Sex with cousin

Hi guys this is my first storie so forgive me if there any mistakes ok then let’s start the storie one day i go to my anti’s house anti was going to the market for shopping and my uncal is work out of uncal have one son and one docghter.
my cosin brother was gone for playing mach whit friends so he will coming after 2 or 3 hours later.
my cosin sister left alone at home.
she was siting there one side of bed and i was siting front of her.
she was so hot and sexy i always want to fuck her any way i get near her and said
what are you thinking

she said noting

then i said do you have to do any thing

she said noting why?

then i said let’s play a game.


she said what kinda game?

i said first i tolled you to do what i want you to do then you tolled me what you want me to do and we don’t tell about it to anyone

she said ok let play

then i said close you eyes and don’t open it for a vile

she close her eyes

then i start kissing her on her lips.

She didn’t do any thing and keep her eyes close and sit there as i didn’t do any thing to her.

I stop kissing her.

She open her eyes and said it’s my turn and told me to close my eyes.

I close my eyes then she kiss me on lips and keep kissing me for 3 or 4 minets then she stop.

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I get shoked by this for a minets i sit there confuce but she was smailing then i look at her and i smail too.

Then i said it’s my turn and told to lay on bed and close her eyes.
She lay on the bed and close her eyes.
I get neair her and start tuching her boobs and slowlie start tuching her pussey.
Her boobs was so soft it feel so good i never felt like it in my life after 5 6 minets i stope.
She get up and ask me to do the same thing.
I lay their and then she sit on me and start kissing me agen but this time she start masaging my dick my dick was allready hard as rock she take out my dick from my pant and start moving her heand up and down on my dick it feel so good her heand making crazy i never felt like it before and then she stop kissing and start licking my dick and keep licking after some time i cum in her mouth she drink all the cum.
Then i get up and ask her to take her cloth and she take her clothe off after that she ask me to take of my clothe.
I take my clothe of and now we both fulliy naked.
She was looking so beautifull.
i coudent control my self and take her on bed and start licking her boobs they wear so taste.
Her pussey was so wet i take my finger her pussey.
She start sakreming my dick was heard and we both waer ready to fuck each other.
I ask her to spret her leags so i can take my dick her pussey.
She spret her leags then put my dick her pussey.
Her pussey was tight and sacwezy.
Her inside was so hot i felt like my dick will going to melt inside her.
She ask me to move so i start puching my dick in and out. She start secreming again.
Her inside get more silky i think she cum.
I tought she ask me to stop but she said move faster so i start moving faster because of moving fast i felt like cuming.
Then i said i going to cum soon.
She said i gona cum too.
After 2min i felt she is cuming and then i cum on her.
My cum was allover her body that was the best day of my life.
After that we take care of each other.
Good by.

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