First time sex with unknown girl

Hi friends my name is Rohit ,iam from Hyderabad ,iam 20 years old ,5’8″ ,60kgs.. handsome and average body…
And coming to my experience,one day I have planned to go to Bangalore and I have booked a bus ticket and I went to bus and sat in my seat ,which is window seat and iam excited to know who comes beside me ..I prayed God to send a girl beside me…and as expected a beautiful girl of age around 20 came and sat beside me…for half an hour i and she didn’t started to talk..after half an hour..I introduced my self to her and she also introduced her to me…and she said that she was going to her relatives home …and I said that I also going to meet my relatives..and the bus started and it was morning 7:00am….then we slowly started our conversation .. around 2hrs..after that we watched movie in bus ..and bus stopped at Dhaka at afternoon 1pm…then we both went to dhaba and had lunch…and returned to bus ..and after an hour ..she slept and I was watching her beautifulness….and she rested her head on my shoulder and I too acted as slept and kept my head touching her head and I felt her good fragrance…and iam losing my control ..and I want to kiss her cheeks and lips…and slowly I started to touch her cheeks with lips and kissed her softly..and she woke up ..and I acted as I slept…then she again kept her head touching to me….and it was 6:00pm..and bus is about to reach Bangalore in 1hr…then I lost my control and started to touch her boobs and she acted like she was slept…so in understood her interest and suddenly I liplocked her and she woke and responded positively and we locked our lips for 5minutes…and she said that she was feeling good…so I asked her. .shall we take a room in hotel for 2hrs..and we may get dispersed…so accepted it…and we reached Bangalore and went to a hotel and took a room…and she said changed her dress to shorts and loose t shirt without any bra and panties….then I hugged her and kissed her for 10min….then we slowly removed our dress…and slept on bed and rubbing our bodies…her pussy is very she was virgin…and sucked her boobs..and licked her pussy ..and she was shouting to insert my tool…then I put a condom and started slowly inserting my 7inch penis in her pussy ..she was shouting very hard ….awwwwwww….please fuck fats….baby.
I kissed and controlled to not shout ..and after 10min I cummed in her pussy and we both exchausted after 30 min…her pussy is very good fair white and pinkish …I felt very pleasurable day of my life…
And then we both left
…. friends hope you enjoyed my experience…..
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