Going from being a Cop to becoming a Sissy Cocksucker

I had no idea now many enemies I had made while a city traffic cop for nearly six exciting years. That was until I was fired from the job for trying to fix some politicians speeding ticket another veteran officer had written up two days earlier. Unable to land another state wide Law Enforcement job for nearly three long searching months, I finally took a thirty hour a week rather low paying position as a security doorman at a well know downtown Gay Club.

Christ only into my second hour of my very first shift, I caught some older fag merrily sucking away on a large stiff cock right in front of the two mensroom urnals! Right on the spot I made a citizens arrest for lewdness and marched him straight into Mr. Hendersons private office. It was there I learned that I was always supposed to just look the other way when it came to any Sexual Activities within that private club. So as the weeks flew by, I found myself witnessing first hand, a great deal of sex acts going on in many different parts of the club.

Most were blow jobs performed right out in plain sight. Somehow viewing these as well as a few after hours closed locked doors anal and sucking orgies on the front stage soon had me a bit more than curious! So as my first month ended, I allowed some lavish pink clad queen to suck me off in the back beer storage room. God, I couldn’t believe how wonderful his/her practiced mouth made my nice sized neglected cock feel! No woman had ever come even close to giving me so much wonderful physical pleasure. Soon I found myself getting almost nightly blow jobs during my half hour mid evening breaks. Mostly from Pixie as she choose to call herself while every now than, allowing a few other of the regular CD’s to also suck me off!

By this point in time, everyone had openly started calling me Officer Dick! So with each new nightly sex experience, I found myself not only loving it more and more, but also starting to think about actually trying to suck another mans cock! No not the fem acting prancing queens, but rather the bike leather crowd gay faction who all seemed so much more masculine and manly to me.

It was one named Butch who I found myself having the most interest in. He was a very dominant type who seemed to be the self appointed leader of that group that called themselves the Top Riders. As our new friendship blossomed over those next few weeks, I confided in Butch about my new gay urges and feelings! He would always laugh and tell me To stop being a sissy and to go for it! Adding he was sure I was going to love switching from women to men! So with my mind finally made up, one Saturday nite after hours, I sat with his bunch and smoked my very first pot ever! Within a short time, I guess I had gotten stoned real good and found myself accompanying Butch into the mens room. Having to rid myself of some of those four or five beers I had just downed, I stood in front of one urnal while Butch pulled up to the other one on my right side. Somehow as I began pissing, I looked over in secret hopes of grabbing a glance at his DIck! An Oh what a majestic oversized Dick Butch had! Even soft it was almost as long and much thicker than my own seven incher when rock hard! After peeling back his pocketed foreskin, Butch just stood there holding it while I was unable to take my eyes off of it!


God just its sight had me feeling so Strangely Gay and Different than Ever Before! Noticing my interested eyes, Butch smiled while asking me if I’d like to follow him into one of the stalls? Maybe thirty seconds later, I found myself standing along side the open cubicle door while Butch dropped his leather riding pants and sat down. Moving forward a bit on the seat, he let his balls hang down over the front edge of the toilet while that massive cock of his had me completely spellbound as it began to lengthen and thicken into a more than impressive erection! Right then and there, I had already made up my mind to become submissive for him as I stood waiting for some kind of direction? “You know the cocksuckers comode drill by now!” he said to me while adding, “Get on your knees and get busy!”

Yes while feeling a bit unsure and a bit afraid, I also felt some building excitement as I knelt down on that hard marble flooring. After weeks of secretly suck fantasizing while jerking myself off alone in my appartment, It was actually going to finally happen!

My right hand was slightly shaking as it moved forward to feel a cock other than mine for the very first time ever! A cock so much bigger and so thick then that my hand barely was able to wrap around its girthy shaft. It was like I was helplessly hypmotised in some sexual trance as I began to quite gayly explore a good solid nine inches of then thobbing warm manmeat! Stoned good from both the pot and the beers, all of my resistence or sound reasons were gone as I began to loveingly stroke its entire length. Now as it stood sticking out at a 45 degree upward angle, both of Butchs strong hands together grabbed the back of my head and pulled it downward and forward. Quite willingly and submissively I parted my quivering lips as my flairing nostril inhaled the strong fregrence of Butche’s Big Prick! Then I was actually taseting it as its large oval knobby bulbus head slipped well past my outstretched lips.

As my mind raced in the reality that I had Stiff Cock in my mouth, its strong musky like flavor began to sting my tastebuds. Next as I instinctively tightened my lips just beyond Butche’s glans, I felt a new kind of peaceful contentment as if my tongue suddenly had grown a mind of its own. Yes it began to lick warm hard Prickhead that immediately began to throb in response. Now fully beginning to understand the many Thrills and Joys associated with Sucking on A Hot Thick Cock, like every new first time dicklicker, I found myself overrun with wanting yet more of it to worship and sample. Butch told me then to watch my teeth as I began to breathe through my nose. Next those strong hands of his were guiding my head back and forth in three to four inch strokes as it began to Mouth Fuck Me a bit deeper! With each new exciting introduced inch, I found myself feeling so incredibly excited and more turned on. While my slopply novice mouth was making loud sucking noises, I reached down to my uniformed pants to free my own rock hard dick.

While I wasnt at all expecting Butch to suddenly remove it from my mouth and to stand up, I did lean back far enough so that it now was nearly level with my lower face. His deep voice was firm and in total control as he ordered me to “Suck It Like a Bitch in Heat!” Having shed every last ounce of my pride or shame, I became Butches Toilet Stall Blow Boy as I crudely but greedily began to deeply mouth that magnifficent Dick of his! God how alive and sexual I felt as my head began to bob like it was a mouth cunt made just for Butches selfish pleasure. When his head found my tight throat opening, he told me to relax and not to even think about trying to swollow as I began to slightly gag in relex. Then almost magically, his powerful hips suddenly thrust forward as it was rammed right down my throat. For maybe 10 seconds, Butch left it in all the way as I felt his hairly balls resting on the cleft of my chin. Then he withdrew most of it to only again shove it all the way home. This made me feel not only proud, but also so Wonderfully Submissive as well. Yes I was then loving Giving Head more than anything I could ever remember. Now Butch became quite verbal as he told me He had a Big four day old Hot Load that my new Faggot Mouth was just going to Love!

“COME ON YOU SUBMISSIVE COP COCKSUCKER”, “SUCK IT REAL GOOD BOY” ‘GO AFTER MY BIG HOT FOUL SOUPY LOAD” “OH YEAH BITCH” “KEEP THAT UP AND YOUR GONNA HAVE TO DO SOME FAST SWOLLOWING” Butches words then only servered to excite me yet greater. Now not onlywas the reality that I submissively sucking on a gigantic thick stiff cock turning me on, but also the fact that the he soon would be forcing me to take his big hot load as well. Both thoughts excited me greaty durning those next few minutes before the feel of thick warm wetness began to sting my tastebuds. God Butch was shooting off right inside of my mouth and just like the many Fem Queens I viewed over the past several weeks, I too was loving it and allowing it to really happen.

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After blasting himself off to a long enjoyable Cum. Butch only smiled down at me before stepping aside and leaving that often used Suck Stall. Remaining on my knees, I freed my own rock hard dick and with eyes closed, jacked for no more than a minute before getting off a great long lasting powerful feeling load. Yes the taste of three quarters of a mouth full of fresh strong biker sperm only served to excie and enhance my wonderful climax. That night I hung in the mens room forgetting and neglecting my duties. Word had gotten out around the main room about Officer Dicks sudden emergence into a toilet stall Cocksucker. Yes it was mix of both Leather clad bikers as well as Drag queens that I took on for nearly two wonderful action packed hours. Later a popular older club Queen named Sherry Beth took me out for coffee and then to her place to talk to me until well after the sun had come up.

I was totally amazed when she told me that with the right makeup and clothing, I would make an almost passable Cross Dresser. Somehow this triggered a strange new curiousity on my part. Yes while she only briefly did up my face that morning. I was mezmerized at how different looking at myself in her dressing mirror made me feel inside. Now with my buzz completely vanished, I sucked her small cock off to full competion loving the lip stick marks my many quite fem planted kisses had left on it. Yes after weeks of curious thoughts and strange new gay feelings, I had given in and had discovered that Gay Sex was far more exciting and erotic to me than any of my many past expericence with woman had been. Seeking yet more stimulation while working, a few nights later under my uniform security pants, I wore a pair of tight fitting pink thongs that had my cock hard most of the night. During my half hour breaks, I too became a rest room stall Cocksucker! While the anal part of gay sex didnt seem to interest me at all. I had become fully addicted cocksucker who couldnt wait the hit the club five nights a week.

Loving to suck mensroom cock while wearing bright red or pink glossy lipstick, soon all the regular members and staff were calling me Officer PeterMaid instead of Officer Dick. Soon besides wearing womans panties, I also wore nylon stockings under my uniform pants. Oh how great and electric their silk tightness felt tightly clinging to my legs. More and more I found myself attracted to the always numerous Club Cd Queens, Ts”s and Tv’s. I found great excitement in viewing their wide variety of many different sexy fem outfits! Yes often I would go to Shelly Beths apartment and loved it when she would do a make up job on me and let me wear some of her vast wardrobe of Femmine attire. Yes Shelly much rather preferred taking stiff cock in her Bitch pussy rather than in her mouth. So as a reward for her making me up and dressing me, I began to fuck her tight smooth bitch pussy quite often! One night she even gave me a wonderful rim job and then used her tiny finger to introduce me into the vast joys of anal pleasure. I liked it so much , that two nights later in an out of town Porn shop, I bought myself both a small butt plug as well as a very narrow soft latex anal vibrator. Yes soon besides my cock craving mouth, I had a second hole that also craved and enjoyed firm round sex toy penetration!

Now was added another sexual article under my uniform trousers. Yes shear hose, sexy panties and a inserted butt plug to make my asshole feel so alive and wonderful each and every work night. Needing far more pay to make ends meet,
Mr. Henderson let me also fill a part time bartenders position! Within a month in which I loved and took to it like a duck to water, I became one of the two main night bartenders and was earning almost as much money as I had when on the Police force. Most in tax free tips! Yes no longer a secuity guard, I was far more happy as I could spend my time socializing instead of patroling the lounge or checking IDS! Now with my hair much much longer than my former required police force short haircuts, I had both ears pierced and began to wear both sets of ear rings Shelly Beth had loaned me. Also just enough lipstick to show I was gay and had a fem side to me. Next came light but detectable brow liner and within a month, enough makeup to leave no doubts I had become the clubs newest queen! Yes after work many a night, I would allow my self to be picked up by regulars or customers that I found interesting and quite Sexy! One of the first was a friendly stranger name Bob who put the make on me all night long. I found him quite attractive and loved the way he was always checking out my fairly round ass. In fact by closing time, he had made it clear that he would love to take me back to his motel room and fuck the shit out of me till daylight. Bob was a married businessman from the mid west who had such a sexy accent. Yes more than long overdue to take my first real cock up my ass, I let Bob pick me up and take my to his room. Bob’s cock was more than perfect as he waisted little time stripping down bare ass naked. Perhaps not quite six inches, it was slender with a small head that I know wouldnt be the least bit painful in deflowering me.

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Bob loved my lavendar panties and black fishnets. After only a few minutes of submissivelly sucking his lovely dick from my knees, he couldnt wait to mount me doggy style. Oh how wickidly naughty and aroused I was as I got on all fours at the end of his hotel bed and stuck my naked excited soon to become a pussy ass out over its end. Yes at last instead of rubber or latex, I was going to finally get the real deal!

How heavenly were those ten exciting minutes for me! Such wonderful discoveries of new feelings as my sensitive nerve endings delivered such divine sparks of pleasure from the friction of Bob’s stiff two way sliding dick. Yes I found getting fucked was every bit as Erotic and Enjoyable as Sucking Cocks had ever been for me. Waiting some 40 minutes for Bob to get it up again was well worth the wait, as it took him over half a hour of screwing before his second load arrived.

To celebrate my having become a full fledged Cock Bitch, that very next night I showed up at work in full drag! Shelly Beth had spent well over an hour on my complete makeover transformation. Wearing her favorite white button down silk blouse with a nicely matching pink short mini, my freshly shaved legs looked stunning in her carefully selected white flowertopped fishnets. A pair of size 12 two inch black patten leather pumps finished off my street clothes while below them I wore a shear set of matching silver panties and bra that has cost Shelly Beth a small fortune. With my eye lids masked heavily in a med shade of blue mascaria, my now long jet black eye lashes really stuck out! The lipstick Shelly Beth had chosen was a glossy soft off tone pink that seemed to match perfectly with the long golden blonde wig Shelly had carefully chosen. With it being my one short four hour workshift to work per week, eleven clock rolled around fairly fast I removed my bar apron and became a customer. Already a host of the regulars had hit on me as I found myself being bought drinks by them right and left.

By midnight, I was so carefree and felt so wildly sexy as well! Unknown to me then, Butch and his gang of the Leather Tops had planned a special private party at their large rented club motorcycle garage! Yes myself, Shelly Beth and Clitty Cock Chantel as she liked to call herself, were the three carefully chosen Bitches of the Night! With seven bottom pretty boys also on that special invite list, 10 of us cocksuckers and cocklovers arrived just before one am. along with some 26 different tops into many kinds of Gay Fettishes. Yes leather types, muscle men, jocks, skinheads, masters and even a few normal dressed men all offered us a wide varitey of exciting male meat to choose from!

With the flirting, drinking and drugs all done back at the club, little time was waisted once Spider chained the front garage door shut from the inside! Such electrical engery seemed to be flowing from everywhere as a few already stiff cocks were openly exposed. One was seated sidesaddle on a full dressed harley as Clitty Cock Chantel quicky made her way over to it. Soon she was kneeling with it deep embeded inside of her brightly painted fem lips. Almost instantly, two of that bikers club brothers moved in to explore Chantels very sexy well rounded pettite inviting ass. Yes her skirt quickly found it way up to cover one side of that harleys handle bars as her white silk bikini panties were hurridly removed. Soon she was lifted back up on her feet and was bent over sucking side saddle cock while Bruno slipped on a lubed skin and moved in behind her. Dam how hot I felt watching from perhaps 12 feet away. Then looking around, I viewed five different cocks being taken into five diffferent submissive gay mouths. This while viewing Shelly Beith sitting sideways in Buches lap while heavily making out with him.

All night long I had felt so wonderfully attractive and sexy and popular in my brand new cross dressing role! Why now was I being totally ignored and so much alone? All around that garage were so many men or girly boys engaged in wide open lustful homosexual acts ! So much sucking was going on as well a few hot backdoor fucks. It was then that Spider came over to me. He told me many of the Leather Tops were going to party with me a bit later on. I almost fainted when he told me he wanted to have me strip down to my sexy lingerie and go for a ride with him on the back of his Harley Chopper which he planned on riding ball assed naked! If I wasn’t a bit tipsy, I would have certainly never even considered it at all. However after smoking half a joint with spider, I weakend and somehow agreed.

Soon a completely naked Spider was kickstarting his chopped Sportster with I care folded Shelly Beths borrowed blouse and skirt and put them safely aside. I guess the sudden sounds of Spiders roaring 1250 cc engine alerted the garage. While Butches younger cousin Frenchy unchained and opened one of the front garage doors, everyone seemed to stop and began to watch. Just before sitting on the back of Spiders custom two level seat, a smiling Shelly Beth suddenly walked up to me while holding a med sized already lubed butt plug! She told me that Butch personally wanted me to put it up my ass so I would never forget my Erotic Ride and be fully ready and hot for the gang bang that awaited me upon Spiders return. Looking over, Butch was then wearing a broard smile as he motioned for me shove that toy up my ass and to climb aboard! Never having taken anything so dam thick up my almost new pussy ass, I let Shelly Beth take off her silver panties and bent over. Yes it felt so dam big and wide and caused me some pain before its large thick girth slipped beyond my tight stubborn spinchter rim muscle. Next I felt those unmistable Harley vibrations as I centered my ass on the back of the seat and tightly wrapped both arms around Spiders waist! “Hold on tight honey! ” he said before reveing the motor and releasing the cluch. Over the powerful motor noises, I heard a few low cheers as the I felt the cool night air hitting my face and half naked body!

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God how queer and feminine I felt as Spider weaved his way around those city streets never once stopping for a stop sign or red light! That dido felt so wonderful inside of my turned on ass which was receiving such stimulating Harley vibrations! Perhaps ten exciting minutes had passed before I saw the flashing blue lights of the cruiser in both of Spiders rear view mirrors. As Spider pulled his Sportster over to the curb, my Erotic Ride had instantly changed to one of complete fear and terror! Both grinning cops I had known well during my time on the force. Neither had the sightest clue to who I really was! They referred to me Gay Lady Gidiva while calling Spider Nude Keinevil. With no licience or regestration to show identy or ownership, they were going to run us both in and call a tow truck before I pleaded for mercy. With no real choice, I identified myself to them. Both had to take several deep long looks before breaking out in laughter! Yes they let us go but not before a few lewd remarks which included telling the entire dept. how Officer Dick Murphy had turned into a Drag Queen. Yes tears were flowing from both of my heavily made up eyes as that Harley again came to life and did a U turn to get back to the Leather Tops garage.

Upon our arrival, Spider spun his tale which everyone took with a great degree of laughter. Climbing off I sought out Shelly Beth and wanted to go home as quickly as possible. Removing that butt plug from my ass, I threw it in a cruddy looking tash can and went to get my blouse and skirt. However both were gone from where I had left them and one of the few visable Top Riders told me they were in the back clubhouse room along with Shelly Beth. Yes after knocking on the locked door and identifying myself, I was admitted into almost total darkness not knowing that nine stiff biker cocks were awaiting my tight nearly virgin ass or my now recently converted cocksucking bitch mouth. After unseen hands guided me along several feet, the lightswitch was hit and I found myself almost completely surrounded by the main core of the Top Riders. Looking beyond them, I spotted Shelly Beth completely passed out. Her expensive nylons were full of long runs and her bra was ripped and hanging down with only one of her intact shoulder straps keeping it from falling off of her. I felt instant fear as those lewd grins each one wore had Gang Bang written all over them. Butch seemed so different than his regular self. Much more hardline and cruel as he infomed me that after six or so stiff cocks got my tight pussy to open up and fully respond, His big cock was going to fully brand me as his FEM FAGGOT FUCK FORMER PIG!

Dressed in only my garter belt, fishnet hose and Shelly’s silver bra, I began to shiver as they moved in on me. Yes they were going to take me rough and selfishly as I began to pleas for mercy and understanding. It wasover an old faded tan couch arm that my lower tummy was laid as the open hand spanking of my exposed ass cheeks began. Yes stinging non stop hard slaps that soon had me squirming and kicking to try to escape. But so many strong hands were holding me down in place. Yes dispite having taken advanced lessons while back on the force, I was destined without hope to be used any way they chose. Yes totally unknown to me, most of them had served some time behind bars, they were true cop haters and certainly not my friends. Since my very first day at the club as a secuity guard, this night of revenge had been well planned and looked forward to. Yes Butch had turned me into a cocksucker and along with his cousin Shelly Beth, I was blindly lead down the path leading to homosexuality. Slowly turned into a Queer Queen who truly deserved to be brutally fucked up the ass.

Yes I was in pure hell taking those first three stiff punishing bareback pricks up my ex cop ass. But somehow somewhere along the line, began to start liking it both physically and mentally as well. My moans had switched from moans of pain to moans of enjoyed pleasure. The madder they got, the most savagely my ass was pounded which only served to excite me yet greater! By the time a very pissed off Buch mounted me from behind, I had ejaculated twice without even being touched. Yet my ex cop cock remained rock hard as his giant mushroom cockhead rammed 10 inches of my sensitive bowel linings in bliss! I began to beg him to fuck me harder, faster and deeper. I told him how I loved his big balls bouncing off of my backside. I guess after five more minutes Butch gave up and actually went soft on me. I did offer to suck him off and recieved a hard back handed bitch slap across my face. So I was allowed to wake up Shelly Beth and gather up as much of her clothing as we could find. On the way home she cried telling me she was Butches cousin and was so terribley sorry to have betrayed our friendship.

So soon after at the club, I took up with the hard core [email protected] or [email protected] fettish groups. Yes rough sex fit my needs so perfectly. Soon I met and became a Slave to Mistress Mago, a tall man hater who loved strap on sex with sissies.
Yes while I’m nothing more that a sissy slut pig, I love my new lifestyle and have never been happier. Oh yes a few times I’ve been pulled over and asked by a grinning cop Whats up! Hey fuck them all as far as I’m concerned. To each his own. So tell me, “What turns you on the most? ”

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