Virgin is seduced by older woman and his boss at a part

Virgin is seduced by older woman and his boss at a part, mature sex stories, “I’m having a pool party this Saturday. You’re invited.”

Surprised, I stammered a thanks. “I’ll be there.”

“Starts at two, bring a friend if you want. And don’t forget your swim suit.”

The invite was from Bill, my boss!

Steve and Mike said they were also going. “There will probably be about thirty or so people,” Steve added. “Some bring wives or girlfriends. Mike and I are going stag. How about you? Bringing your girlfriend?”


“No, I really don’t have anyone special right now, so I guess I’ll also come alone.”

“He has a really cool place. It’s a refurbished old farm house out in the country a bit. Just north of here on Highway 50. Big pool and patio. Mike and I have been there several times. Everyone has a great time. There are always some really good looking women there. Maybe a bit too old for you, 20’s and 30’s. But still great eye candy.”

“We’re lucky that Bill is such a nice guy,” Mike added. “I’ve worked for some real sons-a bitches.”

I also was lucky. I needed a decent summer job between my freshman and sophomore college years. My folks were helping me some on tuition, but it wasn’t enough. Mike was a friend of a friend and worked at a company that warehoused and shipped items for an on-line marketing company. He suggested I put in an application. He said he knew the boss guy and would give me a recommendation.

It worked out great! I started the second week of June at $16 an hour. The warehouse ran two shifts, but since I was temporary and inexperienced, I was put on the day shift. It was a fairly small subsidiary with three girls working in the office, ten including me on day shift, and about six guys on twilight shift. Plus Bill the boss.

“Who all from the company is going?” I asked Steve on our next break.

“Well, there’s you, me, and Mike. Probably Ed and his wife. Robert and his girlfriend. You won’t miss her – big tits. Maybe one or two of the girls in the office and their boyfriends. And some others from elsewhere.”

“Sounds like it will be fun. I haven’t had any real social life since classes ended.”

“Not bringing a girlfriend? Good looking guy like you? Maybe you should ask one of the office girls.”

“I’m really shy around girls. Always seem to get tongue-tied in social situations. My lab partner in Chemistry class was a girl. I liked being around her but we focused on the lab tasks, so I didn’t freeze up like I sometimes do. I mostly avoid parties since I feel so awkward.”

“Well, Mike and I will help introduce you around. Make sure you come.”


The boss had a great place. It was originally a modest farmhouse built back in the 1920’s. Originally the house was on 160 acres but later sales reduced the land to 20 acres. A major addition in the 60’s more than doubled the size. Bill bought six years ago and spent a ton on major updates. Interior walls were removed, new kitchen and baths. A large patio, pool, and cabana were added. It was a terrific setup for entertaining which Bill seemed to enjoy.

I arrived right at two. A few other guests were already in attendance and others were arriving. Steve had not shown up but Mike introduced me to some people I had not met. Everyone seemed real classy. The women were, indeed, good looking and their guys handsome. I was probably the youngest by at least five years.

“Hi, John. Glad you could make it. What would you like to drink? I make a great margarita, but go easy, it’s powerful.”

“Thanks, Bill, for inviting me. I’ll try one.” A couple of drinks later I was starting to feel more at ease.

An hour or so into the party people started putting on their swim attire, using the cabana for changing. I intended to buy a new suit but didn’t get around to it. Now I could kick myself. The one I had was a couple of years old from high school swim team. Would still fit? I decided to wait.

“John, you did bring a suit, didn’t you,” Bill asked sometime later. “Go put it on. Everyone else is using the pool.”

I had reason to worry. My suit was a Speedo style. As such it was somewhat revealing but not unlike that of other guys on the team. But since then I filled out somewhat. Other guys at this party had on trunks. I knew I was going to be embarrassed all to hell. I tucked my junk in as best I could.

Mike caught me as I came out of the cabana. “There you are. I want to – to – introduce you to some new people.” He hesitated mid sentence as he stared at my crotch. I flushed bright red.

“Damn, guy. That’s some bulge you got there. Trying to show off?”

“No,” I stammered. It’s my old suit. I didn’t have anything else. God, what am I going to do.” I opened the cabana door and started to go back in.

“No you don’t,” as he pulled me back. “You’re a good looking guy with a nice body. If you got it, flaunt it, I say. Come over here to the bar and settle down.”

Bill, the boss, was bartending.

“John’s a bit embarrassed, Bill, since all he had was his old swim team suit. I told him not to worry.”

Bill’s eyes dropped from my face to my crotch. “The women are going to be all over you, John. Hell, maybe even some of the guys! Hey, let me fix you a drink. Just stay here by the bar until you calm down a bit.”

“Bill, I need a refill,” one of the wives, Joyce, said as she approached the bar.

“Oh, my. Who is this hunk?” she exclaimed.

“John. He’s the new summer hire. John, I don’t think you have met Joyce.”

I was forced to turn from the bar toward her. Her eyes immediately dropped to my crotch. I turned another shade of red.

“Is that real?” she blurted.

“Joyce, go easy. John’s a little embarrassed since he only had his swim team suit.”

“Honey, if you got what I think you got you should be mighty proud. If my husband wasn’t here I would drag you into the house and rape you!”

I was at total loss for words. Joyce got her drink and walked over to several women. They all turned in my direction. I turned back to the bar as they giggled and whispered to each other.

“Come on, John. Get in the pool. You’ll be less conspicuous,” Steve suggested as he joined Mike and me.

At least I had the satisfaction of knowing that my dive looked good. I had been one of the better divers on the team. I dogpaddled some and then swam a little. By now the word had gotten around and some guests were watching me.

“Foods ready, everyone,” Bill announced.

Good, I’ll get out when everyone goes over to the food tables. I waited in the water but only a few went that way. The rest continued to stand around and visit. What the hell, here goes.

Joyce met me at the pool ladder just as I pulled myself up. I knew my bulge was on full display.

“Honey, I want you to meet some of my friends. Sue, Janet, Nancy, this is John.” Without exception they all stared at my crotch.

“How old are you, John?” Sue asked.


“Just wanted to make sure you were legal,” Sue added with a giggle.

Joyce whispered into my ear “is it my imagination, or is that bulge getting bigger? Don’t worry, honey, we love it.”

“I’m so embarrassed. I’m going to go and change.”

“No you don’t. We girls want to ogle you the rest of the afternoon. Come on, have another drink.”

I suppose this was my third margarita. I was feeling less uptight, surrounded by four women. Two husbands came over and pulled Janet and Nancy away from us. Joyce and Sue stayed, touching my hand and arms. Sue giggled and motioned to Joyce who also started to giggle. I looked down and was horrified at growing bulge in my suit.

Bill was watching with amusement as these two women teased his young employee. “John, you need another drink,” as he refilled my glass.

“Sue, your boyfriend isn’t here and anyway you’re breaking up with him. Why don’t you help this poor boy out?” Joyce suggested. “I certainly would if I could.”

Bill leaned over and said something to Sue.

“John, come with me.” Sue took me by the arm and led me into the house.

“Come in here. Take your suit off. Come on, don’t be shy. I want to see what you’re hiding in there.”

I just stood there, weaving a bit from the drinks.

“OK, I’ll do it for you.”

“God, that’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, and it’s not even fully hard. You’re going to ruin some poor girl with that thing. Maybe you already have.”

As embarrassed as I had been the last two hours, I nevertheless was proud of my cock. Ever since I was about fifteen I knew my cock was big. As I got older it continued to grow. While changing during swim practice I saw other cocks. Soft, mine was much longer and fatter than others. Some of the guys joked about my horse cock.

“Come on, lay down, I want to suck that thing. At least as much as I can get in my mouth.”

My first blow job! I was a virgin in every sense of the word. Sue seemed expert, although I had nothing to compare to. It felt great as she licked up and down the shaft. My cock started leaking a little and she licked the head like an ice cream cone.

“Honey, how big is this thing. Must be ten inches or so. And really fat. I don’t know how much I can take, but I’m sure gonna give it a try.”

I watched as my cock went in about half way. She moved her head up and down, fucking me with her mouth. She stopped for a moment and sort of pushed my cock head partway into her throat. She kept it there for a minute and then slide my cock out of her mouth.

“Damn, I always could take my guys all the way. You’re so big. I got the head in. Here goes, maybe this time.”

My cock was in half way. Then another inch. Suddenly the last three inches slid in. She backed out half way and then back in. I had no prior experience so was unable to fully appreciate her skill. Without notice I surprised Sue and myself with a big spurt of cum in her mouth, followed by several lesser spurts.

“Honey, you’ve been saving that up for a long time, haven’t you?”

“I’ve never had blowjob before. Sorry.”

“How exciting, I’m your first! So I suppose you’ve never fucked a girl, either?”

“No, I’m very shy around girls and wouldn’t know how to ask one.”

“I want to fuck you. Would you like that? How soon can you be ready to go again?”

“A few minutes, I suppose. When I jerk myself off I have to wait 15 minutes or so.”

Sue giggled. “I wish my boyfriend was that quick. You are marvel. Stay here, I’ll get us some drinks and be right back. Don’t go anywhere.”

Joyce was waiting by the bar.

“It’s real, all ten inches of it. And fat, I could barely get it in my mouth. You would be real proud of me. I took it all!”

“You gave him a blowjob? How exciting. What else happened?”

“He’s a really nice boy, I can’t believe how naïve. His first blowjob. And he’s a virgin! With a cock like that I can’t believe some girl hasn’t seduced him. I’m going to get us drinks and then stick that magnificent cock in my pussy.”

“Lucky girl! Tell me all about it. Maybe some other time I can have fun with him.”

I was laying on my back, feeling very contented when Sue returned. “Here we are, fresh margaritas. Let’s enjoy while I play with your cock.

“Even limp it’s bigger than my boyfriend’s when his is hard. No wonder you had such a noticeable bulge in your suit. What did people say when you were on the swim team?”

“I tried to ignore the glances. Most of the guys had some bulge in their Speedos but not like mine. I felt like a freak. In the changing rooms I always worried that I would get an erection, and make matters worse.”

“Why, were you attracted to the other boys?”

“No, but it seemed I was always horny. Other guys would look at my cock. One time a couple of guys were horsing around. One of them stroked his cock and it got hard. I had never seen a guy with a hard-on before. I went home and jerked off. I did a lot of that.

“Wow, that last drink is making me kind of dizzy. I’m not used to drinking.”

She rubbed her hands on my chest and then played with my flaccid cock and balls.

“Can I kiss you?” “Sure, why not?” “Well, I just gave you a blow job, so you might taste your cum. Have you ever tasted cum?”

“No. When I jerked off and my cock started leaking I tasted that. Didn’t taste like much. A few times I wanted to put some of my cum in my mouth. But after I jerked off I didn’t want to any more.”

She kissed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth. “How was that?” “OK, I liked the kiss, but don’t know if I tasted any cum.”

“I think that turned you on. Your cock is starting to come along. Another minute or so and we can fuck.”

Sue positioned herself over me and placed the head of my cock at her pussy.

“God, I’m really wet down there. OK, let’s see if I can fit this monster in.”

She moved the head up and down in her slit, then centered it at her vagina and dropped down so the head popped in. A few more ups and downs and I was half way in.

“I have never felt so full. I want it all but it’s going to take some work.”

She lifted herself up until just my cock head was inside then slowly lower until I was halfway. With her on top and facing away from me I could watch my cock piston into her. With each rocking motion my cock went deeper.

She rocked back and forth. I had never felt anything like this. Her tight pussy was like a glove around my cock. The head of my cock started to tingle and I felt the same sensation as when I exploded into her mouth.

“Sue, I’m getting real close. Oh, man, that feels good. Here it comes!”

She fully embedded my cock in her as I shot my cum.

“Oh, I can feel that! You are so deep. I think you’re in my cervix. Good thing I’m on the pill.”

I jerked several times. She stayed on top until my cock started to shrink. Her pussy was red and gaping. Cum started to leak.

She stuck a finger into her pussy. “Here, try this,” as she put her finger in my mouth. “Now you know what your cum tastes like. Here’s some more.”

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Between the drinks and the sex I was done for. She laid down next to me with her hand on my cock. Sometime later while I napped she left the room. Joyce later said Sue told her she needed to find a new boyfriend, one with a bigger cock. I will always appreciate what she did for me.

Apparently I slept for several hours as it was dark outside and in the bedroom. I was laying on my stomach and Sue was fondling my butt. It felt really good. I felt her finger run up and down the crack of my ass. Still half asleep I enjoyed how it felt. Her finger found my anus and pushed inside. This was a unique feeling. Even when I jerked off I never played with my butt.

“Does that feel good?” a male voice said.

“What? Who is that? What are you doing,” as I fully woke with a start.

“Relax. I’m Bill. You have the sexiest bubble butt I have ever seen. I couldn’t help myself. How does my finger feel?”

My Boss! I didn’t know what to say. I wanted him to stop but didn’t want to create a scene. And his finger didn’t hurt. I kept quiet and he kept stroking my ass.

“I put some lubrication on my finger so it would go in easily. You have a really tight asshole. Has anyone ever played with your ass before?”

“No, of course not. I’m not gay.”

“Not to worry. Just enjoy what I’m doing. Let’s see if I can get two fingers in.”

“Don’t hurt me, Bill.”

I didn’t realize at the time that I had acquiesced to anal sex. His two fingers felt tight in my ass, and he did something inside that really felt good. I must have wiggled my butt.

“Feels good doesn’t it? I’m touching your prostate. It will feel even better when I put my cock in.”

“No, that will hurt. Please don’t.”

“Don’t worry. My cock is much smaller than yours. Not much bigger than my two fingers. I’ll go real slow. You tell me if it hurts and I’ll stop.”

Bill pressed the head of his well-lubricated cock to my anus and held it there for a moment. He pushed a little harder, then backed off. Each time he pushed I felt the head go in slightly. A minute later his cock head was in me.

“That’s the hardest part. You doing ok?” he asked as he held the head just inside my butt.

“Yeah, it feels really tight but doesn’t hurt. Why are you doing this? I thought you liked girls?”

“Oh, I do. But every so often I get the urge to play with a guy. When I saw you with that tight swim suit and sexy body I just knew I had to have you. I heard from Joyce that Sue fucked you so I came in to check that you were ok. I couldn’t help myself. You have the sexiest butt I have ever fucked.”

Bill continued to press his cock into me. Another minute and it was inside.

“I’m in. You took it all. Congratulations. Not every guy can, especially the first time. Now I’m going to fuck you. And fill your ass with my cum.”

I was on my stomach with my boss on top of me, his cock in my ass. All sorts of thoughts went through my head. Was he making me gay? It felt good. Did that mean I already was gay? How long would he continue to fuck me? Would I feel his cum in my ass? Monday, how could I face him and the other guys?

Bill reached under me and playing with my cock. Even though I had already cum twice in the last few hours it quickly got hard.

“Damn, John. That’s some cock you got. As hard as it is you must like me fucking you, huh?”

“Yes, it feels pretty good,” I had to admit.

“Get ready, I’m going to fill you with my cum,” as he shoved his cock fully in my ass. I felt it twitch several times. A moment later I spurted into his hand.

“It’s late. Stay the night. You can use this bedroom. In the morning we can fuck again, ok?”


I awoke to the smell of coffee. I was still nude and my clothes were somewhere else. What the hell, Bill’s already seen all of me. I walked into the kitchen. He was standing at counter pouring himself a cup. He was nude.

“Ready for some?

“You had quite a day yesterday. Joyce told me Sue sucked your cock and then fucked you. Then I fucked you in the ass. She said you were a virgin. Not any more, huh?”

“No, that’s for sure. I liked what she and I did. It was exciting. But I have real mixed feelings about you and me. I’m not gay, and don’t want to be. You took advantage of my drinking too much.”

“John, admit it. You liked my cock in your ass. You said so. You came while I was fucking you. Look, I’m not gay. I have several girl friends that I regularly fuck. I also fuck them in the ass. Their asses feel the same as yours. Except you have a sexier ass!”

Bill reached out and took hold of my limp cock.

“That’s quite a specimen you got. I’ll bet Sue was bowlegged after she fucked you.”

He fondled my cock and stroked it as it started to erect.

“I would let you fuck me but your cock would tear me apart. Sorry partner. Here, put your hand on mine. I’m only two-thirds your size but perfect for ass fucking. Don’t you agree?”

I tentatively stroked his cock as he did mine.

“That’s enough. Come on, I want to fuck you.”

Without protest I followed Bill into his bedroom and laid down on my stomach. Bill rubbed some lube on my asshole and his cock.

“Get on your knees, John. Head down. That’s it. A moment later he was sinking his cock into my rear. It went in smoothly. He reached in front and played with my hard cock. I must have been really turned on as it took only a few minutes and I squirted. Bill placed his hands on my hips and vigorously fucked me.

Afterwards I cleaned up and headed home. I sure had a lot to think about.


Monday seemed totally normal. Mike and Steve chatted about the party. If they knew about Sue, they didn’t mention it. They did kid me about my swim suit exhibition. “How big is your cock?” Mike asked. “He probably stuffs a sock down his suit,” Steve retorted. One of the girls in the office said hello to me for the first time. Otherwise just a regular Monday.

On Thursday I had a package that needed shipping approval from Bill.

“Thanks, John. Hey, how about coming over tonight to watch the game?

I knew full well that Bill would fuck me. “OK, what time?” “Game starts at 7:30. If you come over about six I can grill some steaks.”

After dinner and a couple of margaritas, Bill suggested that we go for a dip in the pool. No suit, but what the hell. We swam and played grab-ass. A few minutes later he was fucking me on the pool deck.

“Your ass is so tight, it feels great. I’m going to take some pictures of your ass and my cock.”

“No, no pictures!”

“I won’t show our faces. Just your ass and my cock. Just for us.”

He pulled out of me and got his iPhone.

“OK, here’s one just of your ass,” as he took the picture.

“Now one with the head of my cock at your hole. Now with my cock half way in. And finally up to my balls.”

He laid his phone down and fucked me hard. “I haven’t had sex since Saturday, so here comes a big load.”

He grabbed his phone and took a picture of his cock head covered with cum.

“Now pull your cheeks apart. Yes, like that. And push back like you are trying to take a shit. Perfect. Wait until you see this picture. Your asshole is gaping and my cum is dribbling out.

“You are a natural. I have a couple of friends that I’m sure would like to fuck you. Want me to set it up sometime?”

“No, I don’t trust anyone else to keep this quiet.”

“These guys are ok. I fuck them and they fuck me. So there’s no way they’re going to spread it around.”

“I wouldn’t mind watching you with them. But I don’t want to participate.”

“Deal. I’ll talk with them and try to set up something for Saturday.”


Saturday, 6pm, I arrived at Bill’s house.

“I think you know these guys. Steve, Mike.”

I was shocked. My co-workers! I had no idea that they would be involved with Bill.

“After your splendid display at last week’s party I couldn’t wait to see your cock,” Steve said.

“When Bill suggested we get together I wasn’t sure it was smart. Then he confided he fucked you twice. So I knew you would fit in,” Mike added.

“I told Bill it would be interesting to watch you guys fuck each other. But I don’t want to join in. Just watch.”

“That’s fine, John. I’m sure Mike and Steve will enjoy an audience. Just go with the flow,” Bill said.

We sat around the pool and had margaritas. Then all four of us stripped down and jumped in the pool. There was lots of horsing around with me mostly staying off to the side. All the cocks were getting erect, including mine. Steve and Mike came over to me and felt my cock.

“Yep, it’s real. Is it true you fucked that woman, Sue, at the party?”

“Yeah, it was my first time.”

“With a cock like that how could you go nineteen years without some girl pouncing on you?”

“I’m a very shy guy.”

Bill laughed. “For a shy guy he sure did a lot at the party. Blowjob, fuck, and two ass fucks from me.”

“Speaking of ass fucks, I need a cock. Who’s first,” Steve asked.


“John, this is Sue. Sue Morgenstern.”

It took me a moment to realize who Sue was. Of course, the good looking woman who gave me my first fuck. And my only one so far. Duh!

“Hi, Sue. How are you?”

“Just fine, John. Bill sure throws some great parties, doesn’t he?”

“Yes. I had a good time. A real good time.”

“So did I. Speaking of good times, what are you doing this coming weekend?”

“Nothing special. Just watch some games on TV, I guess.”

“Good. You’re coming with me, then. I have a room reserved at the Caliente Resort Hotel in Palm Springs. Just you and me. We’ll drive out Friday night, be back Sunday night. Sound ok?”

“Much better than anything else I could be doing!”

“Great! I can’t get that big cock of yours out of my mind. Makes my pussy leak just thinking about it. Don’t do any jerking off. I want you fully loaded and ready to fill me up. I’ll pick you up at 6pm Friday. And honey, bring that swim suit of yours.”

What did I do to deserve this? A stunning blond wants to spend the weekend with me!


“We are going to have so much fun this weekend,” Sue said as she reached over and massaged my cock through my pants.

“I can’t begin to thank you enough, Sue, for what we did at the party. I had never had a blowjob before. You made my cock feel so good. And when you fucked me … Also my first. I was thinking, ‘this can’t be happening to me’. You are so beautiful and sexy.”

She continued to rest her right hand on my crotch. My cock was expanding and I shifted around to give it more room in my shorts.

“What a cock! I didn’t think it would fit down my throat. Must have been rather tight for you. I want to feel it. Open your zipper and pull it out.

“There’s some hand lotion in the center console. Put some on your cock.”

Sue started stroking my cock. “Feel good?” “Feels great, but you’re going to make me cum. Don’t you want to save me for later?”

“We have three more hours before we get to the hotel. You’re young, that should be plenty of time to rebound. I just can’t resist playing with it.”

A few minutes later I spurted several streams of cum. “Put some on my finger. Mmm, tastes good. Some guys’ are bitter. Not yours.”

“So tell me about yourself. After all we’ve done I hope you are legal.”

“Well, I’m nineteen and will be a Sophomore at State. Not sure my major, so taking general courses so far. I have a brother and sister, both younger than me. I live at home. I like most sports but track and swimming are my favorites. In high school I lettered in both.”

“I saw how graceful you were when you dove into the pool.”

“I was pretty good on both the low and high boards. Anyway, I was a fairly late bloomer, putting on some height and weight in my senior year and college freshman year.”

“How about girl friends?”

“I’m awfully shy around girls, especially in social situations. I could manage decent conversations if we were talking about school projects, that sort of thing. But in a party environment, forget it. I feel so like a dork that I either make small talk with some guys or mostly just don’t go. So as you found out at the party I was still a virgin.”

“Honey, you seemed to do ok at Bill’s party. In spite of being quite embarrassed about your swim suit. ”

“I was mortified and would have snuck out if Bill hadn’t insisted I stay.”

“Well, I’m sure glad you did stay. Joyce and I were thinking of leaving when you came up to the bar. All red-faced. We looked down and saw the reason for your discomfort. This young handsome guy with a big cock in a too small suit. So we decided to help you out by making some small talk.”

“I suppose it helped. But I was still this shy guy with a big bulge and two beautiful, sexy women checking me out. And it got worse when those two other women joined us. I could feel them eating me up with their eyes.

“If you all had been my age, I think I would have just died with embarrassment. But you were all older. How old are you?”

“Just turned twenty five.”

“You seem younger. Later, when it was just you and Joyce, I started to settle down. You both helped carry the conversation. As I became less self-conscious I realized I was in very close proximity to two beautiful women. Not bubbly, silly girls. But sexy women with great bodies. Your bikinis looked great. So what if I had a too-tight swim suit.”

“John, you just need experience in different situations. You said you did much of your growth late. You probably didn’t have much self-esteem during most of high school. That’s a critical time for social growth. But you’re not that same person. You are tall, nice body, handsome face, big cock. Your internal image of yourself hasn’t caught up with those changes.

“Let me tell you, and I know. You are probably the sexiest young guy I have ever met. And I’m not just referring to your cock. I mean the whole package. That’s why I pulled you into that bedroom and virtually raped you. I surprised even myself. And why we are headed to Palm Springs. You are a real stud and this weekend you are mine.”

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Sue told me she was divorced two years ago. Her husband was a jerk, a big-wig in a major internet company. He was an ok guy until his company hit the big time. He became mega-millions rich and an egotistical bastard. Sue knew some things so her attorney negotiated a large settlement in exchange for silence.

“I acted like a total slut at the party but that really was not me. I was a virgin when I married that jerk. And only two boyfriends since the divorce. I was in the process of dropping my latest boyfriend when I met you. You were so clean and innocent!”

The rest of the drive was small talk. I thought very carefully about Sue’s comments. Part of me could acknowledge my attributes. But another part was still stuck with that inferiority complex. I needed to push myself outside of my self-imposed barriers. This weekend would be another step.


“Nice place. Big room. Oh, it’s a suite with a patio. Real nice, Sue.”

“I want your body, John. Let’s take a shower and get going.”

Sue played with my cock, soaping it up and getting it hard. She then asked me to soap up her breasts and pussy. We played for a few minutes with the water off.

“Get behind me and put your cock between my legs. Yes, that way. Now slide it back and forth along my pussy lips. Push forward as much as you can. Wow, your cock head it sticking out in front of me. Here, let me squeeze it a little. Feel good?

“OK, now slide back and forth. Most guys are too quick to stick it in. Playing like this makes us both feel good. Now drop down a little and change the angle of your cock.”

Sue bent over a little and the new angle of my cock allowed me to put the head at her pussy hole. I pushed and started entering. Slowly, slowly I told myself. Now back out all the way. Now put the head back in. Go a little deeper. The soap provided good lubrication and my cock gradually penetrated. Slowly, slowly.

I reached up and fondled her breasts as I started a stroking rhythm.

“Feels good, John. Real good. Keep playing with my nipples. I like that. Shift your angle a little and I think you can get your cock in a little deeper. Yes, that’s it. All in?”

“Couple of inches left. Should I try to do more?”

‘Wait a bit. My pussy feels so full yet I want more. OK push just a little. Oh, I think you are entering my cervix. Now give me the rest.”

“I’m in.”

“Don’t move. Don’t you dare move! God, I’m so filled. John, you have ruined me. My boyfriend thought he was such a stud. How little he knows.

“All right, now do some real slow stroking. Easy. Yes! Now a bit faster.

“John, I’m coming! God, it feels so good.”

Her pussy clamped down on my cock as she shuddered in her orgasm. I felt a burst of liquid surround my cock. I remained fully embedded in her pussy.

“That was the absolute best. Your big cock is a great asset. But what I can’t believe is how skillful you are. Only your second time! But, honey, you didn’t come.”

“I was concentrating on what was turning you on. It felt great, though.”

“Many guys would have shot their wad in a couple of minutes, way before I was ready. Not you. Thank you for a great fuck. Now let’s get in bed. I want your cum in me this time.”

Sue sucked my cock for a few minutes, but didn’t try to deep throat. Then she pushed me down and pulled my head into her crotch.

“Eat me, John. I’ll show you how.”

Another lesson! I loved the taste of her clean pussy. At her direction I used my tongue, fingers, and mouth to give her pleasure. Pussy juice was seeping out and I lapped up every drop. She started to squirm around and whimper. Suddenly she pulled my head into her crotch, mashing my mouth against her pussy.

“Oh … Oh … OH!” as she came. Then she pushed me away. “Give me a minute, John. Too sensitive.

“Oh, my. Just keeps getting better. You follow directions so well. OK I’m ready for your cock. Stick it in me.”

I was getting better at this. My cock glistened with our combined juices. I plunged deep and she took all I had.

“Fuck me, John. Fuck me hard.”

I sped up. My cock was coated with creamy foam. The head felt super sensitive. And then I blasted my pent-up load deep in her.

Sue started giggling.


“I was just thinking, here I am 25 years old. And I have just be fucked out of my mind by a guy who was a nineteen year old virgin a few days ago.

We lay side by side for a few minutes. Sue reached over and felt my limp cock.

“Honey, want to try something new?”

“Sure.” At this point I was game for anything.

“I want you to eat my pussy again.”

“I will, plenty of times.”

“No, I mean now. With your cum in me. Will you do it for me? Special?”

“There’s a lot of stuff in you. Both of us. I don’t know.”

“You have already tasted your cum. You remember? At the party, after I gave you the blowjob? I kissed you with cum in my mouth and stuck my tongue in you.”

“Yeah, I sorta remember. OK, I’ll try just a little.”

Sue spread her legs. Her pussy was engorged and red. She reached down and spread her lips.

“Come on, John. Just a couple of licks. Good, now try to stick your tongue in my pussy. Oh, that feels good. Can you taste your cum yet? You squirted way up in me.”

So far her pussy didn’t taste too different. Much sloppier from our fucking. But ok. I kept at it since I could tell this was a big turn-on for her.

“I’m going to push some out now. Look at my pussy and see.”

Some creamy cum appeared between her lips. As she continued to use her pussy muscles more came out and started running down her slit.

“Get it, John. Lick it up. Don’t waste any. Oh, that is so sexy. Here comes some more. Your fault you squirted so much in me.”

After the first few licks, the taste didn’t bother me. I was eating pussy from this sexy woman and she was loving it.

Sue suddenly pulled my head into her pussy as she came with a shudder. We both slumped on the bed, momentarily exhausted.

“You are the absolute greatest. My husband didn’t even like to eat pussy. And my two boyfriends weren’t much better. No guy has ever done that to me. One of my girlfriends told me her guy would eat her creampie. I wanted it too but she wouldn’t share.

“What do you think? Would you do it again sometime?”

“It was ok. I suppose I could get used to the taste. And yes, I would do it again. I want to be the best lover you have ever had.”

“God, look how late it is. Let’s clean up and go to dinner. Then maybe we could go out to the hot tub by the pool.”


“Which bikini should I wear? This one or this one?”

“I like the little one. Would look great on you. Is that new?”

“Yes, I bought it for this weekend. No way I would wear it around people I know. You brought your swim suit, the little one?”

“Of course. I thought you might want to show me off.”

“Pretty bold for a guy who a couple of weeks ago was mortified to be seen in it.”

Sue’s suit left virtually nothing to the imagination. Tiny triangles over her nipples. A thong that barely covered her shaved pussy. She might have been an ‘older woman’ but her body was perfect. B or C cups, tight stomach, bubble butt, delicate pussy lips. I was getting semi hard just watching her slip it on.

“Careful guy, you won’t fit in that suit if you keep that up.”

“Can’t help myself. You should get a job modeling for Victoria Secret.”

I pulled on my suit and stuffed my cock as best I could.

“I hope that suit is well made. Otherwise you might bust out. Ok, let’s go.”

We strolled arm in arm to the pool area and outside bar. Two margaritas were quickly in front of us. The bartender couldn’t keep his eyes off of Sue. I felt real proud to be her escort. Several couples ordered drinks. I didn’t mind a bit that the women checked out my bulge. A lot had changed in two weeks.

There were two other couples in the hot tub. Maybe mid-thirties, good looking. We made our introductions. Sue introduced me as her boyfriend. One couple was married, the other just dating. They traveled together from Oregon with this hotel one of their stops. One of the guys (the married one) couldn’t keep his eye off of Sue. I wasn’t surprised or offended, what with her gorgeous body on display in that suit. The guy’s wife, however, didn’t seem too pleased. She reached down to his crotch and started rubbing. He quickly redirected his attention. We made small talk and the waitress brought fresh drinks.

“Sue, I just love your suit. I wish I was daring enough to have one like it,” Linda, the unmarried one said.

“Just bought it. It’s a bit too risqué to wear back home but we figured here, what the hell.”

“And John, I couldn’t help but notice how you fill out that suit of yours. Most guys would think people would get the wrong idea.”

“You mean like gay? I can assure you John is the best lover I have ever had. That suit is from his high school swim team days. I like him to wear it. I enjoy seeing his big bulge. And women checking him out. If some guys also notice, so what. Won’t get them anything!”

“Well, time to go. We’ve had a long day of traveling and fun,” I said as we left the hot tub. “See you around tomorrow?”

That evening Sue and I watched a little TV from bed and fell asleep with our arms around each other. The next morning we were famished, so took quick (individual) showers and got breakfast. Then back to our room. Sue sucked me for a few minutes, I ate her pussy, and then we had a nice leisurely fuck. Lasted twenty minutes with us climaxing together. We took a short nap, put on our suits. We added cover-ups and headed to the lunch buffet pool-side.

The married couple from last night waved us over to their table.

“Where are your friends?” I asked.

“Getting a late start, I imagine,” the woman named Ellen said. “We partied some after you guys left.”

“How do you know each other? Neighbors?” Sue asked to make conversation.

“We met at an adult resort a couple of years ago and have become close friends.”

Now I wondered how close.

“You two are quite the sexy couple,” Fred the husband said.

“Yeah, Fred sure noticed you, Sue,” Ellen added with a laugh. “No harm done, I was checking you out, John. Very impressive.

“You might have guessed that we are open sexually,” Ellen explained. “It all started at that adult resort two years ago. Fred and I had talked about adding some excitement to our lives. We’d been married twelve years and sex was getting stale. We met Linda and Mark and swapped partners. Most exciting, right honey? So we have since gone on several vacations with them.”

There was a bit of silence as Sue and I digested this information. I spoke up first.

“I’ve never met anyone who swapped partners. Didn’t you get jealous?”

“No, we were always together. And it was just sex. Very exciting to be with someone new. Maybe it’s something you would like to try?” Fred suggested.

“Fred, we’ve just met them. How can you say that? You just want to get into Sue,” Ellen exclaimed.

“Not for us. My guy has a really big cock and knows how to use. Anyone else would be a disappointment,” Sue retorted. “John, you ready? We planned shopping in town. See you guys later.”

“I can’t believe they were so forward,” Sue grumbled. “We just met them and here they are trying to get us to swap.”

“Wouldn’t work for me. Neither woman could entice me away from you. And I couldn’t bear the thought of some guy sticking his cock in you. Nope, no way.”

Sue hugged me. “Make love to me, John. I want to feel your cock.

“You know, I wouldn’t mind watching those two couples have sex,” Sue added as my cock rode in and out. “Would be rather exciting, I think. Then you could fuck my eyeballs out.”

“I suppose it would be exciting. But we don’t join in, right?”

“No way. I wouldn’t want either of their little cocks in me. And you would ruin their women’s pussies. Enough talk. Speed up and make me cum.”

That evening we were alone in the hot tub. “I like it this way, just us,” as Sue gently massage my bulge. “Oh, here come that couple.”

“I want to apologize for this afternoon,” Ellen blurted out. “A bit earlier we were playing around with Linda and Mark. No sex, but it was erotic. I guess Fred and I were still keyed up. Sorry.”

“No harm done,” I responded.

The other couple now joined us.

“Sue, I went shopping this afternoon, looking for a suit like yours. This is what I found.” Linda stood up to show off the skimpy suit. “I had to make some modifications, however, so I could wear it.”

“Like what?” Fred asked.

“The bottom part didn’t cover up everything. So Mark shave off my pubic hair. Like you, Sue.” How’s it look?”

“Fabulous”, Fred responded. Ellen, you need to do the same. A lot better for pussy eating.”

Ellen poked him hard in the ribs.

Not missing a beat, Linda asked “Sue, does you pussy get irritated? Do you shave every day?”

We found ourselves in the middle of another awkward conversation. I’m sure they heard we left abruptly that afternoon when Fred brought up the topic of swinging. Now Linda seemed intent on pushing the envelope.

Sue rose to the bait. “I shave every day and John then rubs on baby oil. One thing leads to another. We like it. A lot.

“Stand up, Linda. Show us again. Your pussy looks somewhat irritated.

“I’ve been shaving for John a long time so no irritation.” Sue stood up so everyone could see, then turned and faced Fred and Mark. She moved the thong to the side so her pussy lips almost showed.

I almost laughed at Sue’s brazenness.

“At lunch we told Sue and John about our adult resort experience, and the fun we have been having with you guys. They made it clear they had no interest in sharing,” Ellen explained.

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“We plan to head back to our room in a few minutes and have sex. Maybe I’m getting into deep water here, but why don’t you both come at watch? It would be real exciting to have an audience. Right, Linda?”

Sue and I looked at each other. “I don’t think so,” Sue finally said.

“Well, we’re in suite 302. Just watch, I promise.”

“They seem really intent on getting us involve,” Sue said as we returned to our suite.

“I’ve had such limited experience I do think it would be exciting to watch. But no way join in,” I added.

“Let’s do it. If either of us feels uncomfortable, we leave. Right? And your cock is only mine and my pussy yours.”


“Glad you guys decided to come. We have drinks at the counter. Grab a seat and Fred will get you set up.”

At the moment it seemed like just a nice ordinary get-together. The two couples were finishing off drinks as we had our first. We had agreed beforehand to drink very moderately.

Linda was relating their first experience in swing with Fred and Ellen.

“I gotta tell you, I was really uptight. We had never done it before. Just fantasy talk. I worried if Fred would like my body. I wanted Mark to perform well as a lover. It took three drinks to get me going. Mark was focused on Ellen, I knew he was raring to go.”

“Linda was pretty nervous,” Ellen joined in. “I knew the guys were horny so I asked them to show us their cocks. I played with both to get them hard. That got things going. From there on in Linda was a real trooper.”

“She was,” Fred added. “She sucked cock like a vacuum cleaner. And her pussy was really tight.”

We listen to this banter, knowing it was for our benefit.

“Linda, show us your newly shaved pussy,” Ellen said.

She stood up and pulled down her tiny bikini bottom.

“Oh, I like it! I guess I need to do it too.”

“Mark already tried it out. He ate me like a mad man.”

Ellen pulled off her suit and the guys stripped. Sue and I checked out the six inch cocks.

“OK, we have an audience. Let’s put on a good performance,” Ellen suggested.

Over the next half hour the two couples had sex. Blowjobs, eating pussy, fucking, swapping back and forth.

Sue and I sat together in an upholstered chair and watched with moderate interest. We were comparing their performances with what we did. We were better. I was surprised that it wasn’t more of a turn-on.

“I’m done, Linda,” Fred wearily said.

“Me too. I think we all are,” Ellen added.

The guys got up and fixed drinks. They were all still nude.

“Well, what do you think? Did you enjoy the show? Did you get turned on?” Linda asked.

“Definitely,” I said with some exaggeration. Most of the turn-on was Sue rubbing the bulge in my suit.

Sue leaned over and whispered in my ear. I nodded and smiled.

“It was fun watching. Thank you for not putting pressure to join in. But perhaps John and I can add a contribution to the evening,” Sue said,

The others looked confused.

“If you want, John and I will have sex and you guys can be our audience,” she explained.

Everyone thought that was a splendid idea.

This was going to be fun. Sue showed off her shaved pussy and then pulled down my suit. My still hardening cock was on display. Sue lay on the sofa, one leg up on the sofa arm, the other on the floor. This opened her pussy for all to see and made easy access for my tongue.

Playing to our audience, I gave a good performance and was rewarded with her shuddering climax. Her pussy was red from excitement as I positioned my big cock. I placed the head at her opening and pushed in an inch. Then back out, then in. I was masturbating my cock with her pussy. Then with repeated strokes I bottomed out. Sue was more vocal than usual, playing her part.

We fucked for ten or twelve minutes and managed to cum almost simultaneously. As I pulled out our audience clapped.

“Well done, John. Wow, what a cock,” Ellen exclaimed. “Thanks for the show.”

“Oh, we’re not done, are we honey?” Sue said. “You know what to do.”

I knelt down between her legs and she spread her pussy lips. “Eat me, honey. Eat all of your cum out of my hot pussy.”

I lapped away, knowing our audience would be surprised by what I was doing.

“Look, Mark, his cum is leaking out. He’s licking it up. God, this is so erotic,” Linda exclaimed.

“It’s called creampie eating. I saw some guys do it on that porn site. Fred, would you do that to me sometime?” Ellen asked. “Nope, no way,” he quickly responded.

“He seems to like doing it and she sure does. Or maybe Mark could do me and you do Linda.”

Sue pulled my head between my legs, mashing my mouth on her pussy. She came explosively.

There was momentary silence from our audience. My cock had stiffened back up. I positioned it at Sue’s pussy, rubbing up and down her slit and then drove it in completely in one stroke. Sue gasped at the sudden filling of her pussy.

“Yes, honey. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Push that cock of your into my cervix. Oh … Oh … OH.”

Quicker than normal, Sue started a series of small climaxes followed by one big one as I quickly sunk my cock deep into her.

I stopped and held my position when she seemed to almost lose consciousness. I slowly withdrew as she raised herself up. “John, you’ve worn me out again. Four climaxes. Not bad.”

I knew this was for our audience.

Sue headed to the bathroom to clean her leaking pussy. My cock was reverting back to normal flaccid. I went to the bar and fixed a drink.

Ellen and Linda complemented our performance. The guys were rather quiet. Having seen them in action I wasn’t surprised.

Back in our suite we were all giggles. “I don’t think we are going to get any more invitations to swing,” Sue giggled.

“Yeah, I noticed the guys were awfully quiet. You were terrific, honey. And all that vocalization as we fucked. Good theater.”

“That was the best creampie eating so far.”

“Because we had an audience. Maybe we need to put on more exhibitions.”

“I think not!”


“I’m sure glad you were at Bill’s party. We would have never met,” I said for conversation the next morning.

“How well do you know Bill?”

“I met him at the interview.”

“I hear he likes young girls, barely legal. Maybe. Those three girls in the office … I hear he’s banging them.”

“Even the two with boyfriends?”

“That’s what I hear. And there’s a rumor he like boys too. As young and good looking as you are, you would be prime.

“Someone said you were at his house a couple of times since the party.”

I hesitated a moment before responding.

“Well, you need to know something. I hope it doesn’t affect our relationship. You know at the party I was pretty looped. I had a wonderful experience with you. Well, sometime later Bill came in. I woke up with him fucking me in the ass. I tried to shrug him off but he was persistent. After a while it started to feel pretty good and I just let him continue. He left and I went back to sleep. The next morning he fucked me again.

“Then Thursday he invited me over to his place. Said he was having some friends over to watch the game. Turned out it was just him and me. I had several drinks and he fucked me again.

“And then Saturday another invite. This time two of the guys from work, you know them, Steve and Mike, were there. I learned that they and Bill play together. I watched them suck and fuck each other. Then Bill fucked me.”

“Did you suck him or the other guys?”

“Nope. I didn’t want to give him a blowjob and he didn’t ask. Just wanted to fuck me in the ass. I have to admit that it felt rather good. Bill said that’s because his cock was rubbing against my prostate. He said he would let me fuck him but that my cock was too big and would rip him apart. I didn’t want to do that, anyway.

“That’s it.”

“John, you’re a young guy with zero sexual experience. A guy like Bill comes along, your boss to boot. Anal sex for a guy can feel good. Lots of guys have homosexual experiences at some point. Usually more like age 15 or 16. But you were a late bloomer. He took advantage of you. You’re not gay. Not the way you and I carry on. That I can guarantee. But you need to find another job. He’s going to pressure you to do more.”

“Yes, you’re right. Monday I quit.”

“Good. Glad you were honest with me. You’re still my stud. The best ever. Let’s go to breakfast.”

We saw Linda and Ellen at lunch. Fred and Mark decided to play golf.

“Join us if you like,” Sue offered.

“Last night was amazing,” Linda started. “We had a great time swapping because you guys were there as an audience. And your performance, wow! Sue, did you really come four times?”

“Yes. Sometimes John just eats me and fucks me. Other times he also eats my creampie. And on occasion fucks me a second time. John was in good form because you were there.”

“I once had a boyfriend with a big cock. Almost as big as yours, John. The sex was great but we had other problems and broke up.”

Ellen added, “All my boyfriends had cocks like my husband. He keeps me satisfied. But watching your cock spread Sue’s pussy, I did wonder what it would feel like. Maybe sometime in future.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Guess what Linda and I did this morning. Linda clipped and shaved my pussy! Linda said she would loan me her suit. So after lunch I’m going to show off at the pool.”

“Great!” John joined in. “You both have sexy pussies and need to show them off.”


On the drive back home we chatted about our great weekend.

“John, I’ve been thinking about Bill and that job of yours. I have an idea. Let me make a couple of calls.

“Cindy, this is Sue. You remember when you worked at the warehouse? Didn’t you quit because the boss said to put out or get fired? Yeah, Bill. I thought so. Oh, and you know the three girls that work now in the office? How old are they? Sure? How do you know? Oh. Just asking. A friend of mine might be losing his job if he doesn’t put out. Yeah, a guy. You doing ok? Gotta go. See you.”

“You heard? Cindy left about six months ago. The two newest girls were sixteen when Bill hired them and started banging them. That guy belongs in jail.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I know someone who will be real interested. I’ll call him first thing tomorrow. Don’t quit your job just yet.”


Sue called me Monday night. “Things are rolling. My friend says this guy will be toast. At the right time others will interview Cathy and the two girls. One hitch: He would like you to wear a wire. Confirmation that Bill knows they’re underage. And forcing them to have sex to keep their jobs.”

“Sue, I don’t want to get involved.”

“My friend says the tape would only be used to collaborate the girls. He thinks Bill will fold up like a cheap suit and cop a plea.”

“I don’t like it. When would I meet with this guy?”

The meeting was set for Wednesday. I was persuaded to do my part. The “wire” was a tiny mic and a little unit a third the size of a pack of cigarettes. I was to maneuver Bill into bragging about his conquest of the girls. It was decided that I would do the deed the next time Bill invited me to his place. The thinking was he would be more inclined to talk about his sexual activities. I certainly didn’t want to have sex with Bill so it was agreed that I would get a cell phone call saying my mother had been in an accident and I was to come home immediately.

Friday was the day. Bill said he missed me all last weekend (I doubted that) and was looking forward to a good romp.

I played my part per the script. Bill just couldn’t help himself. He said he knew the girls were underage, that was the attraction. He kept them in line by giving gifts and by threatening their jobs. He also bragged that other girls before these two fit the same mold. He liked young virgins. He said he could set it up so I could also fuck them. I declined.

“Enough talk. Let’s fuck,” as he took his clothes off. I started unbuttoning my shirt, waiting for the phone to ring. My shirt was off. Now my shoes and socks. No ring. Bill’s cock was hard as a rock. My pants were at half mast when I jumped. Thank god, I grabbed for the phone.

“Let it go,” Bill ordered.

I listened and tried to look shocked. “Gotta go. My mom’s been in a car accident. That was a neighbor telling me to come home ASAP. I was pulling my pants up as I delivered this message. A couple of minutes later I was out of there and headed back to Cindy’s. I was unwired and congratulated for a great performance.

“What would you have done if the phone didn’t ring,” Sue asked just to be ornery. “Let him fuck you?”

“Why not, it felt good the last time he did it,” I responded.

“Bastard! Maybe I should buy a dildo so I can keep your ass happy,” she joked.

Two weeks later police arrived and took Bill away in handcuffs. The parent company brought in counselors to meet with each of us. A new temporary manager was quickly in place. The two girls did not come in to work. A week later Steve and Mike were jailed. Attorneys were working on law suits.

On a more personal note I moved out of my parents’ house and into Sue’s. Our relationship expanded way past the initial sexual attraction. We were becoming best friends as well as lovers.

My folks invited Sue to dinner to check her out. Mom later said she was a delightful girl that I shouldn’t let get away. My folks guessed she was only a couple of years older than me. Close enough. Midway through my sophomore year we announced our engagement. Marriage was planned for the next summer. I would continue with my college education.

We maintained a very active sex life up until Sue’s eighth month of pregnancy. We switched to blowjobs and pussy eating to keep in practice. Sue never did buy that dildo.

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