My wife dped by my sons

Hi iam Prabha .iam writing my new story .His happened a three months family is a middle class family .Iam having a beautiful wife and two sons .my elder son is studying inter and younger son is 10 th cls .Iam an gov employe .my family situation is very good .I never doubt on my wife.But on one Sunday in afternoon when I was sleeping my wife went to bath both my sons are at home . Our bathroom is in balcony so my wife is bathing their .sudden I woke up and went to drink some water into kitchen bathroom is visible from kitchen .I was shocked to see my elder son peeping my wife bathing .I was boiled and went out to the main door but I thought one sec that even my wife knows that son is seeing bcoz it’s a small bathroom but is exposing and that stoped me their and went in after few minutes my wife came from that day I got bit doubt on my wife . After one week I went out of town iam getting msg from elder son clg that he was absent and I called my wife she said son health is not good .Nxt day youger son for same reason I got doubt.Any how I came after one week .My wife is very week I asked wt happened she said three of us health bus not good I said ok.i went to office next morning but today I got msg from clg that son is absent I decided to check out at home what’s happening.i called wife and said today iam getting late to home and went to out from office and I went to home door was locked and I opened with my key and went in slowly I could here sounds from my bed room slowly I went their i was shocked to see my wife ass licked by my elder son .He almost burried his face in my wife ass she is shouting ha.. my son lick ….

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My son your father never did this your toung makes me crazy and he took his 8 inch cock out bigger than me and my wife started sucking like a devil she sucked for 10 min and my son caught her hair and kissed her on her lips .He licked every curve of her and spanked her round butts she shouted ahhh my sonnnn.He maid her lay and jumped on her and started fucking her in machinery style she is shouting fuck fuck ….. Fuck me. Harder …son make me cumm.i remained there and cummed twice and went out came in the evening .They behaved normally after dinner I went to sleep .

Nxt day when I went to office msg came from school .I thought he is small he didn’t do this things but something bought me home same seen .he fucked my wife like a horse but by seeing my son’s fuck my wife iam getting erosed .I thought of fixing a cam in my bed room and I fixed it . Daily I come home and check the recording .one day wht happened younger son came from schl at 10 am and started fucking my wife inthe bed room . Suddenly elder son return back from clg he was shocked to see his brother fuck mom and shouted on wife .you bitch you fuck even this small kid and yonger fell shouted the same the got anger on each other started fighting but my wife went in middle and caught to son’s cock and told don’t fight each other show your strength on me . Today i want to see which will fuck me good and long lasting .Then both of the took their chance and one son in mouth and another in pussy my wife is shouting like anything fuck your mom sons make your mom cummmmm……. Fuckkk me harderrrrr ….fuck fuck both of them swapping and fucking they fucked one hr my wife got exhausted and and said to fuck her ass then elder son took chance and started spanking my wife ass bitch your r a bitch and took her I doggy style gave big stocks my wife cummed 5 times both the sons started doing my wife after 20 min both cummed at same time .. This continues Daily

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