Mom and son come together after their break ups

I turned eighteen two months ago and since then I noticed that mom has been acting just a little bit different towards me. She is freer with her hugs and kisses throughout each day. Usually she would kiss me on the cheek when I first get up of a morning for breakfast and a hug before I left the house for school or leave out with my friends. Now it is at any time she will just come up to me and kiss me or hug me and sometimes both.

I also noticed she has changed the way she dresses. She used to dress in knee length skirts and dresses. The shorts, when she would wear any, went to mid-thigh. Now the only time she wears a skirt or a dress that stops at her knees, is her uniform that is dress code at the restaurant where she works. When she is home and just lounging around, she wears skirts and dresses that are mid-thigh length and the shorts are short shorts. The shorts are so short that her butt cheeks peek out of the leg holes. She wears the short shorts around the house only, unless she needs to make a fast trip to the store and back.

I’ve been working part time at the same restaurant mom works but now that school is out and I’ve graduated, I’ve been looking for full time work outdoors, where I would rather be working. Dad wants me to go to college and work where he does, but I have no desire to work in an office of any kind. Besides if working in an office requires one to work ten and twelve hours a day, I want no part of it. I think life has more to offer than just working from sunup to sunset. I can see mom feels like dad doesn’t love her like when they first married. It has been years since I last heard him say, ‘I love you’ to her. He makes promises and doesn’t keep them anymore like he used to.

Mom and I have always been close really, but as dad got to working more and more and going on business trips weeks at a time, mom and I have gotten a lot closer, as close as a mother and son can get, without crossing that invisible line. At times I wonder if mom is willing to cross that invisible line with me, the way she has changed her way of dress around me and the way she has taking to hugging and kissing me.

On days when mom and I would be off in the evenings, she would sit on the couch with her back in the corner where the back and armrest meet, her legs stretched out on the couch in my lap and her in one of her lounging house dresses, I would massage her feet for her.


In the last couple of months since I turned eighteen, her dresses and skirts being shorter, and she is lounging on the couch as I massage her feet, they seem to ride up some and she has more leg showing than she used to have, that has made it hard for me to massage her feet without getting a hard-on.

I know I’m not supposed to be looking at mom like that but hey, I’m just a red blooded southern American boy that is horny all the time, at least it seems like it. I have a girlfriend but she doesn’t like to put out much, even though we do use rubbers and she is on the pill. She says she don’t want to get pregnant yet, which is fine with me but hey, at least we can practice can’t we?

I landed a new job this last Monday, working for a roofing company putting a roof on the new factory being built in town. Friday evening when I got home from work, mom told me my girlfriend, Alice called today and wanted me to call her as soon as I got home, so I called to be told she would be out with her mom and dad for the weekend and she was sorry, she had to call our date off for tonight.

I hung up the phone, “Crap if that don’t suck!”

“Sounds like you’re in the same boat as I’m in this evening.”

I looked over at mom and asked, “Dad called and said he had to work late and couldn’t keep you guys date tonight, am I right?”

“You hit the nail on the head. He called as soon as he got to work to tell me he’s going out of town tonight on a business trip.”

“Didn’t you take the day off to go on this date with him?” I asked, remembering what mom told me this morning.

“Yes I did and I was not able to change to an early shift, after asking to have the time off to get ready for this evening.” I knew mom didn’t need to work because dad had a good paying job. Mom just worked to have something to do more than anything, and she just saved her income in case something happened that we would be hit with hard times.

“Yes I know that for sure. We can talk about this once I am done with my shower if you want.”

“Okay. I guess I better figure something out for our supper tonight.”

“Okay.” I rushed up to my bedroom and laid out some clothes to wear after my shower then walked down the hall to the bathroom, removed my work clothes and jumped into the shower. Back in my bedroom I put on a button up shirt that I had cut the sleeves off of, due to having holes in the elbows of the sleeves. I usually left the top two or three buttons undone, going with just the two buttons undone this time. When I finished dressing I went back to the living room to see mom sitting on the couch in her usual position, “Have you figured something out for supper yet?”

“No I haven’t. Sorry…”

“Slip your shoes on and let’s go out to eat.”

“Mm, I do like a man that knows what he wants.” swinging her legs around to put her shoes on.

“I like a woman that knows how to look good for the man she is waiting for and you do fit the bill really well.”

“Why thank you very much. I’m glad that I look good to at least one man around here. It’s just too bad I don’t look so good to the one I married, like he used to say I did.” mom finished slipping her shoes on.

“Dad has just let money go to his head and forgot to keep his eyes on the good things he has at home and care for what he created. You look so beautiful and sexy and he’s gone blind in his old age.”

“Why thank you son for thinking I’m still beautiful and sexy.” I locked the front door, held my arm out toward mom and she took it. I escorted mom down the porch steps and we walked out to my pickup. “We could take my car to save your gas son.”

As we stepped around to the passenger side, “I need to stop for gas, and I’ll do that on the way back home.”

The dress mom was wearing to lounge around in this evening, has just a little bit of flare from the waist down and she managed to get into my pickup without flashing me a quick view up her dress because of it.

As I pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant and looked for a place to park, “That looks just like your dad’s car sitting there.”

Looking at the car mom pointed out, “It is dad’s car. Do you want to go on in or go somewhere else to eat?”

“We are here now, let’s just go on in and just see what he may be up to. Remember he is supposed to be out of town on a business trip?”

“Oh yea, that’s right.” I found a place to park four spots past his car on the same side of the row dad is parked in. I helped mom get out of the pickup and escorted her to the front door. We spotted dad and a young woman sitting next to each other in a corner booth like lovers, as soon as mom and I stepped in through the door. Dad is so wrapped up with the young woman that he didn’t even see us. I step over to the hostess stand, “A table for two please.”

As the host escorted us to a booth on the other side of the dining room from where dad and his date were sitting, I saw a young guy my age and my supposed to be girlfriend sitting at a table in another corner booth, kissing and sharing each other’s food, “Is that Alice your girlfriend sitting in the corner there?” mom asked me in a whisper.

“Yes it is.”

I indicated for mom to sit next to me where we both could sit and see dad, my girlfriend, and their dates, then I slid in beside mom.

With our food and drinks in front of us, mom said just loud enough for me to hear, “I had a feeling your dad was cheating on me but I didn’t think he was cheating on me in the same town. Then to top it off, what’s supposed to be ‘your’ girlfriend lied to you about having to spend the weekend with her folks, and ends up sitting with some guy kissing him like a lover, in the same place my husband is, and him with another woman doing the same.”

“How often does that happen? I’ve never been here before but I’ve heard about it and wanted to check it out tonight. I planned on bringing Alice here on our date this evening.”

“Your dad never brought me here either and I’ve wanted to check it out myself. I know now why your dad wouldn’t bring me here. He didn’t want to be seen with me if by chance his girlfriend, happened to come in while we were here. I have a feeling she knows nothing about me being his wife. You and Alice are having a date here tonight, just not as you had planned with each other.”

“Good one sexy.” I said with a little bit of grin.

“Okay handsome, I thought so.”

I noticed that dad and his date got their order just as the waitress was taking our order. When mom and I were about half way through with our meal, Alice and her date started sliding out of their booth, Alice’s eyes got really big as soon as she stood up and saw me sitting just a few feet away.

Mom gave a little chuckle when Alice’s eyes got so big when she saw me, that I had to chuckle to myself as well. Before Alice could make a move, the guy took her hand and pulled her toward the door, Alice turned and put her attention back on her date. As soon as the two were out the door, mom asked, “Do you by chance know the guy she’s with?”

“No I don’t know him. I’ve never seen him before anywhere.”

Mom and I sat close like we were lovers while we ate our meal, much like Alice and the guy she is with had done, and dad is doing with his date. Mom and I finished eating, and then mom said, “I need to go to the restroom before we go. Do you see which way I need to go to get there?”

“Go right over next to where dad and his date is sitting.” pointing to the restroom sign in dad’s direction. “I’ll meet you up by the door when you come out.” I said as I slid out letting mom out.

“Okay. I’ll just be a minute.”

“No problem.” mom then headed toward the restroom and I headed toward the door, while keeping an eye on dad in case he happened to see mom walking toward him.

I couldn’t believe dad never looked toward her or toward me, as mom walked right past him and his date. Three minutes after mom entered the restroom she came back out, just as dad and his date started moving to get up and leave. Mom stepped out of the restroom and started walking toward me, and as soon as dad realized he had stood up in front of someone, he turned his head and saw mom as she just stepped around him, as she walked on toward me without stopping. Dad then saw me with those big eyes he always gets when he is surprised to see something unexpected.

As mom reached me she turned to look back at dad and waved and I did the same, then mom blew a kiss toward him just as the woman followed his wide-eyed look toward us. The woman saw us wave at him and saw mom blow the kiss to dad then looked back at him and said something to him. It took a moment for dad to snap out of it while mom and I stood to see what would happen next. It took a little bit of a nudge from dad’s date, to make him snap out of it.

Dad began talking to the woman as he looked from us to the woman and back to us and back to her, before mom and I made our exit from the restaurant.

Out at the pickup I helped mom in on the passenger side again as dad and his date stepped out of the restaurant. I closed the door to the pickup and waited till dad and his date walked toward his car, and moved around to the front of my pickup, “Looser.” I said, as we met at the front left corner of my pickup.

“What’s that son?” dad asked, turning to look at me.

“Business trip my ass, you two timing jerk!” I answered back at him as I got my door open to get in.

“How dare you talk to me like that boy?”

“I talk to you how I want to since you’re a two timing lying sucker.” watching to see what dad may do next.

Dad started to turn toward me but mom opened her door, “Dan! You leave your son alone and you can stop by tomorrow and pick up your things and go back to your whore there.” dad just stopped and looked at her and then back at me.

I went ahead and got into the pickup and mom closed her door, as I closed mine and started the engine, and then backed out of the space. We could see dad’s face was red as all get out and his date talking to him like she was hot under the collar.

Once we were down the road a little way mom looked at me and asked, “Mark, what would you have done, had Dan stepped around the pickup toward you back there?”

“Depends on what he would’ve done once he got around to me. I was ready to stand up to him, had you not said what you did.”

“You think that you could have taken him on and came out ahead?”

“Yes I know I can and would’ve. He works out just to keep his figure mostly, and I work out to stay in shape and train to defend myself as well.” I said as I pulled into a gas station.

I filled up with gas and paid for it and climbed back into the driver’s seat and left the station. A little way down the road, mom asked me, “What are you going to do about Alice now?”

“I’ll just let her go on down the road she’s on with her new guy. What else is there to do when the one you thought loved being with you, doesn’t want to be with you after all?”

“Good point.” I could hear mom’s voice was kind of chocked up.

I turned into a parking lot of a big park with a pond in the middle of the park with benches to sit on. I parked and shut the engine off and got out, walked around to the passenger side and opened the door and helped mom out and pulled her to me and just held her in my arms.

I noticed that my dick was starting to get hard just standing and holding her in my arms pulled up next to me. After a couple of minutes I turned and led mom off down a walkway that led to the pond, while keeping an arm wrapped around her waist and she had her arm wrapped around me, like we were lovers. We sat down with my arm around her shoulders and let her lay her head on my shoulder, “You seem to always know what I need when I can’t keep from crying my eyes out. Your dad had no clue as to what to do at times I was like this. I keep asking myself where you get it from since your dad has no clue of what to do, but you do.”

“I have no idea mom. I just know you are the one woman that has always been there for me when I needed a woman’s touch.”

“It’s called a mothers instinct I guess.”

“In that case I guess I have a son’s instinct to know what to do when I see or hear you crying.”

“I hope you keep that when you finally find the woman of your dreams to marry.”

“Yea, right, like that will ever happen. The luck I have with women I don’t see it happening very soon.”

Mom and I just sat and talked with me holding her and her holding me as we talked things out. We sat there a good hour or more before we went home. That night I heard mom crying in her bedroom but, she wouldn’t let me in until the next day when we sat down and talked some more.

That all happened six months ago and we had to move since the house had to be sold and the money split between mom and dad. Mom did get the biggest part of the split. Dad had done something that caused the judge to say sell the house and split the money between them.

Mom had met a rancher where she worked and told him about having to move and sell the house by court order. The rancher told her he has a house on one acre of land with pasture land surrounding it. The rancher offered it to us rent free. All we had to do was to take care of the house and keep an eye on his cattle, because someone was stealing them from time to time. The house did give us more room than the two bedroom apartment we were going to move into. At the rancher’s house we didn’t have a swimming pool but we did have plenty of shade trees, and the only eyes we had looking into the back yard were cattle grazing in the pasture. The apartment we were looking at had a pool, but no privacy.

We had the utilities turned on and a TV dish put in. As soon as all that was done we moved in. Mom was to receive alimony which helped to make our lives financially easier. One week after we made the move the house sold and mom received a check for her part from the sale.

One Saturday afternoon mom and I were out shopping (shortly after the sale of the house) I treated her out to dinner and again who should we run into? It was dad with a different woman this time. Again he didn’t see us walk in and when mom and I finished eating and paid our bill, we went out to the pickup and waited till dad and his date came out. I walked around them, and said, “Ah, dad, this isn’t the same woman mom and I saw you with, the last time you ate here.” then I walked on around them and back to my pickup noticing the two turn and watch me walk away from them.

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Mom was watching me and dad with his date, and when I got back and got in, mom asked, “Son what did you say to them?”

“I just told dad that the woman he’s with isn’t the same woman, you and I saw him with the last time he ate here.”

“That was mean. You know that don’t you?” as we drove toward the exit.

“Yes that is why I did it to him.” I saw dad wave at me to come back wanting me to face him like a man, as I turned out into the street. I just gave him a wave like I’ll see you later.

“I did like it though. It serves him right for cheating on me and not coming on out and asking me for a divorce in the first place.”

I saw dad and his date get into his car and try to follow us, as I drove on toward the grocery store. I figured dad would see us turn into the grocery store parking lot but he didn’t, so he either lost sight of us or decided it wasn’t worth the trouble to confront me.

When we left the grocery store, I stopped at a liquor store where mom bought a case of beer and some wine. Mom likes her wine when we eat supper and sometimes after the meal, she will have a glass of wine. The beer is for me mostly, but she does drink some, even though I’m still under age. Mom lets me have a glass of wine with my supper so she isn’t drinking alone and when she has more after the meal. I usually drink another beer so she doesn’t feel like she’s drinking alone. The only time I have wine and or beer, is when it is just her and I at home.

The following Saturday morning I got up to find mom in her house coat in the kitchen as usual, cooking breakfast for us, “Good morning babe, coffee is ready if you want some.”

“You know that I do beautiful.” as I filled a cup up.

I sat down at the table and mom placed our breakfast on it, then gave me my morning hug and kiss, pressing her tits into my chest and I could feel her hard nipples pocking me. I immediately stood up and pulled the chair out for her to sit on and pushed it under her, as she sat down. All through breakfast mom and I flirted back and forth. When we finished eating, mom asked, “Is it okay if we go shopping a bit early this morning? I need a few new outfits to wear.”

“Why sure it is okay. Why are you asking me, if we can go early?” while I got us both another cup of coffee.

“Until you decide to get married and move out you’re the man of the house.”

“Who said anything about me getting married? I haven’t found a woman that is so good looking to look at and makes me happy, outside of this house yet.” I couldn’t help but look at mom’s chest to see the right side of her left tit, with the top part of her house coat pushing outward some.

“I know I’m not a good-looking woman for you to look at.”

“Little you know. Mom you are a hot momma. Every time we go shopping there are a lot of men that turn to get a second look or a good long look at you and drool all over themselves, wishing they were able to sleep with you.”

“Yea just to get between my legs to get off if what you’re saying is true.”

“I would say yes it may be true but, there must be at least one man out there that would love to get to know your inner beauty and not just your outer beauty. No matter what mom, you are an M.I.L.F. in the eyes of every young man or old man out there.”

“I’m not to one old man.”

“I can’t argue that one but he let money go to his head and it will be that way with any man that is as money-hungry as dad. Besides, he doesn’t give a damn about me either right now.”

“You do have a point about him not caring about me. He may care more about you than you know.”

“Mom, quit lying to yourself, dad doesn’t care for me. Get your sexy self-dressed as soon as you can, and I’ll do the same and I’ll take you shopping, till your heart’s content.”

“I would like you to help me find something real attractive looking to a guy. That is if you don’t mind.”

Swallowing the last swallow of coffee I wondered if that was a trick statement or question. After I swallowed that last swallow of coffee, “I don’t mind one bit. I will say though. No matter what you wear, you look good to this guy and any other guy.”

“Thank you. Even if you are my son, you make me feel really good when you tell me how pretty I am.”

While mom and I cleaned the kitchen we flirted with each other. When the kitchen was cleaned up and dishes were washed and in the drain rack, mom went to her bedroom and got dressed. I went to my bedroom and rubbed one out real quick, while thinking about my mom of all women, and then dressed to drive her to town.

On the drive into town mom sat next to me, leaving about one foot of space between us to make it a bit easier to talk with each other, my pickup being one of the older ones, with the road noise level on the high side compared to a new car or pickup.

Mom’s blue dress was another one of her mid-thigh length dresses and sitting next to me; I could see a little more thigh than just mid-thigh. I couldn’t help but look at her thighs from time to time when I was able while I drove, and as usual my dick was stirring in my pants even though I rubbed one out before leaving the house.

“Do you think we can go on a picnic rather than go to a restaurant to eat this afternoon?”

“I don’t see why not. Do you have a place in mind for the picnic?”

“I think I want to go to that park you stopped in the night I cried my eyes out, after seeing your dad with that other woman, if it is okay with you.”

“I’m good to go there without a problem. I know of the perfect fast food that’s not too far from there.”

“Sounds good to me.” mom said, leaning over and kissing my cheek.

Our first stop was the mall with the first store being a lingerie store where mom picked out four pantie and bra sets. The panties being thongs, with sheer front panels. The next store was a dress shop. Mom picked out two dresses and two skirts with blouses to match. The sales clerk pointed out the dressing rooms for mom to try on the clothes she picked out. Mom finished trying on the dresses and skirts; she picked out a couple of other shirts for herself before we moved on to the next store. The next store we stopped in at, mom picked out a couple of shirts and dress pants for me to try on. I picked out which one’s I liked the best and paid for them and we were off to the next store.

We saw an old neighbor and stopped to talk with her. She told us that the couple that had bought our house would hardly speak to her or anyone in the neighborhood and has the back yard trashed out. Mom and her friend went on to talk about other stuff, so I left them to talk while I went to the food court and bought a round of drinks, for the two women and myself.

I found the two women had moved to one of the benches in the middle of the main hallway, by the time I got back. As I walked up behind them I heard mom’s friend ask, “So Anna, have you managed to entice that hunk of a son into your bed yet?” I came to a stop right there to listen in, before I let them know I was back.

“No, we haven’t got there yet but I can say he notices me far more than his dad ever did. He even thinks about me when he goes to bed, I think, because I hear him from time to time masturbating. I’m not sure but when he does masturbate, I think, he’s called my name a few times but I’m not quite sure, if he is or not. I think I may be wishful thinking when I think I hear him call my name.”

“To find out for sure why don’t you just walk in and ask him if he called you or not, and when you walk in you’ll know just how big he is if he is masturbating. You need to do something; by either you make the first move or entice him to make it. I may make a move on him if you don’t. I saw how he looked at you and at me, when he walked into a room when I was visiting you.”

“He still looks at me like that when he walks into a room where I am or I walk into the room he’s in.”

“Maybe you need to start wearing shorter dresses or more revealing clothes than you’re wearing now. Have you bought any more revealing clothes in those sacks, than what you have on now?”


“What about night gowns? Are they sheer or a type of sheer lace?”

“No but I was thinking about something like that.”

“Do it, don’t think about it.”

“I don’t know what he will think about me wearing something like that, even just around the house.”

“Seeing how he looks at you, you’ll have no worries. He will not be able to take his eyes off of you. You’re not getting any younger Anna and the only ones that will know about you and your son will be the three of us. No one else will ever know you two are mother and son. As it is when I saw, the two of you walk up to me, you two, looked like a couple and not a mother and son out on a shopping trip.”


“Yes really” I then backed away a few steps and made a circle out and around to make it look as if I just walked up on them. April saw me and said, “As usual your handsome man knows when a lady is in need of a drink.” I handed mom the first glass.

“Yes he is good at knowing things like that.” as I was handing the next drink to April.

“We were just talking about you and how good you look, now that you’re all grown up. You make me wish I was a younger woman.”

“You’re not all that old. You look young enough to have any young man you want. The trick will be to find the man that will want you, the same way you want him.”

“Wow. He’s got to be quite a smart young man as well as good looking.” April took a drink of her pop, and then added, “He even remembers what kind of pop I like best.”

“Yes he is and does notice what a person likes and dislikes.”

“Oh man I need to do some more shopping and then meet Marry for dinner at the restaurant up on Grand Street shopping center.” standing up and gathering up her shopping bags she went on to say, “Now remember what I said about doing and not thinking about it and I know you’ll have what you want.” I could just make out April rolling her eyes towards me a few times as she told mom ‘you’ll have what you want’ even though April was looking downward toward mom, before mom stood up.

I gathered up the three shopping bags next to mom, and after I stood up straight, “Do you want to clue me in on what April was talking about, having what you want?” just to see if mom would tell me.

“The way I see it I have what I want all ready but she doesn’t know it yet.” I noticed mom blushing as she said that.

Mom took my arm again as we walked on toward the next store. The next store was another lingerie store that looked to have more to offer than the first one. Mom did some looking around at different gowns and nylon dresses as well as fish net dresses and chemises that were sheer. I even found a few things that would look good on mom. I was wondering if she was really interested in wanting me as her lover, like her and April were talking about out at the bench. If mom is interested in wanting me that way, would she use these items to entice me into making the first move? The sales woman came over and asked mom if she could be of some help. Mom talk to her in a whispered voice so I wasn’t able to hear what mom said. It wasn’t long mom was in a changing booth and the sales woman talking to me about a few things I thought about buying for mom that I had noticed on a clothes rack.

After mom and I left the store and entered the main hallway, mom said, “I see you bought a few things in there also.”

“I picked out a few things that I thought would look really good on you.”

“I can just imagine what they are.”

“I do believe you’ll like them.”

“Knowing you the way I do you may be right. Anyway, I’m ready to go on our picnic now.”

“The shortest way to the pickup is this way my lady.”

I drove to a fast food restaurant and ordered our food and drinks to take to the park for our picnic, then drove to the park. I got out and helped mom slide out on the driver’s side, then took the bag of food I had picked up at the restaurant and with mom on one arm and our meal in my free hand, I escorted mom to a picnic table down by the pond. The picnic table was under a big shade tree where we could sit in the shade and look out over the pond as we ate, “This is the perfect spot for a dinner. How did you ever learn to find such perfect places?”

“I just happen to stumble onto them.”

“You sure stumbled onto the perfect spot to picnic.” reaching for her drink. I placed mom’s food in front of her and my food in front of myself when, mom said, “I want to know something. Are you thinking about looking for another girlfriend or maybe start getting out with your friends again very soon?”

“No, I haven’t thought about it any at-all. All my high school friends have gone on to college or some other state to live and work. The guys at work all have girlfriends or wives to go home to. The only times they all get together maybe is during the holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or some company party.”

“Have they had any company parties since you started working with them?”

“No but they do have one coming up soon from what I understand.”

“And what kind of party is it? A Halloween party, that is the next big holiday.”

“Yes but it’s not a sure thing as of right now. Halloween is still how far off, a month?”

“Yes one and one half months from now.” mom and I ate in silence for a little bit before mom asked, “Will they ask you to bring your girlfriends and wives with you to the party?”

“The way they talk about last year’s party they will. Why?”

“Whom will you be asking if you don’t get out and find a girlfriend by then?”

“I guess no one but, I doubt I will go unless it is in my best behalf to go. That being the case, I will just go alone I guess, unless I ask you or April out that we saw at the mall today.”

“You need to find someone a lot younger than we are. Everyone will think we are your mom if you take one of us.”

“You two do not look old enough to be my mom. The only way they’ll think you are my mom, is because we have the same eyes maybe.”

“April made the comment that it looked like you and I were a couple and not a mother and son.”

“I wish.” I breathed real low, then asked, “When did she say that?”

“While you were getting our drinks at the mall. Now what do you mean by you ‘wish’?”

“You weren’t supposed to hear that. I’m sorry.”

“Mark, tell me, I want to know what you mean by that.”

“Well… I’m proud to be your son, and you are so beautiful and I have not found a girl that can live up to your level. You show me more love than any other girl has ever showed me. I keep finding girls that only had time for me as long as I had money that I seemed to be short on until graduation and found the job I now have. Now that I have money, the girls I meet want nothing but my money.”

“How do you know that April or I don’t want just your money?”

“For one mom you are my mom and you are so reluctant about taking my money to pay the bills. The other is… I have to come clean about… I heard you and April talking at the mall today when I went after the drinks. I came back and as I was about to give you and April your drinks. I heard you two talking about me and April asked you if you had been able, to entice me into your bed yet. I’m sorry for not letting you two know I was there before you got carried away in that conversation. Please forgive me.”

While Mom took a drink of her pop it went dry in the middle of her sucking on the straw. She looked at the paper cup and put it in the bag that had held our food, “You know I think I’m kind of glad you did listen in on that conversation. As you gathered, you know, she thinks of you as one fine young man. She wants in your pants so bad that she can taste it.” then in a much lower voice just loud enough for me to hear, “But so do I.” Then she went on to ask me, “Now that you know all that, how do you feel about it?”

“Surprised but I like that you both feel that way. I have fantasized about making love to you and wished you felt the same way toward me. When did you start wanting me like that?”

“April has been wishing she was younger every time she saw you. When April told me that the first time, she asked me if I knew how big you are, and that is about when I started wanting you. She told me at the house how I may entice you by wearing shorter skirts, dresses, and short shorts. As you may have noticed, I began to wear shorter skirts, dresses and short shorts around the house more, just to peak your interest in me.”

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“Yes, I noticed it alright and I love every minute of it too. You look so sexy and you have what it takes to flaunt it, I was thinking that it was about time you started flaunting it.”

“April heard you flirting with me one day and that is what started us to talking, and her telling me to change the way I dress around you, and she even flirted with you and you would flirt back. She’s old enough to be your mother, as I am. Then as you looked at her, instead of me, and flirting in front of me, like you had just been doing with me. I would get just a little bit jealous of you two, but then you would turn around and flirt with me right back again, in front of her. I finally was able to deal with it and enjoy flirting with you in front of her, as she seems to enjoy doing in front of me.”

“I like April but she is married still unless she’s gotten divorced since we moved from there. The other thing is I don’t know if she can truly love me as close to what you can being you are my mom. In other words can she love me as much as a wife is supposed to love her husband? I believe I could but don’t know because; I’m not dating her for me to get to know her better. Now that I think about it I know who I do love and want to be with for the rest of my days.”

“May I ask who that woman is?”

I turned my head, and answered, “I’m next to her and looking at her right now.”

Mom looked into my eyes and with a smile she leaned in close and asked, “Is this where we are supposed to kiss and someone decides to interrupt us, like they do in the movies?” then we laughed a bit before kissing each other like lovers.

After we kissed, I asked, “Does this mean the end of the movie and we go wherever it is actors and actress go, when they finish filming?” we chuckled and just held each other in our arms for a short while before deciding on going to do our weekly grocery shopping.

Just as all the groceries were put away and the shopping bags from the mall put in mom’s bedroom there was a knock on the front door. I opened the door to see the rancher’s wife standing on the porch, “Hello Mrs. Thurston. Please come on in.” holding the door open for her.

“Thank you. My husband has told me all about you and your wife here. I was wondering if you two want a pickup load of produce to can for the winter. That way maybe you can have a head start on the winter months, when it will be a witch to get into town, to do any shopping.”

My mom came into the living room as I opened the front door, “I would love to have some if we have enough money to pay for it.”

“Who’s talking money here? I can stuff every year and we still end up having to throw a bunch away unless we find a family in need, which I may add, doesn’t happen often around here. I grow the produce in my garden every year and my husband, bless his soul, plows up such a big garden spot for me that I end up filling it up, with all kinds of vegetables and fruits. With the fruit trees and the garden, produce ends up growing out of our ears. Now if you want any come on out to the pickup and let’s unload as much of it as you want.”

“Yes, gladly, thank you. I was wondering how bad the roads get out here in the winter.”

“Last winter we were snowed in for almost a month and it was very hard on my husband to get the cattle fed. That was in the middle of winter and then again for two weeks or more toward the end of winter.”

When Mrs. Thurston said a pickup load, she wasn’t exaggerating any. It was a full size pickup with a six by eight bed, front to back and filled to the top of the bed. “You should have asked me over to help you load all this Mrs. Thurston.”

“Oh I had plenty of help believe me. I get something out of my garden all summer long and I’ll be bringing more to you if you want it. I don’t know if maybe you have other family members that could use some of this as well.”

“Yes I will take it and I do know just who needs some food to help them get through the winter as well.”

“Good.” Mrs. Thurston and my mom talked on as the three of us unloaded the pickup and it really didn’t take long at all to off load it all. “I’ll bring you another load every week until you tell me you have plenty of everything.”

“Why thank you very much Mrs. Thurston, let us know if you need any help.” mom said.

As Mrs. Thurston backed out of the driveway, I asked, “I didn’t know you told her husband that you and I are husband and wife.”

“I didn’t tell him that.”

“Now we need to go back to town and get a presser cooker or two, and canning supplies.” I said, looking around the kitchen and dining room.

“I guess there goes our afternoon today.”

“Not really. We’ll be together getting what is needed to start canning all of this food.”

This time I drove mom’s car to town with mom riding along sitting next to me with her hand on my leg. Upon arriving home mom decided to wait till the next day to start canning everything. After washing the two presser cookers and jars, it wouldn’t belong she would need to start cooking supper.

“By the way mom, are you going to be modeling any of your new clothes that you bought today?”

“I planned on it and even maybe wearing one of them the rest of the afternoon. I can show you what I bought today. I do hope they look as good on me as you said they will.” mom left the room to go to her bedroom. In the short time it took mom to change into one of her new dresses, I retrieved a beer for both of us, “How do you like this dress babe?”

“Oh wow it makes you look hot as all get out.”

Mom had on a red dress that is a wraparound on the top half, show casing her double D cup tits with a lot of cleavage in the front, and a low sweeping U shaped back almost to the top of her bubble butt. The hem of the dress stopped where three quarters of her thigh are on display for all to see. Mom did a twirl to give me an all-around view of the dress, “So I take it you like the dress.”

“Yes I do and red, is my favorite color too.”

“I know and that is why I bought it. I’ll be right back.” mom went back to the bedroom and in a short time, was back modeling another dress.

I don’t know which dress I like better, this one or the other one. You look just as sexy in this one as you did the first one.”

The dress tied at the top behind the neck and came down to cup each of her tits in a sling. A band went around to form like a waist band with the dress being a little on the snug side before it flared out from the top of her butt down to the hem. The hem stopped about the same place as the first dress did on her. “I have some more to show you but I want a drink first, if you mind please.”

“Sure, this beer is for you sexy.”

Mom drank some of her beer and then she went back into the bedroom and returned shortly after with a skirt and a pull over shirt. The shirt was off her left shoulder with just the one wide strap over her right shoulder. There is just a hint of a cleavage on her chest and the shirt formed around her like a tight T-shirt does, showing off her curves. The skirt was a red and white plaid pattern that just did cover her butt in the back and it too was a flared skirt.

“Wow mom, you don’t plan on wearing that out any place do you?” all she had to do is bend over and every one would see her butt unless she has short shorts on under the skirt. It made my dick even harder thinking about her bending over, to let all see her butt.

“Only if it is a spur of the moment, like the first date you and I had on that fateful night, we saw our ex’s.”

The next skirt and shirt she modeled for me was a jeans skirt, that like the last skirt, just did cover her butt and looked to have been a cut off skirt, from an old skirt but had a tag showing it is new. The shirt tied just under her tits with a big knot, showing a lot of cleavage to admire by anyone viewing it or perving over it, as I’m doing. “I take it you like this outfit as much or better than the last outfit?” mom asked me, breaking my trance.

“Yes you can say I like it as much as I did the last skirt. Just face it mom you are sexy as all get out. You have the legs to show off as well as the boobs and the butt. You have the whole package.”

“Why thank you dear. Of all the men that even notices me as a woman; it has to be my own son. I must admit I love, that my son does notice me as a sexy woman.”

“Of all the women that knows how to catch my eyes is my own mom, and she is sexy as all get out and I’m so glad, she knows how to catch my eyes.”

“Oh wow! You do know how to sweet talk a woman too.” mom drank some more beer, then as she brought the can down from her mouth, she glanced at the clock on the wall, “Oh my! I better get our supper started or it will be late.”

“Before we start, do you want the tags cut off of your skirt and shirt?”

“Oh yes, please.” looking down at the tags on her new outfit.

I cut the tags off for her and tossed them in the trashcan, and then we started fixing supper. I couldn’t help but steal glances at mom and look at her, the whole time we worked on getting supper cooked. Every time mom bent over I got a view as I knew I would. Her butt and pussy lips looked so inviting to me, so much so that I was hurting from having such a hard dick by the time supper was cooked. We took the meal out to the back yard to the picnic table, where we decided to eat our meal.

Mom sat down across from me at the picnic table and that is when I noticed that the knot on her shirt had come loose to the point of almost being completely untied. As mom reached here and there for the bowls of food to fill her plate and passing the bowls over to me, I could see more and more of her tits, and then the knot finally did come untied, “Oh my! Sorry for not noticing that it was working loose babe.” setting a bowl down and then reaching for the ties.

“Don’t worry about it mom, you look sexy hot with it untied and gapping open like that.”

“How much have you seen of me now with it opened like this?”

“All of your sexy tits to the big hard nipples, that want to be sucked on. Sorry about saying that but, you are sexy.” I shocked myself even, for saying it, even though it was true.

“In that case then, I might as well leave it untied or would you rather I tie it back up?”

“Leave it untied and I’ll join you.” with that I stripped off my shirt then added, “By taking my shirt off all the way. It feels so good to have it off on such a hot evening. Try it mom. You may like being topless like I am, on these hot nights and days.”

Mom looked down at her chest and saw a sweat drop trail down between her tits, as I too watched it run down to her belly as she began eating, “With both of the ladies out for all to see, I might as well just take it off because you are right, it is a little bit cooler without a shirt on when it is so hot out.” mom then took the shirt off and laid it on the bench beside her.

“I knew you had some big sexy tits but I didn’t know your nipples were so big and sexy looking till your shirt came untied, although the nipples were trying to poke a hole through the material.”

“Were my nipples poking out the whole time we were cooking?”

“Yes they were and I knew then they were big but I really didn’t know ‘how big’ and sexy looking they were.”

“Like how I’m wondering about your big hard package in those tight jeans you have on. Was it just the fact my nipples were trying to poke a hole in my shirt, what made you so hard down there?”

“Just part of it, but not all of it.”

“What was the rest of it? Or do I dare ask you that?”

“Mostly by seeing your sexy butt and wet pussy lips, when you would bend over in front of me.”

“I’ll admit that I meant to tease you but not show all to you. Sorry about that. I forgot how short this skirt is, and, that I’m panty-less this evening.”

“I must say, seeing you bent over was the hardest time I had of not just taking advantage of you each time you bent over, while we were in the kitchen cooking this delicious meal. Your ass and pussy looked so inviting to me.”

“For dessert or for an appetizer?”

“Both really. I didn’t just jump on you like I wanted to because I love you and I want you to know that, more than just wanting to just have sex with you no matter how wrong it may be or may not be.”

“I know you love me son as I love you and I hope you know it. It would have been really wrong for you to just jump on me the way you wanted to without my consent but in this case, where it is you and not some stranger, I would’ve willingly let you take me like that but, I would’ve hoped you would’ve let me turn things off before everything burnt.”

“Maybe it is a good thing I didn’t know how you would’ve reacted, had I just jumped you like I wanted to so badly.”

“Are you still hard down there?”

“Yes I am very much so.”

“Do you want to take off your pants because of being so hard?”

“Yes I would.”

“Why don’t you do it then?”

“I didn’t know how you would feel about me siting here without my pants on.”

“Tell you what we can do if you want to? Both of us will get up and stand here together at the end of the table and watch each other strip the last of our clothes off or, we can strip each other of our remaining clothing?”

“Okay let’s strip each other.” We slid to the end of the bench and stood up together.

Mom and I faced each other and before I made a move to unfasten her skirt, she put her arms around me and pulled me in for a lover’s kiss. As we kissed, I felt mom pulling my belt loose and then began unbuttoning my jeans and unzipping them. When I felt mom go to work on my jeans, I unbuttoned her skirt. I had to use both hands because of it being new. Mom got my pants loose and slid them down over my butt to my feet, just before I pushed her skirt down over her putt to her feet. Mom quit kissing me and kneeled down and helped me step out of my pants and take off my boots then she took a hold of my dick and gave it a light squeeze and a slow stroke, “My what a sexy big cock you have here. It is actually bigger than my ex’s, believe it or not.” mom gave my dick another stroke, “Oh excuse me for not asking you first but, it looked so good to me.” then mom stood up and turned my dick loose.

I kneeled down and helped mom out of her skirt and shoes and then I leaned in and turned my head up and licked mom’s pussy from the bottom up to her clit, collecting all of her pussy juices that were about to drip off of her pussy lips. After I gave her a few licks I stood up, “As I thought, I was so right about your pussy juices tasting sweet. I know I’ll want some for dessert this evening and every evening.”

“As long as I can have you for dessert too.” mom took the pants I had on and laid them down on the bench with her shirt, so I picked up her skirt and laid it with my shirt on the bench beside me.

As mom and I got reseated, we finished eating while flirting with each other. When we finished eating mom stood up saying, “I have a deal for you. Help me put this food away and we’ll see about some of that dessert we talked about having.”

“You have a deal babe.” I picked up my plate and took mom’s plate and silverware and stacked up all of the empty bowls and picked them up, then headed toward the house. Mom had her hands full with a couple of bowls of left overs following me.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of mom as we put food into storage containers. Even as I washed the dirty dishes, I kept watching her as she dried and put them away. Her tits jiggled, swayed, and shook, with every move she made and even her ass cheeks, had a slight jiggle in them with each step she took. Sometimes I would brush up against her and sometimes she would brush up against me as we worked.

Once we both finished clearing off the picnic table and everything in the kitchen put away and the dishes washed, mom got two glasses down from a cupboard and brought out the wine that she had cooling in the fridge, she poured some into both glasses. Mom handed me one of the glasses, “Thank you for your help in cleaning up. Let’s go back out to the table and relax.”

“You’re welcome.” with my dick sticking straight up in front of me, I stepped up behind mom and rubbed it up and down in her butt crack as she bent over, putting the wine back in the fridge, “Now when have you ever relaxed other than in front of the television?”

“Mm, someone is getting a little frisky I think.” she stood up and turned, closing the fridge door behind her, “And to answer your question, it’s been since before you were born my Love.” pulling my head down between her tits and swinging them side to side, slapping each side of my head with them.

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As mom had my head pulled down between her tits, I kissed and gave a quick lick right between her tits, just before she pulled my head back up and away from her.

As mom and I sat down at the picnic table, on the same side of the table this time, then mom looked at me and said, “All kidding aside now. You and I have kind of crossed a line this evening, by undressing each other, while we ate. While undressed we cleaned up our supper dishes together, rubbing up against each other, mostly on propose I may add, while nude. And now we are drinking wine on the same bench seat outdoors in the nude together, mothers and sons just don’t do such things like this together, that I know of.”

Mom sipped her wine then went on to say, “I know April and I have talked about you and me getting together as a couple and she feels, that it is totally okay to do so. She says she will not say a word about us being mother and son if we do start acting like a couple. Watching and observing how people seemed to react to us at the park today and then, Mrs. Thurston not thinking twice about calling us husband and wife the whole time she was over here, I feel pretty comfortable being thought of as your wife or girlfriend and doing what we have done so far this evening while being naked, I must add. How do you feel about what we have done this afternoon and evening, since being at the park today?”

“Really I feel comfortable about it all, now that we stopped to think about it, and in listening to you go over everything we’ve done today. I have, no regrets what so ever. I really feel like a couple when you and I are alone like this. Even while Mrs. Thurston was here today, after she called us husband and wife, and then treated us like we were. I’ve really thought of us being like a couple except for the fact we’ve not had sex. The whole time I was dating my ex I really felt like I was cheating on you, knowing that you and… dad… weren’t really getting along or having any sex either. With the two of you not having sex for so long, I began feeling like you were saving yourself for me, even though I knew you weren’t. I even pretended that you were I guess, and I think, it may have carried through to my relationship with my ex.”

“You knew that your dad and I haven’t had sex for quite some time before the divorce? How did you know?”

“I could hear you masturbating in your room at the old house, like I can hear you in your room in this house. The only difference is I can hear you better in this house than I can in our old house. I never heard you and dad having sex like I figured I should’ve been able to, when you were alone in the bedroom. A few times I happen to over hear you say something to April over the phone about ‘still no sex from him’.”

“I guess that would make it understandable because I do hear you in your room here, better than I did at the old house, and I could hear you then in your room too.”

“Did you hear me masturbate a few times, at the same time you were, at the old house?” I ventured to ask.

“I thought I did but wasn’t positive about it. I know you have since we’ve been here in this old house. I must admit I would masturbate at the same time as you at the other house as well as here.”

“I thought you may have at the other house and here. I know you had when I did because I can hear through the walls easier here, than at the other house.”

“Yes, I can too.” mom said, and then she sipped her wine. “You know that there is no turning back now, with the way we’ve been this afternoon, don’t you? I’m talking about what we have already done. Sitting here in the nude together, eating together, and the cleaning up afterwards. It all feels so natural for me, and that we’ll be doing it all again, more than likely tomorrow evening, if not before then. We will not be able to go back to being like we had been, before this day came along.”

“Yes I know it. I knew from the start that I wanted more of this and not ever stop being so open about our clothing. I will go nuts if we act like nothing ever happened today.”

“You and I both will go nuts I’m afraid, if we act like nothing happened between us this evening. Do you also know that if we go any further than we have so far, that there will be no turning back?”

“Yes I know because I have thought about it for quite some time now. No matter what, I love you even if we stop here and just be like this every day, which I can live with doing just what we have been doing today, and this evening. I love you as my mom and as my other half, if you are able to feel free enough, to live as my other half. Or should I say, comfortable enough to be my other half?”

Mom looked into my eyes and then she nodded her head slightly, then turned away and sipped her drink as I did. With our glasses empty, we set our glasses on the table, then she said as she stood up, “Swing your legs around to the outside of the bench if you would please.” she stepped over the bench. Mom gave me room to swing my legs around to put my back against the table, then she stepped in toward me straddling my legs and getting one of her legs back on the inside of the bench, she put her other leg on the inside as well, as she sat down on my lap facing me. She slid in close to me trapping my hard dick between us and pressing her tits into my chest for me to feel them and her very hard nipples poking my chest, “I feel comfortable enough to be your other half, whether it being your girlfriend or wife, whichever you want to have. I give you the option because as a girlfriend, you are able to leave me and marry any woman out there if you decide you love her so much, that you need ‘her’ as your wife. As your wife, you will have to divorce me to go and marry some other woman you may fall in love with. I still love you as my son as well as your other half that you want me to be. No matter what, I love you and will never stop, loving you.”

“In truth, I really do not want you as a girlfriend because that makes it easier for one to dump the other. I love no other woman but you and you alone. I want to be your husband and take care of you as a husband is supposed to care for his wife. That is how much I’m in love with you. Now do I need to say more my Love?”

“No but there is one more thing you may not know about.”

“What may I not know about?”

“If I sit on your hard cock without protection, I could very much get pregnant. Now do you have protection or do you want to take a chance of being a dad?”

“Oh wow you just made it even hotter, thinking about you being the mother of my children. You haven’t told me how you would feel about being the mother of another child or children made with me.”

“I’ve wanted to have another child if not two more but, your ‘dad’ didn’t want any more. He… Never mind, we won’t go there.”

“I know he really didn’t want you to have me either. For all we know, he may have three or four more on the way now and, he may not know it yet himself.”

“True. Now back to us. How would you feel being a dad to a child made with me?”

“That is hot to think about because I would love to have a child with you.”

Mom’s eyes began tearing up then, with a smile forming on her lips, then she leaned in toward me and we kissed each other in a deep passionate French kiss and her hands came from around my neck to my face, which she held my face with her hands, as we kissed.

“I so love you babe.” giving me a big hug.

“I love you too sexy.” hugging her back.

I had wrapped my arms around mom when she sat down on my lap as she had rested her arms on my shoulders. As we hugged each other, I started rubbing one hand up and down on her back and patting her back with my other hand. Mom held one hand on the back of my head and her other arm rubbed up and down on my back, as we kept hugging each other.

After a little bit, mom and I were kissing again and this time she was stroking my hard as a rock dick, and I was squeezing and lightly pinching her tits and nipples. “Get up on the table.” I said indicating the spot beside us with my hand.

Once mom sat on the table where I had indicated for her to sit, I stood up and turned around sitting back down between her legs, and bent over to start licking her pussy lips, on the outside as well as up the middle between the lips. As I took my first lick, mom laid back on her elbows and after I made a few licks up and down her pussy lips, she managed to say, “Ah… Babe… how about… we get into a sixty nine, so we can both have some dessert, at the same time?”

“You take the top.”

I let mom up and I lay down on the table lengthways, then mom straddled my head and lowered her pussy down for me to lick it and taste her pussy juices once again, as she began licking and sucking on my dick. As I licked, tongue fucked, and sucked on mom’s pussy, I reached around and squeezed her ass cheeks before I took one hand and started finger fucking her pussy, while I licked and sucked on her clit.

Mom’s pussy was so wet from the time we started the sixty nine. She just kept getting wetter as I kept licking and sucking and in no time at all she began cumming in my mouth, “Oh fuck me baby, you’re making me cum like no one has made me do ever. Oh, I’ve never cum so quick before. Eat me baby, don’t stop, right there, don’t stop, oh fuck, I’m cumming again.” mom moaned between breaths. She had even stopped sucking and licking my dick when she began cumming but she did keep her hand wrapped around my dick.

After a little bit while I kept licking and sucking on her pussy and clit, she went stiff and collapsed on top of me and I could feel her breathing hard, trying to get her breath back. When she finally calmed down, she raised up saying, “Babe I need your cock in my pussy now if you want to make a baby.”

“Yes babe, I want a baby. Do you want a baby sexy? If so, put my dick in your pussy and let’s make a baby together.”

Mom crawled up and lined my dick up with her pussy and eased her pussy down over my dick till she sat all the way down, taking me to the base, “Oh fuck babe, you are so big. You are bigger than your dad ever was. I wonder how big my dad was, or my brother is now, with you being so much bigger than your dad. Your cock is filling my pussy up so full that I feel stuffed to the gills, you’re so big. Do you know how big you are babe?”

“No I don’t know. I’ve never measured myself and none of my ex’s has measured me either.”

“The next time you get this hard we have to measure you. Your dad never made five inches I don’t think.” mom then slowly started moving upward on my dick and when just the head was left inside of her pussy lips, she started sliding back down on it. After a few strokes up and down on my dick, mom sped up till she was bouncing up and down, as fast as she could. I reached up and took a hold of her bouncing tits and squeezed them, and then just holding onto her nipples with a finger and thumb as I pulled on her nipples, “Oh yes baby, pinch my nipples for me. Fuck my pussy while you pinch my nipples baby. I love it when you pinch my nipples, just like that. Don’t stop fucking me and pinching my nipples baby.” she moaned as she rode my dick in revers cowgirl.

I flexed my hips to fuck up into mom’s pussy meeting her down stroke with an up stroke of my own.

Mom’s vagina muscles were squeezing my dick from the time she sat down on my dick and still squeezed it while she rode it, and then she began cumming, soaking me, and I could feel her cum running down my ball sack and hips. When she started cumming, her vagina muscles began squeezing my dick even more, “Ah… You’re going to make me cum, you keep riding me like this and squeezing my dick so hard like that baby.”

Mom then went stiff and when she did, her pussy muscles started working overtime I think. They would squeeze, then release, and then squeeze again, over and over again, like they were trying to milk it. Then mom collapsed over on me, breathing hard, and her vagina muscles were still flexing around my hard dick as I flexed my hips, to keep a slow in and out movement going to help her ride out her orgasm. I also reached around and kept squeezing and pinching her tits and nipples, while she lay on her back on top of me.

When she calmed down, she said, “I need you to get on top and make love to me till you cum in my pussy baby. I need to feel your hot cum in my pussy, so we can make a baby together.”

I sat up holding onto mom so she wouldn’t fall off the table and when I was standing on the ground mom slid off the end of my dick and turned and climbed back onto the table and laid down on her back. When mom was in position I climbed up between her legs again and with her help she guided my dick back into her pussy and I slid my dick in pretty fast then just held it there for a moment. From my belly down I was getting soaked to the gills and heard, “OH FUCK! What did I just do!? I didn’t mean to pee all over you son.”

I reached down and gave her clit a rub which set her to squirting again and in lifting my hand to my nose and smelling it, “You didn’t pee I don’t believe because it doesn’t smell like pee. It taste like your sweet honey when you cum.” I started to slide my dick outward and then back inward, as fast as I could.

“Oh fuck baby you are fucking me so fast and I’m cumming over and over again. Don’t stop fucking me. Make me pregnant with our baby. Cum with me babe, I need to feel you cum in my pussy, gawd cum with me baby. I can’t stop cumming so cum with me now baby.” with mom saying all of that and her vagina muscles squeezing my dick like it was, I couldn’t hold off any longer after that last ‘baby’.

I began cumming, “There it is babe! There it is! I’m cumming in your tight pussy now. You’re getting my entire baby making batter now sexy!”

“Yes I feel it baby. I feel your hot baby making batter filling me up, and it feels sooo good too. Don’t stop cumming in me till I have it all baby.” then she went stiff, squirting again.

Every time her vagina muscles squeezed my dick, it made me shoot more cum into her pussy I think, by the way it felt.

When I did finally quit cumming, I collapsed over on top of her and sucked a tit into my mouth and gave her nipples a lick at the same time I sucked on it. I went back and forth from one tit to the other for a little bit, “Oh baby kiss me please. I love you so much.” I then rose up and we kissed with the most passionate kiss of the night so far.

After we kissed, we hugged each other, and then mom said, “I can’t believe you’re still hard babe. Do you always stay hard after you cum?”

“No, I usually go soft shortly after, but not right away.”

“So this is normal for you to still be hard this long after you cum?”

“No, I’m usually soft by this amount of time.”

“Have you kept your dick in a woman after you’ve cum this long or any at all?”

“Yes I usually stay in till I go soft and it falls out, before I get up off the woman.” not realizing it, I had started pushing and pulling my dick back and forth in her pussy slowly, in short strokes.

“Mmm, that feels so good, don’t stop yet.”

“Don’t stop…” then it dawned on me, on what I was doing, “Oh. I didn’t realize I was doing anything till you said something. Your pussy just feels so good I don’t want to stop.”

“Welcome home. I don’t want you to stop either.”

“Being back inside of the woman I came out of must be why I’m still hard.”

“Talking about making love from day light to dark, we really did do just that.”

“Yes we did and I want to keep making love to you every day and night too.”

“Even after my belly swells way out with your baby inside of me?”

“Yes even then.” then I thought back about what I heard mom say once to someone about her tits going from a D cup to a double D cup, when I was born, “How big do you think your tits will get this time, with my baby?”

“Oh no, I don’t want to think about that. I may have to go and get a breast reduction if they keep getting bigger; each time we get me pregnant.”

Then we both began laughing, and I managed to say, “I don’t want you to do that unless it becomes a health issue babe. It will mean that there will be enough milk to feed the babies and me too right?” as we laughed some more at my silly question.

When we finally quit laughing and finished kissing each other, mom said, “Baby, make love to me some more, would you.”

How could I turn down such a sexy woman’s request?

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