Mother and son – David and Jessica

Mother and son, incest, sec stories, … David is a big strapping 19 year old. He stands 6ft 4 in tall. He weighs 215 pounds. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. He stays in shape working construction. His cock is 7 in. soft.

He has a steady 18 year old girlfriend, but she is more like a friend with benefits. They aren’t planning on getting married. They just enjoy each other’s company and they have good sex. They are careful to use condoms.

David’s true love is his mother. He has been having fantasies about her for two years. His mother had no clue about it.

David’s mother, Jessica is a 35 year old, long legged MILF. She has C cup breasts and a figure to die for. She had David when she was 16. David’s father is long gone. He left as soon as he found out Jessica was pregnant. He moved across the country to finish school while living with his Aunt. She finished high school with the help of her parents. She worked and with her parents help, David never wanted.

She loves her son with all her heart. She worked hard to support him. Now he is working and they have enough money for her to work part time.


David loves his mother with all his heart, also. He has been stealing her panties from the wash and jacking off in them for two years. He watches porn and thinks of her. He wants to fuck his mother.

One morning after David left for work, she is cleaning his room. She sees something red sticking from his mattress. She pulls out a pair of her panties. She is dumbstruck. She holds them and a million thoughts run through her mind. She holds them up to her nose and smells her scent and the scent of his cum.

Oh god, He is jacking off and thinking of me. Oh my god.

Her mind whirls.

He wants to fuck me. Oh god. I hope it’s just a teenage thing. Maybe it will pass as he gets older. At his age, he probably wants to fuck everything with a skirt.

Now that she thinks about it, he has been more touchy lately. She didn’t think anything about it. Now, she is wondering about it.

He gets off work and heads home.

“Hi Mom.”

“Hi son. How did your day go?”

“Same old thing, cutting up boards and nailing them together.”

She is standing in front of the sink doing dishes. He steps behind her and puts his arms around her waist and hugs her. He kisses her on the neck and presses his cock against her ass.

She stifles a gasp.

“Go get cleaned up. Your all dirty.”

“OK, Mom. What for dinner?”

“Jessica surprise. Your favorite.”

He always asks and she never tells him. It’s their little joke.

He turns and goes to his room. He kills some aliens for a while, then strips and takes a shower. He thinks of his Mom and strokes his cock.

‘Yes, Mom. Take it. Take my cock. Yes yes.’

He cums hard all over the shower wall.

He dries off and hangs the towel up. He walks to his room naked. He looks to see if his Mom is looking. She isn’t. He puts on a pair of boxers and kills some more aliens.

“David. Dinner is ready. Come on before it gets cold.”

“Coming, Mom.”

They eat dinner and he goes back to his room. Jessica cleans up the kitchen and goes into the living room with a glass of wine. She turns on the TV and watches her favorite show.

David is sitting in front of his computer. He opens his favorite porn site. Hot MILFs. He slides his boxers down around his ankles and slowly strokes his cock. He has one favorite. She looks a lot like his Mom. She has several videos on that site and he has seen them all many times. He reaches under his mattress for her panties and they are gone.

“Oh crap. She found them. Oh fuck.”

He decides to talk to her about it. He can’t think of a way to start the conversation. He thinks and thinks. He decides on the direct approach. He pulls up his boxers and goes to the living room.

“Mom, I need to apologize.”

“What, baby. What are you talking about?”

“You found your panties under my mattress.”

“Oh that. Do you feel bad about that?”

“Well, sorta. I know I shouldn’t be doing that. I didn’t think you would find them. I hope you don’t hate me.”

“Baby, I would never hate you. You are my son and I love you. Did you know that it’s normal for a son to want his mother. All young men go through that stage. It’s very flattering for a woman to know someone feels that way about them. Some day you will meet someone your age and fall head over heels in love with them and forget all about me.”

David breathes a sigh of relief.

She doesn’t know it’s not a passing fancy. He really wants her.

“Wait here.”

She gets up and goes to her room. She takes off her bikini panties and walks back.

“Here, try these. They are my favorite pair.”

He looks at he in disbelief.

“Now, get out of here. I want to see the rest of my show.”

He smiles and goes to his room. He takes his boxers off and lays on the bed. He smells the gusset and puts them over his face. He breathes in her scent and his cock fills with blood. He slowly strokes his cock.

She is shocked at what she did. He is probably in there, jacking off right now. He mind wanders, thinking of his cock and her panties.

Oh god. What am I thinking. He is my son. I shouldn’t be having thoughts like this. Fucking him would be incest. That’s just so wrong.

She turns off the TV and goes to her room. She sits on the bed. She can’t stop thinking about his cock. I am so bad, having these thoughts. She turns on the TV. She turns the bed back and stops. He mind is wandering again. She feels a little guilt about her thoughts. She slowly undresses and gets in bed, naked. She turns the light out and has more thoughts about him. Her hand slides down and finds her wet pussy.

I’m wet thinking about him. I can’t do this. It’s wrong.

She puts her finger in her pussy and then tastes it. She thinks about how he might like the taste. He would because he likes her smell. She thinks of his mouth on her pussy and shivers.

I need to cum. I’m so hot thinking about him. Oh god. I’m a bad mother.

She strokes herself to an blazing orgasm. She falls asleep and dreams of fucking him.

The don’t speak about it again. He takes her panties from the wash every night and yanks off. She thinks about him every night and yanks off.

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He is thinking how to get her in bed. He has a plan. He will try it Friday night.

Friday comes and Jessica is thinking about him. She takes a shower and brings herself some relief. She dresses in a long t shirt and a thong. The shirt just covers her ass.

David comes home.

“Hi Mom. I’m home. I got really dirty today. I’m gonna shower.”

“OK, baby. Dinner will be ready soon.”

He showers and puts on a pair of boxers. He doesn’t yank off. He is saving it.

He goes to the kitchen and hugs her from behind, as usual. His cock is half hard. He puts his hands under her shirt and caresses her stomach. Her nipples perk up and her pussy gets moist.

Oh god, his hands feel so good.

He pushes his cock against her ass and she doesn’t pull away.

“Baby, don’t forget, I’m your mother. Should you be doing this?”

“You feel so good when I do. Don’t you like it, too?”

Oh god. He is hard for me. It feels so good. I don’t know if I can resist him. He is so handsome.

He slowly moves his hands up and cups her breasts. She gasps and doesn’t move. He nipples are as hard as rocks. He rubs his palm across them and she moans.

“Baby. This is so wrong and feels so good.”

“I know, Mom. You feel good against me.”

He tweaks her nipples and she groans.

“Baby. I can’t stop you. I can’t resist you anymore.”

“I don’t want to stop, Mom. I’ve wanted you for so long. I think about us all the time. I want to be the man in your life.”

He lifts her t shirt over her head. She turns and hugs her full breasts against him. The both moan.

He slides his hands down and holds her ass cheeks.

“I love you, Mom. With all my heart.”

“I love you too. You can be my man.”

He slowly pulls her thong down. She pulls his boxers down. She takes his cock in her hand.

“Oh me god, baby. I didn’t realize. You grew up in more ways than one. Your cock is so big.”

He takes her hand and leads her to her room. She pulls him to the bed and sits. She admires his huge cock.

“Oh, my. Your cock is beautiful. It’s been so long since I held one. I haven’t felt like a woman for so long.”

“That’s all over now, Mom. You will be my woman after tonight.”

She takes his cock in her mouth and sucks like there is no tomorrow. He moans and his knees go weak. She cups his balls and drags her nails across them. His hips twitch forward and his cock goes partially down her throat.. He groans. She pulls out and takes a deep breath. She tries to throat him, but gags and stops.

“I’m going to cum, Mom. I’m almost there.”

“Give it to me. I want it. I want your cum. It’s been so long since I tasted it. Cum in my mouth.”

He starts grunting and moaning. He tenses up and unloads in her. She takes all she can and some runs down her chin.

“Oh god, Mom. That was the best I ever had. You make it so good.”

She wipes her chin off and rubs it on her breasts.

“Oh yes. Your cum is so good. It feels so good squirting in my mouth. You cum so hard. I love it.”

He lays on the bed beside her. He pulls her in his arms.

“I love you, Mom.”

“Oh, my baby. I love you too. You are so handsome. And you cock is so big. You are bigger than any of my boyfriends I ever had.”

He kisses her breasts and bites her nipples gently. She cries out. He slides his hand down and caresses her pussy. He sticks in one finger and moves it in and out.

“Yes. Yes. Put another one in me.”

He sticks in another finger. He slowly kisses his way down to her pussy. He kisses her clit and she moans.

“Yes. Yes. Eat me. Make me cum on your tongue. Yes yes.”

He pulls her clit hood up and it pops out. He watches it fill with blood. He sucks it up with his lips and she screams and cums. He curls his fingers up and finds her G spot. He massages it and suck on her clit. She cums and cums.

“Oh god. Yes. Cumming. Yes. Oh god. So good. You make me cum and cum. Yes. Yes.”

She loses count of how many times she cums. She is in orgasm heaven.

He moves up and puts his cock head on her pussy lips.

“Yes. Your cock. Shove it in me. I want your big cock. Take me. Make me your woman.”

He pushes in and she thrusts up, taking it in.

“Oh god, Mom. You are so tight and so hot. Yes. Yes.”

“Give it all to me, baby. Fill me up.”

“Mom. I don’t have a condom on.”

“I don’t want you to use one. I want you bareback. I don’t want anything between us. Just shove it in me. I want you in me.”

He pushes his cock all the way in. He feels it hit bottom as his pelvis bone meets her. He grinds on her clit and she cries out.

“Mom, you feel so good around my cock. You are so tight. Oh yes. Yes.”

“Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard. I’m so full of you cock. No one has ever been in me this far. I’m full of your cock. I can feel it against my cervix. You are perfect for me. Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

He takes short strokes, hitting her cervix and grinding on her clit. She cums and cums. He feels is orgasm approaching.

“Mom, I’m almost there. Do you want me to pull out.”

“No, baby. Cum in me. I want your cum. I won’t be your woman till you fill me with it. Cum in me.”

The both go wild, stroking and grinding. They both scream and they cum together. His hot cum goes in her cervix. Her pussy milks it all in.

“Oh yes. So good. Your cum is so hot. Yes. Yes. I’m your woman now. Yes. Yes.”

They hug and kiss, enjoying the afterglow of love. They are complete.

“Hold me, baby. It’s been so long. Hold me and tell me you love me.”

“You know I love you, Mom. You know it.”

They cuddle for a while and she reaches down for his cock. She strokes it and it fills with blood.

“Oh yes. Your getting hard already. Oh yes.”

She slides down and takes it in her mouth. She sucks all their cum juice up.

“Oh yes. We taste so good.”

She moves up and kisses him.

“Taste us. I want you to know what I’m tasting.”

He sticks his tongue in her mouth.

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“Wow. I never thought I would taste my own cum. It’s not bad. Mixed with yours it’s pretty good.”

She laughs.

“We are good together in more ways than one.”

She goes back down and works his cock up to full hard.

“I’m gonna fuck you, baby. Hang on and let’s go to heaven again.”

“Yes. Fuck me, take my cum again. Fuck me. Fuck me, hard.”

She rolls him on his back and gets in position to ride him. She slowly drops on his cock.

“Oh yes. So big. So hard. I want more of you cum.”

She bottoms out and her bone meets his. She feels his cock head against her cervix.

“Yes. All the way in. So big in me. So big and hard. Just a prefect fit. Yes. Yes.”

He reaches to her and tweaks her nipples. He pinches them hard. She cries out and cums.

She squeezes him and slowly moves up and down. He cries out each time she feels him hit her cervix. She speeds up as she feels her orgasm coming. It builds and builds. She starts cumming and cumming. She squeezes him hard and feels his hot cum deep in her. It coats her cervix.

“Oh yes, Mom. Take my cum. Take it all. Milk it, milk it.”

“Hot cum. Hot cum in me. Yes Yes. So good in me. Hot, Hot.”

She falls limp on his chest. He grabs her and holds her.

“God, Mom. You make me cum so hard. You are the best. We are so good together.”

“Your cock fits in my pussy so perfect. I can feel it against my cervix, just as our pelvis bones touch. It’s like we were made to order for each other. Your cum goes straight into my womb. It’s so hot it makes me cum so hard. I don’t ever want to use a condom with you. It’s just too good this way.”

“Are you going on the pill. You will get pregnant if you don’t.”

“I have a few days to think about it. I don’t know. Thinking of having your baby or not. We need to make a decision soon. I will be fertile in a few days.”

“I wouldn’t mind giving you a baby. I’ve thought about being a father and I like the idea. I’ll let you make the call on that. I love you and either way is ok with me.”

“Something else we need to do. When we are in the house, its naked and fucking. Outside it’s Mom and Son. You might start calling me Jessica instead of Mom, in case I get pregnant. We will have to move and appear as husband and cougar.”

“I already thought of all this, Jessica. I’ve been planning on fucking you for a long time.”

‘You bad boy. Plotting to fuck your Mom. Shame on you. You are so bad. Were you also planning on breeding your Mom?”

“It was part of my fantasy when I yanked off. I thought of my cum coating your egg. I’m such a bad boy.

“Yeah? Well, I thought of it too. I could feel you hot cum filling my womb. It was really a turn on. Incest and getting pregnant. I had some wonderful cums thinking of that.”

“You’re a bad Mom too. Shame on you. Thinking of fucking and getting bred by your son.”

The both laugh.

Having all these incestuous thoughts makes blood run into his cock. She feels it rising.

“Oh my. Your cock is looking for a pussy. Looking for somewhere to dump it’s load. I have one that is more than ready. My cervix is open for you cum. Let’s fill it again.”

He moves into her saddle and slowly pushes his cock in her. He feels his cock head touch her cervix.

“Yes. It’s right there. I’m open for your cum. Fill my womb. Put all your cum in there.”

The stroke and grind, moaning and groaning as they build to a climax. His cum blasts into her and they both scream in ecstasy.

“It just gets better and better. My cock feels like it is going to explode when I cum in you.”

“I know, baby. I’m never going to be able to resist you. When you cum in me it’s just heaven. So good.”

They cuddle for a while and hunger drives them to the kitchen. The make dinner and return to the bedroom.

“I want you to move in here. I want you by my side every night. It will be so nice having my man in bed with me.”

The fuck like maniacs twice more and fall asleep in each others arms.

The fuck like rabbits for the remainder of the weekend. Jessica’s fertile time is fast approaching.

Monday morning, David is getting ready for work.

“Jessica, will you do something for me today?”

“What’s that, baby?”

“I want you to stay naked all day, unless you have to go out. OK?”

“Oh course, baby. I can do that. I will think about your big cock all day long.”

“Thanks. I can think about you being naked all day.”

He kisses her goodbye.

She needs to decide if she wants to do birth control or not.

‘I know he will be cumming in me. I want it too. I can’t say no to is cum. He would be ok if I got knocked up. I think I would be too. It’s a turn on thinking about fucking my son, about committing incest and getting pregnant by my son. Oh god. What a turn on. I think we should just fuck out brains out and let it happen.’

She stays wet all day, thinking about when he gets home. Her man is going to fuck her and she is going to take his cum. His cock will squirt baby juice in her cervix. She has to dry her pussy off three times during the day.

“Hi Jessica, what’s for dinner?”

“Jessica surprise, your favorite.”

She is standing at the sink, doing dishes. He walks up behind her and puts his arms around her. He kisses her on the neck.

“mmmm you feel so good. I can get used to this. A naked beauty waiting every night. You are so hot without your clothes.”

“It’s hot being naked for you. I’ve been thinking about fucking you all day. :

He slides his hands up and caresses her breasts. She sighs and holds his hand, helping him. He twists her nipples and she cries out.

“Oh god. My nipples are so sensitive. They may still have your teeth marks on them. That hurt so good when you bit and pinched them last night.

He moves his hand down to her pussy. He sticks his finger, getting it wet. He rubs her clit and she moans. He twists her nipple and rubs her clit. She cries out and cums.

“Oh god. You are so good. I cum so easy with you. Your touch is so good.”

“Take my clothes off. I want you before I take a shower. I want you to take me in you with my man smell on me.”

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“I can’t say no to you, baby. I’ll do anything for you. All you have to do is ask. I am so hot for you, I might be fertile now. I’ve decided that we should just fuck and whatever happens, happens.”

“Anything you want from me, just ask. I only want to please you.”

She slowly takes his clothes off. She smells his strong man scent.

He picks her up and carries her to the bedroom. He lays her on her back and opens her legs. He spears her asshole with tongue. She squeals and grabs his head. He sticks two fingers in her pussy and finger fucks her. He licks her pussy lips. She starts moaning and groaning. He pulls her clit hood up and sucks up her clit. He curls his fingers up and finds her G spot. She screams and cums. He keeps her cumming and cumming. He lets up on her and lays beside her. He pulls her to him and she presses her naked body to his.

“mmmm, you feels so good in my arms. I can’t get enough of you. Hold me. Hold me to your strong hot body.”

He pulls her on top and raises his arms. His strong, working man scent floods her nostrils. She cries out and her pussy squirts juice all over him.

“Oh god. Your scent is so good. It makes my pussy so hot. Take my pussy. Fill me with your hot cock.”

He lifts her and slowly penetrates her. She breathes deep, taking in his scent. Her pussy starts milking his cock. He bottoms out and pushes against her cervix.

“Oh yes. You cock is right there. Put your cum in there. Fill my womb with your seed. I want you to breed me. Please, breed me. I want your seed in me.”

He holds his cock against her cervix and she squeezes and grinds on him. He orgasms come one after the other. She is lost in her pleasure.

He tries to hold back, letting her enjoy their coupling. He finally lets go and floods her womb. She screams and cums with him. She cums with each squirt. He holds her to him, letting his cum flow in her. She falls on him, inhaling his scent.

“Oh god. That was so good. Your scent and your hot cum is so good. I love it. You came right in my cervix. I could feel you pumping me full. So good. So good.”

“We just keep getting better and better. That was so hot. Knowing my cum went into your womb made it so much better. Breeding you gives me the best feeling ever.

“Come on, baby. Let’s shower and eat some dinner.”

Over the next two weeks they are fucking at least three time a day. He keeps her full of his cum. The day for her period to start arrives and she is late. A week later she is still late.

“Guess what, baby. I’m a week late. Our breeding program must have worked. I’ll get a preggo test tomorrow and make sure.”

He grabs her and hugs her.

“I’m gonna be a daddy. Hot damn. I knew it was going to happen, but now that it has. I’m so happy.”

“I’m happy too. I have your baby in me. I couldn’t be more proud. I hope it’s boy, just like his daddy.”

The make all the arrangements to move. They buy a small house in a small town about 300 miles away.

Nine months later, Jessica delivers a baby boy. His name is David Jr. They call him Jr.

Eleven months later she delivers a baby girl. Her name is Jessica Lynn. They call her Jess.

Their children grow up to be well adjusted teenagers. The excel in school, making their Mom and Dad proud.

The grow up to be best friends. They do everything together. Jess’s 18th birthday rolls around and they plan a big party for her. All their friends are invited.

That night they hear something strange from Jess’s bedroom. There is a lot of heavy breathing and muffles cries. David looks at Jessica.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“I think so. Is Jr giving her a birthday gift?”

“It sure sounds like it.”

Jessica goes and finds her bedroom door ajar. She looks in and sees Jr, wrapped in his sisters arms. He legs are locked around his waist. His bare ass is pounding into his sister. He is breeding his sister. She smiles and walks away.

“He is breeding his sister. It must run in the family.”

They both laugh.

The next night at dinner, David looks at both kids.

“Kids, I have something to tell you. A long time ago, your mother and I fell in love. You are a result of that love. There is something else you’re now old enough to know.”

He puts his arm around her and says.

“I would like you to meet my mother.”

Jess’s and Jr’s mouths fall open.

“but…but. Mom, I knew you were older than Daddy, but I never suspected that.”

“We were so in love we didn’t care what society thought. All we wanted was to be together and have sweet babies like you two. We could never have gotten married, but our last names were the same, so it worked out.

From what I saw last night, you two are in the same boat.”

“Oh god. You heard us. We tried to be quiet. Jr was so good I couldn’t be quiet.”

Jr is sitting there with his mouth hanging open. He doesn’t know what to say.

“It looks like he got your cherry, by the look of the sheets you hid in the laundry.”

“If you two really love each other, you have our blessing. Just don’t ever let it out. You’re both adults now, so you can make your own decisions. We won’t interfere.”

They all go in the living room. David sits on the sofa and Jess gets in his lap.

“Thank you, Daddy. I thought you might get really mad if you saw Jr and I together. I’m so glad we have your blessing. I love you so much. I love him too. We want to be together forever.”

“I love you too, baby. I just want the best for both of you.”

His daughter is a spitting image of her mother. She is sitting on his cock. Her soft ass cheeks on his cock makes it fill with blood. She feels it and looks at him.

“Daddy. What is that poking me?”

Jessica looks at him and her eyes pop out. Her husband is getting turned on from his daughter. She calms down and smiles. She goes and sits in Jr’s lap. She gives him a kiss and hugs him. She feels his cock fill with blood too.

Jr, what is that poking me?

They all look at each other and laugh.

The end

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