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Growing up in East Texas in the 1950’s and 60’s wasn’t easy. Dad died in a traffic accident when I was ten. That left Mom and me. She was a Licensed Vocational Nurse, working shift work at the hospital in town. Her pay was low since she wasn’t a Registered Nurse. Dad’s insurance barely paid off the house and covered his funeral expenses. Mom had to be very careful with her money to provide for our needs. She was able to meet the bills, but had very little left over.

Mom married Dad when she was seventeen. I was born when she was eighteen. Her work kept her active, which enabled her to maintain a trim figure. She was a small lady, 5′-2″ weighing 100 pounds soaking wet. She had dark auburn hair and a light complexion thanks to her Irish heritage.

I was small for my age, topping out at 5′-7″ and weighing 145 pounds. I took after Dad, having a medium complexion, brown hair, and hazel eyes, but fell short of his 5′-10″ height. Doing construction work later made me very strong for my size.

Since it was just Mom and I at home, I learned early about doing laundry, cooking, housekeeping, and yard work. During the summers I mowed yards to help with expenses.


Our home was a rather small two-bedroom frame house with one bath. Mom and Dad bought two half-acre adjoining lots and built the house on one of them. The house was utilitarian, with just the basics. We only had a tub with no shower. The toilet was beside the tub, between it and the lavatory. The kitchen and dining area were common and also contained the laundry area.


The summer I turned sixteen I was able to get my driver’s license. This was a big help because I worked for an uncle building houses. He trained me to be a finish carpenter and cabinetmaker. The paychecks were a real help with the household expenses. I was able to start buying tools and begin saving for a used truck.

Because of working as much as possible it took me an extra year to graduate high school. My working also kept me from attending the school social functions. Interactions with my age group were limited to classroom time. Naturally quiet and shy, I became more so.

Mom and I were not able to spend much time together due to both of us working different hours. She didn’t push me to date much because our conversations were limited and money was so tight. She would occasionally express concerns but I was always able to dodge the issue claiming work. I was so introverted I was unable to carry on a normal conversation with a girl. I was actually afraid to try for fear of looking like an idiot.

Until the summer I turned seventeen, Mom worked evenings or nights because of the shift differential. That summer she changed jobs for a full time day position with weekends off because our financial situation had improved. This gave us more time together.

After she began working the day shift we were able to spend evenings and weekends together. We would try to eat out at a local cafe once per month. We also spent many evenings talking. Most of the conversations were about our jobs and planning small projects like fencing the back yard or painting a room in the house.


I turned eighteen about two weeks before of the end of my junior year. The following summer was good for both of us. I’d saved enough to buy a used ¾ ton crew cab truck from my uncle, Mom made the final payment on her car, and I found a small house to tear down for salvage. I was able to build a laundry room addition on the house and a 24′ by 36′ shop on the adjoining lot Mom owned. Several people had approached me about building cabinets and bookshelves. Having the shop gave me a place to work out of the weather. The additional income also allowed me to insulate our home and install central air conditioning in addition to installing a shower and tile tub surround in the bathroom. That sure made the summers more bearable. We always said the humidity at least equaled the temperature during the summers in East Texas.

Mom worked with me in the shop occasionally on Saturdays applying stains and finishes to completed projects. The additional income really helped our lifestyle. We were able to go out more often, occasionally take in a movie, and finally begin to save some money. Our talks continued when we would work together. She even began to joke around to try and lighten the tension that would develop from her asking about any girls I knew or dating during some of our conversations

Living as we did, we’d see each other in our underwear. It was not uncommon for one of us to parade through the house from the bathroom to laundry area in our skivvies. Mom always wore utilitarian undergarments, choosing function over style. Occasionally I would see Mom topless briefly, but it was always from a distance, usually across her bedroom.

I knew Mom had B cup breasts from doing our laundry. I could also tell she had a full bush because I could see the shadow of pubic hair through the white cotton panties she always wore. A well-rounded ass was visible from the back. Full, total, live, in living color, frontal nudity was something I had not yet experienced other than looking at magazines the guys would have in their trucks at the jobsites.

Since we were together in the evenings sharing the bathroom became more of a problem. One of us would be bathing and the other would have to answer nature’s call. As a result, I hung a rod and installed a shower curtain to provide some semblance of privacy. The problem was that the only shower curtains available at the time were a heavy translucent vinyl material. An opaque curtain was out of the question because the bath light was wall mounted over the lavatory sink. The small window was located in the wall behind the toilet.

This led to some food for jerk-off sessions because I could “see” mom through the curtain when she was bathing. Nothing was clearly visible but the hints were there. I have since learned that hints can be much more erotic than full blown in your face nudity. I am sure Mom got the same hints when I was in the tub. The glimpses through the shower curtain were enough to keep interest up.

About a month after I turned eighteen, Mom started to ask about my dating or lack of. She was the only lady, other than my paternal grandmother; I was able to carry on a conversation with. As our talks progressed she quickly discovered just how introverted I was. It was embarrassing for me to admit that I was scared of girls and didn’t know how to talk to them. Anyone not a natural extrovert has probably suffered embarrassment by doing something stupid or has been the butt of embarrassing pranks. Adding shyness really compounded the problem.

Mom was concerned about my shyness and began to try to help me resolve the issue. We began to role-play at home in the evenings. It was embarrassing for me at first until I really realized Mom was a very attractive lady that looked about ten years younger than her age of 36. She looked even younger when carefully made-up. She was also working with me to overcome my reluctance about touching. As part of the role-play she had us holding hands and hugging. I was beginning to enjoy these sessions.

During these sessions the subject of sex came up. It was a very embarrassing discussion. Mom’s pointed questioning revealed I had a normal sex drive and was masturbating regularly to keep the libido under control. Nothing was said, but I could tell Mom was also masturbating also because I would hear her at night after we had gone to bed. It took a while but I eventually figured out what the stifled moans meant.

After the talks and role-play began, Mom became touchy-feely on my torso, face, and neck. This also was somewhat embarrassing at first until I realized she missed the close intimate relationship she’d had with Dad. It didn’t take long before the subject of intimate relations came up. During the talks I had to admit that all I knew was what I’d overheard on the construction sites and at school. My knowledge was abysmal.

Mom finally decided to force the issue. “You need to learn how to date and court a young lady,” she said. “I know we live in a small town where everyone knows everybody but it is only 35 miles to Longview, where no one knows us. I’ll be your date and coach you on behavior and small talk.”

“But Mom, are you sure this’ll work?” I asked. “I’m still worried about acting or doing something stupid.”

“Why don’t we plan to have a dinner and movie night on Saturday?” she asked. “There is a new John Wayne western showing at the Twin Pines drive-in and we can eat at El Chico before going to the movie.”

She knew full well I was a sucker for Mexican food and a western movie. She enjoyed them as much as I did.

“Since this is going to be a date night let’s do it right,” she said. “You get your truck cleaned up Saturday morning. After you clean up and dress leave for a while to allow me to finish getting ready. Come back home, knock on the door, and I’ll join you. We’ll go to the restaurant and then the movie. It’ll be fun.”

“Well, if you’re sure this is the thing to do I’m game,” I told her. “Maybe this’ll help me overcome some of the shyness in public.” I figured that at this point anything would help.

Saturday morning found me washing my truck and cleaning the interior, which meant a trip to the local carwash to use the vacuum and a stop for gas. After filling the tank I returned home.

Mom was wearing her usual weekend attire of shorts and a tank top. Unusually this tank top was quite snug and really emphasized her breasts. The neckline was low enough to show some cleavage. My usual dress down attire was cut off jeans and a tee shirt, the rattier the better.

I hit the bathroom to take care of the three S’s. While I was standing at the sink shaving Mom came in, lowered her shorts and panties, and sat on the toilet to pee. This was the first time she’d ever bared herself below the waist in front of me. Needless to say getting the brief glimpse of her pussy and auburn bush, and hearing her stream splashing in the toilet, brought my cock to full attention. Since I was in my jockeys it was obvious what happened. It was like I’d stuffed a corncob in my shorts. Mom looked over and began to giggle quietly, knowing full well what she’d done.

After she finished peeing she spread her legs to wipe, giving me another full beaver shot. The extended view caused my cock to get even harder. Mom looked at me asking “You havin’ a problem? I decided that if you’ve seen one before it’s nothing new, if not, it’s high time you did.” There was a high risk of me cutting my throat while shaving. After finishing, she again stood, pulled up her panties and shorts, and kissed the back of my neck while leaving.

Her actions had me bumfuzzled. This was the first time she had been this blatant. It took all my concentration to finish shaving without some serious nicks. The old Gillette double edge sure got a workout.

I went into my room to dress. Mom had laid out a new bright blue western shirt, new blue jeans, and a new pair of boots for me. I stuck my head out the door asking, “Where’d the clothes come from?” Mom replied, “I felt like you needed something new so I bought ’em for you. Consider it a belated birthday gift. I can never repay you for the way you’ve stepped up and helped out since your dad died. We’re doing so much better now I feel you’ve earned it.”

After dressing I went to the living room where Mom was. She told me, “We need to set some ground rules. Since I’m your date tonight I’m not Mom. Call me by my given name, Patsy or Pat. You also have to talk to the staff at the restaurant. You’ll have to place the order and answer any questions. This will force you to communicate with people you don’t know. I know how reluctant you are to speak to strangers. You can talk. You do to me and the people you work with. Learn to do it in public.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I replied. “You’re forcing me out of my comfort zone, but I understand why. It won’t be easy, but I’ll try.”

“Depending on how successful you are there may be some rewards for good behavior,” Mom said. “You got a reward in the bathroom earlier.”

That statement got my attention. “What types of rewards are you talking about?” I asked.

“You’ll have to wait and see,” she replied, smiling. “Now, you clear out and come back in about forty-five minutes. That’ll give me time to finish getting ready. Take the cooler, ice it down, and get some drinks. See you later, Hon.”

I got into my truck and drove away. My mind was still whirling around the rewards statement. Could she be talking about what I was thinking about? I still hadn’t fully recovered from the beaver shot.

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Returning home from my errand forty minutes later, I pulled into the driveway behind Mom’s car. I got out of the truck and went to the front door. Knocking as she’d requested got a “Just a minute” reply.

The door opened and took my breath away. There was Mom wearing a white silk sleeveless blouse that buttoned down the front. She also had on a knee length pleated skirt that was a perfect color match to my shirt. She was wearing suntan colored hose and 2″ black heels. Her shoulder length hair was lightly curled under on the end. She’d applied full makeup including a bluish green eye shadow that was a perfect match for her green eyes. A very light blush and red lipstick were the finishing touches. She had a small gold chain around her neck and a gold bangle bracelet to complete the ensemble. She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

“Good evening lovely lady,” were the first words from my mouth. “Your chariot awaits.” I know, the dialogue sounded like a cheesy romance novel, but I was almost struck dumb.

“Let me get my purse,” she said, picking up a small black clutch from the chair arm by the door. Turning on the porch light, she closed and locked the door. She took my arm as I escorted her to the truck. Opening the passenger door I assisted her into the seat. Lifting her leg gave me a brief view up her skirt where I could see the tops of her stockings. It was not quite enough to see her crotch though.

Since the mid 1960’s were pre seatbelt laws, mom scooted over in the seat to sit beside me. She was close enough that her thigh was pressed against mine. Her skirt pulled up to just below her stocking tops. Thank goodness for bench seats and automatic transmissions. I was able to place my arm across the seatback above her shoulders while I drove.

We made small talk during the drive to the restaurant. She was behaving differently tonight. She seemed to be more affectionate and outgoing. She was also coaching me on etiquette in a slightly upscale restaurant. All I had been to before were fast food and the local cafe with booth or counter seating.

Parking at the restaurant I went around and opened the door to help her out. Sliding across the seat pushed her skirt up allowing a glimpse of white lace on her panties. This forced an emergency reset to adjust my swelling cock. Mom again began to giggle. She knew exactly what she was doing.

“Sorry for being so “hard” on you,” she said. “No you’re not,” I replied. “You enjoy giving me a “hard” time.” This brought another giggle.

“Remember, I’m Patsy or Pat tonight. Perfection means greater rewards,” she said.

“Here you go with the rewards again,” I told here.

Following her coaching I approached the hostess station in the restaurant. I told the hostess we needed a table for two in a secluded area if possible. We were very shortly escorted to a semi-hidden table in a corner. I had my arm around Patsy’s waist as we followed the hostess. I noticed that she drew admiring glances from some of the men there. After reaching the table I pulled out the chair out for her, allowing her to be seated. I took my seat as the hostess told us our waitress would be with us shortly.

Mom’s previous coaching and the potential for “rewards” allowed me to be able to talk with the waitress and place our orders. This earned a big smile and wink from Mom. It did wonders for my confidence. “You are doing a great job,” she told me. “Keep it up for a reward later,” she giggled.

“Here we go again,” I told her. “I hear a lot of promises.”

“You’ll like the rewards,” she replied. “They might be like the reward at home this afternoon. Just keep up the excellent work like you have so far. Don’t forget, we still have the movie later.”

We continued to talk and lightly tease each other through dinner. When we were finished with the meal I assisted her from her chair and again held her by the waist as we left the restaurant. Once outside she said, “I am impressed with how well you talked while eating and how you treated me. That is the way a girl likes to be treated. That deserves a reward.” She placed her arms around my neck, pressed her body against me, and delivered a full on lip lock kiss with a hint of tongue. Feeling her breasts against my chest combined with the kiss was again causing a problem in my jeans.

Arriving at the truck I unlocked and opened her door. After helping her into the seat she turned toward me, raised, and spread her knees slightly allowing me to see her lace trimmed sheer panties. This did nothing to help with the problem I was already having. Patsy again giggled before turning in the seat to face forward.

It was only a short drive to the drive-in theatre. After paying at the gate she told me, “Find a spot away from everyone else on one of the back rows.” Having listened to guys on the jobs talk I had an idea why. I jokingly asked, “What are you planning to do, sneak out?” Her reply was, “You’ll find out. When you get parked get the cooler because I want a coke.”

We slowly drove to the back row of the parking area where we found plenty of spaces available. Mom said, “Park away from the others and stop the truck so we can see from the back seat. There’s more room back there and I can sit closer to you.”

After getting the truck positioned Mom said, “Let’s go to the concession, I need a restroom. We also might want some popcorn.”

We walked to the concession with my arm around her shoulder. She kept her side pressed against me the entire way. The side of her left breast was rubbing against my side. Separating, she went into the Ladies while I took care of business in the Gents. Meeting again, we went into the concession and bought popcorn before going back to the truck. While in there she again drew looks from some of the guys. Going back to the truck we heard a couple of wolf whistles. These made her giggle and softly say, “Guess I’ve still got it.” I told her, “You’ve always had it.”

At the truck we got into the back seat. It did have more room than the front because of no steering wheel. Mom slid over close to me and put my arm around her shoulder. She said, “I really like the way you are opening up and talking to people now. Since you are so shy I know it’s a hard thing for you to do. Keep working on it.”

I told her, “It has always been hard to do. You know that I was always picked last for school sports because of my size. The other kids were always quick to laugh and make fun of those of us that were small or clumsy. I hated the humiliation so decided to not participate.”

“I know, Honey. Youngsters can be cruel,” she said. “You’ve matured into a fine young man. You’re responsible and are turning into someone any girl could be proud of.” She scooted even closer, almost climbing into my lap. “I am so pleased with the way you’ve always helped around home. You’ve always put our needs ahead of your own wants.”

Mom,” I started to say. “I told you to call me Pat or Patsy,” she said. “You’re an adult now. I know I’m your mother and always will be, but I think you’ve earned the right to call me by name.”

“OK, Patsy. I always helped out because I felt it was the right thing to do. Dad and you both taught me to try to do the right thing,” I told her. She turned, wrapped her arms around my neck, and hugged me like she was going to squeeze the life out of me. I wrapped my arms around her back returning the hug. Her left breast was pressed into my chest.

“You’ve earned another reward,” she said, licking my right ear. “I want you to really kiss me,” she said, as she got into my lap. “You need to know how to kiss like an adult. We’ll practice ’til you get it right,” she said.

This was a bit of a shock. Until tonight our kisses had always been platonic, on the cheek. “Patsy, are you sure?” I asked. She replied, “I told you, you’re an adult now. You need to learn adult things. Kissing a girl is no different. All you have to do is follow my lead.”

She then kissed me. I felt the softness of her lips pressed to mine. After a few seconds, I felt her tongue tracing my lips. It was such an erotic thing to me. I opened my lips and began to trace her lips with my tongue. Her tongue came in contact with mine. It was like a small electrical shock to my system. I heard her begin to moan softly. After breaking the kiss she whispered, “I’ve really missed that. Your dad could really get me going with a kiss. You’re following in his footsteps.”

There was a side effect to the kiss. My cock began to swell. Mom could feel it under her ass. “It feels like you’re having a problem down there,” she said with another soft giggle. “You’re the cause of it,” I told her. “I guess I’m too “hard” on you,” she replied with another laugh.

“Kiss me again,” she said. “I need it.”

I pulled her to me and kissed her. The kiss seemed to last forever as our tongues dueled. She took my right arm and placed my hand just under her left breast. I wondered, ‘should I try?’ It seemed like an invitation. I moved my hand down to her waist and back up to the bottom of her breast, gradually moving higher. I had my palm around the bottom of her breast when she broke the kiss, saying, “Go ahead. This is one of the benefits of being an adult. I want you to feel my tit.”

We kissed again. My hand wrapped around her breast and began to gently squeeze it. Pat began to moan softly again, while pushing her breast into my hand. I could feel her nipple pressing into my palm. “That feels so good,” I told her. I then started to unbutton her blouse. Undoing three buttons allowed me to slip my hand inside and feel her breast through the bra cup. The nipple was even more pronounced, becoming harder and more erect.

“My nipples get hard like your cock,” she said. “You can touch them through my bra for now. There’ll be more later.”

My fingers traced around her bra cups and rubbed over her nipples while we continued to engage in tongue tussle kisses. After about twenty minutes I said, “To hell with this. We came to see the movie but have done everything but. You have me so stirred up I can’t think straight. Button your blouse and let’s go home where we can be more comfortable.” She got off my lap, which was a major relief. I had to make an adjustment to get my cock out of a bind.

After the adjustments we got back in the front seat and started home. The drive seemed to last forever. During the trip Pat said, “Mike, I want you to know that I love you, now and forever. What we’re doing isn’t in a normal mother/son relationship, but I don’t care anymore. I’ve been so horny for so long I want to scream. I think you know I’ve been masturbating more, although I try to keep it quiet. I know you do too. You remind me so much of your dad I have to have you. I no longer want you as a son, I need you as a lover.”

“I know I should feel guilty about wanting my son as a lover. The law says it’s wrong, the churches say it’s wrong, and society says it’s wrong. I don’t care. My heart tells me it’s right,” she continued. “How do you feel about it?” she asked.

“Right now I’m not positive,” I reply. “I do love you too, and it does feel right. We’ll have to be careful that no one finds out. Can we do this and still behave normally around town?”

“We’ll have to,” she said. “One more year until you finish school. Then we can find somewhere that no one knows us. We could go somewhere along the Gulf coast. Construction is booming there and I can find a Doctor’s office to work in.”

“Patsy,” I said, “I think I know what you mean. I have no interest in any of the girls I go to school with because, compared to you, they all fall short. Most of them are immature and self-centered. You’ve always given of yourself freely to see my needs were met, even when times were so tight. You’re the type of woman I would want, always caring, always sharing, and so beautiful. I’ve always loved you and always will. You’ve done so much for me and have always been there when I needed anything. I’d do anything for you.”

“Well, let’s get home so you CAN do something for me,” she said. “You’re gonna really get rewarded tonight.” That statement took my breath away. “This will be so special for me. Knowing you’ve never had sex means so much. I’ll get to show you how to please me as part of your first experience. From what I could feel under my butt at the drive-in, you take after your dad in more than one way. I’ll show you how to use it like he did.”

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“When we married we took each other’s virginity. Now I get to take yours,” she continued. “It makes me happy to think about a future together.”

We arrived home where I again parked behind her car. I came around and opened her door. Taking her hand, I helped her from the seat, closed the door, and escorted her to the front door of the house. She got her key, unlocked, and opened the door.

We walked through the door into the living room. Our house was so small there was not an entry. After walking over to the sofa and turning the lamp on, Patsy kicked her heels off and told me to take my boots off and stay awhile. She had a fine sense of humor and was always joking like that.

She said, “Come sit with me on the sofa. We need to talk about this.”

I sat down and she sat in my lap. “What do we need to talk about?” I asked. “I need to know that you’re comfortable with everything. Do you have any questions or misgivings about where we’re headed?” she replied. “You know we’re very close to crossing a line we can never come back over.”

“No, I understand that we’ll end up in bed together. I have no problem with doing that, just that I am not totally sure about what to do,” I said. “Do you have any misgivings?” I asked.

“None whatever,” she told me.

“I don’t want us to get in a big rush. Slow is much better and more pleasurable. You need to learn how to tease and arouse a woman. Women usually get really worked up slower than a man,” she said. She unbuttoned the top three buttons on her blouse and put her arms around my neck before telling me, “Let’s start where we were at the drive-in.”

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me, kissing her deeply, while moving my right hand to her breast again, squeezing gently. She again moaned softly, almost like a cat purring. Moving my hand inside her blouse I again traced her bra cups and nipple bumps. My fingers tried to roll her nipples through the thin fabric, which brought another purring moan. Patsy broke the kiss to say, “Let me take my blouse off and you remove your shirt.”

Removing her blouse let me see her bra. She was wearing a white, lace trimmed, sheer cup bra that appeared to match the panties I’d seen. I could see her areolas and nipples through the thin fabric. The areolas were about the size of a half dollar coin and her nipples were almost as large as the tip of my little finger. The color appeared to be a medium reddish brown. From what I could see, her breasts were magnificent. I had to use two hands to explore these new playthings, one for each.

I had to kiss the valley between her beautiful tits. The skin was satin smooth and so warm. My tongue left a trail from her cleavage up to her chin, before tracing her delectable lips again.

Pulling her into another hug, her breasts were pressed into my bare chest. I was fumbling with the fastener of her bra behind her back. Patsy reached back and quickly solved the problem. Leaning back slightly she said, “Here, let’s get this out of the way.” Removing the bra gave me my first good look at live, bare tits. I was right earlier; they WERE magnificent. I just had to touch them, I just had to feel them, I just had to taste them, I had to kiss them, and I just had to press my face into them all at the same time.

Kissing her tits, licking her areolas and nipples, and sucking and nipping on her nipples all immediately became my new favorite activities. Her breasts were still firm enough to have very little sag, but at the same time were so soft and so warm.

“Oh, Honey. I love the way that feels. I’ve missed it so,” Patsy exclaimed. “Kiss my tits, suck my nipples. That sets me on fire!”

While I was tit-struck she was working on my belt buckle and the snap to my jeans with one hand while the other was rubbing my cock through my jeans. She had moved and was straddling my thighs, kneeling on the sofa. She had her knees either side of my hips. Her skirt was pushed up around her waist leaving her stocking tops and panties visible.

She finally got my belt unbuckled, my jeans unsnapped, and partially unzipped. Her right hand disappeared into the jeans searching for my cock. My full erection was lying to the right inside my underwear. Patsy’s hand finally reached the head of my cock, feeling it through the jockeys. The sensation of her fingers rubbing my cock head almost made me explode.

“I need this,” she moaned softly, while licking my ear. “Let me move so you can pull your pants down.” She eased back and stood before me. Her bare breasts were standing proudly on her chest with the nipples erect. Her areolas were beginning to crinkle from arousal.

I raised my butt and pushed my jeans and jockeys down. My 7″ erection pulled down until it came free, slapping onto my stomach. Patsy unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to her feet. She was a vision, standing before me like Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’, even more so after pushing her panties down and stepping from them.

Patsy placed one foot in my lap so I could roll the stocking down her satin smooth leg. After I did the first, she swapped legs so I could do the other. Taking her stockings off let me have my first good look at her beautiful pussy from both sides. I reached out, trailing my fingers through her pubic curls. When I reached between her thighs, Patsy backed up, saying, “Not yet. You’re not ready yet.” She reached down, grabbed my jeans and jockeys, and pulled them from my legs.

I reached for her, but she pushed me back. She again knelt on the sofa, straddling my legs. She pushed forward until her pussy was against the base of my cock. The feeling was unbelievable; especially after she began to rotate her hips, sliding her pussy against the lower part of my erection and balls.

We were again kissing. Her hands moved over my chest and stomach down to my cock. My hands were on her tits, down her sides, and cupping her ass. She wrapped her right hand around my cock and began to stroke over the head. I was leaking precum, so she lubricated the head with it. The sensations were more intense than when I masturbated. After a few twisting strokes I exploded. The first shot of cum landed on our chests between her tits. The second shot coated the bottom of her right breast. The third and remaining shots were on my lower chest and stomach.

Patsy leaned back, laughing. “That was quick,” she said. “Yeah,” I replied. “You made a helluva mess.”

“Wasn’t it fun, though?” she asked. “I almost forgot you’ve never been with a woman before. It surprised me how quick it was. I need to clean us up.”

She used her fingers to wipe cum from her breasts and chest. She licked them clean with a moaning, “Mmmmmmm.” She then licked cum from me with the same, “Mmmmmmm.”

Sitting up, she swallowed twice and smiled. “You’re delicious,” she said.

“Doesn’t it taste bad?” I asked. I had tried it once when jerking off and didn’t care for the taste.

“It isn’t strawberries and whipped cream,” she said, “but really loving and caring for someone makes the difference.”

She leaned forward and kissed me again. This time it felt like she was trying to lick my tonsils. I could taste the residue on her lips and tongue. It wasn’t so bad.

Breaking the kiss, Patsy said, “We need to clean up and get the sticky off.”

Taking my hand she led me to the bathroom. There she warmed the water, wet a washcloth, and wiped us down. She then sat on the toilet pulling me in front of her. Her knees were spread so I could get as close as possible. Taking my semi-hard cock in her right hand she said, “I’m going do something for you your dad really liked.” With that she pulled the foreskin back and sucked my cock into her mouth. Her left hand came up under and held my balls, gently rolling them around. Her tongue was swirling around the head of my cock and licking the slit. The warm, moist feel was mind blowing. It didn’t take but a few seconds before I was back at full erection.

“Oh, Patsy. This is unbelievable. I’ve never felt anything like this before,” I said. My knees were beginning to shake from the intense feeling.

After a couple of minutes Patsy pulled back off my cock. “I love doing that,” she said. “Now, I have something else to show you and you have something to do for me.”

“OK. What are we gonna do now?” I asked.

Rising from the toilet, she took my hand and said, “Come with me and I’ll show you.” She led me into her bedroom.

Patsy turned on the lamp on the nightstand by the bed. “Help me pull the covers down,” she said. “I like the right side of the bed so you can have the left.”

After pulling the covers to the foot of the bed, she laid down saying, “Lie here with me. I need to show you how to please me.”

I lay beside her. She slid closer and hugged me again. She said, “I want you to kiss me and continue around my ears and neck down to my collarbones. The ears and neck are areas that will stimulate women. A gentle kiss and a soft lick does wonders. Then go to the area between my tits. My nipples are another area that really gets me hot. My navel is also. Let’s see how you do.”

I began by kissing her soft lips and gently licking around them. She responded by wrapping her arms around me. I moved to her cheek and ear on the right side. Licking and lightly nipping her earlobe made her moan softly. “Keep going. It feels so good,” she whispered. I kissed and licked down to her collarbone to the vee between them. Her skin was like warm satin.

I continued down to the valley between her breasts. Once there I began to move to each side on the inner slopes of her breasts. My hands were cupping the outsides of them and my thumbs were gently rubbing the tips of her hard nipples. My mouth sucked in her right nipple. Holding it in my lips, I flicked it back and forth with my tongue. She pulled my head into her breast with a moan and shudder. “God, that feels so good,” she said.

Moving to the left breast, I repeated the action with the same result. Patsy said, “You are so good at this. I am really getting worked up. Keep going.”

I worked my way down her stomach where I stuck my tongue in her navel. This brought another moan and shudder.

“Move between my legs,” Patsy said. “You need a quick anatomy lesson.”

She spread her legs and drew up her knees, letting them fall to the side. I got between them and stared at her pussy. Auburn curls were on her mons. There was a small amount of hair trailing down on her outer lips. The skin of her lips was almost as dark as her nipples and areolas. Her outer lips were swollen from arousal and opening. Her clit was starting to peek from beneath its hood. It was about the size and color of a pencil eraser. I could see moisture on her inner labia, which were a deep pink color and beginning to flare. Her vagina was beginning to weep at the bottom of her slit. I could smell aroused female. The odor was intoxicating.

She placed her hands around this delight, saying, “This area is properly known as a woman’s vulva. The common name is pussy. The outer fleshy part is known as the outer labial lips. They swell, spread open, and become darker in color when a woman becomes aroused. There are two thinner inner labial lips that will also swell and open with arousal. They’ll become redder from the blood flowing into them. They’ll also become very moist. When they are fully aroused they will almost look like a funnel leading into my vagina.”

She spread her pussy with her fingers. Patsy then said, “The vaginal opening is low. It looks like what it is — a hole into my body. It is the birth canal a baby comes through. There is a spot inside on the upper wall of the vagina that will bring on an intense orgasm. In the right position a penis, or cock, will rub across it. Another important spot is at the top of my pussy. It is the clitoris, or clit.” She touched the hood. “It has this loose skin that covers in when it is not aroused. When aroused, like I am now, it swells and protrudes where it will receive direct stimulation. Playing with my clit will also bring on an orgasm.”

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“Licking the area from behind my pussy up to my clit is really arousing. Your dad always joked about eating a hair pie with sardine sauce,” Patsy said. “If you really want to get me hot and bothered that’s how to do it. Now, let’s see how well you’ve learned your lesson.”

I leaned forward and inhaled, taking in the fragrance of this fleshly paradise. I placed my hands under her ass and prepared to take the first taste.

Spreading my tongue wide, I licked from her perineum to her clit. The first taste was wonderful, slightly salty and slightly fishy. I immediately had to go back for another and another. Each time my tongue would go deeper into her slit. The third lick made her jump when my tongue brushed over her clit. “Do that again,” she said, “it feels so good.” I licked up through her pussy again, this time sucking her clit into my lips. I licked and flicked it with my tongue.

Patsy began to thrust her hips up, while holding my head with her hands and moaning louder, “Uuuunnnnh. Don’t stop, don’t stop.” I sucked harder on her clit, tonguing it faster. She was trying to force my face into her pussy harder. I brought my hands up to her thighs on either side of my face. I was rubbing her thighs when she moaned, “Put two fingers in me. Stick ’em in me now! I need it. I need it. I need it, NOW!!” Her vagina was lubricating freely. The slick liquid was running out and down the crack of her ass. I pushed the forefinger and middle finger of my right hand into her vagina. It was like my fingers were encased in tight oiled velvet.

I worked my fingers in a twisting, thrusting motion inside her. She moaned louder, “Yeeeesssss! Like that, like that. Keep going! I’m so close to cumming! Eeaaaattt meeeeeeeee, eat meeeeeeeee.” My ring and little fingers were rubbing the crack of her ass. Finally, with a deeper penetration of her vagina they brushed across the puckered star of her asshole. That was all it took. She moaned, “Unnnnhhhhhh!” loudly, her thighs clamped the sides of my head like a vise, her vagina clamped down on my fingers, and she humped my face feverishly. Pussy was suffocating me. She came.

As she relaxed from the orgasm, I licked her pussy again. Her inner lips and perineal area were soaked with her cum. She was so wet it was running down the crack of her delightful ass. I had to get all the wonderful juice I could. Probing deeply into her pussy, my tongue entered her vagina. It was still fluttering from the orgasm. “Careful,” she said. “My clit’s too sensitive to touch right now.”

“Come up here and kiss me again,” she said. “That was one of the best cums I’ve had in a long time. You’ve learned your lesson.”

Moving up beside her, Patsy wrapped her arms around me and gave me the most intense kiss of my life. She started licking her cum from my face. “You are GOOD,” she said. “I did what you told me to do,” I replied. “I know,” she said, “you learned your lesson well.”

“Now, I want you to lie back. I have another lesson for you,” she said.

I laid back. My erect cock was on my stomach, pointing toward my chin. Patsy straddled my waist, sitting with her pussy on my cock. She began to work her hips in a back and forth motion, rubbing her clit on the bottom of my cock. Her pussy felt like warm velvet rubbing on me.

“That feels so good,” I told her. “I never knew something could feel so good.”

“Just wait,” she said. I’m gonna make us both feel good.”

With that, she raised enough to reach down, take my cock, and rub the head through her channel. She circled her clit with my head at the front and moved my cock back to her vaginal entrance at the rear. Patsy repeated this several times before saying, “It’s time. I need you in me desperately. It’s been eight years since I had a cock in me and I need it badly.” With that she positioned my cock at her entrance and began lowering her pussy on me slowly.

It felt like tight, oiled, velvet slowly descending on me. Patsy said, “It’s been so long. I’ll have to adjust to your size.” She moved down a couple of inches before rising again. She lowered again, going deeper. Repeating the rising and lowering several times, she bottomed out on me. “Let me get used to this,” she said. “I’m so full right now.” Her vaginal muscles began to squeeze and release my cock.

This was a feeling like none other. I had no idea that anything could feel this way. I placed my hands on either side of her waist and began to move them up to her breasts. She had her back arched so her tits were thrust out. I cupped her tits, rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. Her hips began to slowly move in a circular motion while she was impaled on my cock. The feeling of being seated in her vagina was exquisite.

“OH, Patsy,” I exclaimed. “This is so good. I’ve never dreamed anything could feel this way. I love you so much.” I took her shoulders and pulled her down so I could kiss her again.

She rose up again. Now she began to raise and lower her hips while maintaining the circular motion. I could tell she was becoming even more aroused as I was. Her vagina was producing even more fluid. It was flowing down my cock into my pubic hair and over my balls. I began to thrust upward when she descended. Her clit was mashed between us with each impact. Her chest and neck area were flushed.

My balls began to tighten, drawing up to my groin. I was going to cum and cum hard. Patsy was beginning to shudder also. “I’m gonna cum,” I groaned. “So am I,” she said, as she forced her pussy down on me hard. I thrust upward, trying to get as deep in her as possible. My cock swelled even more as I shot cum into her fluttering vagina. I lost track of the shots. My vision blurred. I broke out in a sweat. My entire being was concentrated in my orgasming cock. I could feel Patsy’s vagina clamping me like a vise as she orgasmed also.

She fell forward onto my chest. We were both breathing like we’d run a marathon. I wrapped her in my arms, hugging her tightly.

We both lay there limply. I finally was able to open my eyes and look into hers. I could see the love there. We kissed forever.

“WOW!” was the first thing I could say. “What ran over me? I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.” Patsy lay on me, laughing softly. “That’s what sex feels like,” she said.

My cock was softening. Her vagina pushed me out. I could feel our combined cums running down onto me. “Now I get a treat,” she said. She moved down and began to lick the fluids from my cock and groin. I said, “Turn around and I’ll clean you also. You have shared so much with me, I need to share with you.”

Patsy turned, placing her freshly fucked pussy in my face. I started licking at her clit, moving upward to her vagina. The taste of our mixed cums was not as bad as I thought it would be. She was right; love does make a difference. While I was cleaning her she did the same for me. When we finished, she turned and lay on top of me again, sharing another kiss.

After lying together for a while, Patsy said, “It’s getting late. We need to clean up and get some sleep.”

We got up, going to the bathroom. There we showered together for the first time. It was a delightful experience washing each other and sharing kisses. After showering, I dried her and she dried me. After we looked at her bed, she said, “We either need to change the sheets or sleep in your bed.” We decided my bed was the best option.

Getting into bed, she slid over next to me. I wrapped her in my arms. “I really loved tonight. I’ve missed making love so much,” she said. I replied, “I never knew until tonight what it was all about. It was something I’ll never forget.” We kissed again and settled down for the night.


I was awakened the next morning by her kisses on my stomach. She worked down to my erect cock, taking it into her mouth. When Patsy started working her tongue, I became harder in seconds. I began stroking her shoulders and back, working down to her delectable ass and back up. She let my cock go and turned, looking into my eyes. “Good morning,” she said. “How was your night?” “It was the most wonderful experience of my life,” I told her. “Come up here and give me a kiss,” I said.

She lay on top of me and stared into my eyes. She kissed me and then said, “We need to get up, eat breakfast, and talk.”

“This sounds bad,” I replied. She said, “Not really. We just need to discuss what happened and decide what to do. I also have something I need to tell you.”

We got up. Patsy went to her bedroom to get a robe. I pulled on a pair of cutoffs, commando.

I went to the kitchen and started the coffee brewing. Patsy came in, wearing a knee length, green chenille robe. The front was open to her navel and the belt was loosely tied around her waist. She went to the refrigerator, getting out bacon and eggs. While she was cooking, I poured our coffee, got out some orange juice, and made toast. I set the table while she was dishing up our breakfast. The bacon, toast, and scrambled eggs seemed to taste better this morning.

As we were eating, Patsy started talking. “Mike,” she said. “People will say what we did last night was wrong. This is something we can never tell anyone. In my heart I feel it was the right thing to do. I lost your dad eight years ago and have had a hole in my heart ever since. Watching you grow up and seeing you mature into the type of man he was, was driving me crazy. I had to have someone like him back in my life. You remind me so much of him that I fell in love with you and had to have you fully.”

“Making love to you last night was the fulfillment of a two year dream,” Patsy said. “You’ve reminded me so much of your dad over the years. I’ve been planning how to seduce you for the past two years. I had to wait until you were an adult. Last night I got what I’ve wanted and needed for so long.”

Reaching across the table, I took her hands in mine. “You’ve just answered the questions in my mind,” I told her. “Last night was the answer to many of my dreams too. You’ve been the standard I always compared girls to. I’ve never met anyone I’ve been interested in because they all fell short. Why did you wait so long to tell me?” I asked.

“I wanted you to be an adult,” she said. “You are now.”

“You’ve been a long time fantasy of mine also,” I told her. “You’ve filled my dreams since I can’t remember. All my favorite jerk-off thoughts were about you. I don’t know how many loads I shot trying to visualize you naked. The shower curtain and seeing you in your underwear recently have kept me busy.”

“If you want, you’ll no longer have to do that,” Patsy replied. “I want you in my bed every night now.”

When we finished breakfast, Patsy asked me, “Well, what do you want to do now?”

“I can mow the yard, do the laundry, and paint the house,” I answered.

“NO!” she said. “You’re gonna take me back to bed and make love to me again. I’m not through with you yet.”

We spent most of the day learning each other’s erotic areas and making sweet, sweet love.


I started my last year in high school. We continued to sleep together. Our life together continued to get better. After I graduated we took our first vacation together. We did go to the Gulf Coast, looking for a place to live. We found an ideal situation in Victoria, Texas. Coming back, we put the house and shop up for sale. We did move to Victoria, where I got in on the start of a building boom. We found an older home on the outskirts of town that had a shop building with it.

We lived together as man and wife. Patsy was never able to have another child due to complications when I was born. Our life together was rich and full.


Mom passed away last year. She requested burial by my dad, the first great love of her life. I’d recently sold my construction company to retire, so I brought us home.

Looking back, I ask myself, “Would you do it again?” The answer is an unqualified YES!

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