My wife left with children for week end to her family,was left alone with the maid (37years), she is curvy and divorced… I asked her to bring tea in my bed room ,I asked her to put me eye drops ,I smelled her sweat it has turned me on,with my elbow I touched her breast they were very soft ,as she weiled,she stepped back ,told her I want to smell your armpits at first she refused..I told her I will not touch you let me smell..she had a hairy pits and the smell turned me on ,I turned my arms round her and put my nose inside her pits,she started resisting asking me to stop threatening me to tell my wife,her sweat was all over,I took her tits in my mouth and she is saying ,NO NO NO please sir I can’t I can’t….

my other hand went to her cunt it was so wet,she screamed and try to escape,till she gave up and opened her leg leaving me to lick her cunt and she started pushing my head inside her. Cunt I kept licking till she screamed yes yes yes am cuming am cuming what put me on is how smelly ,she didn’t bath for days,her odour was so horny,i pushed her on the bed to fuck her ,she said no no no don’t put inside please so I put my finger and she started moving like a snake screaming and saying madam will be angry please leave me…am so horny sir i don’t want AAAHHH AAAAHHH AM CUMING, i put my dick inside while she is cuming she screamed yes yes yes more more fuck me fuck me i love you I love you…more more she turned like a lion moving her hair after I took off her weil…it was so horny and sexy….can never forget it

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