Intimate and wild sex with bangalore reader

Hi friend. It’s fun fuck back after a bit long time. First I would like to thank all the readers who liked my story and contacted me to meet and chat. Anyway coming to the story, this is my real incident which happened in October 2018.After the response that I got in my mails ,I could not restrict myself writing again .

She read all my stories and showed positive interest and contacted me to meet. All began on a Thursday. I was at work and I got a mail. I was busy and ignored it. When I went out for some fresh air I saw the mail. It was from a lady. She read my stories and was excited to meet me. But I was busy with my work.

I replied back to her. In the evening she mailed me asking whether I am there on hangouts. We started chatting there. We exchanged numbers, Instagram, Facebook. She was working in an audit firm. I asked how she came to know about ISS. She said that her roommate taught about it and she is a regular reader.

But she doesn’t know about me chatting with you. She is from Bangalore itself but her family moved to Gurgaon for work. For 4-5 days we chatted and shared all our personal things and pictures. Not nude. Then 1 Sunday we fixed to meet.

She: Let’s meet in Garuda mall
Me: Ok. What dress will you wear?
She: Maybe kurta or jeans and t-shirt. What do you like?
Me: Sweatshirt and jeans.


She: Ok. Even I like to wear sweatshirts. It feels free.
Me: Yeah. Will you come with your boyfriend?
She: Please stop it. I don’t have any boyfriend ok.
Me: Ok. (and chatted for some time)

Sunday arrived. I finished all my work at home and told a lie and went to meet her. I was first to be there. I was waiting near CCD outside. She came in a cab. Wow. What a beauty to see in real. She came with a shy smile and her cheeks were so cute that I wanted to kiss there itself. No matter who sees.

We shook hands, light hug and went inside the mall. Her name is Nethra (name changed). 27 fair white, black hairs, 5.5 feet maybe. A little bit belly. But it would be great while having sex. Believe me. Small nose.and beautiful eyes. I don’t know but I was falling in love by looking at her. I could see her tits. Maybe 32c.

I don’t know. I couldn’t see through Sweatshirt. While walking I was at a distance from her to make her feel free. We sat on a chair and started to introduce each other, even we knew each other only for about a week or more.

She: Hi how are you?
Me: Fine, you?
She: Good. How long you were here?
Me: Not much. You look gorgeous in real.

She: Oh come on.
Me: No seriously.
She: Thanks. Even you look handsome in real.
Me: Don’t know. How was the story?

She: OMG. I was wet all the while I was reading.
Me: Thank God, you didn’t masturbate.
She: You know what? I did!
Me: I’m in heaven.

We talked for a while and went for some food. Later on, we went for an English movie. There were not many people. We walked for a while until the show started. In the hall, it was at the back row. The movie started and after some time I put my hands on her hand. She didn’t respond.

Maybe she wanted to act as if nothing happening. Then I slowly squeezed her hand. She shivered. I knew she got aroused. Then slowly I kept my hand on her lap. She made her muscled tight. I looked at her in the dark. The screen light on her face made me mad. She saw me looking at her and turned towards me.

Our eyes met in the dark. Meanwhile, I kept my other hand on her neck and moved around. She bent her head due to shock in her nerves. I made her close her eyes and took her face in my hands and placed a kiss on her eyes. She was controlling her moan but her heartbeat was heavy.

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Then I went near her and kissed on her lips for 2 minutes. She opened her soft squishy lips and made my tongue meet hers. Our smooch gradually turned to wild and we were uncontrollable. We took a 10-second break and again continued for 15-20 minutes. We were in a good mood and I removed her hairpin.

She leaned on me and we were like wild cats. I put my hands inside her shirt. Wow. What a feeling. I thought I was feeling foam under the shirt. It was so soft that I almost had an orgasm without touching my brother. I moved to her bra. It was a cupped bra. Pulled it up inside and took her breasts.

No words to describe. I was in cloud nine. Her nipples were hard as a rock. I pinched it. All this while we were smooching. She pressed me member over pant when I squeezed her nipples. She started to moan. Hearing that even I started to moan.

She: Baby eat my nipples.

Hearing this I went inside her shirt and started to suck like a hungry baby.
Me: Dear your nipple is so sexy.
She: I think it waited all these years for you.
Me: I’m here for you baby.

She: Bite it hard rascal. I want your brother.
Me: Why are you asking. Do whatever you want with it.
She: Fuck. Fuck me here baby.
Me: Take him out.

She unzipped and unhooked my pant. I was almost out of my underwear
She: Wow. It’s so hard and big. I’m starving for it.
Me: Not now. You can only taste it.
She: I don’t care. (She came down in her knees and started blowing my dick.)

Me: Fuck it Nethra.
She: You mother fucker. I’ll eat your dick.
Me: It’s all yours. But please don’t hurt it
She: No. I will not hurt it until I am fucked by this black bitch.

I was about to come. I pressed her head and loaded inside her mouth. Before she realized that, I came. I pushed so deep that she drank it unknowingly. After finishing she looked at my face, shocked. This made her even more aroused. I made her sit in the chair and relax.

She dressed herself and relaxed closing her eyes. I wanted to finger her but it was an interval. Lights came on. We both went to the restrooms and freshened. We had snacks and the movie started. I got ready to make her cum.

After some time I gripped her tits and started to squeeze it. She took my dick over pant and started to stroke. I unzipped her pants.
She: No I feel scared.
Me: Don’t worry. I will not fuck you here.
She: Then?
Me: Wait.

I slid her pant and soft panties down. It had some hairs. She was shy and looking at another side. I smelled it. That aroma made me mad for a while. I put my finger inside. Oh god. She was so wet that pre-cum was dripping. I licked that pre-cum which sent a current inside my body. I started to play with her clitoris top.

She was moving around and moaning. I put my middle finger inside. It slipped inside easily. So I put 2 fingers inside. It went slowly. She was holding my head tight and squeezed on her pussy. In another hand, she was holding the chair tight. I started to finger fuck in 3 fingers and lick her fast.

Her belly was wobbling as I moved my finger inside her wet soaked pussy. Almost 10 minutes continuously I fucked her and she moaned loud. Then she pressed my head hard inside her pussy that I couldn’t breathe. She came with loads on cum on my hand and inside my mouth.

I drank all of it and put she cum filled fingers inside her mouth to lick. She did it and I was cleaning her pussy with my tongue. I came up and saw her face. She was so relaxed and happy that she saw me and said.

She: Thank you.
Me: Why?
She: For making me feel great.
Me: Ok but you don’t want the massage to make you feel even more relaxed?

She: Yeah. But when?
Me: When you are free.
She: Today no one is there in my flat. All roommate have gone out and will be back tomorrow only.

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Me: Then we could continue today itself if you agree
She: I’m ok with it. After the movie, we shall go.
Me: Great!

Later on, we started heading toward her flat in BTM layout. While riding the bike she hugged me from behind. I could feel her tits crushed on my back. Sometimes she pinched my dick. Again she would softly massage it. We reached her flat. We went to her flat.

When she closed the door we started at each other wildly. We were like animals inside. I lifted her and pushed on the wall and smooched each other. Moans were loud. Our salivas exchanged. We were sweating. I let her and said.

Me: Want some more intimate moves?
She: Yeah
Me: Remove clothes.

Within no time she removed all and was standing naked in front of me. Her big squishy tits with dark brown nipple which was starting at me. Her sexy belly. That luckiest naval hole which was deep drive me crazy. And the most precious her pussy with light shaved hairs around was killing me to death to fuck her.

She: Will you be watching like this or will you do anything?
Me: Do you have body oil. I forgot to bring while coming.
She: Coconut oil is ok?
Me: Yeah.

She walked naked to the room and brought oil. Her ass her bouncing while she walked. I took her to her bedroom and made her sleep naked on the tummy. Without her noticing I became naked. Applied oil in her back and ass. Massaged her white skin for some time.

She: From where you learned to massage?
Me: By myself. I used to massage my mom. Then it turned out to be my part-time job.
She: Great! I’m lucky that I got a genuine person from ISS.

Me: Yeah. Most of my clients say that.
Then I came to her ass. Her ass cheeks were soft. I kissed it and spanked it hard. It became red.
She: Do it again baby.
So again I kissed the other ass cheeks and spanked it.

She started to moan loud. Then I spread her legs and poured some oil on her ass hole and pussy walls. Some oil went inside her ass hole. I inserted my thumb finger inside her ass hole and massage. She was wet. Faster I fingered her ass hole, longer her moans were.
Within 5 minutes I inserted 3 fingers inside her ass hole. It was wide open to explore. All this while Nethra was biting her lips and moaning. She was holding the bed tight. Then I came down to her pussy. It was already dripping cum.
Her pussy was a bit dark with I loved the most.

I took both her pussy walls skin and massaged with both hands. She started to spread her legs open due to sensation in her pussy. I then licked her pussy and suddenly she jerked. I continued to lick her pussy and massaged her pussy wall skin. Her pre-cum started to ooze out of her wet pussy.

Seeing this I lifted her hips a bit and spread her legs. She was in such a position that automatically her pussy walls opened a bit. I oiled my dick came behind her and played on her pussy up and down without inserting.

She: Baby is that your dick?
Me: Yes. You want it
She: I’m dying for it. But be smooth.
Me: Ok. Do you want a condom?

She: No. I’m pure.
Me: Good. Now calm down and take deep breaths
While she was taking deep breaths I slowly inserted my dick inside.
She: Baby, it’s big.
Me: Stay calm baby.

I was only moving my dick head inside and out and she was moaning in a little pain. I slowly started to go inside little by little. Her pussy was contracting by pain. I kissed her back and neck to free her pussy which worked immediately. Slow and smoothly I started to fuck her.

I could see her dark pussy walls moving in and out with my dick. Friends seeing a dick moving inside a pussy live is a wonder to watch. My speed increased. Her pain turned into pleasure.

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She: Fuck me fuck my pussy. Go deep.
Me: Yeah baby. Show me your pussy bitch
She: Hey mother fucker take it. It’s all yours from today no matter what.

Our moans were filled inside the room. Her moans increased and she came. I didn’t stop to fuck her. Her cum flowed from my dick head till my balls. That warm liquid made me insane and banged her even deeper. This made ‘Thap. Thap.Thap’ inside the room. I squeezed her tits hard and she shouted.

She: Bastard squeeze it until you get milk.
Me: I want your tits all the time in my mouth.
She: I want your dick and balls inside my mouth always.

She was continuously moaning and she came again. This time that warm liquid made me crazy and I was about to cum.

Me: I am coming. Where shall I come?
She: Please inside. Please, please.
Me: Ok. I came loads inside her pussy.

Even after I came I was hard. But I needed to breathe. So we both collapsed on the bed having my dick inside her pussy.
She: Baby you know what. I didn’t think it would be so great to be fucked.
Me: Yeah.

She: Your dick is still hard.
Me: You are so amazing that it doesn’t want to take rest.
She: How was my cum?
Me: Tasty as you. Mine?
She: A bit salty but tastes fantastic.

For some time we chatted about our dream sex. She asked about my clients and my favorite sex etc. All this while I was hugging her from behind and my cock was hard inside her.

Me: Ready for the second round?
She: Waiting for it.
Me: Wait I have a surprise for you.

I came below her and started to eat her pussy. She moaned holding my head in one hand and her tits in the other. I lubricated her pussy and inserted 2 fingers inside her pussy. It went easily. So I inserted 4 fingers vertically. I slowly opened her pussy walls by licking her pussy and inserting my hand inside.

So now totally 4 fingers are inside crushing her pussy. Then I inserted my thumb finger also. Now all 5 fingers are inside her pussy. She was in heaven. Closed her eyes and squeezed her tits and moaned loud. My fisting became fast and deep. Her belly was rolling around.

I kissed her navel and was licking sweat inside that hole. When I started to kiss and lick her naval, she came on my hand. I took all the liquid in my hand and took it out of her pussy. I poured the cum on her belly and applied in her belly and licked it inch by inch and she was licking my fingers. She was fully aroused.

She took my dick in her hands and gave me the smoothest handjob and blowjob in my entire life. Wow. What a beauty to look. She took my while dick inside her mouth until it touched her back throat. I was mad. Then made her lie on the bed facing selling.

I inserted my dick inside her pussy and rammed her hard. I was fucking so hard that her tits were hitting her face. I took l both her tits for grip and banged her hard. After some time I came inside her again. This time I collapsed on her and we were cuddling and smooching. My dick became small but was still inside.

We continued cuddly smooching squeezing tits for 15 minutes. Later we went for a shower together and she played with my dick. We took some naked selfies, nude blowjob, handjob, pussy eating, and fucking pictures. We both have the pictures and safely hide in our phones.
Let me know if you want me to write that story in the mail or on hangouts. And any ladies and couple who want to have a genuine massage and personal service can contact me on [email protected]

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