How i fucked my maushi (part 1)

Hi everyone, I am Ashwin. I am 24 years old. I live in Kolkata. In this story I am going to tell u how I watch my maushi nude and how I fucked her. Now lets come to the story.

After my final exam was over I was dying to visit some places. Then my mother told me to visit my maushi’s place for a week. My maushi was 2 years older than my mother. Her name is Rina. She is 48 years old. She has two sons. Her husband works in a baccary. He goes to work in the morning and returned home at late night. He is also addicted to alcohol. So after my mom’s suggestion I went to my maushi’s place. They lived in a remote village of Kolkata. When I arrived there my maushi received cordially. It was my first visit in their house. She told me to go to get fresh and she will give me after she finished cooking.

I found out that my two cousin brothers were not home that time. They were in nearby town for some reasons. I also found out that the bathroom was detached from the house and with some efforts the whole place can be seen from the house without disturbing anyone. After returning to house my maushi gave me food and told me that she was going to take bath. After hearing that my evil intention rose up. I took my position and peeped. I saw my maushi standing there only in petticoat and blouse. She was washing her share. After finished washing she stood up and began to unbutton her blouse. There I saw the sight of my life. Her boobs were gigantic. They were 42 D.I unzipped my pant and began to masterbate. She was applying soap all over her body.

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Then she untie the knot of her petticoat. Now she was standing there completely nude .I saw some pubic hair in her pussy. I saw the whole show and cummed a lot. Then I saw her getting dressed up. I returned to my place and finished my meal.My maushi asked me if the mea was alright. I told her that yes the whle thing was amusing. She became happy. I asked my maushi when my brothers and mesho will come .She tld me that my brothers will not be able to come until next week. Hearing this i became happy in my mind. She also told me that mesho will come late at night.

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