Swinging couple enjoys a new playmate at the fair

Swinging couple enjoys a new playmate at the fair.. It was an interesting sort of microcosm, this event. Luke looked around and smiled, at all the people in medieval garb, random weird tents, period items. Men splitting wood by hand, and all the strange accompaniment. They would be here for three days, enjoying the festivities, taking in some of the amateur entertainment the camps put on (theater, music, talent, etc.), and tomorrow Luke was greatly looking forward to his introduction to armored fighting. Granted, his “sword” was wooden and the events were not quite cutthroat, but still, it looked to be fantastically fun, and he was incredibly thrilled his friend Rodney had talked him into it. He had no idea how well he’d do—he moonlighted as a martial arts teacher and was fairly accomplished there, but had never once forayed into this area of combat—but still, it looked fun as hell.

But truthfully, there was another reason he was here, and that was the women. Rodney had explained in great detail that for many couples, while they were monogamous in everyday life, there were often certain exceptions in place for the events. There was some elaborate ritual with a fruit with cloves stuck in it where if you offered it to the opposite sex, their response was supposed to dictate what they were willing to do with you. “Throw the clove on the ground if you’re willing to hug,” Rodney had explained, “bite the clove if you’re willing to kiss. But be careful that if you take the last clove, or if you bite the fruit itself, you’re basically agreeing to warm their bed the rest of the night.” He also advised him about “kilt checks,” and that he should always submit to them—apparently girls would tease your precious bits on the premise of checking to make sure you hadn’t worn underwear, asking “are you regimental,” since traditionally they were never a thing. There was a pub and also a separate tournament drinking game, and while there were plenty of people who came with their families and friends just to have some fun and enjoy a bit of cutting loose and medieval flavor, all understood that as the night got darker, most anything went. And since Luke and his longtime girlfriend Kiana had recently passed into the realm of being swingers (another story for another time, though a good one), he loved the idea of a place where they might get into an adventure or two with some attractive people. As he stood in camp, taking a quick stretch in just his kilt, he noticed one or two glances from attractive women as they passed by. At 6’2″ and a well-toned 190 lbs topped by a chiseled face, brown hair, and deep green eyes, Luke was a good looking man, and he hoped to use that to his advantage this weekend.

He shook his head and broke his reverie, turning back to the tent. It was a rather large affair he had splurged on, supposedly capable of sleeping 10. It took a fair bit of doing, and about an hour to not only set up, but also “furnish.” Three feather beds and an assortment of blankets and pillows ensured a comfortable bed—Kiana liked the outdoors, but she had never really been a camping girl, per se. But, looking around at the rather cushy surroundings, Luke wondered if perhaps it was a better setup than their bedroom at home. As he was appraising his work, Kiana came strolling into the front entryway.

“Wow. You really did quite the job here, love.”

He looked over at her face, pleased to see that she was beaming her approval. Her features were always gorgeous, but when she smiled, her dark brown eyes really did seem to shine. He grinned back, and she sauntered over to him, swaying her hips a bit seductively. Kiana’s father was Egyptian and her mother a mix of Western European ancestry, which gave her a somewhat lighter olive skin tone, with long, thick, dark brown hair and a slightly exotic beauty. She was dressed in some royal purple and gold middle eastern garb, intended as an homage to belly dancing gear of the middle east, which showed off her nicely flared hips and toned stomach, easily her best assets on her tall, lithe figure. She put her arms around his neck as she craned up to put her mouth by his, teasingly. “I’d say somebody is getting a great big reward a bit later,” she purred enticingly before leaning in to kiss him, and smoothly snaking her tongue into his mouth.


He responded by grabbing her around the hips and pulling her into him as he returned the kiss, and as she pressed her body against him, she reached down slyly and brushed her hand over his cock, which, while relaxed, was gaining a bit of blood due to the situation. Enjoying his swelling, she teased him a bit more, and he responded by snaking his hand inside her top. Kiana’s breasts weren’t large (maybe a B cup), but they were perky as could be and she only wore a bra half the time even in regular clothes, but her nipples were hypersensitive, so the attention immediately made her groan. “Ooh, you’re gonna get it good tonight, mister.”

“Don’t threaten me with a good time,” he responded with a cheshire cat grin.

“I just want you to be ready when I drain you dry.”

“Geez, get a tent, you two!” they heard a few feet away, and looked up from their embrace to see a familiar face in Melanie smiling back at them.

“We have one,” Kiana retorted.

“Well, if you’re going to fuck in public, at least let me know so I can be there to watch,” she quipped back.

“Noted,” Luke replied. “I didn’t know you were into this stuff.”

“It’s my first event,” Melanie said, coming over and giving them each a quick hug. “I’m here with my friend Megan. She’s really into the whole scene, has a clan, all that. I’m over across the camp near the food tents.”

Melanie and Kiana had worked together at a bar about a year ago, and though they had a few friends in common, they had only hung out a handful of times, when people had gathered for food or the occasional hit of pot. Kiana didn’t smoke a lot, and Luke was only a very occasional indulger, so perhaps their worlds didn’t collide a lot with Melanie’s somewhat more hippie-ish crowd. Luke couldn’t help but compare her as she stood next to Kiana, noting that she was about an inch shorter at around 5’7″, but willow-thin and pale skinned. Her black hair and grayish-green eyes contrasted beautifully with her skin tone, and she had a slight Angelina Jolie quality to her facial features.

“Ours too. We were just thinking about going and checking the grounds out, maybe finding some food. Want to come with?”

“I’d love to!” she positively beamed, and with that, they set out.

The event was certainly a spectacle to behold. As they walked through the expansive campgrounds, enjoying the picturesque Northwest spring day, they noticed a flurry of activity. Luke pointed out the few things he knew about—the impromptu talent stage, where events both scheduled and unscheduled unfolded, currently occupied by a guy juggling several insane items, including a bowling ball and a knife. Spontaneously, a group of men passed them tumbling along via cartwheels. Luke ran into a bouncer he worked with at the restaurant and nightclub he managed downtown, who gave him a hug and then a slightly jealous look at both Kiana and Melanie. He didn’t bother to correct his misconceptions, enjoying the look of envy. After a bit, they came to the food tents, and settled on a sort of cornish pastry stuffed with chicken, potatoes, and veggies, and they ate until full. They walked around a bit, coming back toward the stage, stopping to take in some actors. Kiana and Luke were enjoying the Shakespeare, but Melanie was bored, so she broke off and promised to find them again later.

After about an hour, they went back toward the camp, and Luke began bopping around with their friend John, working on preparing dinner. Kiana and John’s girlfriend Bev went to the small country store about 15 minutes away in order to retrieve ice and a few more drinks, and as they returned, John and Luke were finishing up seasoning the steaks. They all cracked open a beer, and Luke went to work building up a fire, as the sun was starting to get a bit lower in the sky, with sundown maybe an hour away. As it began to take, John fired up his camping grill, and threw the potatoes wrapped in foil on first, then the steaks. As darkness began to fall, Melanie returned, a bit tipsy. “I went to the tablero tent,” she exclaimed.

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“What’s that?” Luke asked.

“It’s a drinking game. There are tournaments tonight and tomorrow night,” she explained.

“Be careful with that game,” a young guy named Joe offered. “It sneaks up on you because they use beer, but it’ll get you fucked up.”

Sensing their friend may be a bit too intoxicated, Kiana and Luke offered Melanie to stay for dinner—there were easily a dozen in their camp already eating around the fire, and they had tons of food, so one more was no big deal. She readily accepted, and quickly chowed down—Luke had done an amazing teriyaki marinade on the steaks, and they were unbelievably tender and delicious. Doubtless aided by the booze, she was a bit flirty and friendly with Kiana, and especially with Luke, offering up lots of silly jokes about the great quality of his meat and how much she loved it in her mouth, etc. Both of them couldn’t help but smile.

After dinner, Joe broke out his guitar, and a few people sung along here and there as they enjoyed the music and the fire. Someone broke out a bottle of nice bourbon, and it began to get passed around, with the admonition that it was quite strong and needed to be sipped with care. Luke and Kiana both tried to moderate, but Melanie, despite their urging, dismissed their reasoning. After a few passes, she began to look a bit woozy. “Are you okay, honey?” Kiana asked.

“Yeah, just a bit too drunk,” she giggled.

“Are you going to get sick?”

“No, I almost never do. But I may need to lie down for a bit.”

“Do you want to use our tent for a few?”

She nodded her assent, and Kiana helped her into the tent, lying her down on some larger body pillows and covering her with a spare blanket. After a bit, she came back and sat next to Luke. “She’s resting, she’ll be fine.”

“Good. Sorry.”

“For what?” she asked.

“Well, she’s right there, so I guess we can’t…”

“Why not? She can either take her ass back to her camp when she’s sobered up, or she can fucking watch. But I’m not passing up the chance to ride your cock tonight.” Luke smiled, leaned in, and gave her a passionate kiss, wondering how he’d gotten so damn lucky.

And so they stayed by the fire for about another hour, enjoying the music, the evening, and a few more heady pulls from the bourbon bottle. As the bottle came around for the umpteenth time, Kiana began to snake her hands up Luke’s kilt, surreptitiously toying with his cock, giving him an evil half smile as she glanced over. As the night got darker, the noise from various parts of camp seemed to increase. People were more and more jubilant as they walked by on the “road” beside the camp, and shortly Joe and a handful of others in the camp began to pack it in, discussing going down to the makeshift tavern set up down the way, to see what was happening there. Kiana and Luke begged off, and hasty goodnights were said as they retreated to their tent.

Once inside, they began to paw at each other and started frantically kissing. “You know why I don’t drink whiskey much at all?”

Luke shook his head. Come to think of it, in the nearly two years they had been together, he had only seen her drink it once, on a particularly wild night at a concert. “It makes me horny as fuck. I am so going to tear into you!” and with that, she roughly grabbed his hardening shaft, only to be slightly startled by the noise of Melanie stirring—they had forgotten about her completely. Kiana gave him an apologetic look, then put one of the electric lanterns on low, and went over to stroke her face. “How you feeling baby girl?”

“A bit better,” she groaned. “You want me to leave?”

“Are you able to? I don’t want you wandering around drunk or sick.”

“It might be a bit tricky,” she smiled.

“Okay, well, you can stay here and sleep it off. No offense, but I’m ragingly horny, and I’m going to go fuck my man, so I hope you don’t mind the noise. You need anything before I kill the light?”

Melanie sat up a bit. “Um…can you leave the light on a bit?”

“You…you want to watch us?”

“God yes, you two are fucking hot.”

“Okay, I don’t care. Do you mind?” she asked, glancing over at Luke.

“Not at all,” he said with a grin, feeling his cock harden even more at the possibility of getting watched.

Kiana pulled him over to the bed, roughly pushing him down. He was no sooner on the bed than she was on top of him, her hips and her still panty-encased pussy grinding down on to his cock. Luke sat up, kissing her neck and slowly working his way down her collarbone, which always got her a bit flushed. As he worked his way down her chest, he pushed one side of her top aside, exposing her quarter sized, pinkish brown nipple to the air. The extremely slight chill made it pucker, so he immediately lowered his head and sucked it into his mouth, making her tilt her head back and groan. She felt a sudden flood in her panties as she began to lube rapidly and her head experienced a warm rush. Luke switched to the other nipple for a few seconds, then quickly flipped her over and pushed down on top of her, before quickly pulling off his kilt. As he crawled up on the bed between her legs, he pulled off her panties, and began to crawl between her legs, pushing up her skirt a bit as he bent down to start licking her pussy. Before he could even reach his destination, however, he felt her pulling his arms to bring him up toward her. He looked up into her face. “Uh-uh,” she said, shaking her head. “Right now I just need your cock.”

“You don’t want me to…” he began, a bit disappointed that he wouldn’t get the chance to taste her pussy.

“Maybe next round,” she replied. “Right now, I just need that big, thick shaft in me more than anything.”

He mentally shrugged, but was a bit pleased to hear the phrase “next round.” It seemed his little princess was in the mood to be fucked hard, heavy, and for a long time tonight, and he wasn’t about to complain. As he centered himself near her opening, he began to pry her lips apart slowly with the tip of his dick, but she was having none of the gentle tease, and wrapped her legs around him, quickly drawing him in to the hilt. As he sank in to her warm, tight wetness, he felt her ripple around his member. He pulled back, slowly at first, but she pushed back eagerly, and he got the hint, increasing his speed and force. “You in the mood to get fucked hard tonight?” he asked, as she pulled him into her with eagerness.

“God yes, baby, fuck me wide open, make me sore, pound me hard…”

He began a steady, forceful motion at a medium pace, not wanting to hurt her, but enjoying her aggressiveness. As he pushed in on about his dozenth stroke, she grabbed on to his triceps with force and emitted a half moan/shriek, as her body had a tiny convulsion and mini orgasm. “Holy shit…” he muttered.

“Told you I was worked up and ready,” she responded. She smiled over at him, and glanced over at Melanie

He smiled, pushing in harder, picking up his pace a bit. Generally, she was a bit more sensual, and required some slower buildup, but tonight was going to be an intense one, he could tell. As he increased the intensity of his thrusts, she began arching her pelvis and hips up at him a bit more. She knew giving him deeper access always drove him nuts, and she was in the mood to be pounded hard tonight. She paused briefly, taking off the rest of her garb, and then quickly began thrusting back at him.

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Luke was incredibly turned on, seeing the look of lust in Kiana’s eyes, feeling the flood of her liberally-lubing pussy, and the encouragement from her thrusts back. He began pounding her with an almost vicious rhythm, hearing her moan and feeling her grab at his back. As they began to adapt to the aggressive pace they were urging each other into, Kiana bucked again, letting out a half squeal loud enough to be heard across the camp, her pussy spasming again as she came harder this time. Luke paused to let it wash over her, then resumed his pistoning, giving her a slight bit more impact, as he knew when she got carried away like this she enjoyed the feeling of roughness.

“God baby, just like that…” she moaned, and reached up and kissed him deeply. As they kissed, they heard a wet, squelching noise, and looked over to see Melanie with her dress pulled up and her hands in her panties, obviously pleasuring herself.

“Enjoying the show?” Kiana asked.

“Fuck yeah,” Melanie replied.

“Feel like coming over here and playing?”

“No,” Melanie replied. “I mean, maybe some other time, yeah. But right now I’m too drunk, I’d just get sick.”

“Okay,” Kiana and Luke replied, turning back to each other.

“Later, though,” Melanie added, as they picked up steam again. Kiana felt his penis pulse, and knew he was thinking about fucking Melanie. Kiana arched her eyebrow at Luke, and he gave a slight smile back. Realizing that she was turned on by the idea of watching him screw Melanie, he began unconsciously pushing into her harder and deeper, and she responded by tilting up and allowing him the deepest access she could. As he felt the head of his cock reach the end of her cervix, she clenched her pussy to tease him a little bit. He exhaled hard, determined not to cum for a bit longer, though she was making it difficult.

“I want to be on top,” she said. As he laid back and pushed some pillows under his back to get a little bit of an angle, she wasted little time guiding him back into her. She arched her back, throwing her hair behind her as she began to ride his pole with some force, and as he reached down with his thumb to play gently with her clit, she spasmed again, flooding his crotch with her juices from another cum, as her breathing stopped for a second and her eyes rolled back in her head. “Oh my god, baby!” she exclaimed, as he pushed up as she bore down, giving her several hard pops with his hips, and within another 30 seconds, she came even harder, absolutely flooding him this time with her wetness. As she caught her breath, she looked down, feeling his member growing as hard as she had ever felt it. “Poor baby,” she said, reaching down and running her hands over his chest, “You need to cum, don’t you?”

“Uh-huh,” he managed, nodding.

“Can I help with that?” Melanie asked, somewhat startling them both. They had gotten so involved in each other they had almost forgotten about her.

“Sure,” Kiana answered, sliding off. Melanie clumsily made her way over, one hand in her pussy and still intoxicated, crawling over and wasting no time before she greedily devoured Luke’s cock like it was barely an intrusion into her mouth. She slowly pulled it out of her mouth, letting her spit trail over it, before giving it several good pumps with her hand, lubing it a bit to the base, then taking it back to the end of her mouth. After about three more sucks, slowly working in a figure eight motion, she opened her mouth even wider, and pushed the rest of his length down her throat. She milked him with her throat muscles, then popped off and started talking dirty to him between sucks.

“Come on stud, give me that yumminess…” as she worked a figure eight down to the base, slowly pushing down to the base of his pubic bone, then working back up, letting her lips trail over the shaft and head dramatically. “I want to feel you rocket in my mouth and coat my throat, can you do that for me?” And she gave his cock some long, dramatic licks with her tongue, up and down the entire length. “I think sucking a guy off is the hottest thing in the world and I’m dying to taste your cum, fucking give it to me,” she said, as she stared up at him while bringing him deep into her throat again, then backing off as she dragged her lips up once more. And with that, Luke lost it, grunting a powerful groan and release as he emptied his balls into her eager mouth. Kiana was expecting her to just freeze and let it drip down the sides—after all, she was pretty young, and she just assumed Melanie would be a naive little girl in bed. But Melanie latched on, eagerly slurping and sucking with maximum force as Luke gratefully emptied every single drop into her very eager mouth. As his orgasm subsided, Kiana watched, fascinated, as Melanie just kept right on sucking with a firmness and eagerness that surprised her. Luke attempted to pull away from her, as he started to flag and, Kiana knew from experience, get more sensitive, but Melanie reached up, pushed on his torso with surprising strength, and forced him down as she kept sucking as if her task was only half done. “Trust me,” she said, smiling at him, “I know what I’m doing, stud.” Kiana stared on, fascinated, as she watched her lover go through some interesting expressions and movements as he began to get hard again. Several minutes ticked by, with Melanie not letting him out of her mouth, sucking at first gently, and gradually increasing until she was practically fucking his cock with her face as he regained full firmness. She pulled off, gripping his prick firmly with her delicate, strong hands. “Here. He’s ready for another ride,” she said, pointing his tool at Kiana.

Kiana started to crawl toward him, but Luke quickly sprang up, and practically threw her into doggy position. He positioned himself behind, her, burying himself completely in one smooth, fluid stroke. Within a half dozen strokes, he was drilling her hard, making her ass clap against his hips and abs as he hit her with as much force as he could muster. Kiana begin moaning hard, enjoying the diligent, firm fucking he was giving her—he was like a man possessed, and she looked over at Melanie, who had gone back to reclining, pushing her fingers inside her pussy, and mouthed the words “Thank you,” as best as she could manage, given the pounding she was currently getting. Melanie, for her part, just smiled back, with a half-glazed look in her eye as she slowly rubbed her clit, bringing herself to the verge. Kiana tried to move Luke a bit, but he was having none of it, and he kept hammering away at her for a while, bringing her to three more fairly intense cums, with her continuing to flood his crotch. Lost in their own pleasure, both Kiana and Luke began to focus on Melanie, wanting to make sure she was also having a good time. She was lost in her own world, her dress hiked up around her midsection, pushing two fingers in and out of her cunt roughly. As she lowly moaned, pushing herself over the edge, the noise and spectacle made Luke push as deep into Kiana as he could, emptying himself into her.

As he caught his breath, he pulled out of Kiana gently. Before he could even reach for a rag to clean himself off, Melanie was over at his cock, tongue bathing it clean gently but firmly. “Don’t worry, I won’t try to suck you hard again. Not now, anyway,” she added. Luke smiled at her, and as he glanced over, he noticed Kiana, flushed and beaming, clearly enjoying the show—then again, she was, he had learned recently, quite a voyeur, and got off on watching.

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After she had collected it all, even the leftover drops in his softening penis, Kiana spoke up. “You got something to share, baby girl?”

“What do you mean?” Melanie responded, confused.

“Some of that yummy stuff,” she countered.

“Nuh-uh. I swallowed it all.”

“All of it?”

“What can I tell you? I love cum. Speaking of which…” And, with that, she dove into Kiana, greedily lapping at her pussy, slurping and sucking at her clit and using her finger to scoop out Luke’s deposited seed. Kiana held her face against her pussy, enjoying immensely the younger girl’s tongue, as she gave her a small yet sweet orgasm. Afterward, she leaned down and kissed her.

“Thank you,” Melanie said.

“For what? We should be thanking you!” Kiana retorted.

“I love sucking cock and cum more than just about anything in the world,” Melanie replied. “This has been great. Seriously, thank you.”

“You’re welcome to do that anytime you want,” Luke beamed. The girls both giggled at his response and enthusiasm. After a few more moments of small talk, they bedded back down and dropped off.

Luke awoke suddenly, surprised. He felt an immediately recognizable sensation, and quickly realized he was getting his dick sucked. He looked over. Kiana was sleeping next to him in the dim light of what would shortly be morning. He looked down at the hump in the bed, and peeled it back to see Melanie, this time completely naked and sucking him deep into her mouth. She glanced up at him, pulled off, and smiled. “I woke up horny. I hope you don’t mind?”

“Not in the slightest,” he beamed. She giggled and quickly went back to work. He groaned a bit as she went back to her popsicle-like licks technique, enjoying her attentions. After a few minutes of experiencing her arsenal of divine methods, he quickly disengaged, rolled her over, and moved into position to taste her. He worked his way up the inside of her thighs, kissing her gently before laying a gentle kiss on either lip, then over her recessed clit. His first licks were gentle, with minimal contact, as she began to warm up and make some low exhalations of appreciation.

Hearing the noise and feeling the movement in bed beside her, Kiana stirred. “What’s up?” she asked groggily.

“Not much baby,” Luke answered. “I just thought you might want to watch me fuck Melanie before breakfast.”

“God yes,” she replied, waking quickly. Luke was already applying more pressure to her clit, giving her a side to side lick repeatedly, before switching to a figure eight over her clit. She had a musky, almost earthy taste that was strong, but he liked it. He buried his face deep into her folds again, licking at her with abandon, enjoying the sensation of feeling her rising as she tensed her slender thighs around his head. A few more minutes of steadily switching his tongue patterns, he snaked a finger deep into her as he sucked her clit into his mouth, and she clamped her pussy down tightly on his digit.

“Mmm, enough,” Melanie said, pushing him away. “I need it inside of me, now.”

As Luke began to crawly up toward her, Kiana reached into one of their bags and produced a condom. He rolled it down to the base of his turgid member, and then pushed his head at the entrance of her channel, slowly, but determinedly opening her up with each stroke. After about a dozen strokes, she was more than halfway accepting his cock. “Be gentle with her,” Kiana warned him, softly touching his chest.

“Why? I can take it!” she responded.

“Honey, it’s big, and you’re a small girl,” Kiana responded.

“I want it all. I want to feel it all open me up and fill me full,” she said. Kiana looked at Luke and shrugged. He pulled back, working on giving her another fraction of an inch with each thrust. Kiana reached down, kissed Melanie passionately, and went to work on one nipple, then the other, trying to get her more primed as Luke concentrated on opening her up. Within another couple of dozen strokes, Luke felt himself bottom out. He looked down to confirm, then smiled up to Kiana with pride. “See, I told you I could handle it,” Melanie said with a smile.

“I stand corrected, then,” Kiana replied.

Luke fucked her steadily, not as hard as he did Kiana the previous night because he didn’t want to hurt her. But with solid zeal, nonetheless. She wasn’t terribly sensuous or sophisticated, but she was lusty, and straightforward in her needs. They kept up straight missionary for a few, and after a bit, she grabbed onto her feet, spreading her long legs wide, and allowed him full access to pound her pussy. After a few more minutes of solid fucking, he felt her tensing, and, sensing she might be getting close, he rose up to his knees, grabbed her around her slip hips, and began forcing her onto his cock with all the strength he could muster. “Uh…uh…uh…uh…UH…UH FUCK OH GOD FUCK FUCK DAMN FUCK ME!” she let out, collapsing back.

Turned on and wanting in, Kiana leaned in, kissing her deeply and snaking her tongue into her mouth. “Sit on my face,” Melanie begged, and Kiana quickly moved into position. Melanie wasted no time as she latched on to her clit, sucking with abandon as Luke began pounding away again. Kiana leaned forward, kissing Luke as he used a hand to reach up, fondle her nipple, and then grasp the back of her hair as she devoured his mouth. Quickly, she pushed his hand back down to Melanie’s clit, and as he began to drum it gently, she quickly heated up, fucking back at him harder and licking and tongue-fucking Kiana’s pussy as if it contained treasure. They kept up this rhythm for several minutes, with Melanie cumming hard first, followed by Luke, and then finally Kiana rocketing off and flooding Melanie’s mouth. As they disengaged, they kissed, one at a time, smiling maniacally and breathing hard. Nothing was said for several minutes.

“Anybody want breakfast?” Melanie asked.

“Maybe in a bit,” Kiana replied. “I need a bit more rest, first.”

“Me too,” Luke replied, reclining back on the bed.

“Okay. I guess a bit of rest wouldn’t hurt,” she said, as she realized how incredibly racked she was. She crawled beside Luke, pressing her hips against his, and reaching across him to lay her hand against Kiana’s nice, rounded ass. Almost as quickly as they settled in, they all dropped off.

Hours later, Luke awoke to a bird making noise outside the tent. He looked around, and though Kiana was beside him, Melanie appeared to be long gone. It was bright outside, and Kiana stirred, opening her big liquid eyes and staring at him. “Good morning stud,” she said with an evil grin.

“Good morning to you.”

“So she left?”

“Yeah, it appears so,” he said, stumbling around, searching for something to throw on and bathing supplies so he could go to the campground showers. While he wasn’t complaining, he positively wreaked of sex.

Kiana noticed her cell blinking, and unlocked the screen. Melanie had texted her.

Thank you both for an amazing night. I’m really hoping we can have a repeat after the fair 😉

Kiana beamed, and showed it to Luke. “Oh, hell yes!” he responded.

“I was hoping you’d say that. I never got a chance to eat her out.”

Luke dropped to his knees, and kissed Kiana. “I love you,” he said, with a shit-eating grin.

“Just think. That was only day one.”


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