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Harshith was only 19 years old. Harshith’s father name was Suresh and rich businessman in city. His mother Bhagya was the house wife. Bhagya was 39 years old now. She was a modern up-to-date free lady, regularly visit to clubs and gim. Bhagya like to dress very conservatively. She understood the modern concept of sex and liked it better. Her husband Suresh was busy most of the time with his business, cannot give much time to his wife. Bhagya was happy, but her sexual life was far from what she desires.

As a mother of a grown up son, Bhagya hardly let her sexual urge to surface. She maintains a regular happy mother, happy wife kind of all around her all the time. Harshith was a very good looking young boy and college student. Both Bhagya and Suresh were very proud for their son. Harshith plays hocky and was very athletic. When Bhagya watch her son playing at the hocky on ground, running behind ball with hocky stic like a bull and Bhagya could not hold back her tears from joy. She cannot believe that this handsome boy once was her little son who sucked on her breast. Bhagya loves Harshith more than anything in this world.

Bhagya had slim and tight figure even at the age of 39.Her tight round big boobs add to her sex appeal. Her tight round ass something to die for she is just a sex goddess. Bhagya think- I was fair, eye catching personality with added weights at appropriate parts with appropriate proportion I measure 37/29/39,I weight 64 Kgs,stand 5′.6″tall, I had firm boobs, with brown nipples, good big swaying ass. Bhagya had been thinking about her own life many times. Her husband Suresh had lost his Interest in sex almost due to business from years ago. For many years she had been without sex or with little sex.

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Somehow it had seemed tolerable for these long time but tonight it somehow seemed unbearable. She wonder if she will never again had sex in her life. She had thought of sometimes having an extra marital affair but it scared her What if somebody finds out? She did not want to take all those risks. But yet the fact remained that she yearned for a man today as she lay there beside her money powered husband. She need someone between her sexy strong legs. Her body urge for sex. Why so strongly? Bhagya did not know that her son Harshith was already dreaming for his charming sexy mother. What he say -The strange thing about it was that….. I really want to do pornographic things to my own mother.

I wanted to do loving things to her. I wanted to had my mother warm lips pressing on mine. I want to do gently massage her bare breasts. I want my mother with me on bed. Harshith likes his own mother as lover. Where did it all come from? I grew up in India. My business man father was a mild mannered man who always worked in a mood of money. I show him many night he would pass out for business and He was good to my mother and I can see that my mother respected and loved him. But I sensed there was also sadness in her and at that time, I could not understand why. I helped mother out at every opportunity. I had a crush on her and this way it kept me close to her.


Mother always looked up to me for help. I was constantly chatting her up; I could see that she appreciated this as it helped to break the boredom of her day. Dad would go to business in the morning and the next time we show him after days passed. When he would come home tired after which he would proceed to rest. It seemed to me that the spark had gone out of my parents marriage. Don’t get me wrong, dad was loving father and husband also. but the romance that the earlier part of the marriage was rare in my parent life. All this started when I was studying in BBA college; so many friends of mine were waiting for me as usuval.

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But From last 6 month I am spending more time with my mother not with friends. Six month before when I have completed my BBA 1st year exams and I had one month holidays. I get bored at home during the day time. Even my friends left for their places to see their parents. So I told about this to my mother. She said me to go to movies and go to your favorite play hocky as long as I want or go to grandfather’s house or visit your sister. I was not interested in going to grandfather’s house as my mother would be left alone. So I started to go to play hocky, than to movies and go to internet and spend lot of time at the net, nearly 2 to 3 hours daily.

I started to see all the sites about movies, education and some porno sites etc. One day I found this site as the someone who came before me might had opened this site. I opened one of the stories and started reading and this became my routine from then on. I used to read all the stories in all the categories with incest category also. I mostly like mother son stories. This makes my attitude changed towards my mother when I unexpectedly found this site. I read all the categories of stories but most liked incest from the first time. Initially I didn’t like this m-s stories but after some times I like only mother son stories.

After habituating to reading the stories, I started reading the incest stories only and really liked incest stories. I cannot explain the feeling I felt after reading the incest story. I was unable to see at my mother’s face in the evening. I couldn’t behave normally with my mothes. I cursed myself for reading such a story. My mind started to think only about the incest stories. I started reading only Mom-Son stories as I find them very interesting than other stories. From then I was seeing the woman in my mother. I saw the beauty in my mom. Her figure used to make me mad.

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friends i will be explain in the next episode…….

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