how I fucked my maushi part 2

In my previous part I have told u how I saw my maushi nude. in this part I will narate u how I saw her getting fucked by mesho and how I fucked her.

At night mesho came early.He greeted me well.He asked me about my exam and my parents.we took dinner together. At around 10 pm we prepared our bed and went to sleep. At around 11 pm I woke up as I needed to use the washroom. Before going to bathroom I came across my maushis room. I saw all the lights were on. I peeped into their room.what I saw completely blew my mind. I saw my maushi was completely naked and she was sucking meshos cock.My mesho was drinking alcohol. He then ordered her to lie on the bed .maushi lied down and mesho took his position. He positioned himself and entered his cock.i heard maushis moan .My mesho began to fuck her .He was fucking her vigorously and within two minutes he cummed in her. I saw maushi was cursing her for not lasting longer.then suddenly mesho got angry and slapped her. she pushed her and came outside .I ran to my room. after few minutes mesho came to my room and woke me up.he took me with him to his room .seeing me with my mesho maushi was shocked .she was in her petticoat then. I saw her boobs and they were shaggy.mesho told me to fuck my maushi. I got surprised and told him how can I. he then hold my maushi and tied her with ropes.he then took her petticoat maushi was completely naked. she was crying and told him to let her go.i got afraid .I know that mesho was doing it because of addiction. he ordered me took position . I then got naked and took my position .I told maushi sorry and began to fuck her. I gave her some ram thap.i fuked her atmost 20 minutes and cummed in her pussy.seeing us fucking mesho untied her and got nude .he then told me to enter her an us while he mounts her pushy. we both fucked her for 1 hours .after fucking we went to sleep. at around 9 am I woke up and saw my maushi sleeping beside me .but my mesho was not there. I then took my position again and fucked my maushi.she told me that mesho has also fucked her before going for work.from that day we fucked while we get the opportunity.

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