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Hi guys I am back with a true incident and thanks for response of all last written incidents. We all moving on a fast pace in life and missing the true love and spark in sex life. I keep getting mails from husbands who are more than willing to try new things to bring spark in their bedroom life and major ones wants to see their wife enjoying with other men and in different situations. I even get mails from couples where both are ready but don’t know how to go ahead and trust strangers as they are aware of the social stigma if someone comes to know about it. I am sharing one true incident of a Delhi couple who had found a new way to enjoy and hubby wants her wife to enjoy with young servant in house to fulfill her wild desires. I am sharing the incident in their words as I had changed the names and few things to protect their identity.
Hi my name is Archana I live in Delhi, I am 38 year old , I am a little bit over weight and have bit busty figure my boobs are very heavy and are really attractive I generally wear jeans and tops and my busty legs look really hot in it . My husband is a GM in a multinational so he is busy with his 8 to 9 job all the time. After our 10 years of marriage our sex life was almost finish and I was very disappointed with it.

I wanted my sex life back but can’t help it as my husband use to come back from office and sleep after dinner so that really made me sex hungry women. We both then discussed and decided to try something new to bring out spice in life, we both were ok to try a stranger who can fuck Archana and make her satisfied. We first looked on our friend list but found it be risky as this news can ruin their social status if leaked out, our second option was internet and adult sites, we kept chatting and making new friends but never gone ahead for a steady action as most of the time our children came back from hostel or we do not get time for meeting new people. At last my husband discussed the details and got idea from Rahul (hotlovermale) and zeroed on keeping a servant boy at home and use him for satisfying Archana , it was safe and better idea and we called a agency to tell him our requirement for a servant boy .
Next day It was 10am a man of age 40 came to me for the job I saw him and I decided not to take him as I wanted someone young around me all the time so I told him that you are a bit old for this job so he told me that he know a boy of age 19 who is perfect for this job so I told him to send him. At 12pm my door bell rang and a very fear tall boy came in I asked him that what do you want, he said’’madom mai kam k liye aya hun mera nam raju hai’’ he was attractive and more over he was not shabby so I kept him and explain the job and was doing it perfectly. That night I told my husband about him and he said it’s time to execute our plan and put me on job to seduce raju and make him her sex slave

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The next day I decided to go according to the plan. Ramu came at 9am and I started up with my plan. I was in my night wear usually I use to be done with my bath and stuff till 9 but I waited for him today according to my plan, he entered and I told him to start with his regular work so he started to clean the floor and I started with my plan. I told him that I am going to take bath and you finish up my room till that, and before entering the bath room I kept my bra and panty on the bed so that he can notice them and I dint took my towel with me.

After 10 min I opened my bathroom door a bit and saw him as I guessed he was playing with my bra, I called him and told him to pass me towel, he immediately dropped my bra and came near the door to pass me towel, to tease him a bit I opened the door little more so that he can enjoy my nude body, his eyes came out to see my wet nude body and I was enjoying to tease him but after taking the towel I closed the door. After 5sec I came out in towel but I dint wiped my body, tiny drop of water was dropping from my hair and entering my towel and drops from my legs were falling on floor. Raju was completely seduced now and I could notice erection of his dick in his pants.

He was about to levee the room but I stopped him and asked him to complete his work and I moved to my bed and lay on it. Now I was on the bed in just a towel and he was moping the floor but his eyes were on my legs and my hairy pussy which was completely visible. I asked him ‘’raju kya dekh rahe ho?’’ he replied ‘’ji kuch nahi’’ and then he started to continue his work then after 2min he said’’ madam ap bhot ache lag rahe ho aaj’’ I got to know that my plan is completed successfully, I replied ‘’ kyu aj aisa kya hai abhi to maine kuch phana bhi nahi’’ then he smiled and said ‘’ap aise hi achi lagti ho’’


I gave him a seductive look and said ‘’ tum kaho to mai roj aise hi rahun’’ now he got the catch and came up near to my face and said in a lust full voice ‘’ji yahi sahi rhega’’. And he opened my towel. I smiled and said ‘’ki tum kise ko btao gay to nahi’’ he kissed my lipes and said’’ nahi per tumhe muje double salary dene hogi or roj karna hoga’’ I smiled and took him in my arms and smooched him. Now he was on me on my bed, he started to smooch me harder and grabbed my big boobs tightly and started to press them hardly.

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I was enjoying this and wanted to have some more so I started to open his clothes and now we both were nude and his 7’’ dick was now fully erect. I grabbed his dick and started to lick it his dick was thicker than my husband’s and was hairy too. I started to lick it from top to bottom and his hears was tickling my Tung now he was laying on the bed and was playing with my boobs and I started to give him blow job he was enjoying it too much and he was pressing my boobs harder and harder after 5min he cum in my mouth and I could feel the hot liquid getting to my neck I gulped it and he started to smooch me, after 10min of smooching he got up and went to do his daily work. Now I wanted a good fucking so went to the kitchen and grabbed his dick from back and started to rube it with my hands in min it got erected and he turned to me now we both were smooching in my kitchen with no cloths he grabbed my boobs and started to press them hard. I grabbed his dick and started to rub it after 10 min we went to my bed room and I lay in the center of my bed with my legs wide.

My pussy started to get so much wet that it started to fall on my bed sheet he came on the bed and started to lick my wet pussy I was getting so Horny that I started to pump myself. I grabbed his hand and placed then on my boobs and he started to press them, I was on paradise and now I was desperate to get fucked really hard. After 10 min he came up and smooched me and I paced his dick on my pussy entrance and pumped it in, in 1 stork he entered his big dick deep inside me and I started to make sound out of joy. He keeps on stroking it harder and harder.

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After 10min I came on him and sat on his dick and started to jump hard on his dick his dick was getting deep and deep in every jump and my boobs were jumping like hell, he grabbed them and pressed then hard after few min he stood up and started to fuck me hard he started to make hard strokes and after 4-5 hard strokes he cum inside me and hugged me tightly and we both enjoyed it. I told everything in detail to my husband when he was back in night and how much I enjoyed with this young chap. He was so happy and hard and that night he fucked me hard calling me a slut and instructing me to continue seducing Raju and ensure all fantasies are fulfilled.
I will share more fantasies which turned to reality with Raju in next series as per my hubby instructions. Do tell me if you enjoyed reading this real incident and share your comments on hotlovermale

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