Massage to housewife at her home in Pune

Hello friends, Irfan here from Pune age 28. Today I am going to narrate about recent sex incidence
happened on 1/5/2018.
I am professional massage expert and provide my service in Pune, Kolhapur and Sangli (all in
Maharashtra) and nearby places, this is not my main business I do it part time or when I get enquiry. I
wanted to get some more massage work so, I get myself registered on a portal which gives you
reference of massage work by paying some bucks there. First three months was not so good, as I was
not getting so many enquiries there.
So here the story starts. Heroin of the story is Ritu (Name Changed). On 1 st may I was working at my
office, due to holiday of 1 st may, many offices at my building was empty also my staff was given holiday.
So overall it was boring day. At 4 pm my mobile popped up for a message. I saw there was an enquiry for
massage. I immediately called the number. As the ring was ringing my heart was beating a loud. Then
the call got picked up and sweet ‘hello’ voice came from that side
Me (in excitement) : hello mam do you had enquiry about body massage?
Ritu : yes
Me : Mam when and where u want the massage?
Ritu : Today evening after 6.30 PM at Fatima Nagar
Me : Ok Mam, (I was damn happy) Mam can we make it bit early?
Ritu : not possible, only after 6.30 I will be free

Me : Its ok mam, where should I come?
She gave address of her home.
Me : by what time I should reach there?
Ritu : by 6.45.
Me : Ok mam
Phone got disconnected.
I immediately saved the number and checked whether the number is on WhatsApp (so that I can see
photo) unfortunately there was no photo on WhatsApp. From her voice I was trying to figure out her
face. Her voice was similar to one of my friend so her image was coming in mind when I listened her
voice. That my friend is pretty not much fair but she is sexy. It gave be a big relief.
I saw clock it was showing 4.15 and I was just waiting for 6 pm so that I can leave from office.
At 5.45 I got freshen up and left for her home. On the way I purchased almond oil and my favorite
chocklet flavor condoms. I reached the area at 6.40 and I got her call confirming whether I am coming or
not. She said me to write on gate register that, I am technician and come to flat directly.
I parked the bike and went by lift as the flat was on 5 th floor. I ranged the doorbell and waited for 1 min.
when I heard that she is opening the latch from inside my heart starting beating fast and the door open
finally. To my surprise, she was a very fair and beautiful lady calling me to ‘please come in’
About Ritu
She is 40 years lady and is having 16 years son. Round face, cute eyes, that much cute nose and very
sexy lips. She was having a bit fat on her stomach, height might be 5.4 inch but her asset was superb.
May be her figure is 38-30-34. But in all she was a full package.
We both introduced ourselves
Ritu : so what kind of massage u do?
Me : mam I do combination of acupressure and thai to give more relief.
Ritu : ohhh nice
Me : hmm
Ritu : so will u do dry massage or what?
Me : If u want dry I can go with it, but I have oil so it’s better go with oil massage.
Ritu : ok, where would u like to do, at hall or bedroom

Me : bedroom is better place.
Ritu : Ok (she went inside and after 2 mins she called me)
Then she went to bathroom to change and came in a half skirt and loose T-shirt
Ritu : is it ok in it?
Me : your T-shirt may get spoil due to oil
(she immediately removed it and lie down facing her back towards me. Now she was in her black bra
and skirt. Damn, she was looking very hot)
Now I started massaging her from her feet. I applied almond oil on her feet and started massaging it
gently from her toe to her knee. After completing it, I wanted to go further so I took her skirt up to her
bumps and started massaging her thigh. Now I wanted to move upward but again that skirt was coming
in between so I gently put it further upward revealing her two round ass chicks on her grey panty.
Now she only removed her skirt by sleeping, I helped her in removing it. I stretched her legs apart and
sat in between them and started massaging her thighs by both hands from down to upward towards her
ass and pussy area. While doing so I was touching her pussy on panty. It was super sexy feeling yaar.
Even while writing this I am getting erection. When I touched her pussy from back while massaging her
thighs for 2-3 times, she opened her legs wide, now I understood she want more touches like this. But I
had decided not to do hurry. Things were going on slowly and gently. So, after massaging her legs and
thighs. I moved forward and started massaging her back by sitting on one side of her. I massaged her on
her back. Then suddenly she said me
Ritu : remove your pants, it will get spoiled by oil.
I immediately obeyed her and removed my pant and shirt too. Now I was in my boxer only.
I started massaging her back again by sitting one side. This time I was unable to make pressure at proper
points so I climbed on her and sat on her ass touching my erect cock her ass crack and started massaging
her back. I wanted to go upward but her bra was coming in between and she understood this and she
removed her bra and her bare back was facing me. I applied proper pressure on her back. Massaged it
with some acupressure techniques. When I started massaging her neck area she started moaning as she
was having pain there. Then I come down to her back again and I asked her pointing her back
Me : do you have pain her?
Ritu : No, just little down
Me : (pointing area where her panty strip was there) here?
Ritu : little down
Me : ok

I took her panty little down. She immediately removed her panty. Now she was total nude in from of
me. I sat on her thighs and started massaging her back. While bending ahead and massaging her, my
dick again started to touch her ass chicks. She started shivering. After massaging her back. I started to
massage her ass chicks. By holding her one ass chick in hand I stated massaging her. Meanwhile I was
touching her pussy. Her pussy was having lot of hairs. It was feeling as if she has not removed her hairs
since last few months. So I was unable to get view of her pussy. After massaging her ass for 5 mins, I get
down and sat beside her and took her hand in my hand a started massaging it. While massaging her had
accidently her hand touched my dick. Later she started touching it intentionally and started paying with
my erect dick on my boxer. Then I shifted to her another hand, this time she directly hold my dick and
started playing with it while I was massaging her hand.
After I was done with both hands, I asked her turn. When she turned back I was in shock. OMG what was
look of her boob’s yaar, it must be 38 I just mummered, she asked me what, I said nothing and stated
massaging her legs. While I was massaging her legs, she was aroused so she started pressing her boobs
by one hand and rubbing her pussy with other hand, so I finished legs massage quickly and moved up
and spread her leg. I got view of her pussy. It was full of hair. While I was massaging inner thighs, I
started touching her pussy. She spread her legs and spread her pussy by both hands and giving me full
view. I touched her pussy. Omg it was full wet and small amount of liquid was coming out of it. I rubbed
her pussy for only few seconds coz I wanted to tease her. As I am very exert in preparing a lady for sex
so I kept it unfinished intentionally. She was like rub me more but I moved up and started massaging her
boob’s by sitting on her pussy. Now she took my cock out of my boxer and asked me to remove it. I
obeyed her. Now I was also nude. After seeing my cock she was damn happy saying my cock is bigger
than her husband. Believe me friends my cock is real big and while fucking it touches the ending point of
pussy inside. When it touches the ending point of pussy, I have seen lady go mad by that feeling.
I was pressing her boobs and was playing with her nipples and she started stoking my cock. Now I keep
pressing her boobs with one hand and stated sucking another boob and my one hand was rubbing her
pussy. Due to those 3 acts, she started moaning a loud. Fukkkkkkk me plzzzzz. You are so good dear…..
ahhhhhhh…… yes ……. Insert your big cock in my pussy…… ahhhhh……. Ohhhhhhhh…… yes…….
This was giving my cock more erection. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy and she moaned loudly
ahhhh……. Plz fuck me….. but I wanted to tease her more so I inserted another finger and started
stroking her pussy fast.. then I inserted third finger… she was feeling like paradise….. ahhhh……
ummmmm…. Pls fuck ya……
I removed my hand from pussy and started pressing her boobs with both hands and she was playing
with cock and begging me to plz fuck her as she wanted my cock inside. As I was not in hurry so I went
down and spread her legs and started licking her pussy. Wow it was so salty and testy, she had her first
orgasm. I asked her to widen her pussy with her hand and pulled her clit skin upwards so I got to see her
clit coming out of it and gently I started licking it. Parallelly I inserted middle finger in her pussy and I got
her G Spot and started rubbing it and licking her clit. She was literally shouting and opening her pussy
wide and wide and pressing her legs on me. It was awesome feeling.

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Before she cum I stopped intentionally and took condom and asked her to put it on my erect cock. While
putting condom, she was shivering so badly due to excitement. Now she was ready for a ride. She bent
down and invited me for doggy sex. Wow. This is my favorite position. She guided my cock and I started
stroking slowly. As I went inside almost 70% I started pushing further. She said she is feeling bit pain as
my cock is big so she is not having habit of it. Then with normal speed I started to and fro movement
and it was enough for her. She started moaning. Ohh yaa. U r so good…. U r so big… please fuck me hard
When she said fuck hard I increased speed. I like to treat lady with respect. I like to respect her
requirement in sex and I think the one who thinks and care a ladies feeling is real gentleman. As I
increased the speed she also started moving with my rhythm. While fucking her in doggy started
squeezing her boobs from back. This time she cummed and my dick started feeling hot inside. After
sometime I was feeling like I will come so I asked her should I cum or should I do it for more time. She
said cum. In few more stroke I cum inside her pussy. As I was having condom I did there only. With loud
moan we both lied on bed.
Then I went to clean my dick and came back to bedroom, she was waiting for me. She was still nude.
Then we sat for 20 mins talking in different stuffs. She was having a bad marital life. Even she was having
love marriage still the chemistry between she and her husband was over, she is having a boy of 16 years
of age. I console her on many subjects. It was really a friendly talk and she said thanks for listening her,
as she wanted mental support than physical. She was feeling so relax now. She wore her panty and skirt
and bra and I too wore my boxer as I asked her for second round, she said she is satisfied.
I asked her
Me : Were u feeling pain on your shoulder area?
Ritu : yes, will you please massage it once again
Me : why not
She turn around and sat I started massaging her back after massaging it for 5 mins, again asked her, can
we go for second round. She just nodded her head. As my touch on her body was giving her electronics
current inside. I slide my hand from back in her bra and started squeezing it. Then I removed her bra and
inserted my hand inside skirt and panty and started rubbing her pussy. She started shivering. Now she
removed my boxer and hold my dick. I stood beside her and asked her to stand on her keen. I said her
Me : u didn’t wanted to go for second round right?
Ritu : yes
Me : then how u became so hot again
She kept mum
Me : then how u became so hot again


She kept mum, didn’t said a single word
Me : were u lying (teasing her)
Ritu : hmmm
Me : u lied so u need to pay penalty
Ritu : what penalty
Me : whatever u like.
She took her my dick and started kissing it and took in her mouth
Omg what feeling it was, I was rubbing her pussy and she was sucking my cock, she was so good in it.
She tried to take whole cock inside but only half went it and it reached her throat. She sucked it so good
and saying this is my penalty. She was moaning heavily. I asked her
Me : Kay hot ahe (Why u moaning)
Ritu : (Bare watatay) feeling good
Me : (kuthe) where
Ritu : (sagalikade) everywhere in body
Me : (nakki kuthe, body partla nav ahe ki nahi) exactly where in body don’t u have any name to body
Ritu : (pucchi madhe) pussy
Me : (mag mi kay karu) then what should I do?
Ritu : (tuza ha motha lavada mazya pucchit ghusav) insert ur big cock in my pussy
She was uncontrollable now so she again went in doggy and directly put my cock in her pussy. I stopped
her and put condom. I was so excited that I started pumping her pussy fast. After sometime she said
that she is paining inside due to size of my dick and then she went in missionary position. I layed on her
and started pumping her. Her both legs were in air as if antenna is searching signal for TV network.
She started moaning pls… ……..increase speed plz…… after fucking her for 7-8 mins I was feeling
that I am about to cum so I started moaning loudly. She understood it. she pressed her both legs on my
body and squeezed her pussy from inside. It became so tight. It was feeling like someone has hold the
dick from inside so tight and with a loud moaning I emptied my load in condom in her pussy.
Ritu : It was one of the best sex in my life, thanks for coming

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Any ladies want any massage service you can ping me no [email protected] I live in Pune but I can
provide service in whole Pune, Sangli, Kolhapur and nearby places. Outside call also I can take, that
depends on person to person. So feel free to message me on that mail id. Boys don’t ask me her name
or address and give comments to my story and keeping privacy of my clients is my first priority. Ladies
feel free to share your issues on above mail id. Its not necessary that everytime sex has to happen. If u
feel relax by sharing your issues that will also a great thing.

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