Hot incest summer: I take a day off to rest but didn’t get a chance to

Hot incest summer: prev sex stories Hannah’s family fuck and my family cums together. On my way upstairs to bed, I went into Julia’s room. Her bedding had been pulled off and was lying in a pile in the corner. I could see the huge wet spot on her mattress from our fuck session earlier in the evening. Her orgasm was so violent that she squirted so much fluid that she soaked both of us and her bed. I rubbed my fingers on the spot and lifted them to my nose. There was no odder. I put them in my mouth. There was no taste either. I don’t know what percentage of women have squirting orgasms like Julia but it can’t be very high.

I could hear the water in her bathroom sink running, so I walked in to talk to her. She was standing naked in front of the vanity looking in the mirror washing makeup from her face. I stood behind her looking over the top of her head into the mirror. I reached around and put my hands on her boobs. They are small with puffy nipples which hardened to my touch. She continued washing her face. I was lightly twirling her nipples with my fingers and palms.

I said, “Honey. What does your mother know for sure about my sexual activities in the last few days?”

“Well. She knows everything about Friday night when Hannah and I came in and sucked and fucked you in the dark. She was right there listening. She knows that we had the pool party and orgy on Saturday, but she doesn’t know any of the details other than you participated. Oh. She does know that you won the blowjob contest.” She giggled, “I had to tell mom all about that. She said that she wasn’t surprised that you would be the winner. She wasn’t surprised that Hannah was the female winner either. She knew about the plan to fuck you in the changing room on Sunday, but she doesn’t know it was a butt-fuck. She doesn’t know about the early Sunday morning sex with Eva and me and since she doesn’t know about the twins from the orgy, she doesn’t know about any sex you may have had with them at Home Depot.”

“I told you I just walked around Home Depot and came back.” I couldn’t hide the small smile on my face.


She looked up smiling at me in the mirror and said, “Sure dad. OK.”

I said, “What about today at Jim and Andie’s house?”

She shook her head, “We haven’t talked since she caught us fucking in my bed. But that was all planned anyway. She knew I was to delay finishing you off in the car on the way home and to run up to my room, leaving the lights off and then fuck your brains out while she watched in the dark. I wasn’t expecting that much intensity from you or me. It turned out that you fucked my brains out, but it worked the same.” She paused a moment and then continued, “I expect she might ask about details at some point but I don’t see how it will be good for her to know. I don’t plan to tell her too much.”

“Wise. You are, Obi-wan.” I said. Then I asked, “Mom said she hosted last year’s pool party/orgy. I assume it was here. Tell me something about what she did that day.”

Julia looked up at me in the mirror again and smiled as she remembered that day. She hesitated for several seconds contemplating whether or not to tell me anything. Finally she said, “Well, let’s say she was very active. She enjoyed the teenage boys. She liked their ability to cum three or even more times in a row without stopping.” Her eyes lit up a little as she remembered something and then continued, “She said she had a fantasy about having sex with five guys at once and she made that happen that day. It was unbelievable dad. She was sitting on top on one of the guys with his cock in her pussy. She was hunched over his chest while another guy put his cock in her ass. A third guy was face fucking her and she was jerking off two guys, one in each hand. She worked them over for multiple ejaculations each and she had uncountable orgasms.”

Julia smiled at me and commented, “Man that was the big thing for the day. Everyone stopped what they were doing and circled around to watch. Everyone who was there still relates the story of Mrs. C’s escapades. They still call it the “Maxi-fuck. She was covered in cum. I’m going to put a marker out on the deck where it happened.” She looked down and said, “Just remembering that is getting me all wet.” She pushed her left hand down to her pussy and starting fingering herself.

I reached down to her ass and pushed my hand forward, between her legs, to meet her fingers. She was working on her clit so I pushed two fingers into her cunt and worked them in and out. Her head fell back against my chest. Her legs began quivering so I wrapped my other arm around her waist to hold on to her. She was breathing very hard and fast and wheezing gasps came out of her mouth. Her cunt started to spasm hard around my fingers. She fell back against me. She didn’t squirt but it took quite a while for her to gather herself while coming down off the peak.

When she was back on her feet she turned around and reached up to give me a kiss. I leaned over to make the contact. She said, “Whew…….That was fantastic. Thank you.”

I responded with another kiss on her lips, “You are welcome Honey. I expect you will be joining us in a few. Right?”

Julia said, “You know it. I think Mom has something special planned for you tonight.”

I released Julia and started for the door and said, “Thanks for the warning.”

I walked into the master bedroom. Carrie was just stepping out of the shower wrapping a towel around her hair and she had another around her body covering her from chest to thighs. She smiled when she saw me and came to me and leaned in for a kiss. I gave her a soft, sensual kiss and said, “Let me take a quick shower and I will be all yours, OK?”

I got in the shower and lathered myself all up to wash off any remainder of Julia’s squirt juices. We had both just toweled off at the time. After rinsing off, I shut off the water, grabbed a towel and stepped out of the shower into the bathroom.

Julia was standing there, still naked, with one of my old ties in one hand and what looked like a black hood in the other. I must have had a confused look on my face as I toweled myself dry wondering what this was about. Julia said, “Mom’s orders. Put this hood on and pull it tight.” I hesitated but then did as instructed. When I was done, she said, “Now turn around and put your hands behind your back.” I hesitated again for several moments as I wasn’t sure I wanted to relinquish total control; but I consented and I did as she instructed. She used my tie to wrap around my wrists and then bound them tight with a knot.

“Mom said that your cock has to be presented to her at full attention.” With that she maneuvered me over to sit on the toilet cover, which was cold. I flinched but stayed seated. I felt Julia’s body move between my spread thighs.

A cold pair of hands picked up my limp cock. I flinched again and said, “Jesus. Your hands are like ice.” I heard her giggle. Her hands gripped my cock and start a jerking off motion. I could feel her firm titties on my thighs. One hand continued the motion while the other slipped below and was caressing my balls. My cock was responding. As it got harder, I felt lips touch the head and then slide down over the head to the ridge and stop. A tongue began working the sensitive spot on the underside of the ridge-line. She dipped her tongue in the piss-hole to collect any pre-cum. Her hands were continuing their motion.

As my cock continued its rise, the lips moved slowly down my shaft all the way to my balls, pushing her hand away as she descended. She held her lips at my balls for several seconds while massaging my balls with her hand. She tipped her head back and I could feel the difference in her attack as she dragged her lips back up to the tip. She repeated this motion several times; straight down my shaft to my balls and then tip her head back and drag her lips back to the tip. The sensation was amazing. Julia had never done that to me before. I was most definitely at the full limits of my erection. I said, “If you keep doing that I said, “I am going to cum. If that’s the plan; great, because this is one incredible blowjob.”

Julia pulled all the way off my rigid cock with a “pop” and I could hear her slurping up her spit. “Thanks daddy, mom has been teaching me some things using my dildo.” I felt her move back and push herself up to a standing position. Then I felt a grip on my cock again pulling me up from the toilet. With the tugging on my cock, I stood up.

I was led by my cock into the bedroom and maneuvered until my heels hit something hard and I sat down on what was apparently a wooden dining room chair. “Jesus, can’t you guys warm things up before I sit bare-assed on them.”

“Shut-up!” My wife said sternly. “There are several women here in the room with us. They are friends and women from the neighborhood you don’t even know. I think they are enjoying seeing you naked with that monster hard-on. No one will make a sound as we all suck on your cock. You will not cum until I say so. After that, all the women will leave accept Julia and me. You will never know who they are. Is that understood?” I simply nodded. I was trying to see out the bottom of the hood to identify who was in the room but it was futile.

My cock surged larger as I contemplated what was about to happen. I heard some movement around me and then a pair of lips wrapped around my cock and gave me several seconds of a blowjob before pulling off. There was some more movement and a pair of lips moved about half-way down my shaft and started another blowjob. After several seconds those lips ascended and pulled off my cock. Several more times; the same thing; some movement around me followed my several seconds of blowjob action. I couldn’t tell if each set of lips was a separate person or if they had gone around a couple times or more.

With the breaks in the action I was able to keep my cum contained. Concentrating on who might be in the room was also a distraction keeping my cum at bay until this last set of lips kept going for way more than the previous few seconds. This set of lips was bouncing off my balls. I thought, ‘this might be Julia or Carrie. Their skills are similar.’ As this blowjob continued I was physically trying to suck my cum back into my balls with my groin. I finally had to tell them that I was going to cum.

The lips pulled back off my cock. Then I felt a hand slap my cock hard, twice. “Hey, that hurt.” I said. My cock immediately began to deflate.

No one said a thing and the lips came back down onto my cock again and started the process all over again. After several sets of lips, pulling my load from my balls, I again announced that I was going to cum. This time I pleaded, “Please let me cum.” Again I got a slap on the cock and the same process started again. I was sagging in my chair as each mouth urged me to cum.

Finally, Carrie said, “OK, babe. You can cum now.” A set of lips followed by mouth followed by throat engulfed my cock and unleashed a furious blowjob. My head came up and tilted back. My arms were sore but all other sensations other than this blowjob receded from my mind. I could feel my balls stirring as the cum seemed to boil. With a searing pain and joy my cum surged past my prostate and launched into the mouth of the unknown cocksucker. My toes had curled so bad that they cramped. This pain brought me back down quickly as I had to relax all my muscles to relieve the cramp. My head sagged back down to my chest. I could hear movement around the room. I couldn’t tell if it was one person or ten. I thought, ‘Have they staged this to make me think several others were in the room? I couldn’t tell, but wow.’

When the noises in the room had subsided for several minutes I felt the hood being loosened and pulled off my head. The lights in the room blinded me for a moment as my vision adjusted. Only Carrie and Julia were in the room with me. They were both naked looking down at me to see if I was alright. I said, “Can someone untie my wrists? My arms are killing me.” Julia quickly moved behind the chair and untied my restraints. I was rubbing my wrists when Carrie sat down in my lap and kissed my lips with a passion that made my cock jump and press against her ass. I put one hand on her ass and one on a tit to pull her in close and kissed her back hard.

Carrie broke the kiss and looking straight into my eyes and with noses touching she said, “Well. Was that exciting? I’ll bet you were surprised.”

I said, “You have to tell me who was here. I won’t be able to look any of our friends and neighbors in the face without wondering if they were sucking my cock tonight.” Both Carrie and Julia laughed and Carrie said, “Too bad buck-o. I will never tell.”

Julia giggled and said, “Me neither.”

Julia climbed into what remained of my lap and kissed me on the lips. I broke the kiss and looked at each of them and said, “What about you two. Let me at least get you off.”

Carrie responded, “Let’s go to bed and you can recover. I’m sure someone will initiate some more action before morning.” It was late so I relented.

Carrie climbed into bed on her side. I cuddled up beside her in the middle and Julia climbed in on my side. It was a hot night again so we only pulled the sheet up to our waists. I leaned toward Carrie and sucked her left nipple into my mouth and ran my tongue around several times. She pulled her tit away and said, “Hey, don’t you go starting anything.” I rolled over and took Julia’s right tittie in my mouth and ran my tongue all around her puffy nipple. It hardened under my assault. She pushed my head back and leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. Then she turned away from me and turned off the light on my night stand. Carrie did the same and we all laid there in the dark with a veil of pending sexual energy hovering over us.

I awoke in the middle of a dream where dozens of hands were rubbing all over my body and mouths were fighting each other to get at my cock. The sexual urgency was palpable. The sensations were so real. I wanted to get back to the dream when I realized that my dream had been prompted by actual, real mouths fighting for my cock.

I raised my head to look down my body. In the moon-light I could clearly see Julia and Carrie on either side of me with their heads buried in my crotch. I could see each had their upper arms moving rapidly as they were furiously finger-fucking each other. Julia had my cock in her mouth while Carrie lapped up and down the remaining shaft and began sucking on my right testicle. She was very tenderly rolling it around in her mouth. Then Carrie pushed Julia’s mouth aside and took the entire shaft down her throat all the way to the balls. Julia pulled the left testicle onto her lips and tongued it.

Carrie groaned loudly with my cock in her throat as she launched into her Julia induced orgasm. She pulled her head back to gasp for breath. She was breathing heavily as she gathered herself. She continued her assault on Julia’s pussy as Julia shoved my cock back into her mouth. When her orgasm arrived she was just pulling my cock out of her throat. Her mouth flew open with the intensity and my cock fell out into her left hand. Julia clenched every muscle tightly and with open mouth she began breathing very rapidly through her clenched teeth. After several seconds, with Carrie continuing her finger assault, Julia started to relax and her head fell down onto my semi-rigid cock. After a few seconds she slowly began rubbing her face all over my spit covered cock. Carrie pulled her fingers from Julia’s pussy and pushed them one at a time into her mouth. She sucked each like it was a cock and then licked her palm clean.

Carrie maneuvered herself so she was sitting on my chest and then moved down so she could take my cock away from Julia and insert it into the entrance to her cunt. Julia moved back to watch but couldn’t see very well in the darkness. As Carrie moved lower to push my cock all the way into her, Julia got off the bed and turned on a lamp on the dressing table across the room. As she was returning to the bed Carrie was pivoting her hips up and dragging herself off me. Julia stopped where she was to watch. Carrie then pivoted her hips back down and sat down in one smooth motion. She pivoted her hips back up and repeated this over and over again. This action was similar motion to the blowjob Julia was giving me in the bathroom.

Julia couldn’t resist getting in on this action so she climbed back up on the bed and crawled up between my legs facing her mother who had a vacant stare on her face. Julia bent forward and as Carrie was coming up she lapped my entire exposed cock with her broad tongue and continued right up into Carrie’s cunt.

Carrie wasn’t expecting this and let out a scream of pleasure that she enhanced by pushing herself back down on my cock. Julia stayed in the rhythm established by Carrie for several more thrusts. Then Julia pulled her head back and dipped to suck in my balls. I waited for Julia to release them and then I grabbed Carrie’s hips and started jack-hammering Carrie’s cunt as fast as I could. Julia pressed her mouth up to the bottom side of my cock and let it slide up and down on her mouth. With Carrie stationary as I pounded into her, Julia moved up to lick her mother’s clit and Carrie let out another scream. She was rapidly breathing in and out around her teeth which sounded like “Shhhh…. Shhhhh….Sheeeeeeeeeeeee.”

Julia got up from the bed and disappeared into the hall. A couple minutes later she returned with her strap-on dildo on. A big, ribbed, soft-rubber cock hung from her crotch. She had inserted a smaller end of this dildo into her pussy. This thing worked so that as she fucked someone with the big end, the smaller end would push into her cunt and a small bulb would rub on her clit.

When Carrie saw it she pulled herself off my cock and moved herself to push my cock into her ass. She slowly pushed herself down to my balls and I started fucking her ass. Julia climbed up between our legs and guided the dildo at her mother’s pussy. I couldn’t see this action very well but I sure could feel it when that dildo sank rapidly to the hilt. Carrie let out another soft scream. So did Julia. Carrie just kept muttering, “Oh my God. This is wonderful. Oh my God. Don’t stop; either of you.”

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Julia and I got into a mutual rhythm that I thought would rip Carrie apart but she was loving it. She was going from one orgasm into another. The ribs from Julia’s dildo were moving along my cock and I was ready to burst any second. Carrie felt it too and yelled, “Hold on Honey. I want one more before you explode.” I changed my rhythm so I was going in and out along with the dildo so it didn’t rub so much on me. That helped but the inevitable was just around the corner. Carrie went rigid again and let out a load scream. Her entire mid-section was spasming around my cock and Julia’s dildo. Julia then started her own orgasm and was erratically pushing and pulling on the dildo as her own spasms quaked through her.

Thankfully it wasn’t a “squirt”. Both Carrie and I felt my cock surge and stream after stream of cum blast up into her anus. I was driving up hard with each spurt. When we settled down, Carrie was drooling her own lubrication from her pussy and my cum from her asshole. Julia pulled out and drove her head between her mother’s legs and started licking the fluids as fast as she could swallow. I pulled my spent cock from Carrie’s ass and looked past her to watch Julia slurping up the juices.

Carrie said, “Oh my God. That was intense.”

Julia poked her head up and said, “Mom, you have a flood going down here.” Then she ducked back down to continue her task. I laid my head back on the pillow. Carrie collapsed backward onto my stomach and chest. I couldn’t resist reaching up and molesting her huge tits. She just laughed and made no move to stop me.

Julia finished up cleaning up Carrie’s pussy. She got off the bed and went into the bathroom. I could hear water running in the sink. A few minutes later, the water stopped and she came back and climbed up on the bed and began washing my balls and placid cock which had been embedded in her mother’s ass. When she was finished, she crawled up and laid to my right and placed her head on my shoulder. Carrie slowly rolled off to my left side and then turned herself so she could lay her head on my left shoulder. We lay there just like that for many minutes. No one said a word. With the light still on, we all fell asleep with my arms wrapped around my wife and daughter holding them close with their heads on each of my shoulders.

I awoke at 3:30 AM with an urgent need to drain my bladder. Apparently, no one had moved since we fell asleep as Carrie and Julia were still cuddled up with their heads on my shoulders. My arms were still wrapped around under their heads with hands on their shoulders. Both arms were numb. I slowly lifted each head and extracted my arms. I moved myself down to the bottom of the bed trying not to wake either of them.

When I came back from the bathroom Carrie and Julia had rolled over toward each other so there was no room between them for me. I stood by Carrie’s side of the bed for a few minutes watching them in the dark. Their naked bodies cuddled up together face to face was very sensual and my cock raised its head as if to watch too. I crawled into bed on Carrie’s side and spooned up to her backside. I wrapped my right arm over her and hefted her left tit into my hand. I love all tits and Carrie has exceptional ones. I love handling them. My cock raised a little more and was poking Carrie in the ass. I moved down lower in the bed so that my cock-head was at the gap at the top of her legs and ass. With her curled up in a fetal position, I knew there was potential access to a nice warm cock-sheath.

In her sleep, Carrie moaned lightly as I continued my light tweaking of her right nipple. I removed my tit tweaking hand and moved it down to her crotch. She was mostly dry. I was hoping she was still wet from our earlier sex. I rolled away from her so I could open the night stand drawer. I fumbled around and then found her KY jelly which she used to aid our butt-fucking.

I rubbed some jelly on my erect cock with liberal application to my cock-head. I thought to myself, ‘Mama, this stuff is cold.’ I rolled back into my original position. With cock in hand, I guided the head between Carrie’s legs and then more finely tuned into her vaginal opening. Once properly aligned, I stopped and left it there for nearly a minute. Carrie didn’t rouse at all. I slowly pushed forward. The lubricant worked great. There was virtually no friction at all. I just slid right in.

Carrie rolled her head toward me and whispered, “For God’s sake, just push it in, will you.” Apparently, when I started pushing my cock toward her cunt, she was awake and had moved her right hand down to her pussy and started lightly flicking her clit because as I pushed deeper I could feel her fingers flicking on either side of my cock. As it turned out, I didn’t even need the KY jelly because she was soaking wet by the time I was fully engaged.

Carrie whispered again, “Do you know what time it is? If you start something, we will probably be up until it’s time to get up for work.”

My cock was now pushed entirely into Carrie’s pussy. I didn’t move it from that position. I whispered back, “I know, but my cock was looking for a nice warm spot. I plan to just leave it where it is and go back to sleep.”

Carrie whispered, “So, that’s your plan, is it? OK, let’s see how that works out.” She rolled her head back to face Julia who had not budged. I put my head down on her pillow and with rigid cock embedded in her pussy, I fell asleep again.

When I woke up at 6:00 AM my placid cock was lying on my left leg. I reached down to touch it. It was all gooey from the KY jelly. ‘Huh,’ I thought, ‘I usually wake up with a woody. I guess all this sex the past few days is making the little head tired.’ I laid there ruminating over the events of the last few days. I think, ‘Wow, what a drastic change in my life. Our life. I think I like it. Carrie and I seem to be closer than we have in years. I had no idea she had turned into such a sexual animal. I know in my head the sex with Julia is wrong but in my heart is seems so right. So, here we are.’ I got out of bed and grabbed my boxer shorts and headed for the basement to work out before getting ready for work.

My thoughts were distracting me. I cut the workout short and went back upstairs. When I got half-way up the stairs to the second floor I could hear a lot of moaning coming from our bedroom. I knew what was going on but I had to walk into the room to see how it was going on. Carrie was on her back in the middle of the bed with her feet at the head of the bed with her knees raised. Julia was in a ’69’ position with her face buried in Carrie’s pussy. Carrie had Julia’s face pinned to her pussy with her legs. Julia’s pussy was pushed down on her mother’s face. Tongues, lips, mouths and fingers were moving rapidly.. They paid no notice to my arrival. I just stood there and watched for a couple minutes as my cock began to respond to this visual stimulation.

At first I thought I would just sit down in the chair by the bed and take this all in. However, as my cock came to full attention, that thought disappeared and a new one took its place. I moved to the end of the bed and crawled myself up behind Julia. Both of these beauties had already had a few orgasms each and Carrie was in the middle of another as I raised my cock toward Julia’s cunt. Carrie’s head was in the way of my plan so I slapped my cock on Carrie’s forehead. She opened her eyes with surprise and pulled her head to the side to make room for me to enter Julia’s cunt. Julia raised her head from her mother’s pussy to object. She didn’t object long as my fully erect cock split her labia and buried itself all the way to my balls. Her head flew back and her mouth opened and she began shaking all over from her own orgasm. Her vaginal spasms were grabbing my cock. I started immediately hammering in and out of her cunt. As the spasms subsided, she dropped her head back into her mother’s pussy and resumed her previous movements. I slowed my pace to change up the assault. Carrie raised her head to suck on one ball and then the other. She moved one hand so she could push a finger into my asshole. I clenched down hard on her finger and continued fucking Julia. My cock responded to the finger and expanded its dimensions. Julia felt it too and groaned around Carrie’s pussy.

Carrie released my balls and when she arched her head down into the bed and her body up toward Julia, I knew she was in another orgasm. I was thinking, ‘Man, I wish guys could have multiple orgasms like these two do.’ Then I thought, ‘Well, I guess guys can but not routinely like this.’

I could feel my own rising fast so, I increased my pace and was hammering as hard as I could with each thrust. Julia’s head had come up off her mother’s pussy to brace herself from my assault. She could feel the flood cumming so she pushed back with each forward thrust of mine. ‘Now for part two of my plan,’ I think.

I pulled my cock from Julia’s cunt and pushed it down onto Carrie’s lips. She opened her mouth and inhaled my cock just in time to avoid a cum blast in the face. I shoved my cock in as far as it would go as stream after stream erupted from my cock and into her mouth and throat. Carrie was trying to swallow it all but one stream caught her as she was trying to swallow the previous one and she gagged hard and sperm shot out of her mouth and out of her nose. She pulled off quickly with that and caught the last stream across her face and down onto her right tit. Julia had dropped her head when I pulled out of her to watch me shove it down Carrie’s throat. She saw the cum blast out of her nose and said, “Whoa, I never saw that happen before. That was amazing mom.”

Carrie was still coughing and gagging but with a wheezy voice said, “It wasn’t so amazing from my point of view.”

Julia climbed off her mother and moved herself up to lick up the cum on Carrie’s tit and face. Carrie was already wiping it up with her fingers and licking them clean. Then Julia moved forward and took my cock in her mouth and sucked on it and lathed her tongue all around it to clean me off. She pulled back and my cock came out of her mouth with a ‘pop’.

I sat back on my heels with diminishing cock hanging. I was soaked with sweat. I said, “Now that was a workout.” I continued, “How about you girls get on your backs so I can clean you up?” They looked at each other for a moment and then both seemed to just fly off the bed to get into position with their pussies at the edge of the bed. I knelt on the floor in front of them and went from one pussy to the other with my tongue lapping up all the juices. “Delicious,” I said.

When everyone was licked clean we got up. Julia’s legs were a little wobbly so we assisted her to the shower in our room. I turned on the water and adjusted for temperature. We all got in and washed each other until we were squeaky clean. As you might expect we each paid particular attention to cleaning cock, pussies, anus’ and tits. I wasn’t sure we were going to get out of there without another round of sex, but we did.

Work was going to be impossible today after getting virtually no sleep last night. I suggested that we all take the day off. Julia said she couldn’t. She needed all the hours she could get to help pay for college. Carrie also said she couldn’t. She had big meetings with new clients. I had nothing on the agenda that couldn’t wait so after getting all dressed to go, I decided to stay home. I called in sick. Julia asked if she could take my car and I relented. I had no need for a car today. I was going to just chill and relax on the deck and work on my tan. I kissed both of my girls goodbye and they left for work.

I went upstairs to remove my clothes. I stood there in the middle of our bedroom and contemplated whether to put that white speed-o bathing suit on or go nude. Since no one can see into our backyard, I decided on nude. How much more relaxed can you get than that. I walked down stairs and out onto the deck. The sun was hot. We were in the middle of our annual heat-wave with temperatures in the 90’s. I pulled a lounge chair around to face the early morning sun and sat down and promptly fell asleep.

I woke to a female voice saying, “Hello…. Hello.” The voice was coming from Max and Lisa’s side of our yard. It was Lisa. She was not in view yet. “Hello. Anyone home? Hello”, she continued as she walked up the stairs from the yard to our pool deck. I hadn’t brought anything out to cover up with. I hadn’t considered the possibility that I would be bothered on a week-day. Since it was Lisa and we had already seen each other nude, I decided to stay put. My lounge was facing in her direction as she lived to the east of us. She came into view through the gate. She unlatched the gate and walked up onto the deck. She was wearing her yellow bikini bathing suit. Her hair was pulled up on her head. She looked scrumptious.

As she walked onto the deck and closed the gate she turned around and said, “I thought someone was home.” As she finished that sentence she noticed that it was me and I was sitting in the chair in the nude. She stopped short and turned her head away and said, “Oh my. I am sorry.”

I didn’t move, “Hi Lisa. How are you feeling today? I couldn’t sleep at all last night in this heat and decided to take a sick day and just vegg-out. What can I do for you?”

Lisa hemmed and hawed while still looking away and said, “I thought maybe Julia was home. I saw your car leave and then Carrie’s car and Julia wasn’t in it. I wanted to ask her if she could baby-sit Friday night.”

I said, “Julia took my car to work. Wow, you guys never go out. What’s the occasion?”

She turned to face me and responded, “We just decided we need some time away from the kids. We were going to ask you guys to go with us. We wanted to contribute something to Julia’s college anyway.”

“I will ask Carrie if we have any plans for Friday night. I’m sure we don’t but I learned not to make plans for us without clearing them with her.” I laughed, “She can do that, but I can’t.” With Lisa now looking at me I was feeling her gaze and my cock jumped out from between my legs and landed on my left leg. From there it continued to pulse up and down as it grew larger. I had no control of this thing when it found something erotic, which apparently was the case with this situation. Lisa looked very hot in her bikini.

Lisa couldn’t help notice the movement at my crotch. I could tell she was wrestling with herself on whether to stay or go. She licked her lips and started across the deck to where I was sitting. She sat down in a deck chair to my right.

I nonchalantly said, “What can I get you to drink? It’s after noon somewhere.”

It was earlier than 10:00 AM here so I was surprised when she looked me in the face with an involuntary glance at my crotch and said, “Something strong; I think.”

I leaned forward and pushed myself up from the chair. My cock was now at half mast and pointed directly out in front of me. I turned away from her and walked into the house. I stood in the kitchen window looking out the window at her sitting there on the deck. She was talking to herself. I put ice in two glasses and poured a large scotch in my glass and a large Wild Turkey in hers. I was thinking as I poured her drink, ‘If she drinks this, she will be blasted.”

I carried the two drinks out to the deck and handed both drinks to her. I walked in front of her to grab a side table and place it between us. She put both drinks on the table. My cock was still at half mast as I walked back to sit in my lounge chair. There was a long silence. It was obvious she was uncomfortable but she couldn’t leave. I was thinking about Sunday night when Max and Lisa were caught having sex in our pool. Carrie and I joined them. Apparently, Lisa was thinking the same thing. She finally broke the silence, “About Sunday night. Max and I both were feeling no pain. We both had a lot to drink at the wedding reception. I don’t even know how we got home.”

I knew she had more to say but I interrupted her, “Please don’t apologize for anything. Neither Carrie nor I are sorry about what happened. We had a fantastic time. I can’t speak for you guys but the sex was incredible for both of us. I hope it doesn’t adversely affect our friendship. We love you guys. I guess that means something else now but I think that could be a good thing.”

Lisa looked directly at me for the first time and said, “I was going to apologize but I didn’t know how to raise the issue with you guys. We both had a great time too, but still, you have to admit the whole thing was a bit unusual. I guess the drinks eliminated my inhibitions. I can only rationalize what happened as that. Max is openly sexual but I know I am too inhibited sexually. Max was in heaven when we got home Sunday night. He had a raging hard-on and I was so unbelievably horny. We made love…check that…we fucked our brains out all night. I was so loud that I woke up the 4 year old. She started crying. I got out of bed and tended to her and then went right back at it again. It was amazing. We talked the next morning and decided that we have been too cloistered and need to get out and enjoy our life.” She paused for several seconds, looked me directly in the eyes and then continued, “Like Sunday night.”

When she was telling me about fucking their brains out she had moved her non-drink hand between her legs. I watched her hand as it started working up and down her pussy. As she continued her story, she stopped moving her hand and her fingers were flicking her clit. She hadn’t notice she was even doing it because when she saw where I was looking she quickly pulled her hand back up to the arm of the chair.

I watched her hand move quickly out of her crotch. I followed her hand to the chair arm and continued moving my gaze up to her face. I said, “I see your inhibitions are back. I can help you with that if you want.” She looked away and took a big sip off her drink.

I decided to see if frank talk would be received favorably. I said, “Do you masturbate?”

Lisa thought a moment. She was apparently deciding whether she wanted to talk frankly about a subject she was clearly uncomfortable with. Then she said, “I have, but I was raised by parents that made it clear that sex was dirty. Max keeps asking me to masturbate in front of him while he masturbates in front of me. In all these years together I have never agreed to do that. I know he is frustrated with my puritan sense of sexuality. That’s New England I guess.” She took another sip.

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I leaned forward in my chair to swing my legs toward her and then I leaned closer. She glanced down at my semi-rigid cock again. I quietly said, “Take your bathing suit off so we are on common ground. I’m not going to see anything I haven’t already seen. A couple times actually.” She giggled at my reference to see her topless on her deck.

She just looked at me for about a half minute. She was biting her lower lip. She looked down at my cock and then back up to my face. She set her drink on the table and stood up. She reached up behind her back and untied her bikini top. She held it in place with her other hand as if she had not yet decided whether she was going to comply with my request. Then she pulled it free and set it on the table by her glass. Lisa has relatively large tits for her size. They sag a bit from breastfeeding two kid. She hooked her thumbs into the sides of her bikini bottom and pushed them down to her knees and then stood up to let it fall to her feet. She bent down and picked it up and set it beside the top. She then moved back into the chair and looked up at me. She was clearly nervous with the booze only slightly washing away her inhibitions. She has a great body. She is not gorgeous but she is attractive.

I was scanning her as she took off her suit. Her nudity didn’t reveal much more than with the suit on but the sexual tension ratcheted up a notch and my cock ratcheted up as well. I got up and pulled another lounge chair over close on my left side facing the opposite direction so we would be facing each other. I patted it. She got up from her chair, moved the table between the two lounge chairs and sat down as directed. I put my feet up and laid back in the lounge. Lisa did the same. I took a sip off my drink and Lisa did the same.

While looking at Lisa’s face, I reached down and took my semi-erect cock in my fingers and started slowly manipulating it. It was getting harder, longer and fatter. She stared down as it grew. She said, “That is one huge cock.” When it got to full attention I started jerking with my right hand. After a minute or so I reached my left hand down and added that to the action. She was fascinated.

I said, “You said you have masturbated before so you know how. Do it now.”

She looked up from my cock to my face. She took another sip from her drink and set it on the table. After many seconds of indecision, she slowly moved her right hand off the chair arm toward her crotch. She slowly began raking her fingernails over her outer lips. Her pubic hair was not trimmed short like every other pussy I had encountered lately but it was neat and more natural. As she raked her middle finger up over her clit, she tipped her head back against the chair back and subtly thrust her hips up.

As I continued jerking myself off, I watched her hips slowly undulate to the rhythm of her fingers. I could see moisture forming and she pushed her middle finger into the inner folds of her pussy. She flicked her clit a few times and her hips rocked with each flick. She reached down with her other hand. This movement pushed her tits together over her arms to create cleavage where there was none before. With this new hand she spread her lips to expose her vagina and clitoris. She pushed two fingers of the other hand into her vagina and began finger-fucking herself. Her thumbnails were lightly working her clit. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing very fast through an open mouth. As her pace quickened, I watched her facial muscle suddenly contract and she clenched her teeth. Her breathing went from rapid inhalations and exhalations to long, full inhalations and exhalation through her teeth which emitted a high pitched “Shhhhhhhhhhh” on the intake and “Ahhhhhhhhhhh” on the out. Her legs were thrashing all over the place with sudden movements. Her upper body was thrusting her chest upward and her hips down and then quickly the reverse. Her fingers were furiously moving in and out of her vagina. Her fingernails on her clit were replaced by one thumb, which was just as furiously firmly rubbing her clitoris. She was in full orgasm and I could see her inner pussy lips pulsing. As she continued masturbating she launched her upper body forward hard, drove her hips down and let out a loud scream.

‘Wow,” I thought. Watching Lisa masturbate was intensely erotic. I had intended to begin masturbating myself to get Lisa to join in. If it hadn’t worked, I planned to stop jerking myself off and try something else to loosen her up. I was long past stopping now. As Lisa started her orgasm I was frantically jacking one hand up and down the entire length of my cock. While her eyes were closed and she withdrew to her own place, my actions were not aiding her orgasm. She was in her own fantasy. However, that was not true for me. I couldn’t believe how urgently I needed to cum. I continued to watch her through her orgasm and my hands were a blur.

When Lisa opened her eyes again, I could feel my cum load surging upward. I continued my assault. I launched my hips up and a long stream of cum ejected from my cock, flew across the space between us and landed on Lisa from her lips to her navel. The second spurt landed from her pussy to her knees. The third landed on my feet. The fourth and last stream drooled out and ran down my shaft onto my hand which was still working my cock up and down. I collapsed back into the lounge and let out a loud sigh. “Jesus, that was intense.”

“Mine too,” she said. She picked up her glass and took a long sip. I did the same.

She pulled her chin down to look at all the cum on her body. She giggled and moved her hands out of her pussy to begin scooping it up in her fingers and shoved them in her mouth. There was a lot of cum and she spent several minutes collecting and disposing of it. I pointed to my chin to indicate that she still had cum on her chin. She rubbed her hand across her chin and then licked up whatever she had collected. She picked up her glass and took another long sip.

I said, “So, It looked like you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. It didn’t feel wrong or dirty did it?”

Lisa said, “It did feel dirty at first but I made it work for me. I liked it.”

I looked at her for several moments and then said, “When you get the kids in bed tonight, get yourself naked and walk into the living room with Max watching TV and sit down on the couch and repeat this performance, which was incredible I might add. One of two things will happen. Either he will pull his cock out and join you with his own masturbation or he will come across the room and dive his face into your pussy to finish you off. Either way, the fucking that will ensue from that point will be epic.”

Lisa laughed and said, “You are probably right about that.” She finished off her drink and leaned back to soak up the sun. After a minute or so she said, “Umm. This sun feels good. I am totally relaxed and more than a little buzzed.” It was hot and sweat was running down her chest between her tits which now sagged to her sides a little. She sat up and lifted herself from her lounge chair and said, “Do you mind if I cool off in the pool?”

“Certainly not. I will join you. It is hot out here.” I reached down for my glass and finished off my drink. I pulled myself out of my chair and moved toward the pool as Lisa was stepping into the water.

She was treading water as I stood on the bottom. She moved over closer to me and grabbed my arm to hold herself up. She said, “After I got over here and saw you naked on the deck I couldn’t help think about how great that cock of yours felt Sunday night. Later, when I was fucking Max, my thoughts kept jumping back to you lying under me thrusting that thing into me. Even when I was masturbating, I was fanaticizing about you.” She reached down and grabbed my cock and started jerking it back and forth.

“Lisa, are you sure you want to do this?” I put my hands on her hips and held her away from me. She was pulling on my cock trying to get closer. She didn’t respond, so I said, “Lisa, I’m not sure we should get too involved one on one without the four of us consenting. I don’t want to get between you and Max.” Lisa wasn’t paying attention and just kept jacking my cock, which was responding as she intended. As it grew in stature her grip tightened. She seemed more intent with each moment.

Finally, she looked up at me and said, “I know what you mean, but…..but…..I need to have your cock in my mouth. I need to. Please?”

I pulled us both over to the shallow end edge of the pool and hoisted myself up onto the deck with my legs dangling in the water. Lisa was now standing with the water level at her chest. She moved in close between my legs. We were in the same spot she and Max were Sunday night when I watched her give him a blowjob. With the decision made, my cock rose to full dimensions again. She couldn’t get her fingers all the way around it so she used both hands to continue jerking me off. She was watching it grow in her hands and she looked up at my face with a huge grin.

While still looking up she lowered her lips over the tip of my cock. She dropped her chin down and pushed about half of my cock into her mouth and gagged. She tried it again and gagged again. She took less cock into her mouth and then tipped her head back and pulled up to the ridge. She dropped her chin again and descended to the previous depth and raised her chin again to look me in the eye and pulled up to the ridge. Her technique was the same as Julia was using last night. It was an incredible sensation. She increased the pace using the same technique. Her hands were working up and down below the lip line and I wasn’t going to last long. I didn’t try to hold my cum back. I just went with it.

Lisa felt my cum start it’s rise in my balls. She pulled her head back to the ridge and tongued the velvet tip waiting for the cum to shoot into her mouth. She wasn’t prepared for the amount. She swallowed all she could and then pulled her head off. Subsequent shots hit her in the face. Her eyes were closed with cum on the eyelids. Cum was up her nose and on her lips. She breathed hard from her nose to blow that wad onto her lips. She used her fingers to wipe the cum from her eyes and lips. When she was mostly clean, she dipped her head below the waterline and washed her face with her hands.

When she surfaced she walked directly to the steps and walked up onto the deck. I got up and walked over to my lounge chair. To be polite, I asked her if she would like another drink; although I didn’t think she should have one. She politely declined. She picked up her bathing suit and pulled her wet body into the bottoms. She asked me to tie her in the back when she put her top in place. She bent down toward me and kissed me gently on the lips and said, “Till next time. Will you guys go out with us Friday night?”

“No problem, I will tell Carrie and I’ll have Julia get back to you about babysitting.”

“Thanks for everything” she said as she walked across the deck, opened the gate and disappeared.

I went back in the house and fixed myself another drink and came back out on the deck and laid in the sun until the heat was too much then I’d swim in the pool to cool off. Around 1:00 PM I figured I’d had enough sun, I moved under the covered part of the deck and laid down on another lounge chair. I’d finished the second drink and was a little buzzed. I promptly fell asleep.

I was drifting in my buzzed state of mind. I don’t know how long I had been asleep but dragging myself out of that depth proved difficult. When I opened my eyes there were bodies all around me. When my vision cleared and I was fully conscious, I saw Julia, Hannah, Eva and Gail (the other girl and ‘Master of Ceremonies’ from the Saturday pool party). Julia sat down on the edge of my lounge chair and said, “Hi daddy. I see you are relaxing and getting your strength back.” She leaned in close and whispered, “Because you are going to need it.”

Hannah and Gail were already handling my naked, limp cock and Eva was running her hands over my stomach and up over my chest. Julia stood up and announced that they should all get naked. She started and the others followed suit. I watched as each of these extremely attractive girls shed her clothes. My cock started responding immediately. Once everyone was naked, Hannah and Gail resumed their manipulations of my cock. Eva walked into the pool with Julia. They disappeared from my sight-line so I turned my attention to Hannah and Gail, each sitting on opposite sides of the bottom of my lounge chair. Gail whispered something to Hannah and Hannah nodded. Hannah got off the chair and knelt on the deck at my mid-section. She bent forward and engulfed my hardening cock. She worked her mouth up and down the length and it was soon fully erect. Gail was fingering herself as she watched Hannah work me over.

I was feeling playful, so I said, “Hannah. How many cocks have you blown today?”

She pulled off my cock and swallowed a long stream of spit and said, “This is only my second.”

‘Amazing,” I thought. Hannah had gone right back to sucking my cock. When I felt a rising tide in my balls Hannah pulled her head up, slurped up her spit and passed my cock to Gail. Gail took it in her hands and shoved her mouth about half way down the shaft. She gagged. She tried several more times and gagged each time. She was relentless. I put my fingers around my cock just above the gag point and said, “Gail, honey. I know you are trying to learn how to deep-throat but believe me, with your enthusiasm blowing me to this point where my hand is will accomplish the same results.” Gail smiled up at me and buried my shaft in her face to where my hands were. She didn’t gag and she proceeded to rapidly bob her head up and down to that point. I removed my hand. I wasn’t going to last long with her furious action. I had not got the chance to fuck Gail on Saturday so, I put my hand on her forehead and pushed her back and off my cock.

She looked up with a confused look on her face and said, “Am I not doing it right? I can do better.”

I ran my fingers from her forehead down her cheek and repeated with the back of my fingers on the other side of her head. I said, “You are doing everything right. I just don’t want to blow my load just yet and if you keep doing what you were doing I won’t last much longer. We didn’t get a chance to fuck at the pool party and I would very much love to if you want to.”

Gail’s face beamed as she almost yelled out, “I absolutely do. I whispered to Hannah that I never got my chance and I asked her not to take it all like she always does.”

Hannah quickly jumped in with, “I said OK.” She smiled and continued, “Besides there is always more.”

Gail squeezed my cock. It was rock hard but my urgently rising cum had subsided. She maneuvered herself onto the lounge chair with knees on either side at my waist. Hannah pulled my cock out from under Gail and held it at the right angle for Gail to sit back and down on it. She moved cautiously as the shaft eased into her cunt. She stopped about half-way down and pulled herself back up. I had my hands on her tits. Her tits were not huge by any standard but they were large for her frame. She was about 5’4″ tall. She probably weighed 120 pounds as she was slim but not thin, if I can make that distinction. Her hips were average and her ass was terrific.

Her second ride down the shaft went several inches deeper and the third went all the way to my balls. She sat there for several moments. With her hands on my chest she leaned forward and pulled up. She accidentally pulled all the way off. Hannah grabbed my cock and guided it back into Gail’s cunt. Gail resumed her motion from tip to balls. Hannah couldn’t resist being involved so she bent low and shoved her tongue into Gail’s ass. Since it was without warning, Gail shrieked and pulled off with her surprise. Hannah again maneuvered my cock back into Gail’s cunt. She resumed her motion again.

I was trying hard to concentrate on something else so I could bring Gail to orgasm. Fortunately, it wasn’t long before Gail’s body went rigid. She slumped forward and I took up the action by pummeling my cock into her cunt. I could feel her pulsing. I wasn’t far behind her as another load of cum rose and spurted into Gail. After three streams of cum, Hannah pulled my cock from Gail’s cunt and buried it in her mouth to receive two more long streams of cum. Hannah swallowed my cum and then pulled my cock out and began lapping it all over to clean Gail’s juices off.

When Gail climbed off my crotch and sat in a chair beside me to collect herself, Hannah dove between her legs to bury her face in her pussy to lick up my cum and Gail’s juices that were flowing out of her in copious amounts. Hannah was furiously frigging her own cunt and with head buried in Gail’s crotch rolled through thunderous orgasm of her own.

I got out of my chair and moved to the pool to cool off. I looked back and saw Gail and Hannah moving into a ’69’ position. ‘They are insatiable’, I thought as I dove under the water toward Eva and Julia.

The girls saw me coming and as I swam by underwater, Julia reached out to grab my limp cock. I surfaced beside them. We were all treading water in the deep end. Eva said, “Did they leave anything for us?”

I laughed, “I don’t know. Gail put a whoopin’ on me. They are over there out of the sun going at each other. Hannah said that I was her second blowjob today. Is she blowing everybody at work on a rotation basis?”

Julia laughed, “She didn’t come out without panties today and she didn’t say anything. I will have to ask her for the details now. Knowing her, she is blowing everyone including the women.”

Julia still had my cock in her hand. She was rubbing her thumb back and forth over the sensitive underside area below the piss-hole. I couldn’t believe it but my cock was responding to her manipulations. We all moved toward the shallow end so we wouldn’t have to continue treading water. When Julia, who is the shortest of the three, was standing comfortably on the bottom, we stopped. Eva then noticed that Julia was making some progress on my cock.

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We continued to talk casually about work. I asked Eva what she was planning after high school. She opted not to go to college. Her parents couldn’t afford it anyway and she had no luck getting scholarships. Julia and Hannah would be off to a local campus in another month or so. We tried to get scholarships for Julia but I make too much money. Hannah’s parents certainly didn’t make much money but she was able to get a scholarship. She was a good student and got very good grades. Eva told me that she has a job now and would keep it if she could. She is only working part-time now and hoped to get full-time work soon.

When my cock was fully erect, Eva joined in with her hands. I had my hands around their backs and was tweaking Eva’s right tit and Julia’s left tit. Both girls started pulling me to the pool steps. They apparently wanted to get out and get some action. We walked up the stairs together; me with my hands full of tit and them with their hands full of cock. When we were all on the deck, they let go of my cock and led me by the hand over to a clear spot on the deck. Julia got down on all fours with her ass facing me. Her fingers were in her pussy working her clit. Eva stood to the side with her hands in her pussy as well.

When I knelt on the deck to put my cock in Julia’s pussy, Eva lifted her leg over Julia’s ass and stood above her. With her height advantage their position placed Eva’s pussy right above Julia’s ass. With my height advantage I figured out how I could dip my cock into Julia’s cunt and pull out and insert it into Eva’s cunt. One push per cunt turned out to be too difficult so I started fucking Eva with several thrusts and then do the same in Julia’s cunt. I went back and forth many times. Both girls had their hands feverishly rubbing their clits as I pounded into them.

My legs were getting tired as I had to hold myself up to accommodate Eva’s height. Both Julia and Eva were furiously rubbing their own clits trying to get to orgasm. I didn’t think I was going to be able to help that goal much longer. Either my legs would give out or my cock would. I decided I would go for my own ejaculation and let the girls take care of themselves. I started pounding my cock into Julia and then pull out and pound Eva. I was fully embedded in Eva’s cunt when I felt my climax approaching. My cock surged and Eva responded to the surge with her own orgasm. I pumped the first shot of cum into her pussy and then pulled out and pumped my cock into Julia where I expelled the remaining shots of cum.

Julia felt the cum surging into her and that tipped her over into her orgasm. When I was totally spent, I collapsed down on the deck with my face buried in Eva’s pussy. She was tired too and moved away. I then collapsed down onto Julia’s back. My weight collapsed both of us to the deck. Julia rolled onto her back and Eva set her crotch down on Julia’s face and buried her face in Julia’s cunt. They were both sucking up each others juices and my cum load. I laid there and watched for several minutes until they were satisfied that the other had cleaned them up.

I got up and walked back toward the house to see what Hannah and Gail were doing. They had finished their ministrations on each other and were apparently in the house. I found them in the kitchen still nude. Hannah saw me walk in and said, “Julia says that your neighbor, Max has always had a fantasy about me.” I responded that this was true. “Do you think you could get us together? He is a hunk.”

I responded, “Hannah, I don’t think you need me to help enhance your love life. You certainly seem to do OK for yourself. In fact, I’m surprised you’re not over there banging on his door and fucking him to death on the front steps.”

Gail burst out laughing at that, “Man, ain’t that the truth.” Hannah playfully swatted at Gail’s tit as if to object to this characterization. Gail deflected Hannah’s hand and said, “If the foo shits, wear it.” Hannah pouted her lips and stomped off toward the pool. Gail looked up at me and started laughing. I offered Gail a soda and she accepted. She playfully held the cold can against my flaccid cock when I wasn’t looking. I jumped a foot and she laughed.

I like Gail. She has a very bubbly personality. She is always looking at things upbeat and has fun in everything she does. Not just her sexuality, but everything that just rolls off everyone else without notice. She will do well with her life. As I am contemplating my thoughts I must have had an odd look on my face as I am looking at her. She cocked her head and quizzically looked up at me and said, “You’re looking at me strange Mr. “C”.” She giggled with the Mr. “C” reference. “What are you thinking?”

I pulled out of my thoughts and Said, “Oh. I was just thinking that you are going to have a wonderful life ahead of you.” I laughed and said, “You probably had someone write just that in your yearbook this past June.” She laughed too and walked over close and wrapped her arms around me and pulled herself in close. She leaned her head to my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and we just hugged each other for nearly a minute. I leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. She pulled her head back and pushed her body as high as she could. I leaned lower and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back. We broke our embrace and unwrapped ourselves when the other three came bounding in from the deck.

Julia looked at us standing close in the kitchen and saw a tear running down Gail’s cheek. She looked at me quizzically said, “What’s up?”

I said, “Nothing Honey. We were just having a moment.” Gail was silent. She wiped the tear from her cheek and walked back out to the deck. I watched through the kitchen window as she maneuvered a lounge chair around to face the sun. She sat down and put her head back. Everyone else was in the kitchen looking at each other with a “What?” look on their face.

I broke the silence by offering sodas to everyone. They were parched from the sun and heat and gratefully accepted. Eva wanted a beer but I refused, citing her age. She pouted and said something about the Pool Party. I ignored her. I poured myself another scotch and maneuvered my way through the three beautiful naked bodies and walked to the deck. The sun was more than half way down in the west, so I pushed a lounge chair around to face it and sat down. I took a big swig off my drink and leaned my head back. I lapsed into sleep right there with my drink in my hand.

I don’t know how long I was out but I woke with a start when my still ice cold drink fell out of my hands and spilled over my crotch. I jumped out of the chair and grabbed a towel from the bar. I wiped myself off and pushed the ice cubes out of the chair. I looked around and I was alone. I walked through the house but no one was there. I looked out an upstairs window and noticed that only my car was there. I concluded that the others must have come in Eva’s car and they must have all gone out with her. I lay down on the king-sized bed with my feet dangling in the air. I dozed off again.

I woke with a start again. I lifted my upper body to rest on my elbows and looked down to see Carrie’s beautiful face with my flaccid cock fully engulfed in her mouth. She looked at me and smiled around my cock. She was sucking hard and flicking her tongue on the sensitive underside. I stayed on my elbows and enjoyed the sight. I said, “You know what I just noticed? You look incredibly beautiful with a cock in your mouth.”

She pulled my cock from her mouth and said, “You know what I just noticed? You are an asshole.” She grinned and pushed my growing cock back in her mouth. When my cock was fully erect, she pushed it into her throat and pulled it all the way back out. A long line of saliva ran from her lips to the tip of my cock. She lapped at the spit-line and reeled it in, following all the way back down onto the head. She wrapped her right hand around the shaft at the base and pulled the skin down tight on my cock. While holding tight with her hand, she moved her lips onto the head and watched me watch her slowly push her face toward my balls. The sensation was fantastic. She started her blowjob motion moving her face up and down my shaft.

As I felt my cum about to explode, I collapsed back down on the bed but raised my head to watch. I was breathing fast and groaning loudly when my first cum shot fired into Carrie’s mouth. She was collecting each spurt in her mouth. Some drooled out around my cock and slid down to her chin. When I was totally spent her cheeks were distended as she pulled back off the head. She opened her mouth to show me my cum load. She pushed it around in her mouth with her tongue and then made a big show of swallowing it. She pushed her tongue out at me to show that it was all gone. She pushed her tongue down toward her chin trying to get the cum that she lost but her tongue couldn’t reach it. She reached up with her hand and wiped her chin and then licked the palm. “Yummy.”

I was still breathing hard and said between breaths, “Babe…… that was ……an incredible….. blowjob.” I lay back and looked at the ceiling. After several seconds, I continued, “I guess our new sex-life has had a positive effect on your interest in sex.”

Carrie was silent a moment and then crawled up beside me. She was naked. She rested her head on my chest and absent-mindedly started fumbling around with my soft cock as though she were twirling her hair with her fingers.

She finally said, “I agree. Same for you too, I think. When Julia and I had our first encounter it was totally by accident. I certainly had no intentions in that direction. I never even had an interest in a lesbian relationship and never, never with my own daughter. Julia apparently had experiences already and once it started she pushed it forward. I felt bad after but I had numerous orgasms and the intensity was mind-numbing. I hadn’t experienced anything like it since we were first married. Our sex life had become stale and boring. This was exciting and Julia and I and then Julia, Hannah and I were routinely enjoying sex together. I guess it’s true that a woman knows how to get another woman off.” Carrie paused. She continued to twirl my cock around her fingers.

“When Julia came home with that strap on dildo. Oh… my…God. I thought we would wear that thing down to a stub. My interest in sex with you diminished even further. It was Julia who said I needed to do something to shake us up. I knew she was right but I didn’t know what to do. She came up with the idea of getting you involved in our activities. Now, I can’t get enough of you. My lesbian sessions with Julia and Hannah have diminished to only when you are included. I seem to radiate sexual energy. People at work even want to know what is different about me lately. One woman asked if I’m having an affair. I told her ‘yes I am, with my husband’.”

I put my hand on her shoulder and squeezed lightly. I pulled her in close and kissed her on the lips. I said, “I didn’t even realize we were growing apart until it seemed to be too late to doing anything about it. You had your life and I had mine. I grew comfortable with that distance. I have always dearly loved you. Deep down I knew I had to do something but I didn’t have a clue what. I guess we owe our renewed love to our daughter.” Carrie kissed me on the cheek.

Carrie’s twirling of my cock in her fingers was arousing me and my cock was growing. It wasn’t long before it was too hard for her to twirl. She changed to wrapping her hand around the girth and simply squeezed it hard. I pushed myself up and her head slid off to the bed. I pushed her onto her back and put my hand in her crotch. I moved my fingers down along the length of her outer vaginal lips. She was damp but not wet. That changed as I continued rubbing her outer lips and then pushing my finger inside to separate her inner lips. After a couple minutes of this she became wet. I pushed my middle finger inside as far as it would go. I moved the tip of my finger on what she had previously described as her “G-Spot”. She immediately came to life. She was thrashing her head from side to side and kept raising and lowering her legs. She grabbed my hand and pulled it in. She was grinding her pelvis on my hand. She rolled through two orgasms before settling down.

She turned her head toward me and said, “Oh my God. Please fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

I raised myself up and moved my pelvis between hers. I was resting my upper body on my elbows which put some weight on her chest. I bent down to kiss her passionately. She threw her arms around my head and mashed her lips against mine. She pushed her pelvis up as if searching for my cock. I pushed her back down and without anything guiding it except for my knowledge of her body I pushed my cock into her pussy. I stopped when the tip was in and started fucking her with just the tip. Carrie was going crazy.

After a couple minutes of this, I pushed in deep, all the way to the balls. She moved her arms down my body and grabbed one ass-cheek in each hand and pulled me down hard. She thrust her hips up at the same time. I pulled my hips up and she pulled hers down. I thrust back down and she in unison thrust back up. We continued this in perfect unison and gradually picked up the pace until I was hammering her cunt with my cock. My eruption was imminent and Carrie could feel it approaching. I pushed myself up on my hands and looked down at her big tits lying on her chest. Her nipples were distended and hard. Her eyes were shut and her mouth was open and her teeth were clenched. Her neck muscles were distended. She was digging her fingernails into my ass.

Every muscle in my body was knotted tight. As my cock expanded and I pumped the first stream deep into her pussy, she unclenched her teeth and let out a guttural scream. Her pussy was milking the cum from my cock. Spurt after spurt of cum seemed to be literally pulled from my cock by her pussy. When I was done, I collapsed back down to my elbows. She came back to the living shortly after I did. She ran her hands up my back where they stopped. She began running her fingers along my defined back muscles and said, “I love your body. I’m glad you stay in shape. I’m glad that you’re mine. I love it when other women are ogling you.” She lifted her head to kiss me passionately.

I looked down at her below me and said, “Babe, I absolutely crave your body. You are so beautiful. You have the eye of everyone in a room; men and women. I have always been glad you are mine and I never thought that would change. I love you so much.” I leaned down and kissed her hard.

From the doorway across the room, we heard, “I see that you guys have been renewing your marriage vows and your love for each other.” It was Julia lightly clapping her hands.

We didn’t move except to turn to look at her coming across the room to stand by the bed. Carrie said, “OK you. How long have you been watching us?”

“Long enough to see all the good stuff. You guys are totally hot together. I got all wet, again.”

Carrie responded, “Well, this guy is done for a while, I think. I have to get dinner going.” She pushed me to roll over on my side of the bed. She swung her legs around and yelped, “Oh my god, I’m sitting the middle of huge wet-spot. She pushed herself up and turned to look.

Julia looked down and said, “Jesus you guys. My spurts aren’t even that big.”

Carrie responded, “So you say girlie. You don’t do the laundry around here, do you? When you go off to college, don’t go bringing your nasty bedding home for me to clean.” They both giggled.

With pouted lips Julia said, “Well it’s not my fault.” She turned and pointed at me, “Its dads. Every time I have had one of those, dad was either eating my pussy or fucking the shit out of me. I can’t control it and I never know when it is going to happen.”

Carrie put an arm around Julia and said, “I know Honey. I was just teasing you a little.” The pout on Julia’s lips relaxed.

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom where Carrie was already getting in the shower. We lathered each other up head to toe and rinsed each other off. I love washing her tits, pussy and ass. We dried off, dressed in our “comfys” and went downstairs. Carrie, with help from Julia put a big dinner on the table. It was the first in several days. I didn’t realize how hungry I was. We all ate heartily. We talked about events of the day.

I said, “Oh, by the way, Lisa came over this morning thinking Julia was home. She wanted to ask if you can babysit for them on Friday night. They would like to go out with us.”

Carrie said, “Wow that will be a first. What prompted this? Do you think it was Sunday night?”

I responded, “Yes I do. She said something about it and said they need to do something for themselves and not concentrate their lives so much on the kids. She said they had wild sex when they got home. I was getting hot listening to her. She mentioned that Max wants to see her masturbate.” I decided to tell all and not keep things from Carrie. I told how I asked Lisa to masturbate for me and she did and how Lisa was so turned on and how she wanted more and I relented with letting her blow me.

Carrie and Julia looked at each other. Carrie laughed and said, “Julia, I think we have created a monster.” We all laughed. She continued, “I agree that we should not be having sex with others unless we are all involved. We’ll work on getting Max and Lisa in the fold without offending either of them.”

Julia said, “I’ll bet that Hannah is already working on a plan to fuck Max. So, I will need to make sure she isn’t going to cause troubles between them.

We cleaned up from dinner and sat down to watch some TV and then went up to bed. Julia was back in her own bed and Carrie and I cuddled up close and went to sleep.

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