How I teased some builders at my home when I lived with Eric

While living with Eric, my first older partner, I enjoyed a really good teasing and flirting experience.

We lived in Eric’s house, an old three bedroom home and it was in need of some repair work. Eric organized a firm of builders to see to problems with the chimney breast and the walls, pointing problems I think it was called?

The work took over three weeks to carry out and it gave me many an opportunity to enjoy some teasing, flirting and flashing fun.

Eric knew I was a randy cow and that the sight of several hunky builders and apprentices would be too much for me to resist.

It started off fairly tame and light.


There were about five guys working at the most on the house, some days only two of them would be there and at other times all of them.

I made sure that when I was in I dressed appropriately. Appropriately for a tease and a slutty little cow that is!

During the first week I made sure I took plenty showers whenever they were around, leaving the bedroom curtains and blinds open of course.

Wrapping myself in a towel I would parade around the bedroom drying myself off, doing my hair and makeup all the while making sure I was visible from the window.

On the odd occasion the towel would slip, accidentally of course, showing flashes of my bare tits, legs and ass.

The guys all had workmen lunch boxes, the sort they put their sandwiches in: they also had some large lunch boxes in their overalls I could tell!

I would make them regular cups of tea and coffee; making sure that whenever I called out the window to them I had a suitable top on.

I had a range of miniskirts, dresses, low cut tops and see thru tops that I was getting the pleasure of wearing for them. I would call out of the window, making sure as I leaned out my tits would be hanging down in my top.

I didn’t bother with the formalities of a bra, what was the point. I wanted these guys to get a good free view of me, and wanted them to see as much of me as I could.

One of my fave outfits for the first few days was my short denim mini skirt, my slip on mule style heels and a white see thru low cut top.

My tits were easily visible through the material and when I bent over the gap at the top would allow a full view of my swinging tits. My nipples would get as fucking hard as pins as I teased them like this. I loved flaunting myself to them and always tried to put on a good show.

If I was taking their teas out to them in the garden area, I would make sure I always dropped something. Bending over to pick it up I would give them a cracking view of my heaving breasts and I would wiggle my arse as I walked in my slip on heels. If I bent over away from them, my tiny mini skirt would pull tight against my firm ass cheeks. I jutted my bum out as much as I could to give them a view of my arse as I did. My pussy was dampening inside my lacy panties as I did so.

I could see them all staring at me as I approached and enjoyed their lewd and crude jokes.

One of them loved telling me really filthy jokes as we stood chatting. He would tell me jokes about oral sex, anal sex and he would punctuate these with swear words. I feigned blushing at them.

All the while I was teasing them by curling my hair in my fingers, or pushing my hips out as I stood with my hands on them. When sitting I would let my skirt ride up, exposing more of my milky white thighs and allowing them a great view of my long slim legs.

I would also dangle my high heels off my feet.

I know this drives some guys crazy. As we talked I would slip one of my mules off and let it slowly dangle on my painted toes. I could sense them all looking at my legs, my ass and my tits at every opportunity.

I loved it!

At night Eric would ask what I had been up to and I would tease him by telling him I had been hard at it. That I had been in the good hands of our hunky builders. He loved the idea of me flirting with them and would ask if anything had happened each night as we fucked.

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I would lead him on by saying things like, “Oh they haven’t touched me. Well not really.”

He would push me for more details as he licked my wet cunt out or fucked me from behind. At that point I hadn’t actually fucked any of them; just let them get good eyefuls of me. Eric didn’t know this though, for all he knew I was such a dirty whore the chances of me having fucked one or all of them was pretty high.

“Oh they haven’t touched my tits yet. Well not my bare tits anyway,” I would say.

Or “it’s not really naughty to let them see my bare pussy is it?” teasing Eric with the events of the day.

Our sex life was a very good and varied one, and this was adding to the spice for the time the builders were around.

One day I went quite far in my teasing of them. I had said to them that I had a fancy dress party later that night.

Again I had made sure they could get a good eyeful of my tits in a low cut top and I wore the tiniest of miniskirts. I was feeling so fucking randy that day.

I had finger fucked myself to a couple orgasms early in the morning waiting for them. By the time that the guys arrived I was frothing. My cunt was on fire as it steamed with my juices.

There were only two of them present that morning.

As I took them there first cuppa, I could see their eyes ogling me all over. We chatted as usual, with me being a cock teasing slut as usual.

I dropped into the conversation about this fancy dress party later that night.

“I just can’t decide what to wear,” I said. “I just can’t make my mind up at all.”

They asked what I had as options and I told them the choice was between three outfits.

A really naughty nurse uniform. A St Trinians schoolgirl outfit or a sexy French maids outfit.

I could see their bulges growing in their overalls as we talked about the outfits. My cunt was again juicing up nicely. My hot steamy pussy was making me desperate to see if I could push this teasing to the limit.

“Well you should show us and we can tell you which ones best,” came the response. That response was the one I was hoping for.

“Would you not mind,” I coyly asked. “It would be great to try them out with an audience. You honestly wouldn’t mind?”

The guys hurriedly told me they would be delighted, adding they had some jokes for me as well.

I bet the funny guy that he couldn’t tell me a joke for each costume and he readily accepted the challenge.

“What’s the prize?” he asked.

“Oh we shall have to see, “I teasingly answered.

“If you win you can decide. If I win then I will let you know what my prize will be,” I teased my tongue over my lips as I said this trying to make it obvious I was hot for the fucking trot.

With a giggle and a wiggle I made my way to get the first outfit on. Meanwhile the guys started a little bit of work. My cunt was frothing at the thought. I had shaved my pussy the night before.

As I got ready into the sexy French maid’s outfit I teased my clit as I changed and rubbed my tits to get my nipples solid and sticking up.

I applied some body lotion oil over my body to get it all shiny and lubed for the guys as well. I wanted them to know I was fucking game for a cocking.

My French maids outfit consisted of: a frilly white apron. A black low cut all in one maid’s uniform and seamed stockings

The length of the skirt section came up to my mid thighs. I put on a pair of black fishnet stockings to go with it and my highest black heels to top off the look. I put my hair into a ponytail style and I had applied a lot of makeup.

Red lipstick, blushers and heavy eye shadow added to the slut look. My toe nails were painted red and could be seen through my stockings and strappy sandal style high heels. I put on a tiny pair of lacy black panties, totally see through, and I didn’t bother with a bra.

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Before I went downstairs to parade for the two guys I had a little fiddle with my clit. It was rock solid and my pussy was already exceedingly damp. I quickly stuck two fingers up myself and then licked and sucked my juices off. I was in a state of high sexual tension, close to orgasm.

I grabbed my feather duster and tottered my way downstairs. The guys were out in the garden clearing up some rubble as I made my way out of the patio doors.

“Well,” I said as I approached the entrance. “Marks out of ten please gentlemen.”

“Fucking hell,” one of them blurted out. The funny guy chipped in with a “Corrrrr,” as he stared at me.

“Oooh la la,” I said in a cheesy French accent. “Do you like what you see then monsieur’s.”

I wiggled my way round pretending to be dusting some of our garden furniture.

“Oui Oui,” the guys chirped back at me.

The funny guy then told me a rudish joke about a French maid and a computer geek.

“One point to you then,” I said as I made my way over to them. I bent over touching my feather duster onto my shoes, giving them a clear view of my arse in my lacy panties.

I paraded around flashing my stockings, legs and arse for them, trying my best to gauge their responses.

Would they be willing to take this further? I wondered.

“Oooh la la indeed,” the guys said to me.

We laughed as I then began to dust them with my feathery tickle stick. I dusted their heads then made my way down and provocatively dusted their groin areas. It was obvious they were both getting hard from looking at me and from my teasing.

“What have we here,” I laughingly said, letting my duster play over their hard cock areas.

“It ooks like something’s sprung up for me here. Zoot allours!”

They both laughed saying they couldn’t help it.

At this point I playfully pushed my tits together and asked them to judge me.

I scored an 8/10 or the costume, a 9/10 for my dusting ability and an 8/10 for the whole French maid idea. Giving me a score of 25/30 for the French maid outfit.

As I made to leave I wantonly flashed my breasts at them. Pulling the top of the costume down as I stood in the doorway of the patio.

“Like these boys?” I said as I laughed

“Phwooaar,” came the immediate reply.

“Well that’s the first costume over. Get ready for the next one,” I added as I made my way to change again.

I slowly made my way up the stairs feeling as randy as I ever have been. My cunt was now a sopping mess. My pussy lips were open and wet because of my outrageous behaviour.

Once upstairs I opened the window and took my costume off. Standing fully naked I went over to the window and shouted down to the guys. As they looked up they would have seen me fully naked from the waist up. I wiggled my tits at them laughing.

Before I put the next outfit on I got my big purple vibrator out and gave myself a good fucking with it. The loud humming noise would easily have been audible from downstairs and this is exactly what I wanted. I fucked it up me hard and fast as I squirted my cum all over the bed. I was dripping in cunt juice and I was so fucking turned on it was untrue.

After my shaking and squirting stopped I got changed into the St Trinians outfit; a grey pleated mini skirt, white blouse, striped tie, black seamed silk stockings and white panties and bra, the bra being a half cut one, my tits poking out over the top to expose my rock hard nipples.

I put my strappy high heels back on and made my way down the stairs again.

This time once outside it was obvious I was up for more than just teasing. I paraded around, brazenly sitting in our garden chairs and spreading my legs. I bent over to expose my see through white panties for them. My firm arse and freshly shaved cunt were now easily on display for the two of them.

They asked me what the noise was from upstairs and I blushed as I asked them to guess. One of them quickly said it sounded like a vibrator, I told them he was correct and as he was right he could have an extra prize. I made my way over to him, clip clopping in my heels on the patio slabs. Once in front of him I planted a big long wet kiss on him.

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He responded kissing me back and at the same time grabbing my arse. I didn’t push him away. I let him roughly feel me up as I kissed him my tongue snaking its way down his throat hard and sluttily.

Once we separated I was told another joke about a schoolgirl and a vicar. I sat down to listen to it, my blouse had come open at the front, my tits were now on full display in the half cut bra. My legs were splayed wide as I listened to the filthy joke.

“Dirty fucker,” I said to the guy telling me it.” imagine using language like that in front of a schoolgirl!”

He laughed as he knew I was only kidding.

I was judged again. This time I scored 9/10 for the uniform, 9/10 for the parading and a 10/10 for the kiss and the sound of my vibrator. A score of 28/30.

I asked them if they had liked hearing me using it. They answered with the obvious positive response.

I then proceeded to tell them I had climaxed while fucking myself with it, describing how wet and horny I had gotten from behaving like this.

Before I went upstairs to change again I enjoyed another snog with each of them in turn. This time letting them have a really good feel of my bare tits, my arse and as I was leaving the funny guy placed his hand on my pussy. I let him rub my bald, wet cunt through the thin material of my panties.

I was now fucking gagging to have both cocks up me and in my mouth.

Once upstairs I quickly stripped naked and then paraded in front of the window again. This time the pretence was well and truly over. I was displaying my boobs for them to see and they knew it. I quickly got into the last of my three outfits, the naughty nurse one.

I had a very short blue nurse’s uniform. It had pop open fastenings at the front and came to micro mini skirt length.

Under it I put on a pair of white stockings, fishnets with black seams up the back. I wore a pair of my red high heels to top the naughty nurse look off.

I didn’t bother with any panties or bra this time. I had a nurse hat perched on top of my head and I decided to take my big purple vibrator downstairs with me as well.

I was so fucking incredibly turned on and was desperate for these two guys to fuck the crap out of me.

My bald cunt was literally foaming. As I walked my pussy juice literally dribbled down my legs and stockings. It ran in creamy rivulets onto my nylons. I made audible slurps as I walked I was that wet.

I had undone the top three poppers on the dress and my tits were virtually hanging out of the slutty uniform already.

Once at the patio doors I called for them.

Nurse’s here,” I called. “Get ready for an inspection boys.”

They quickly appeared at the patio entrance and I think they were extremely impressed by what they saw.

I must have looked a right fucking state.

Made up like a slut. Hair now in pigtails, dressed in what can only be described as a complete ‘fuck me now’ outfit.

I wiggled my vibrator at them as I laughed.

“Now tell me a joke about a nurse. Make it a completely filthy one and I will give you both your prize,” I quickly said to them.

The guy with all the jokes proceeded to tell me the filthiest joke imaginable about a nurse and her patients. He made sure to use every swear word known to man, making eye contact with me at every fucking dirty word of it.

After he finished I told him he had won the bet.

And that the prize he could have was me, as long as he shared this gift with his mate!

My nurses costume, my wanton behaviour and the subsequent fun scored me a perfect 30/30… continue


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