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Hi guys, I am Siddharth (name changed) and this is my first attempt at writing my story, let me know how you like it. This is a real story of how I lost my virginity. I am 5ft 9” in height and have a slim athletic build. I am smart looking and according to my friends intelligent and a genius. My girlfriend at that time Anisha(name changed) was 5ft 4”, the right amount of chubby and cute. She was 36 28 36 (my best guess) not the hottest but the right mix of hot and cute.

I was 16 years old and was living in hostel in Delhi at that time. It was Diwali week and I was expelled from the hostel for bursting fire crackers.I had had make out sessions with Anisha but we haven’t had sex before. She had challenged me that if I meet her the day I came to town she will take off her top for me. It was difficult for me as I had an evening flight and my parents were mad at me for getting expelled. I was an adventure seeker and a risk taker. I had planned to sneak out of my house and go meet her in the middle of the night.

Everything worked according to the plan and I even arranged a bottle of vodka. Great plans do have hiccups, my dad asked me to sleep with my elder brother for the night. I was very pissed off and sad. However this did not stop me. At 11:45 I checked my brother was asleep and excused myself to the bathroom. Left the lights switched on and the gate locked and headed towards the main gate. I left the house at 11:50 making sure everything was fine and reached her place by 11:55. She sneaked me into her house and I was able to meet her before the day got over. Doing all this had got my adrenaline flowing and I was excited.

We started the party by opening the vodka bottle. We had a few shots and were buzzed. I asked her to complete her challenge.

Anisha: Owh you remember that (In a slightly drunk and childish voice).
Me: Obviously how I can I forget.
Anisha: You did a lot for me, I need to complete the challenge.


In one swift moment she removed her top. This was the first time I was seeing a real woman in bra. I came closer to her and started smooching. One of my hands was on her left boob(which I had named Ann) and the other on her ass. A nice 5 minute of smooching and grabbing session coupled with vodka made both of us very hot. With my tongue in her mouth I was trying to open her bra clip on her back. It is a difficult task. After fiddling for a some time she challenged me to open it with my mouth. I accepted it and tried doing it. I was mad to take up this challenge. I was about to tear her bra when she swooped in and quickly unhooked it. She was completely topless. I hugged her from the back and cupped Ann and Isha (her breasts). I started kissing her neck and bitting her ear. I had a raging hardon and she could feel the bulge against her ass.

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She turned back took my shirt off and we kissed for some more time. Then I made her lie down and I started caressing Isha(right boob). I was a little harsh on the nipple and was bitting it lightly. She left out light moans. When I stopped she told me that I was being a bad boy and that she will do the same to me. She pulled me closer and started licking my nipples. It was a very unique experience that I had not heard of before. Then I started moving down and licked her belly button. I unbuttoned her pants, she gave me an ass curve and I slided her pants and her panties right off her.

This was the first time I was seeing a real pussy. She was hairy and unshaved. That did not stop me from going down on her. I think it was classy. I started licking her pussy. This was my moment of applying all that I had learned over the years watching porn. I licked her for some good five minutes and she was very wet by now. She pulled me up and we started smooching again. I unbuttoned my jeans and removed them. We both were butt naked. She pulled me in for smooching again and my dick was directly in between her legs and rubbing with her pussy.

I took a break from smooching, and put on a condom. I was still lying on top of her and I tried putting it in her in that position. I was doing it without seeing and I couldn’t find it. She was nervous and was saying wrong hole when I went towards her ass. I was very excited, and wanted my dick to go in fast. In haste I put my dick in between her legs and started humping. In no time I was shooting my load. I told her and she was shocked. I removed the condom and started making out with her. Ann and Isha made me hard again in no time. I slipped on a fresh condom and this time I took it slow. I got off the bed, put her legs over my shoulders and slowly guided my dick into her. It was a pleasure watching my dick slowly disappear in her. She started pushing me away and asked me to go slow. She was letting out small moans like aah as I went deeper. I could see she was in pain and that made me go slower.

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Soon I was in and I started humping. She let her legs down, puller me closer and held me by my shoulders. She lets her nail marks there. This was my first time and a very intense one. We both were moving in rhythm and there was light moaning noises. This went for some time before I cummed again. This time even she was satisfied to the fullest. We both were sweating in the cold weather.

We hugged for some time and then started to drink again. We were sitting in the Indian way facing each other and sipping neat vodka. We finished the bottle and both of us were quite high by now. Her voice became more drunk and childish. I was loving it and it was at one of the happiest moments of my life. We were chatting after this when she told:

Anisha: Sid mujhae ghoda ghoda khelna hai. (I want to play horse).

She went down on her all fours and started moving around the place and we both were laughing. Looking at her boobs hang and jiggle was making me hard again. I went down on all four and started chasing her. Soon I caught her and I was on top of her ( like dogs fucking). She felt my dick pocking and gave a sly smile. I stood up on my knees and inserted my hard dick into her from back. This time I was doing it without condom.

I fucked her in doggy style for some nice 15 minutes. We both were very tired by now and I was surprised at how long I can last after shooting my first load in between her legs. She moved forward, moving on her all fours, turned and brought her face to my dick and started licking me. This was a completely different experience and I was shooting in no time. We cuddled for some time and then I realised I have to get back home as I am sleeping next to my brother. It was 4:30 in the morning.

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We dressed quickly and I kissed her goodbye. I sprinted home. As I approached home I saw my mom cleaning at the front door. I was nervous and thought I was dead today. She smiled at me and asked “jogging?” I said yes and went in, trying to stay as far from her as I was smelling of vodka and pussy.

Guys this is my story let me know how you liked it. You can reach me on [email protected] for reviews, feedback and a nice chat.

Also I am into safe, no string attached sex for unsatisfied female or revenge sex for bad breakups.

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