see Andre walking back with the wine. He was wearing only his swim shorts, without a shirt.

Rob was right about one thing, he must have noticed me eyeing Andre and Duane before. It was understandable; Andre was an attractive young black man with an athletic physique and a quick smile. Without his shirt on now I could see how well defined his chest muscles are, and his abs are flat and hard. In fact, most of the other guys on the team were in really good shape because they played sports, especially basketball, all the time.

But as attractive as Andre was, Duane was that and more. Duane was the center on the team, so he was a big man. I would guess that he stood six feet, eight inches tall with broad shoulders and muscular arms. But topping it all off was a big handsome face with big brown eyes. His skin had a deep chestnut brown tone. If he weren’t playing basketball he could certainly be a model. There were always several women hanging around at the games watching Duane and the other guys, hoping for a chance to go out with them.

Most of the guys on the team were black, except for Rob and one other guy. I noticed that most of the women who were hanging around were white. I don’t know if that was just chance or if the girls were into that whole interracial thing. I had never really thought about it much myself. I had dated a couple of black guys before during college and I found them to be about the same as dating the white guys. Sometimes they were nice and sometimes they were jerks; in other words, they were just ‘guys.’

I will admit though, looking back now, the black guys I dated in college were not athletic types. They were average height and weight, not particularly muscular or in good shape. Seeing large, well-toned black guys like Andre, Duane and the other guys on the team definitely peaked my interest. I could understand why the other white girls were hanging around. And seeing a shirtless Andre walking toward me now sparked some ideas in my mind, especially going through what I just had with Rob.

I started to reach out for the wine glass in Andre’s hand, but instead Andre put out his hand to help me stand up. He said, “Come with me. Let’s go talk somewhere private before the others come barging in here.” I agreed and Andre kept ahold of my hand and led me to the stairs and then upward. He opened the master bedroom door and pulled me inside, closing it behind us.

We were now in the very room where I had caught Rob kissing Suzanne, almost on the very spot. It caused many emotions to well up in me at once. Andre quickly led me over to a huge upholstered ottoman in the center of the large room and urged me to drink the wine while he sat down next to me and put his muscular arm around my shoulder to comfort me.

I took a few drinks while looking around at the room. It was large and bright with sunshine coming through the many windows looking down over the pool and patio area. Sitting on the ottoman I couldn’t see the group of thirty to forty people gathered down there, but I could hear the loud music and their voices through the glass.

I proceeded to tell Andre the whole story, about the kiss and Rob’s excuses and lies. I just kept talking while Andre listened in silence, just nodding along with all my complaints about Rob and his failures as a boyfriend. Andre kept his arm around me through all of this. When I finally stopped he pulled me closer and asked how, “So what are you going to do about this?”

I said, “I don’t know. I’m hurt. I’m really hurt, but also really mad. The only thing I want right now is to get back at Rob. Hurt him for what he did to me!”

Andre pulled me closer, giving my shoulder a squeeze, and said, “I know what you mean. I have never thought that Rob has given you the respect that you deserve. Don’t get me wrong, I like Rob, but I always thought that you’re too good for him.”

Andre kept squeezing and rubbing my shoulder as he said, “If the same thing happened to me I would want to get revenge to show him he can’t get away with that. Two can play at that game!” It felt good to have Andre touching me like this, my arm brushing against his bare, brown chest muscles as his strong hand touched my shoulder. I wanted him to continue, but I wasn’t fooled by him either, or too drunk to understand what was happening.

I knew that Andre was trying to take advantage of the situation for his own benefit. The visible bulge in his swim shorts showed that he was interested in more than just ‘comforting’ me emotionally. I was also sure that he had heard Rob’s accusation regarding him and Duane, and my empty threat, down in the yard. I also knew that Andre didn’t really like Rob all that much. I don’t think that any of the other guys on the team did either. Not really.

But at that moment I didn’t care about Andre’s ulterior motives, because I did want to get revenge on Rob! And I did want to see what it might be like to be held and kissed by a strong black man. I moaned a little at his touch, and on cue he began to lower my swimsuit cover-up off my shoulders. I had only been wearing that over my bikini for the pool party.

I didn’t resist, but I turned to look Andre in the eyes and quietly said, “You shouldn’t,” although I knew he would.

Andre pulled me around and leaned forward to kiss me as he whispered, “You owe it to yourself to get back at him.” He thought he was seducing me, but I was already leaning forward and opening my lips. It was good to let him feel his conquest was successful. Our lips met and soon after that so did our tongues.

The kiss rapidly went from slow and tender to deep and passionate. I was pushing my tongue deeper and deeper into his mouth as his strong hands began to grope at my breasts and ass. He was pushing my small bikini out of the way and moving straight for my bare skin. I didn’t mind at all. From the moment we started to kiss I had already decided that I would let Andre do whatever he wanted to me.

He put his hands around my waist and pulled our bodies together tightly, then one of his hands moved to my bare thigh. I followed his lead and moved my hand to his thigh. As my hand moved upward I brushed across his erection through his shorts and I could feel it was substantial. I didn’t hesitate to explore further by grasping his penis through the shorts. Andre involuntarily jerked at my touch, and now I had no doubt that it was big; certainly bigger than Rob’s. That gave me a sense of satisfaction.

Andre moaned at the touch of my hand and I felt him start to rise from the ottoman. He obviously was ready to move forward with our encounter, and so was I. I looked up to see him smiling back down at me; he then turned to directly face me and he moved in closer bringing his bare stomach just a few inches from my face.

I ran my hands up from his waist and across his stomach to his chest, feeling the taut muscles under his smooth brown skin. Then I moved my hands back down to squeeze and fondle his penis again through the swim shorts, so close in front of my face.

Andre started to push down on the waistband of his shorts, but I quickly stopped him and replaced his hands with mine. I wanted to do it and I wanted to do it slowly to prolong the moment, to draw out his anticipation.

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His lower stomach between his navel and his pubic mound was so flat and firm with just a small line of black hairs running down from his navel. As I pulled down more and more on the shorts I exposed his pubic hair, which was short and neatly trimmed. I liked that. Andre put his hands on my shoulders, willing me to go faster. I was now starting to expose the base of his cock that was pressed downward into his balls.

I leaned forward and kissed Andre’s lower stomach and the base of his cock as I pulled the shorts down farther and farther, exposing more and more of his long member. I continued to kiss him, my lips touching and tracing a line down the top surface of his cock, trailing just above the lowering waistband. Soon I felt the resistance of the waistband as it caught on the rim of the head of his cock for just a moment and then it cleared and the full length of his cock was now exposed.

His long brown cock was now unconfined and free, and it jumped up and toward me. I briefly looked up at Andre to show him a wide-eyed look which conveyed surprise at how big his cock was. I wasn’t really acting because it was indeed very large, although I may have played up my reaction just a little for his benefit. Looking back down I quickly sized him up and I was pleased.

Andre’s cock was over seven inches long and nicely thick. It’s medium brown skin was stretched tight. I took it in my hand and held it straight out as I cooed, “Oh my God, Andre, your cock is so big! It is so much bigger than Rob’s!” It was, in fact. I wasn’t lying. Again, I felt a sense of satisfaction about that.

Andre liked this comparison and he gently placed his hand on the back of my head and said, “Come on, Mara. Don’t you want to put it in your mouth? Show him you’re in charge now!” I didn’t need any convincing; I was ready. At first, I leaned forward and just kissed the tip of his cock, but soon I was running my tongue over and around the tip and then up and down the long shaft. Andre was starting to pull my head closer so I decided to give him what he wanted.

I opened my lips and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. Soon I was running my tongue around the head and moving my lips farther and farther up the shaft. Andre liked this very much and was pulling my head closer while thrusting his cock forward. Soon I was nearly deepthroating the full length of his cock down my throat, at least as far as I could before starting to gag.

Andre appeared to be very happy with my performance and he began to talk to me, saying things like, “That’s it, baby, suck my dick!” and “Shit, you really know how to suck black cock!”

I was enjoying his dirty talk and I wanted to give it back. So, when I took a break from sucking him I would stroke his long cock with my hands, kiss and lick his balls and say things like, “You have such a pretty cock, Andre!” and “I love having your big, black cock in my mouth!” and “You are so much bigger than Rob’s puny little white dick!”

I particularly enjoyed saying that last one, and I could tell that Andre liked it too because soon after he said, “I want to fuck your pretty little pussy with my black dick?” With his cock still buried deep in my mouth I looked up, tried to smile and uttered a gurgle of approval as I nodded my head. Andre used his strong arms to lift me up and quickly turn me over, almost throwing me on my back on the ottoman.

We were both beyond any slow, sensual movements at this point. We had moved on to raw passion and power. Andre got on his knees below me and roughly spread my legs wide with his hands. He moved forward and was quickly in the perfect position to enter my wide-open pussy. There was no need for artificial lubrication because my pussy was oozing wetness and his cock was dripping from my saliva.

Andre grabbed his cock and began to push the head back and forth between my pussy lips, then moving it in circles around my clitoris. My body twitched and I gave out several small squeals at the intense sensation on my clit, but it was when Andre pushed forward and quickly entered my pussy with his thick, long cock that I gave a long and loud cry of pleasure. It was at that moment that I remembered there was a crowd of people just outside and I thought they must have heard me, but there was no discernible break in the crowd noise.

Andre was now thrusting in and out of my pussy and my body was reacting to the new sensation of his thick cock. I was arching my back to try and increase the depth he was pushing into me and my head was swimming from the pleasure I was feeling. Andre was soon grunting as he was now slamming himself into me, his balls slapping my ass with each stroke.

Andre began talking again between deep breaths. “Do you like my big cock fucking you? Your pussy feels so good! I’m going to cum deep inside you!”

I wanted to talk back, but all I could manage were high-pitched exclamations like, “Oh, God!” and “Yes, please!” Then I simply emitted a long, drawn out squeal that turned into a quiet scream as I began to climax, my body bucking and heaving on the ottoman. My spasms only subsided after Andre slowed and then finally stopped his thrusts and just stayed there kneeling below me, smiling, his chest heaving and sweat rolling down his brown skin.

When I caught my breath, I looked at Andre and smiled to thank him, but he didn’t give me a chance to say anything. He leaned forward and grabbed me under my waist and then stood himself up while lifting me free of the ottoman, his long cock still deep within me. I had never felt anything so powerful before. I pulled my face to his and kissed him deeply. That’s when he said, “I am going to fuck you from behind now, Mara!” I smiled and nodded.

He put me down and we separated only long enough for me to get on my hands and knees on the ottoman. Andre stood behind my raised ass and positioned himself directly toward my exposed pussy. Again, there was no waiting. Andre’s cock was still rock hard and my pussy was ready for another round of fucking. He entered me quickly and firmly from behind, pushing his full length deep inside me with one quick thrust.

It wasn’t long before Andre was pounding my pussy again with hard, fast strokes. I lowered my shoulders and head to the ottoman to better brace myself against his powerful movements. Andre was grunting each time his pelvis slammed into my ass, and I had my face turned toward the door assuming it wouldn’t be too long before Andre did actually pump my pussy full of his cum. I was hoping it wouldn’t be too soon because I was loving the sensation of his big, black cock deep inside me. I already knew that this wouldn’t be our last time together. I wanted more.

That’s when I noticed the doorknob turn and before I could react the bedroom door opened enough to see a head pop in the room for just a second. My eyes hadn’t yet focused on the face when I heard the head say, “Oh shit! I’m sorry!” and then it disappeared and the door started to close. But just as quickly the head popped in again and looked directly at me and said, “Holy shit! Mara!”

Andre stopped his thrusts as I raised my shoulders and straightened my head to see the shocked face of Duane looking back at me. Strangely enough for that moment, with me naked on the ottoman being fucked by Duane’s best friend, I wasn’t embarrassed one bit. But Duane certainly was. He said “Shit! I’m sorry! I’ll leave now! I was just so surprised to see it was you!”

He started to close the door when I heard myself saying, “No! Wait!” Time stopped for a moment, then Duane slowly opened the door again and gave me a quizzical look. I paused for a second and then tried to sound as seductive as possible when I said, “Maybe you’d like to join us, Duane?” Duane looked a little shocked, but I’m sure Andre wasn’t shocked at all.

Duane looked to Andre as if to silently ask, “Is this for real?” and “Are you OK with this?” Andre must have given Duane the nod, because Duane slowly stepped fully into the room and closed the door. He looked back to me again and said with a big smile coming across his face, “To tell you the truth, Mara, the only reason I haven’t tried to get at you before was because of Rob, but I have wanted to fuck you since we first met!”

At hearing that coming from Duane, my pussy flushed with even more wetness. Duane was standing there in only his swim shorts. He stepped closer and loomed over me with his immense muscular form. I smiled up at him and managed to beckon him with one hand while saying, “I’ve felt the same way about you, Duane. Now come here and let me see you!”

Andre was now starting to move again, this time pushing himself slowly in and out of my pussy. I’m sure he was watching with interest what was unfolding in front of him. Duane stepped directly in front of me and my eyes moved downward to see that his erection had grown quickly and I was startled by its apparent size.

Duane wasn’t about to go slowly at this point; he was behind in this race and he had some catching up to do. He quickly pushed his swim shorts down to the floor and stood back up with his dark cock directly in front of my face. I was stunned!

I knew Duane was a big guy and it made sense that his penis would be comparably large, but when it was finally exposed there in front of me, I just couldn’t believe it. His cock was beyond huge; it was immense! I’m not a good judge of measurements, but I was certain it was at least twelve inches long and thicker than Andre’s by a half.

From my position I could only stare at Duane’s massive, dark black cock, but Duane was ready for more than that. He reached down with his big right hand and lifted his cock and began to make long slow strokes while holding it directly in front of my mouth. Duane broke the silence by saying, “Open those sweet lips, Mara, because I want to fuck your mouth!”

Although I was a little afraid, I couldn’t wait to comply with Duane’s command as I continued to stare at him. I opened my mouth and Duane pressed the tip of his cock between my lips. I had to open my mouth further, and then further still, as Duane pushed forward. I was able to accommodate the thick head, but after that I could only handle just a few inches of the shaft of his massive cock before it became too much for me to continue, but this seemed to satisfy Duane for the moment because that’s when he gently took my head in his immense hands and started to slowly fuck my mouth.

I now had two black cocks fucking me from each end. Andre increased the speed of his thrusts into my pussy while Duane filled my mouth with less than half of his cock. Luckily Duane was gentle with me, pushing himself into me just far enough and then retreating. It was a new sensation for me to accommodate such a huge cock and because of Duane’s gentle touch I was enjoying it immensely. I tried to please him by using sucking pressure with my mouth and using my tongue and lips to stimulate him. He seemed to like what I was doing because at one point he said, “Oh shit, Mara! That feels good! Suck on it!”

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This continued for several minutes when I heard Duane say to Andre, “Come on man, how about givin’ me a shot at that?” I knew that Duane was a strong presence with the guys on the team and he usually got what he wanted. I felt Andre slow his movements and then stop before pulling free. Then I felt Andre lifting me up from behind, pulling me away from Duane. I reluctantly opened my mouth and released Duane from my grip.

Duane moved around and then laid himself back on the ottoman with his cock standing straight up. He reached out for my hand and said, “Mara, sweetie, wet me up with your mouth so I can fuck your pretty little pussy.” I didn’t need to be asked twice. I quickly knelt down and grasped his massive cock in both hands and eagerly began to lick and suck him, running my tongue up and down the length of his cock.

I placed my mouth over the top of Duane’s cock and pushed my head down, forcing him into my mouth as deeply as I could. As I rhythmically moved my mouth up and down, the pressure of his engorged cock in my mouth stimulated my saliva glands and soon my mouth was literally watering. I kept this up for a several minutes until I had covered his cock with a thick layer of spit. That’s when I felt Duane’s big hands grab my arms and start to pull me up.

I climbed up on the ottoman and straddled Duane’s hips so that my pussy was hovering directly over his cock. I reached down and held it steady as I slowly lowered myself onto him. I tensed up my leg muscles because I had to resist gravity which would force me down too quickly! I knew that I would need to let my body slowly accept him.

First, I felt the thick head of his cock penetrate my pussy lips and I felt them stretching widely apart. I adjusted the resistance in my leg muscles to allow myself to go lower, driving a portion of the thick shaft of his cock inside me. I stopped for a minute to let my pussy acclimate. I did it again, going deeper before stopping. I had never felt anyone this large before. Looking down I could see that there was still about four inches to go before Duane was fully inside me. Before today, this was the deepest I had ever felt a cock reach inside my body.

I was finally ready to continue. I lessened the resistance in my leg muscles further and I moved downward another inch, but then I just stopped. I tried to completely relax my leg muscles so that I could descend further, but I just didn’t move. The weight of my body wasn’t enough to force myself downward any more onto Duane’s massive member! I clenched my eyes shut and tried to push myself downward, but It wasn’t working because I had nothing to push against.

That’s when I felt Duane’s hands grasp my hips and he started to pull me strongly, but very slowly, downward. My eyes remained closed and I gasped at the sensations I was experiencing. My mind was focused on these new feelings.

I felt stretched inside, with some momentary discomfort, which would quickly rise and then subside. But I also felt gloriously full. The depths of my pussy that had never felt anything before were now being pushed and pulled as Duane drove himself deeper into me. Then I stopped again, this time because he was now fully inside me. I opened my eyes to see Duane looking back at me. “You OK?” he said.

I smiled and nodded silently. He continued to look into my eyes, waiting for me to make the next move. So I did. I pulled myself upward an inch and then Duane pulled me back down. It felt good, so I tried two inches. That also felt good. Soon I was moving up and down half the length of Duane’s thick cock and feeling intense pleasure.

Suddenly I looked to the side and I noticed that poor Andre had been waiting patiently all this time. As an apology I reached out to stroke his cock and I pulled him closer to my side so that I could lean over and take him into my mouth while I continued to ride up and down on Duane. Andre eagerly complied and very soon he was fully erect again as I lavished his pretty cock with attention.

I was in heaven at that moment with Duane filling my pussy and Andre filling my mouth. I couldn’t see how things could get any better. I was intently focusing on pleasuring Andre when I thought I briefly heard a voice over by the door and then a click, but I couldn’t turn my head away from Andre to look. I looked up toward Andre’s face and I saw him look down and smile and wink to Duane.

I assumed that someone had started to walk in on us, like Duane had done earlier, and then abruptly left. I wasn’t bothered by it. I was too much in the moment to worry about what other people might see or think about what I was doing. Besides this was a pretty freewheeling and open-minded crowd. No one here would be bothered by what we were doing. I resumed my attention to the boys.

Soon Andre pulled free from my mouth and he gave me a look and a smile. He said, “Mara, you want to try something?” I wasn’t sure what he had in mind, but I nodded anyway. Why not? Andre stepped behind me and I turned my head as far as possible to see what he was up to. He moved across the room and grabbed something from a nearby dresser drawer, and then stepping between Duane’s widespread legs he was positioned himself directly behind me.

Duane had been watching this from below and just as I realized what was about to happen Duane smiled and said, “Yeah, Andre! Mara wants you to fuck her in the ass, don’t you Mara?” I was suddenly nervous, not because I hadn’t had anal sex before. I had, many times, and I enjoyed it. But I had never had it while someone else was fucking my pussy, let alone someone as big as Duane.

Andre said, “Don’t worry, Mara. I’ll take it slow.” Andre started to spread lubrication all over his stiff, black cock. I could see now that was what he had grabbed from the dresser. He then kneeled down and into me and I could feel the tip of his cock press against my asshole. Andre was spreading my ass cheeks wide with his hands, helping to ease his entry, and suddenly I felt him inside of me. It was good.

Andre continued to move forward, slow but steady, and the feeling was amazing! I had used other anal devices during regular intercourse before and they certainly increased my stimulation, but I had never felt two large cocks inside me at once. I cried out in pleasure. “Oh my god! Yes!” I wanted more. I wanted Andre to increase his speed. I cried out again, “Harder! Fuck my ass harder!”

Andre quickly complied and he started to push deeper, faster and harder into my ass. Simultaneously Duane was pulling my hips downward and grinding his huge cock deep into me. The intensity of feeling these two large cocks so deep inside me was overwhelming and I couldn’t hold back the floodgates any longer. I screamed out again, “Oh fuck! Yes! Yes!” as my body bucked and jerked in another intense orgasm.

My body collapsed down onto Duane’s chest as I gulped in air. It took a full minute before I caught my breath while the guys were still pressed into me from both sides. I was smiling as I lifted myself back up again off Duane and I was about to tell them both how fantastic that felt when I heard another noise by the door. All three of us turned our heads, but I think I was the only one surprised to see the face of Sean , one of the other players on the team, smiling back at me.

There I was, naked, lying sandwiched between Duane and Andre, all of us dripping wet with sweat. I could only imagine how this looked. I almost laughed at the absurdity of it, but I managed an embarrassed smile and said, “Hi Sean.”

Sean smiled back and said, “It sounds like you are having a good time in here, Mara! I was wondering if this is an exclusive private party, or are others welcome?”

I thought to myself, “This guy has some balls on him!” Sean always was the goofball of the team, but a handsome guy as well. I looked down at Duane and smiling I said, “If these guys don’t mind, I say the more the merrier!” I figured, what the hell? I’ve enjoyed this new experience so far. Duane gave me a smile and a wink so I said, “Come on in,” as I began to separate myself from Andre and Duane to try and stand up, getting ready for what might come next.

I heard Sean say, “Great! Come on guys.”

Wait. What? I looked up to see Sean walk in with Cal and Pete directly behind, all with big shit-eating grins on their faces! I just stood there in shock. This was not what I had expected. They all came closer and there I was, surrounded by five black guys. Andre and Duane were behind me, and the other three were in front.

I guess I should have been afraid, but for some reason I wasn’t. Andre and Duane had been very gentle with me. And I knew these other guys fairly well. For some reason the thought of being alone with them didn’t frighten me. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more exciting it seemed to me.

I decided to try and control the situation, at least for the moment. I said to the three new guys while pointing down at their swimsuit shorts, “What are you waiting for? Show me what you got!” They looked at each other briefly, smiling at the situation, and then they all quickly stripped down to nothing, kicking their shorts back and out of the way. I stepped back to look.

As I said before, the whole team were very athletically built and in good shape. Each of these guys were lean and well-toned, but with different body styles. Sean, the joker of the group, was the skinniest, but he was fairly well endowed, with his cock similar in size and shape to Andre. Pete was of medium build, about the same as Andre, but his cock was a little shorter and thicker. Cal was a bigger guy; not as big as Duane, but still big. His cock was bigger than the others, except Duane of course, and he was uncircumcised. That was a first for me.

I looked back at Andre and Duane, but they just smiled and waved me on as if to say, “This is your show.” So I turned back to the other boys, lowered myself to my knees and said, “Let me see what you’ve brought for me!”

They all stepped toward me and I reached for the closest cock first. It was Sean in the middle. I gave it a few strokes and cooed, “Mmmm. That’s nice.” Then I reached out with both hands to grab both Pete and Cal at the same time and started to stroke them both. They responded to my touch with some pleasant groans and I said, “How did I get so lucky to have so many big, black cocks just for me!” That’s when I leaned forward toward Sean in the middle and engulfed the head of his cock with my mouth.

Sean responded to my action with a yelp, but then he reached out and took my head in his hands and began to push harder into my mouth and I mouth-fucked his cock. Sean closed his eyes and said, “Oh shit! Yes! Suck my dick, Mara!” I was doing my best, but I wanted to be fair to everyone, so after a minute of concentrating my mouth on Sean I disengaged from him and turned my attention to Pete.

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I took Pete’s thick cock in my mouth and began to pump up and down. Pete was soon moaning with pleasure. I glanced to the left and the right and noticed the other guys were all standing close, each one holding their own cock and slowly stroking themselves, waiting for their turn and my attention. After a minute I moved from Pete to Cal.

I took Cal’s large member in both hands and stroked it while licking around the tip. Then I ran my tongue up and down the shaft several times and even giving his balls a quick lick. I finally opened my mouth and eagerly devoured as much of his cock as I could manage. Cal reached out and guided my head up and down on his cock as he fucked my mouth.

While Cal was thrusting his cock between my lips I reached out to either side with both hands and grabbed whoever’s cocks were close at hand. I was losing track of where everyone was, but it didn’t matter to me. I was reveling in the experience. I pulled free from Cal and turned again and stuffed another black cock in my mouth. It turned out to be Andre this time. He smiled back down at me when I looked up.

My right hand reached out for another and I grabbed on. There was no mistaking this one; it was Duane’s massive member. I was ready to try that monster again, so after giving Andre some good, long attention I turned to Duane. I looked up at him and said, “Hello again, big boy! I’ve missed you!” I immediately dove onto his cock and used my mouth and both hands to stroke and lick his huge, black cock. I was in ecstasy!

After a minute I stopped to take a breath and I suddenly called out, “I need one of your big, black cocks to fuck me!” Mere seconds later I felt ten strong hands grab my arms, my legs and my torso and lift me up, like I was only a piece of paper, and then place me on the ottoman on my hands and knees. Duane moved back in front of me and pushed his cock back into my mouth as I felt other hands moving my legs apart, positioning me for what came next.

Someone entered me from behind, quickly, and began to fuck me hard. It felt so good and I cried out, “Oh shit! Yes! Fuck me! I need you all to fuck me!”

The next fifteen minutes were a blur. All I can remember is that every couple of minutes things would switch around. One minute I would be sucking on Sean while Cal was fucking my pussy, then it would switch again and I would have Pete’s cock in my mouth.

I lost track of who was where, but I didn’t care. Sometimes my pussy was being fucked, while at other times I had a big cock pounding my asshole. But I always had a black cock in my mouth, at least when I wasn’t gasping for air. At one point I even had two black cocks in my mouth at once. That was Sean, trying to be funny and horning in on Pete’s turn.

The guys who weren’t being serviced were always there, circling around me, stroking their big cocks and waiting for their turn. But I always knew when Duane was there. I could never mistake that amazing cock.

During that hazy time, I had another orgasm, but I didn’t pause to wait or stop the action. We all kept up the marathon fucking and sucking, but I was now becoming exhausted. My jaw muscles were sore and my neck muscles were tired. It was while I was sucking on Sean’s cock that I heard someone behind me start to groan loudly and I felt him firmly grip my hips and quicken his thrusts. That’s when I heard Andre cry out, “Oh! Yes! I’m coming! Oh…”

I felt Andre make a few last, hard thrusts and then his body stiffened and he leaned hard against my ass as he pumped his thick load of cum deep into my pussy. That’s the moment I heard Sean start to make similar noises in front of me. I kept my lips on the tip of Sean’s cock as he reached down to stroke his own cock for the last few seconds.

Sean cried out one last time as his cum exploded from his cock and shot over my lips, into my mouth and across my face. I took the full load of his cum over several blasts, wanting to catch every drop I could. I swallowed what had landed in my mouth and licked more off my lips. I smiled up at him and then at the other three standing around me. I was so overcome by what I had just experienced that I blurted out, “I want more! Give me all your cum!”

I pulled free of Andre who was still leaning into me and I got down on my knees next to the ottoman. Andre collapsed onto the ottoman and Sean sat down next to him to watch. The other three guys moved in to form a semicircle around me, with Cal on my left, Pete on my right, and Duane in the center. They were all stroking their long cocks, which were all at my eye level.

I would reach out with my hands or my mouth every so often to give them some helping touches, to help them along, but mostly I would try to encourage them by looking up into their eyes and talking to them. I was saying, “Oh, yes! I want your cum in my mouth. Please give it to me!” I still had much of Sean’s cum splattered on my face, but I was eager for more.

I could see that all the guys were getting very close, in fact it looked like Pete and Cal may reach the finish line at the same time. But Cal made it there first. As I heard him give a final groan and exclaim, “Oh yeah!” I turned just in time to receive his load into my open mouth and also down my chin, with some of it dripping down onto my tits. I didn’t even have time to respond when I felt someone grab the top of my head.

It was Pete, he turned my face toward him just as he started to climax. My mouth was still open and holding Cal’s sperm when I received Pete’s load all over my face. I tried to catch what I could, but much of it was splattered across my cheeks and even my nose. I was almost laughing with glee as I swallowed everything in my mouth and licked my lips free of their cum.

Cal and Pete were done and moved a step or two back, but they all stayed close to see what happened next. I turned back to Duane and looked up at him with my cum-splattered face and gave him a big smile. Duane’s face was scrunched in concentration and he was stroking his long, thick cock with both hands. I leaned forward and licked the tip and sucked on the end. He started to stroke it faster.

I started to huskily whisper up to Duane, to coax him along. “Yes! That’s it. Give it to me, Duane. Give me all your sweet, black cum! I want it all in my mouth! I love your huge, black cock!”

Duane was pumping his cock harder and his breathing was becoming rapid and shallow. I continued to talk to him, “Your black cock felt so good in my pussy. I love it when you fuck me! Your cock felt so good deep inside me. I need you to cum in my mouth. Please give it to me, now!”

As I said the word “now” Duane tensed up and I heard him give one last yell. I also heard another familiar sound to my right, but I was completely focused on Duane. I had only a moment to prepare myself, but I just managed to open my mouth and move forward in time to meet the massive stream of hot cum that gushed from the tip of his cock. The first volley was a tremendous volume that landed directly on my outstretched tongue, but that was followed by several more spasms and splashes of cum on my face and lips.

I then dove forward and covered the head of his cock with my open mouth and then with both hands I grasped Duane’s cock and pulled downward several strokes while squeezing and milking out every last drop into my mouth. When I was sure I had it all I leaned back and swallowed and then gave Duane a big smile. I said, “Oh my god! I never knew black cum tasted so good. My belly is so full of it I don’t think I could take any more!”

I looked over to the guys to my left to show them how happy I was, but they were looking over my head, beyond me. I heard another noise coming from my right, over by the door, and my brain instantly thought, “Oh, no more! I can’t take on anyone else today!” I turned my head to the right, toward the door.

“Mara? Is that really you?”

It took a second, but then my brain instantly became clear and I knew what to say. “Oh, hi Rob! I’m glad you came back!”

Rob was standing in the doorway with a complete look of shock. His mouth was hanging open and his eyes were staring at me, unblinking. Then his eyes darted around the room to the others, and then back again to me.

At that moment I could picture the scene through Rob’s eyes. I could see what he was seeing as clearly as if I was standing in his place. He was seeing his naked girlfriend kneeling on the floor surrounded by five naked, large, strong black men. He saw me holding onto the massive black cock of the biggest man there while I smiled up at them, my face splattered with their fresh, warm cum. In fact, I was still holding onto Duane’s cock at that very moment. If Rob looked closely enough he might even notice that some of Andre’s cum had dripped from my pussy and was now collecting on the floor beneath me.

I wasn’t completely sure how long Rob had been there, frozen in that spot, but it was also possible he had actually witnessed Duane’s cumshot directly into my mouth and how I had sucked him dry before swallowing it all. He must also have heard my statement of pleasure at receiving all their cum, but who knows, maybe he was too dumbstruck at the scene to comprehend it.

In any event, Rob was there now, and I seemed to have his full attention. So, I said what I truly needed to say…

“Rob, honey, I owe you an apology! I’ve given it a lot of thought since you left, and I think you were right. I did overreact to your little kiss with Suzanne. I realize now how trivial it really was!”

I smiled at him. And then I turned my head briefly towards Duane’s cock and gave it a loving little kiss, right on the tip, before turning back to look at Rob. I paused. I ran my tongue over my lips. Then I took the tip of my finger and brushed a fleck of cum from my cheek; looked at it for just a second, and then put my finger slowly between my lips and licked it clean. I said, “Mmmm!” as I looked back up to Rob.

With a final look and a smile toward Rob I batted my big eyes and asked, “Can you ever forgive me?”


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