Mom and Dad teach their son about sex

Mom and Dad teach their son about sex, family taboo, It’s always been the three of us, Me, Mom, and Dad. I love being an only child. For my 18th birthday and final winter break of high school, before I head away to college, we drove up to Lake Tahoe for some skiing. To say I’m spoiled would be an understatement, but I appreciate everything my parents do for me and I love them with all my heart. My dad is a dentist and mom is his hygienist. My parents are hardly the Ken and Barbie type, dad is 5’11”, blonde/red hair, blue eyes, Scandinavian pale white skin, about 190 pounds, and very thick blondish red hair all over his body. Mom is 5’7″ Italian with dark black hair, green eyes and is probably close to dad’s weight. They both are a little thick in the middle. Mom is a size 14 with perfect 42D breasts. Sometimes I wonder how she can get close enough to clean teeth. I pulled a little from both sides. Seeing eye to eye with Dad, I have dark black hair, green eyes, thick dark hair covering my body and weigh in at about 160.

We arrived Friday night, unpacked our gear into the room and headed for dinner. We stayed in one of the motels close the ski run. Typical motel room with two queen beds, tv, small frig, bathroom, and closet. We got back to our room, got ready for bed, and hit the sheets for tomorrow was going to be a day of skiing. We’re not a modest family so it wasn’t a big deal for me and dad to be in just boxers and mom in a short nightgown.

The next day was all slopes. We met up for lunch and back on the hill. I did a few runs with each of them, but I tend to be a bit more aggressive and hit the higher diamond slopes. We met up at 4 for dinner. My parents dropped me off at the motel so they could go gamble. Being under 21, I couldn’t go, besides the smoke gets to me anyway so I was ok sitting in the hotel room surfing porn on my iPad. I took a long hot shower and walked around naked having the freedom of time on my hands. I searched porn, watched a few videos and read some erotic stories. I was so physically tired that I wasn’t really into it. I rolled over in bed for a just a second figuring I would pull on my shorts before really going to bed. That was the last thing I remember before my parents came through the door.

“SSHHHH, you’re going to wake Peety, keep it down.” My mom was whispering loud enough to wake the dead, which she did. Dad was laughing and shuffling in the door behind her. I could see their silhouettes as the hall lights shown into the room. Dad was playing grab ass with mom. They were drinking. The giggled as they staggered into the bathroom. The bathroom light came on, blinding me, before they shut the door.

“John stop that, I’m trying to brush my teeth. You horny bastard put that thing away.” More giggling.


“Come on Betty, after 20 years baby you still make me hard as a rock. Just let me stick it in your pussy while you bend over the sink and brush your teeth, like the good old days. Your tits feel so good, mmmmm” Dad moaned.

Mom squealed and laughed. “Stop it John you’re going to wake your son. Leave my tits alone and stop poking me with that big cock of yours. I’m jumping in the shower to get the smoke smell off. You can join me if you want.” Mom laughed again.

OMG my parents were screwing around in the bathroom, drunk. I was still naked and now hard as a rock imagining them naked and playing with each other.

I heard the shower curtain open and the water turned on. “Oh that feels so good baby. I love when you suck my cock like that. Ya take it all, god you have great sucking skills. Your throat is so hot baby take it all. MMMM OH. WTF why’d you stop I was so close?”

“I’m done peeing and I want to get in the warm shower. It’s not like I can get off sitting on the toilet sucking your cock. Now get in the shower and stick that cock in my pussy.” More giggling and then I hear the curtain being drawn back.

I quietly moved just outside the door and slowly stroked my hard cock.

“MMMmmm, ya your cock is so hard baby, push it in all the way. Oh, oh that’s the spot.” Mom was moaning with what I can only imagine being fucked good and hard.

“Deeper baby deeper. Ummm, ummm. Harder, fuck me harder. Ram that cock deeper. Oh ya almost there. Ya squeeze my tits, pinch my nipples. Oh god yes that’s it. AAHHH!”

“mmffff, you’re such a slut. I’m going to fill your sweet pussy full of my hot cum. You ready for it?” Dad was fucking her good by the sounds of it.

Then I heard them both squeal “Holy crap that’s cold. Shit. Get off of me John the water turned ice.” The water turned off and I heard scrambling about in the bathroom before the door opened and lit up the room.

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I jumped back onto my bed and pulled the covers over me. I lay there faking sleep as Dad ran out of the bathroom, his semi hard cock swaying back and forth, as he launched himself into their bed. The light went out in the bathroom and my eyes couldn’t adjust fast enough to see mom getting into bed. “That was fucking cold. I never thought motels could run out of hot water. Burrrrr. I’m cold, come get close so we can warm back up.”

“I said get close, sticking your cock back in my pussy is too close.” Mom said but still giggled. “You’re going to wake Pete now stop it.”

“Come on Betty, we were almost there. Let’s just rock one out.” Dad was still horny. I could see there bed now and Dad was on top of Mom under the covers. I could see his body moving forward and back as he must have been sliding his cock in and out of mom’s pussy.

“Oh yes. Damn your cock John, I can never turn it down. Fuck me hard I’m building up again. Shit it’s too hot under the covers.” Then the covers flew off of them and I could see my mom’s legs warp around my dad’s waist. The bed was making noises to the rhythm of their movements. The smell of sex began to fill the room. I was stroking my cock under the covers.

I heard the muffled moans as they kissed to cover their mouths. Dad pulled mom up even more so he could pound into her hard. I could hear the slapping of his balls against my mom’s ass. “mmmm, oh yes.” They both called out.

The smell of their sex was too much and I felt my balls tighten up. I grabbed the head of my cock as I began to shoot my load. I didn’t want to just shoot in my bed, I panicked and brought my hand to my mouth and shoved my cum into my mouth. It was hot and thick. I quickly swallowed my cum. It wasn’t bad at all. In fact it just made me horny all over. My cock was not going down. I wanted to keep jacking off but my parents began to settle down so I figured they might see me now that they can focus on other things.

“You are such a bad boy John. Now I have your cum dripping out of my pussy.” I heard a soft slap. Mom must have spanked him by the sound of it.

“Mmmm, keep spanking me and I’ll fill you with a second load. Do you want me to clean your pussy up for you? You know I love to eat my cum out of that hot pussy of yours.” I heard them kissing again. Finally, I think the alcohol kicked in and they went into a sound sleep. I was still horny and licked another drop of my cum from my dripping hard cock. I rolled over and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke and my parent’s bed was empty. The toilet flushed and Mom came out of the bathroom all dressed and ready for the slopes. “Come on lazy bones get up and ready. We’re meeting Dad down in the dining room before we head out to the slopes.”

I was still naked from last night and was sporting my morning piss hard-on. “Ok Mom. Go ahead and order me breakfast and I’ll be down in a minute.”

“Oh no you don’t, I know you Mr. you’re going to go back to sleep.” Mom flipped the covers off of me and she stared at my hard cock. “Oops. Well aren’t you built like your old man? Now hop in the shower and get dressed.”

As I rolled over on my stomach to hide my cock Mom slapped my bare ass “Ouch. I’m going, I’m going.” Mom just laughed.

Another long day on the slopes and dinner, “Are you guys going out again tonight?” I asked them.

“Why, do you have a hot date you want to bring back to the room? Just leave a tie on the doorknob.” Dad always trying to be funny as Mom jabbed him in the side with her elbow.

“We’re just going to sit at the fireplace and have a couple of drinks before heading up, if you don’t mind?” Dad said as he grabbed Mom’s knee making her jump and laugh.

“Fine I’m going back to the room then. This altitude is making you guys a horny embarrassment. I’ll see you in the morning and don’t wake me when you get in.” I stormed off to our room. I was exhausted and just wanted to go to bed.

I woke to the sounds of someone trying to open the door as their body hit it. WTF I thought to myself. Then the door opened and light filled the room. I hope they have sex again. I played opossum.

“I thought the door key worked, stupid door. We didn’t wake him up.” Dad was almost whispering to Mom.

They scurried into the bathroom and got ready for bed. This time they turned the light off before they opened the bathroom door to come out. My eyesight was still use to the dark and I could make out their naked forms as they moved to the bed. Dad came to my side of the bed and looked at me lying asleep. I could see his cock only inches from my face. I could smell his body. He turned away and crawled into their bed.


“He’s still sound asleep. His covers are pulled up so I couldn’t see his cock. You said it was just like mine huh? Chip of the old cock.” I could hear Dad talking to Mom and both chuckling.

I could see Dad slipping on top of mom, “Oh John you’re hard as a rock. Mmmm that feels so good slipping inside of me. Did talking about me seeing your naked boy turn you on? Did you like hearing about me seeing his hot body and big hard cock?”

“You liked seeing his cock didn’t you baby? I bet he would slip right into your wet pussy. You want to feel your son on top of you and his cock sliding in and out of your pussy? Maybe do you doggy style so I can watch my boy’s cock fucking your pussy? Watch his young balls slapping back and forth as he gets ready to fill his mommy’s pussy full of his hot boy seed. Uhhh.” Dad was trying to whisper in Mom’s ear and fuck her slowly at the same time. I could see his body moving back and forth as he was sawing his cock in and out of my mother.

“Oh yes Pete, fuck mommy’s pussy, shove that boy cock in mommy and make her cum. Fill mommy’s pussy with your juice baby. Oh, mmmm, ahhhh!” Mom began slashing her head back and forth as she was going into a major orgasm.

Mom brought her legs up and the covers of the bed slipped off of Dad’s back exposing their prone bodies. The smell of sex filled the room. I pulled back my covers and started to jack off in front of my naked parents. I couldn’t hold back anymore.

Mom and I made eye contact as her orgasm started, “Oh God John, Pete’s awake, stop fucking me.”

“I can’t I’m too close, ride it out with me baby. Oh Pete I’m sorry I can’t stop. UGGGHHHH!” Dad’s body tensed as he drove his cock balls deep into mom’s pussy.

I stepped up to the side of the bed. I knew I only had seconds to react or lose this opportunity all together. I crawled on the bed right next to the both of them. I was on my knees and was slowly jacking my hard cock right next my mom and dad’s face. I reached my hand back to my dad’s furry ass and held on for balance. His body was frozen as I felt his ass flex with every pump of cum going into my mom’s pussy. Mom turned her head to me and opened her mouth as she started her orgasm. I felt her hand come around to my ass and push me forward. My cock entered her hot mouth.

It all happened so fast. Mom’s mouth was hot and wet. I’ve never had a blow job before, I was in heaven. She moaned which vibrated down my cock shaft. I couldn’t hold back as I started to pump my load into her mouth. I screamed out, “I’m sorry I can’t stop it.”

Mom’s grip tightened so that I couldn’t back off as pumped my load into her mouth. My dad’s face was right next to mom’s mouth and my cock, “That’s it Betty, suck that juice from our boy’s cock. Eat that young spunk. Oh baby this is so hot. Suck it baby suck it.” I could feel dad’s breath as he spoke.

Dad started to fuck mom again. I finally pulled back to watch them fuck. As I was pulling out my hard cock from mom’s mouth, dad put his tongue on my shaft and licked my shaft as it left mom’s mouth. He kissed the tip and I felt his tongue flick my piss hole before I pulled back. Dad and mom went into an open mouth kiss with my mom’s mouth full of my cum.

Dad pulled off of mom and swiveled over to her side, him on all fours as they continued to kiss. Dad reached over and guided me over to mom, “Stick your cock in her pussy Pete. Mom isn’t done getting off. Fuck her now. Stick that big fuck stick in her.”

I knelt between mom’s legs, my cock sticking straight up, and Dad’s white cum dripping out of her hairless pussy. “Do it Pete. Shove your cock in mommy’s pussy. Mommy is so close to cumming, I need you inside of me. Fuck me son, please.”

I leaned forward and placed the tip of my cock against her pussy. It was so hot. I used my hand to guide my cockhead around her pussy lips. Dad’s cum coated my cockhead. I pushed forward and watched my head move past her swollen lips. Mom moaned as I pushed a couple of inches of my cock into her. My first pussy ever and it’s my mother’s. “That’s it baby fill mommy’s pussy with that big boy cock. You feel so good. Ugh, ya fuck me, push it all the way in.”

I shoved my cock all the way in. Mom and Dad’s juices squirted out wetting my pubic hair. I pulled out and shoved back in. I watched my cock go in and out of my mom’s pussy. “That’s it son, nice long strokes. You have such a nice cock son. Mom loves it. Go faster now. Let your balls really slap her pussy. You have nice hanging balls, use them son.” Dad was teaching me to fuck.

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Mom suddenly stopped us, “Wait, I want to be on all fours so you can go deeper and really fuck me hard.” I pulled out and mom quickly turned over onto her hands and knees. I grabbed her hips and shoved my cock back into her.

I started to fuck her long and hard. I could feel my balls swinging under me. Every other stroke my balls would swing up and slap against my mom’s pussy. The little sting felt good. “That’s it baby fuck mommy good. Make mommy cum for you baby. John face fuck me, I need both my boys.”

Dad knelt in front of mom and offered his cock to her. I got a good look at Dad’s cock. He was clean shaven but his cock looked just like mine. Dad had a hairier body than I did and was still pretty fit minus the little stomach. Mom sucked in dad’s cock. Dad grabbed onto mom’s head and really started to fuck her mouth. “Come on son fuck her hard. She needs to cum hard. Fuck her good.”

I just had cum so I wasn’t that close. They were going to cum before me. Mom’s pussy tightened around my cock. I could feel her stomach muscles contract as she started her orgasm. “That’s it son, she’s cumming now. Oh ya Betty suck my cock. Here cums daddy’s juice, take it all baby, suck my cum out of my cock, Oh fuck ya.”

I was so into watching and feeling them cum I forgot about cumming myself. They both calmed down and dad pulled his deflating cock from mom’s mouth. I string of his cum still connected to the tip of her lips. Dad pushed forward and mom licked the drop of cum leaking out of his clit. Mom pulled off my cock, “Pete, come lay on your back her baby.”

I moved to the center of the bed and flipped onto my back. Mom swung her leg over my head and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. “Eat mommy’s pussy baby. Dad has a wad of his cum ready to leak out. Taste daddy’s cum baby. Suck on my pussy lips. Oh that’s it, lick my pussy. Suck on my puffy lips. Grab them with your teeth and pull on them. Oh god yes that’s it.” Mom’s legs were squeezing my head.

Just when I didn’t think life could get any better I felt my hard cock engulfed in warmth. Dad was sucking my cock. I let out a moan and started pumping my cock upwards into his mouth. I couldn’t see it but mom let me know what was going on, “Oh fuck John that is so hot. Suck your boy’s cock. Lick it, suck it. Make him cum. Eat his cum. Oh fuck this is so hot. I can’t take it anymore oh shit, oh fuck, damn, ahhhhhh!” Mom’s legs tightened against my ears pinning me. A flood of juices flowed into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed, if felt like she was peeing in my mouth. Her pussy was shaking against my tongue. I knew I was drinking my parents cum.

I jerked my hips up, part because I was running out of air and the other I was about to cum in my dad’s mouth. Dad’s hands grabbed onto my ass cheeks as he continued to suck my cock. The pressure was too much and I released my cum. I could hear dad slurping and moaning as I filled his mouth with my boy juices. After four or five shots my cock was becoming too sensitive. But dad kept sucking until I had to pull out of his mouth. Mom lifted up off of my face and the cool rush of air was literally a life saver.

Mom kissed dad and they shared my cum, then mom moved down to me and kissed me shoving my own cum, that was once in dad’s mouth, into my mouth. I eagerly drank it up. Mom pulled off of me and dad leaned forward, our cocks pressing against each other, his furry chest pressing against mine, he lowered his lips to mine and we kissed. It was sensual and erotic. The taste of cum and the smell of my dad was heaven.

Dad lifted up “We have to talk. I want this again and again are you ok with that son?”

“Me to baby, I want you to fuck my pussy, my mouth, and my ass. Please say yes.” Mom pleaded.

“You’ve taught me about life, now I want you to teach me everything about sex. I want to be your little boy student to both of you. I am willing to try anything. If dad can suck a cock so can I.” I reached out and hugged them both.

We were back on the slopes the next day. I was ready to go home where it will always be like vacation.

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