The swinging adventures continue

The swinging adventures continue from my prev sex stories Swinging couple enjoys a new playmate at the fair .. The day began with a quick cleanup at the camp showers for both Luke and Kiana, followed by breakfast of camp coffee, oatmeal, and a bit of bacon. Luke ate medium light, not wanting to be too bogged down—today was the day of the tournament. He spent the better part of an hour stretching out, limbering up, and practicing moves to get himself ready for “combat.” Rodney had been his advisor for both his armor (manufactured from PVC, leather, and a few metal parts for the shield and headgear) and his fighting style. While he didn’t feel totally comfortable, he knew he was in very good shape overall, and he had some practice fighting with kali sticks, which he hoped might translate well.

He girded himself up on the upper body and headed down to the “ring,: with Rodney and Kiana following close behind. Normally, Rodney would fight in the tournament, but he had sprained his ankle badly earlier in the week, so he volunteered to be part of Luke’s cheering session and coach during the event. “Remember, above all else, avoid the hit. Focus more on your shield than your sword. That’s the number one mistake most guys make,” Rodney cautioned him. “Going for the quick kill will work, if you’re trying to get yourself killed.” After quickly checking in, they discovered he was up near the end of the first round, which meant at least another 25 or more matches to go. Two participants got called, and Luke settled in. Rodney used the proceedings to provide color commentary and impromptu instruction.

“Notice the way he uses his shield. Very smart,” he pointed out, as one early participant quickly dispatched an obvious newcomer. “I don’t expect you’ll do anything that foolhardy, don’t worry.” The next fight was more cagey, with both fighters seemingly unable to get a mental advantage on the other. It was as though they were both such canny veterans that they couldn’t pull out any tricks the other hadn’t seen. Finally, into the second round, one of them caught a shoulder hit with his sword on his opponent’s right side. “That’ll make it tricky,” Rodney observed. Luke was about to ask why when he remembered that a hit counted as an “injury,” and the knight was forced to drop his shield, pick up his sword with the other hand, and fight left-handed and one-armed. He was still cagey and difficult, and it lasted into a third round, but eventually the other knight overpowered and outmaneuvered him, striking the cherished head shot.

The fights went on this way. Some hopelessly one-sided, others interesting chess matches of cunning and violence. “See that, horrible move,” Rodney called out to him when one knight charged hard and put both his hands up, leading to a leg shot that forced him to hop on one foot until he was taken out 20 seconds later. “Study his parry, it’s virtually flawless,” he pointed out later, breaking down the movements of an obvious veteran who went by the name of “Sir Brutus.” While it made him a bit nervous, he was grateful for Rodney’s instruction and help, so that by the time he found himself being called as next, he felt fluid and loose.

As the fight previous to them ended, he put on and secured his headgear, and looked over at Rodney. “Any final advice?”


“Yeah. Breathe!” he barked, laughing like a nut and clapping him on the back. Luke shrugged, and went out to face his opponent.

The judge admonished both of them to fight fair, and observe the already stated rules of the tournament. After a bow to each other, they began fighting. Luke quickly parried his opponent’s aggressive swing, and then another, followed by another. He relaxed, realizing that this guy was going for broke quickly, and had no idea what he was doing. He spent most of the first round parrying aggressive low swings, and waiting for the high swing, finally getting one high and open enough that he was able to stop the force of his arms up high, and swing in with a solid blow to the body. The fight was quickly called in his favor, and he relaxed, turning back to the sidelines.

Luke settled back in, enjoying the spectacle as he sipped gatorade and ate some trail mix. He began to take in his surroundings a bit as his nerves calmed, and noticed some rather royal looking people settled in on a couple of makeshift thrones. “Who are they?” he asked Rodney.

“The king and queen. The king fights in the armor tournaments, and gets the crown for a year. He chooses his queen, usually his partner. This king won at the winter invitational and will reign until the next one.”

He took them in. The king was a man of medium height and build, handsome, with long hair and a closely-trimmed beard. His queen was blonde, with wavy, long hair, and stunning green eyes. She was curvily built, and her movements seductive, and he felt immediately drawn to her, though he couldn’t explain it. He shook his head, and went back to watching the action.

Several more fights unfolded in front of them, and Rodney continued his analysis, which he was actually rather enjoying. The competition was better this round, as the more experienced fighters had obviously risen to the top. After a few more entertaining rounds, he was called to prepare again. “Remember…” Rodney began.

“Yeah, breathe. I know,” he countered.

“No. I mean, yeah,” he said, chuckling. “It’ll be tougher this round. Your opponent will be more cagey. More experienced. Just remember to take him out of his game.”

Rodney’s advice turned out to be right on the money. The first round was an uncomfortable draw, with Luke’s opponent constantly trying to bait him. The second was no different. Finally, near the end of the round, after a particularly hard charge by his opponent, he managed to wield a shot to the leg. Forced to stand on one leg, Luke saw his opportunity, and continuously attacked in from side angles, until he had gotten his opponent off balance enough to strike a shoulder shot. Now, with one arm and one leg, it was quick work before he scored a solid body shot, and the fight was called in his favor.

Luke was preparing to go off to the side and watch again, until he heard a rumbling voice. “Sir knight! Sir knight! Come take audience with the throne!” He looked over, and it was the king, calling to him. Luke didn’t know what he wanted, but remembered that he had been cautioned that many in this “game” took it quite seriously. He trotted over, bowed low, and stepped forward in the 3/4 stance he had been shown by Rodney yesterday.

“Remove your helmet, sir knight,” the queen commanded. He reached up and undid it, pulling it off, then resuming his stance. “What is your name, sir knight?” she commanded. Shit, what was the name he had chosen. It was…was…

“Uh, Lucien, your highness.”

“Excellent, sir knight. Your fighting is quite impressive, though we have not seen you here before. Which clan do you represent?”

“I am a guest of the clan of McGregor, and this is my first event of both fighting and attendance.”

“Amazing, that you fight like such a seasoned pro,” interjected the king. He rose, and shook his hand in the medieval custom of grasping the forearm. “I am Aramis, the king of the kingdom. My queen and bride, Marianne,” he said, indicating the queen, who presented her hand, as Luke bowed and kissed it. “Your fighting has won the queen’s attention, so she wishes to present you with something.” The queen dug in a bag, and then presented a small slip of satin, with a monogram and a logo of the “kingdom” and a small crown.

“This is my favor,” she explained. “Carry it with you for luck during the tournament.”

“Thank you your highness,” Luke answered with another bow.

“Later today, we will dine together,” Aramis said. “In the meantime, good luck during the tournament.”

Luke bowed to them both, and thanked them. When he made eye contact with Marianne again, he thought he noticed a look in her eye that was at least flirtatious, if not openly desiring, but he decided to play it somewhat cool until he could get more of an idea of what would happen. But he was definitely intrigued.

Rodney was impressed by the conversation and the favor, telling him it was great to be “in with the royals.” He talked up great meals, entertainment, and all sorts of other advantages they received. The next round, however, was uneventful, as even though the competition was better, some guys were getting gassed and simply making dumb mistakes in an attempt to win quickly. When Luke’s round came, he dispatched his opponent in about 20 seconds. Though he hadn’t been keeping track, he was told this was good, as he was in the final four.

He was feeling good, and was quite keen to see if he could win, when his opponent was announced. Sir Brutus, the brutal one. He stood up, evaluating the man, who was at least 6’5″ and 240 lbs. Rodney talked rapidly, trying to give him pointers, telling him this guy was good, really, really good, but he had weaknesses, including a high center of gravity, and a propensity to go for head shots over anything.

When they began fighting, Luke couldn’t see any weaknesses. He relaxed, and let the fight come to him, using every bit of martial arts awareness he had developed over the last decade of training, but no matter how quick his strike, Brutus had a counter. Every maneuver, he saw coming. After two rounds, they had battled intensely, and he felt more exertion than he had in all of the previous fights combined.

A third round came, and dragged. Several times he thought he had an opening, but Brutus had countered, moving shockingly quick for such a large man. Finally, he had managed to put him off balance, but rather than go for the tap to the arm he had open, Luke had shoved him to the ground, intending on “spearing” his torso to end the fight. Brutus, however, pulled a move worthy of a breakdancer or an MMA expert, quickly spinning upward, and catching his leg. So now, Luke had to lift his leg and fight on only his right foot. Thinking it was over, Luke started to go back to the side at the end of the third round, but was told that since this was the final four, points would not be considered, and all matches had to end in a kill.

Another round, and it ended in a draw. Luke was sweating profusely, and downed gatorade in a large gulps. Both Kiana and Melanie were kissing him, wishing him luck, and trying to give him pep talks, but he was barely registering it due to all the adrenaline. Midway through the next round, Luke got a large opening, and managed to nail Brutus in the arm. As he dropped his shield, Luke knew this was the beginning of a momentum swing, and after a few more blows and parries, he barely connected on a leg shot. Thinking he was finally on equal footing, the fight became a veritable slugfest, with him having the advantage of two arms, though both of them on one leg. Finally, Brutus accidentally opened himself with a big swing, and as Luke went to capitalize, he overextended and slipped on the soft grass. Unfortunately, as he fell forward, he felt Brutus’s sword make contact with his side. Match over. Luke heard cheering as he stood up, shaking the loss off.

He looked up, and saw Brutus extending a hand. He took it, and as he helped him up, Brutus spoke into his ear. “Well done. No one has given me that much difficulty in a while,” he said in a rumble of a voice. “I look forward to meeting you in future tournaments.” He clapped Luke on the shoulder, and walked away.

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Rodney came over, and told him how well he had done to take Brutus the distance, as apparently he was tough stuff in these tourneys. He went back to the side, ready to sit down, but was told to keep his armor on, as there was one more fight for him, and fight for 3rd place.

Another fight ensued, and it was somewhat drawn out, but the loser was dispatched to the sideline too. Finally, Luke met the loser in the field, and it took him a little over one round to secure a blow to the body. So he placed 3rd.

Next, Brutus fought another large man, this one stocky but also quick. It lasted three rounds before Brutus really started to dominate, slowly picking his opponent apart, finishing with a head shot. Brutus was crowned the winner, and as they each received flagons indicating their placing, a person called him over to meet with the king and queen. They went to a courtyard with multiple tables, and Luke found himself on the side of the queen. The queen had Kiana sent for by Rodney, and she joined them as they dug into a fine meal of game hens and veggies. During the meal, Marianne gave him special attention, chatting him up, and discussing the tournament. By the end of the meal, she had made her flirting quite clear, and had invited them to another event in one month, which they gracefully accepted.

As lunch broke up, Luke found himself overly full, and Rodney and Joe wanted to go play Tablero. Luke was planning on going with them, but Aramis called him back. “You fought very well out there for a guy who’s never strapped on armor before.”

“Thanks. I’ve been doing Jeet Kune Do and MMA for years, so that helped a bit, I guess.”

“I’d like to help you train, if you’re interested. The Lyton wars are in a month up in Canada, and you’d do well in that tournament.”

“Sure, that’d be great! What do you have in mind?”

“Where do you live?”

“Portland, in the western suburbs.”

“Ok. I’m in Seattle, not too far away. Maybe you can take a few days off, come up, I’ll train you for a day or so, and we can all go up together?”


Aramis extended his hand. “Harold is my mundane name. Hers is Tika.”

“Luke,” he said, shaking back.

“Pleased to meet you. We’ll talk again, and have you over. I’ll give you my number and contact info before the end of the event.”

Luke and Harold walked and chatted as they walked back toward Marianne, and they invited him and Kiana back to their tent. As they walked, with a few other people connected to the king and queen in tow who he didn’t know, he spied what seemed the biggest tent he had ever seen. Round, easily 30 feet in diameter, when they stepped inside it appeared to be more like a small house with the lavish way it was furnished. “It’s good to be king,” Harold said, affecting an aristocratic air.

“History of the World?” Luke asked.

“Yeah. I love Mel Brooks,” he acknowledged with a chuckle, indicating a folding oversize chair he should recline in. Marianne took the opportunity, and came up to him with a washcloth and small tub of warm water.

“I’m sure you’ll shower in a bit, but we should look you over for any bruises or cuts,” she said, indicating he should take off his armor. He removed his top armor and undershirt, and she set about washing the couple of scuffs he had from the ground and where he had gotten pinched from the armor. He was trying to think of what on his armor could have caused those marks, but kept getting distracted, as her attention was not only tender, but her generous cleavage was on display, and there was something unbelievably sensual in her movements. He was trying to figure out if that was just her manner, or if she was trying to put out some signals of interest, and he was thoroughly confused.

“Want me to do the bottom half?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Now now, babe,” Harold interjected, “let’s not get him naked in front of people he barely knows.”

Luke was confused—he didn’t want to offend anyone, let alone the nobility of this event, but he also had a sure lust brewing for this woman, and he was definitely game—his cock was starting to inflate inside the cup he was wearing, and it was a tad bit uncomfortable.

“Why don’t you go shower, change back into your garb, and meet me over at the main stage area?” Harold suggested. “We can chat a bit more there.”

Luke readily agreed. Kiana decided to wait behind to have some time to chat with the king and queen.


About 45 minutes later, Luke found himself outside the main stage, where a gathering seemed to be slowly forming. He had only been waiting a minute before Harold strolled up with a man in tow, who he introduced as Bernardo, his friend.

“What’s going on here?” Luke asked, indicating the crowd.

“Kissing auction,” he heard a female voice behind him, and turned to see Marianne/Tika strolling up, with Kiana behind her. Tika hooked her arm in his, and gave him an affectionately wet peck on the cheek. “The royals are required to kick it off. We’ll probably duck out early and get food later.” As she said this, she reached up, fixed his hair a bit, and ran her finger along his cheek lightly. He felt himself grow a bit under his kilt—this woman was driving him nuts.

Harold explained the particulars of the kissing auction quickly, and then beckoned him over to speak in private for a second.

“How do you feel about coming up in 2 weeks from now. Do you think you can get the time off? We could train and hang out.”

“The time off should be okay, I’ve got some vacation saved up. But I’ll need to make sure I can book a hotel.”

“Don’t worry about that,” he replied. “You’ll stay at my house, I have a very large place and plenty of room.”

“Okay. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but why are you helping me? You barely know me.”

“Well, first of all, I love to see new blood in the mix, and you have some talent. We’re very immersed in this game, we even make much of our living off of it, so I have an interest in seeing in flourish.”

“Okay. What’s the second reason?”

“My wife has taken a fancy to you, it appears. And I like to give her what she wants, if possible. I know Kiana has flirted a bit with me and her, but we weren’t sure if you two were just the type of couple that plays here, or is actually open in their relationship.” He paused for a second. “Is it possible, outside of this game?”

Luke stopped and glanced over. Marianne was openly appraising him, and he smiled at her, feeling a stirring down below at the thought of having her on top of him, moving those shapely hips as he buried himself deep inside her. He looked back over at him, nodded, and smiled. Harold broke into a broad grin, clapped him on the shoulder, and said “Excellent! Let’s go back and join the others.”

They rejoined the others. As the conversation picked up, Kiana came up and kissed him. “I have a confession, love.”

“What’s that?” he asked.

“I entered you in the kissing auction.”

“Excellent!” Bernardo cried out. “I’m one of the emcees. I’ll make sure he gets bidded on. We need some fresh meat this year anyway.”

They all chatted for a bit, and watched as the auction got underway. It was slow at first, with a few people of either sex who weren’t especially attractive, and bids were low. After a few, though, an attractive latino man came up, and the bids started to get intense. 10 minutes later, he was being auctioned off for $100, and a portly but cute middle aged woman came up and practically ravaged him on the stage. A younger girl of about 20 got up next, blonde and doe-eyed, and the bidding once again went wild. Bernardo came up beside him, fetching water from a cooler. “Don’t expect them all to get this attention,” he cautioned, making his way back to the stage.

“And next, a special treat for the ladies,” Bernardo bellowed from the stage. “Prime USDA meat, in the form of Sir Lucien!”

Kiana kissed him on the cheek, whispering in his ear “Good luck. I’ll clear out of the tent for a bit tonight to give you some room to play.”

Before he could ask her if he had heard her correctly, Tika kissed him on the other cheek and said “Have fun tonight, stud. We’ll catch up with you later.”

Luke ran up to the stage, as Bernardo was urging him and getting the crowd behind him. He was urged to turn around, then to take off his shirt, and he got into the routine, flexing and clowning around. The bidding started. It passed 10 dollars, then was up to 30 in no time flat. 40, 50—was he hearing this right? With the lights on the stage, he couldn’t make out the people in the crowd very well, so he couldn’t see who was yelling. It got to 70, and then one woman’s voice yelled for 90 with authority. And suddenly it was silent. “Going once! Going twice! Sold to the lady in the middle in blue!”

As she made her way up to the stage, Luke sighed internally with relief. Not that he wouldn’t have kissed a less attractive or larger woman—it was just a kiss, after all, and it was only a game—but it was nice to see that the woman who had bid on him was attractive. No, scratch that, as she came closer into the light, she was beautiful. She was cornsilk blonde, with hair down to her shoulders, and by the looks of her face, she was at least 45, though her skin was remarkably clear, fair, and tight. Her figure was full but taut, and her gown was exposing an extremely liberal amount of full, pale cleavage. Her pale blue eyes were large and smiling, and as he stepped up, she was almost a bit shy for a second. He decided to take the initiative and grabbed her gently but with some firmness, pressing her lips to his. As he pecked her lips for a second and third time, he encircled her waist, drawing her closer, and she tilted her head up more, parting her lips, and soon their tongues were snaking, battling, playing with each other dramatically. Her body melted into his, her arms going around his back, and his pulse raced as he felt her press her hips and her breasts into him, and her leg lifted and snaked around his. He lowered one of his arms to secure her hips, brushing against her ass, as she moaned lowly into his mouth.

During all of this, the cheering, which has started out low, just got more intense. As it progressed from a dull to an animated roar, one of the emcees looked over and bellowed, “Damn, the boy has skills.” Luke surpassed a giggle, focusing on the task at hand, feeling his lust rise again. Finally, after what seemed like 20 minutes but had probably only been 2 or 3, they both got a tap on the shoulder, signaling them to move on. They reluctantly separated and walked down the stairs off stage, moving a bit away from the crowd.

She turned and looked at him. She reminded him of a 40’s movie star in both face and figure, Katherine Hepburn or Lauren Bacall perhaps. “Thank you,” she said in a deep, sexy voice, still breathing a bit heavy, extending her hand.

“I should to be thanking you,” he said, kissing it and looking into her eyes.

“Please, I had to pay to kiss you.”

“I got volunteered into this thing by my jackass friends. I’d have payed to kiss you.”

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“Please, enough flattery,” she giggled, putting her hand up on his chest. “I’ve got to be old enough to be your mother.”

“Well, I’m 25…”

“Ha! I’m 48, so I was right. My daughter is four years younger than you.”

“But you’re breathtaking. I wouldn’t care if you were 70, you’re seriously one of the most captivating women i’ve seen in a long time.”

She paused. “Are you just the type of guy who lays it on thick?”

“I’m dead serious,” he said, staring at her, unblinking. An awkward pause hung in the air.

“I think I should probably go back to my camp.”

“Why?” he asked. “A woman kisses me like that, I have to at least get her name, and buy her a drink.”

“The name’s Laurel, handsome. And in case you couldn’t tell, I’ve been drinking a bit tonight anyway.”

“Okay. Still, do you have to run off right away?”

“No. But if I don’t, I may end up doing something I regret.”

“Like what, sleep with me?” he asked, lowering his voice. “One, I would never force a woman to do anything she didn’t want to. Which means that you probably want to and are scared of something. And two, why would you every regret sex? Are you in a relationship?”

“No. Not since my husband passed three years ago.”

Luke saw his opportunity, and even though the knew it was a bit mischievous and perhaps slightly manipulative, he grabbed her by the hips again, locking her up in another passionate kiss like they had just shared on stage. She resisted for exactly one second, quickly melting into him again, and this time, he pulled out all the stops, grabbing her ass, toying with her breast and her nipple, and kissing all along her neck. “Come to my tent,” he implored in her ear throatily.

“Okay,” was her only response. He turned, leading the way, as they ran hand in hand.


It had started off as belly dancing. Kiana had never done it before, and felt awkward at first, but Tika was, it turned out, an experienced teacher and quite a master. She joined her and three other women in a quick rehearsal and impromptu dance for the king. There was some interesting eastern music thrown on, and as the music built and she swayed her hips, Kiana felt herself getting warm and into a very enjoyable, almost sensual groove. Tika came over and began dancing by her side, almost dancing with her, and the slow feeling she developed as they fell into rhythm was one of a bit of lust, almost a primal vibe.

The dancing broke up, and Harold and Tika took her back to their tent, along with a girl named Mina who had been dancing with them. She quickly learned that Mina, who was a very tall, extremely curvy girl with pale red hair and a lot of freckles, lived with them back in Seattle, and was Tika’s submissive. The revelation at first surprised her, but as she saw the respect and familial way they treated her, she shrugged it off and assumed the relationship served a purpose for all of them. Harold cracked open a bottle of wine, and after some bantering and a quick top off of all their glasses, he asked her, “So, if I can be a bit forward, are you straight, or bisexual?”

“Bisexual,” Kiana offered. “I’ve mostly had relationships with men, but when Luke and I started to open up our relationship, I realized quickly I wanted to act on my attraction to women.”

“What’s your taste in women?” Tika asked.

“Oh, I’ve got very broad taste in women,” she bantered back. “Basically, anything I find sexy, and anyone I find arousing or stimulating, I’m interested.” She smiled and made some extended eye contact with Tika, hoping the conversation was going in the direction she desired.

“I had an interesting conversation with your boyfriend earlier about swinging. It seems like he’s fairly attracted to my wife.”

“I must say, I find your boyfriend extremely sexy,” Tika added. “If you’re okay with it, I’d jump him and fuck him all night.”

“I’d love to watch that,” Kiana said, with an alluring smile.

“I’d like you to let me have him to myself for a round, watch for a round, and then participate at some point, if that’d be okay with you.”


Tika smiled and drained her glass, setting it down. “Then it’s official. When you guys come up in a couple of weeks, we’ll all have some fun!” She walked over to Kiana, bent down, and kissed her. While she had intended it to be a friendly preview of things to come, she was a bit surprised when Kiana moved in, grabbing her aggressively and sneaking her tongue into her mouth. Within a few short moments, though, they were kissing in earnest, and shortly Tika’s top was open and Kiana was caressing her breast, working to get her out of her garb. Harold was at first entranced, but quickly sprang into action, helping them to get over to the bed and out of the rest of their garb. As Kiana went down between her legs, she was hit with the smell and taste of a sweet, slightly tangy pussy that she quickly found to be incredibly responsive. She dove in, loving the taste and the softness she craved from another woman—every inch on Tika tasted or smelled amazing, and as she slowly worked her up to an orgasm, she noted Harold had stripped naked and was lazily stroking his prick. Tika laid back, hanging her head off the bed as she took Harold’s long prick down her throat to the base, making humming noises that were obviously pleasurable. As Harold began to fuck her throat slowly, Kiana began a much more concentrated oral assault, gently sucking on Tika’s prominent clit as she inserted two slender fingers deep, then, seeing how she somewhat enjoyed the rougher treatment, going to an outright nibble of it. Tika began bucking her navel upward, trying not to move her head too much, but moaning and screaming loudly around Harold’s prick as she came hard, spraying Kiana’s face with fluid. She pulled off of Harold’s cock, looked up at Kiana, and said “I should have warned you. I’m a squirter.”

“Mmm,” Kiana said, “I like that. I’ve never been with a woman that could do that before, it’s hot.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

Kiana was about to say something else, when she noticed Harold standing near them, his dick still at full attention. She quickly dove to it, taking him in her mouth greedily, and as she did, she felt Tika moving her legs into position and guiding her to sit on her face. She glanced down at her hypnotic green eyes, settling in, enjoying the site of her pussy on her face. Tika quickly sprang her tongue into action, gently yet firmly working her clit, alternating with her tongue pushing in and out of Kiana’s pussy.

It was hard for her to concentrate too much on his cock, so good was what Tika was doing, but she was thoroughly enjoying herself nonetheless, and, as Tika began to build her to orgasm, she unconsciously let his cock out of her mouth and hand as she grunted out a loud “Oh fuck yes goddamn yes yes YES!” As the waves washed over her body, her eyes came back into focus, and she saw Harold’s cock, sheathed in his hand. “Tika?” she asked.

“Yes?” she answered, freeing herself from Kiana’s pussy a bit.

“Would you mind if I fucked your husband?”

“There’s nothing else I’d rather see right now.”

Harold quickly retrieved a condom, and Kiana bent over, intent on taking him doggy. He entered her slowly and methodically, and his long, somewhat slender cock filled her up nicely. The fell into a rhythm, with him riding her ass firmly but without any sense of crazy urgency, slowly building her up. Tika came around and kissed her, lazily toying with her breasts, then came up and started making out with her husband. Kiana could feel her cum in the distance, somewhat out there, but as Tika returned, she pulled Kiana’s hair in a way that instantly raised her temperature, sucking her tongue into her mouth, then moving under her like a mechanic on a mission, first playing with her nipples again, then reaching up and softly tapping on her clit. That did it, and Kiana’s climax came like a bus that hit her out of nowhere, her yelling “Oh fuck god god YES!” As Harold kept going, Tika moved up, taking his balls into her mouth, and shortly, the combination of Kiana’s continued aftershocks and the stimulation of Tika’s mouth brought him over the edge, and he filled the condom up.

They uncoupled, and as Kiana fanned herself and started to recover, she notice Mina handing her a water bottle. “Have you been here this entire time?” she asked, amazed that she had forgotten about her.

“No, I went out to the tavern for a bit and met a friend,” she replied.

“Mina has nights I let her play, and nights I don’t,” Tika explained.

“It makes the nights I get to so much sweeter,” Mina explained.

“I’ll let her have some fun tomorrow,” Tika said. Kiana was curious what that entailed, but decided not to ask.

They lounged naked for a bit, enjoying each other’s company. Tika talked about the unexpected nature of this, and how she hadn’t wanted to jump Kiana yet, but Kiana offered that she was so turned on she needed to fuck them then. Tika let her in on what her plan was for Luke in the future, and Kiana eagerly agreed that it was a great idea, and how she couldn’t wait for a couple of weeks from now, so that she could turn them loose on each other. Eventually, they began to play around again, and Kiana this time enjoyed watching and participating a bit as she watched Harold and Tika fuck, and after a bit they both took turns blowing Harold to completion until he erupted deep in Kiana’s throat. She generously shared a bit with Tika, and as the night was well into morning, she made her way out to find her tent, wondering what mischief her man had gotten himself into. Tika had made it a point to shove her pussy into Kiana’s face before she left, instructing her to kiss him and tell him that was what he would be tasting in a few weeks time. She left down the path toward their tent, a shit-eating grin on her face from both the fucking and the pussy juice coating her mouth.


Her pussy tasted amazing. That was his first impression. Her body was beautiful, sexy, and she would have fit right in to any of the “mature” porn clips he occasionally looked at online, curious about older women and their reported higher stamina and sex drive. Her breasts were large, relatively perky, with silver dollar sized pale nipples, her skin like alabaster, and her hips and ass wonderfully round and enticing. But her pussy was incredible. It tasted like honey with a slight bit of tang, and while she wasn’t quite a squirter, she flowed liberally. It had taken him only a couple of minutes of aggressively flicking her clit, along with a bit of fingering of her g-spot, and she had cum hard, flowing sweetly into his mouth, and now it was like a faucet on low that he couldn’t turn off. Feeling her buck, and pull his head into her pussy as she spread her legs wide, he was so turned on he was practically buzzing. “Oh god, I needed this,” she muttered throatily. “Eat my pussy, just like that. Fuck!” He kept going, not wanting to move anytime soon—he enjoyed eating a woman out, and loved seeing her get off. He transitioned to a butterfly technique that he knew Kiana loved, which she seemed to appreciate, but noticed that what really seemed to get her louder was the up and down, flat of the tongue technique. After a few diligent minutes, she clenched her cunt again around his finger, so tight he could barely budge it, as her wetness flowed with some force. He dove in harder, determined to win another one out of her, when he felt her pull on the sides of his head, guiding him up to her face. He gave his face a quick wipe, and as he rose up, she attacked his mouth, kissing him urgently, and wrapped her legs around him. He kissed her, working his way down her neck and collarbone, and giving one of her nipples a bit of attention, enjoying the teasing the end of his prick was giving her clit. She was, he could tell, getting more and more heated, enjoying the attention he was lavishing on her, passionate yet taking his time. Then, with equal parts teasing and lust, she decided to lean her pelvis up a bit to put the first couple of inches into her, right as he thrust down with his hips. The result was over half of his length instantly sinking into her, with her instinctively pulling him in with her legs, and though it was tight for the first few thrusts, they both unconsciously started fucking at each other with some urgency, enjoying the sudden and unexpected immersion into each other. In fact, though Luke had always used protection when with a new woman, he was temporarily lost in the moment, enjoying the divine feeling of her. Her fluid movements seemed to match his, her cunt was warm, incredibly wet, and clinging to him like a glove, and she pushed back at him with an insistent rhythm no younger woman had ever given him. He was, he decided, hooked on more experienced women from that moment on.

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After about a minute, though, he pulled back a bit, stopping his thrusting. She looked up with some surprise. “Hey, um, don’t take this wrong, but I really should put on a…”

“Condom?” she asked.


“No, it’s fine. I understand if you need to. But if it makes you feel better, I can’t have any more kids, and the last man I was with was my husband. So I’m pretty sure I’m safe.”

Luke stopped, in thought for a second. On the one hand, he and Kiana had an agreement about safe sex. On the other hand, they had talked about the possibility of not always using protection if they had an ongoing relationship with someone else and knew the person was safe. And as he was vacillating back and forth, Laurel, sensing his uncertainty, gripped his cock with her pussy, somewhat selfishly and evilly not wanting to give it up, even for a second. “Fuck it,” he said, and plunged into her as deep as he could, and she gasped and moaned with pleasure. As he pulled back, he started fucking her insistently, giving her some more impact as he began to alternate sucking on her tits.

“Oh god yes, that’s good.”

“You like that?”

“Yeah, I’ve got way sensitive tits, suck them and you’ll give me a big rolling O.”

He didn’t have to be told twice. She began moving her hips almost violently, and he started hammering her with everything he could manage, alternating between each breast, and after he had switched off four or five times, he felt her clamp hard as she yelled out “Oh fuck fuck FUCK FUCK FUCK YES!” He slowed up a second, then as she relaxed, he pushed in deep again.

“I want to be on top,” she said in his ear. They quickly switched positions, and as he sat up, she quickly climbed up and sank down on his cock in one aggressive movement. She put her feet on the bed, clenching her powerful legs as she hopped up and down on his cock, and he reached up, grabbing a handful of her hair as he pulled her down for a breathy, aggressive kiss. Quickly, she reared up and shoved her breast back into his mouth, and he wasted no time before latching on, spending some lingering moments on one before going right back to the other. Her tits were amazing, and he loved the way her nipples were getting as hard as rubber as he sucked them. As he felt her breathing quicken, he reached down with thumb, gently applying some pressure to her clit, and within a few seconds she was screaming an almost feral, crazed grunt/moan combination, cumming on his cock again as she threw her head back and moaned a deep, almost animal-like growl.

Luke was beginning to feel the distant urge in his balls, not of an imminent climax, but that he would need to soon. As soon as the thought went through his brain, Laurel slowed her insistent riding and asked, “Hey. Can you cum from a blowjob?”

“Sure,” he responded. Truthfully, Kiana and a few other girls had told him he was a tough nut to crack orally, but he was dying to feel her lips on his cock. If the way she fucked was any indication, he was sure it would be amazing.

She quickly climbed off, and as she settled her mouth on him, it took maybe two seconds to realize how right he was. She gave, by far, the best head he had ever had. It wasn’t just the technique, although that was fantastic, too. It was the way she seemed to passionately love sucking dick, like it was the best thing in the entire world. She was fitting his entire, thick length in her mouth, without even pushing it much into her throat, staring up at him with those gigantic blue eyes, and softly running her hands around the base of his cock, his balls, and his hips, thighs, and ass, gently caressing him. He tried to hold out for a bit, as he was greatly enjoying it, but it was less than 3 minutes before she had him yelling as he launched ropy jets of his seed into her mouth.

They took a breather, and as they laid, softly touching, she asked him about the feminine touches around the tent. He told her about Kiana and their relationship, which seemed to simultaneously puzzle and intrigue her. “Should I leave before she gets back?”

“No, don’t worry about it. My guess is she found somebody to do the same thing we just did with. Besides, she’s not jealous, she’d just want to watch.”

“That’s so different from most of the people here,” Laurel replied.

“How so?”

“Well, there’s this weird thing with a lot of the couples. They go out and play, but they don’t want to acknowledge it. So there’s a lot of hiding and running. A lot of shame. It’s odd. I’ve been coming to events for 8 years, and when I was supposedly on the market again, I’ve met very few guys I’d actually fuck. Very few.”

“That just seems so counter to the idea of sex as fun and enjoyable,” Luke replied.

“It is.” And with that, she kissed him again. They bantered a bit for a few minutes, and eventually, Luke started to find himself recovering, so he reached down and began playing a bit with her pussy, which was still wet from their last round. As he pushed two fingers into Laurel, Kiana walked in.

“Oh, sorry,” she apologized. “I’m Kiana.”

“Laurel,” which came out a bit breathy as he sawed his digits in and out a bit.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt,” she replied, “but I need to do this.” And with that, she reached across and kissed Luke. She saw the recognition as he tasted another woman’s juices on her. “That’s Tika. We ended up fooling around by accident tonight, but she wanted you to know that she’s dying to jump your bones in a couple of weeks when we go see them.”

“Mmm…” Luke responded. He was definitely keen to fuck Tika, and was happy to know it was going to happen.

“But, in the meantime, it looks like you’ve got something gorgeous occupying you,” Kiana continued, bending down to kiss his cock and licking his length. “And it tastes pretty good.”

Luke unconsciously increased his fingering speed, as Laurel managed to spit out “We were bad, sorry, I fucked him bareback. I’m safe, though.”

Kiana hadn’t unlocked eyes with Luke, enjoying watching this show. “That’s okay. Normally I would say no to that, but I trust his judgement.”

Luke bent down and started to lick her clit. Laurel felt herself climbing, as Kiana hiked her skirt up and began playing with her pussy. “Enjoying the show?” she managed to get out between gasps.

“God yes. I can’t wait to watch him fuck you,” she shot back..

The attention on her clit and the erotic thrill of the situation sent Laurel over the edge, as she quickly came with a mighty growl. She grabbed his arm, and as he crawled up, she quickly guided him into her. He entered her in one stroke, and began sawing in her with serious force. He bent down and took one breast into his mouth, and Kiana quickly pounced on the other one. They both kept up steady sucking and licking on her nipples, and within a minute she was cumming hard again. “Holy shit!” she screamed, and Kiana quickly reached up and kissed her.

“It’s so hot watching you fuck my man. I hope I can see it again after this weekend.”

“I…think…I’ll…have to…definitely…fuck…him…AGAIN!!” she bellowed, as another mighty cum ripped through her.

“Good,” Luke grunted, “I need to have you again. You’re incredible!”

“Bend me over!” she commanded, her eyes ablaze.

Luke quickly moved her into doggy, thrusting into her and hitting a rhythm and force, his hips clapping against her ass. She started with little staccato barks, and as he drew his hand back and spanked her ass hard on each cheek, she came again. He reached down and twisted a nipple, then tugged on it and grabbed the other one, and felt her clench around his pole again. Finally, Kiana quickly stripped off and decided to move under her, going to work on her clit with zeal. Laurel quickly buried her head in Kiana’s pussy, and they were locked in a 69 as Luke pounded away. As Kiana moved to lick Luke’s balls, then back up to Laurel’s clit, Laurel came one more time with an intense contraction, and the whole thing sent Luke over the edge as he emptied his balls deep into her. He slowly kept going, enjoying the sensation of her sex and the aftershocks that ripped through her, and as he flagged and finally slipped out, Kiana quickly took his cock in her mouth, cleaning him off as she held on to Laurel’s leg. Then, just as quickly, she scooted back up and began licking Laurel, slowly eating their combined juices out of her pussy. Laurel groaned with appreciation, and as she disengaged, she bent down and kissed her, enjoying a bit of the cum mixture still in her mouth. “Yummy.”

Nothing was said for a minute, as they all laid in the afterglow for a minute. Finally, Laurel made her way over to her bag, and produced a business card. “I have to get back to my tent. My friend and I are sharing one, and I really don’t feel like telling her what I’ve been doing all night. But I’d like to get together sometime soon.”

Luke looked at it, giggling. “You’re a lawyer?”

“Yeah. Call me if you ever need a contract proofed.”

“Will do.” He dug in his wallet, and gave her one of his own cards. “Maybe we can get together next week?”

“I’m free on Sunday,” she offered.

“Fine. We live in west Portland, in Beaverton. Is that convenient for you?”

“I live in Beaverton as well.”

“Perfect. Dinner, and then you can come back to our place.”

She leaned in, kissed him with a fire, then did the same to Kiana. She got up and quickly threw her dress back on. “I can hardly wait.” And with that, she walked out the door flap, blew them both a kiss, and walked out. Kiana grinned, and glanced over at Luke.

“What?” he asked.

“Best. Event. EVER!” she said with a laugh. He hopped on her, kissing her as they lazily made out.

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